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DAYS: 10/26/2020 Weekly Preview

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Belle is fearful when she finds Jan in her house.
Clyde tries to save Ben from himself.
Xander is irked to find Sarah and Philip together again.
Claire helps Charlie out of a jam.
 Theo Carver returns to Salem when Cameron Johnson joins Days.
Clyde tricks Allie into letting him into her apartment…
A desperate Marlena tries to get Evan released from Bayview.
Kayla is thunderstruck when Rolf reveals his latest scientific endeavor.
Chad becomes suspicious of Gwen.
Clyde tries to talk Ben out of his plans for Vincent.
Jennifer and Jack find a stunning letter from Hope.

ElDpphnXIAEL_r9.jpgMarlena delivers Evan to Orpheus.

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4 minutes ago, Darn said:

Stefano's clone? 60 year old Kayla? Okie doke.


Well, I mean, at least it's not Marlena again I guess (though cloned Stefano would love to be breastfed by Marlena).

Oh yeah  - Jack and (re-cast) Jennifer finds a "stunning letter from Hope".  Bye Hope and Kristian. For now.

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Nice to see Kate in the middle of something. It is a shame that they ruined her with Clyde.


Stefano clone? Uh...can we give Stefano a bit of a rest now? There are better way to have his legacy stay alive than trying silly things like this. Like through his children...for example. Or some backup plan since Stefano was always 10 steps ahead of everyone.



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4 hours ago, AbcNbc247 said:

I hope Evan's return is long term. He had massive potential as a character and it was squandered.


Brock is a good actor too.


It's not.

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On 10/24/2020 at 11:14 PM, Bright Eyes said:


It's not.

  Great news.  I think it's a mistake bringing Christian (why are we calling him Evan when that was a fake alias) and Orpheus. I wish they ha left Orpheus dead.

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