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Two GH actors out!

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On 10/27/2020 at 7:47 PM, Soapsuds said:

Speaking of Howarth...how is he still employed?  His acting skills went away after the Marty storyline.


On 10/27/2020 at 7:51 PM, AbcNbc247 said:

I've been asking the same question since 2013




Watching him literally chew the scenery is horrendous. I cringe everytime I see him. I also would much rather see AJ in his place on the canvas but I know I beat that dead horse a lot ...

3 hours ago, Faulkner said:

I guess, without Lulu, Laura still has the Nikolas connection.




They also need to bring back Lucky. Actor playing Brando could have been a Lucky recast. Take the character in a different direction. He looks like the kid who played young Luke back in 2015. And he has curly hair like Tony Geary once did. Just sayin ... LOL (But I couldn't have seen them recast both Nikolas and Lucky at the same time, though I guess they sorta did back with  Jacob Young and Coltin Stephen Martines Scott)



I also get the feeling Cyrus might be related to Laura. Didn't she ask that psychic a year or two ago about her brother or something? It would explain his weird interest in her.

18 hours ago, ranger1rg said:

Emme  Ryan is just lousy as Lulu. I just don’t see her in any romantic pairing, because she comes across as too hard to me. Not sure if that explains it very well. She just doesn’t work as this character.


Julian has been written into a corner, but I do think he’s a solid actor. Most on here are happy he’s going, but i can think of plenty who should get a pink slip before he does.


I can agree that several should have gone before either but supposedly more exits are coming (Jordan and Sasha repeatedly spring to mind for me as the show has made them expendable). And as much as I love Watros as an actress, Nina also comes to mind as expendable. But Frank seems to think the character has some [!@#$%^&*] 'legacy' ...


I'm sure COVID testing and Kim Delaney aren't cheap

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1 minute ago, John said:

If anything id have Laura and Martin Grey/Gray being her half brother. Laura's Bio Dad was Lesley's professor, Gordon Grey/Gray


I'd take that. Good catch. Of course they probably won't. But who knows? lol. They did drag out Jackie Templeton

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Just now, John said:

I wonder if they will ever mention Jackie's sister, Laura. Laura Templeton dated Scott & Blackie


Maybe if Scott and Jackie ever interact, which probably won't happen. Or when Laura returns next month I'm sure she will interact with Jackie.

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9 hours ago, dio said:

i wonder if Emme's being let go to bring back Julie Berman? It makes no sense to me that they would bring back Dante and then dump Lulu. LOL 

Well this is also Frank.  Someone that reportedly derails stories that are working every year, causing writing chaos and dropped plots left and right.  And both times Genie left during Frank’s tenure it was as a story was either ramping up or we were in the middle of it.


I wonder if he just looked at the contracts and needed to save money fast, so he makes cuts based on who is closest but not over their guarantee?  Although they tried to get rid of Julian before, and lame ducked him ever since.  But I am legit shocked about ER.

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