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Worst Character Assassinations?

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GH had a drop-in line last year where Nora* came to Port Charles to defend Kevin, and said she'd done it on request from Marty, who Kevin counted as a colleague and friend (he called her "Dr. Saybrooke" IIRC). So that is the bandaid on what happened to Marty - she's okay, somehow. I always blamed it on Irene and the evil tattoo people making her crazy (like Clint on OLTL 2.0). I agree what was done to her was indefensible. Marty is one of my favorite characters of all time, and apparently Susan was also livid about it. They asked Thorsten Kaye to appear as part of her half-assed sendoff where Patrick was randomly resurrected in a day via the same evil govt conspiracy, and he refused because of how she felt.


On another note, though, I never fully understood the wisdom of bringing Marty back on contract. She is a favorite of mine, but I felt long-term her story was told in the 90s. I felt most of the later stuff from the recast to Susan's return on cheapened it. And a Natalie/Marty rivalry never worked for me because they were ultimately the same sort of person, the same kind of hot-tempered, raw emotion heroine archetype that OLTL has had for decades - Marty was an iteration of Karen (or even Tina or Gabrielle if you want to stretch), Natalie was an iteration of Marty, etc. Kelley Missal's Dani inherited this same mantle on OLTL 2.0. So seeing them fight each other was like mirrors to me.


I would have loved to keep seeing Marty for short-term runs, I would welcome that even today if OLTL were on the air somewhere, but I don't see what she can do on contract that can match the force of her original run. Some characters are incandescent and then leave.


(* - for those still keeping tabs, like me, Nora also said Matthew and Destiny were engaged)

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------Worst Character Assassinations------


------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------

Nick Newman

Victoria Newman

JT Hellstrom

Neil Winters

Malcolm Winters

Sharon Newman

Dylan McAvoy

Summer Newman

Kyle Abbott

Dina Abbott Mergeron

Jack Abbott

Brad Carlton

Billy Abbott

Abby Newman

Nathan Hastings

MacKenzie Browning Hellstrom

Paul Williams(Because the incident long ago whether or not he allegedly sexually assaulted/raped Christine)

Diane Jenkins


------The Bold and The Beautiful(B&B)------

Dollar Bill Spencer

Ridge Forrester

Thorne Forrester

Rick Forrester

Thomas Forrester

Storm Logan

Dr. Taylor Hayes

Amber Moore

Deacon Sharpe

Hope Logan

Alexandria "Aly" Forrester

Ivy Forrester

Caroline Spencer(Lindsey Godfrey)





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On 10/21/2020 at 1:34 PM, teplin said:

One relatively inconsequential one that nevertheless bothered me was smart, sophisticated socialite and career woman Gwen Parrish Frame returning to AW for a week as a homicidal country bumpkin. 

She basically made a cameo as Naomi Harper 🥴🥴

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