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Iconic on more than one soap

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Piggybacking on the one and done thread, how many daytime actors have made a real impact as different characters on more than one show? What are the iconic ones?


Off the top of my head


Beverlee McKinsey

I have seen so little of Iris, but I have read enough to know she was a major character and 

was excellent on the show.  Alexandra on GL was pretty great.


Robin Strasser- again, I’ve seen very little of her time as Rachel on AW, but she helped drive the show for years, and people used to talk about it all the time.  Dorian is another iconic part, even though she was a recast and left and came back, it always felt like she was the one that married Victor and tormented Viki.



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3 minutes ago, edgeofnik said:

Maura West - Carly ATWT and Ava GH

Reluctantly - PB - Clif on AMC and Jack Y&R




Those both count!  Also about PB!


I thought of another one- Marcy Walker as Eden, and Liza Colby.  I loved Liza.

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Heather Tom on OLTL, B&B and Y&R. I find it so impressive she had 3 completely different roles that she made her own. 

Julie Pinson is another. Of course she was beloved as Eve on Port Charles and then she to many people is the definitive Billie on Days, despite being a recast. 

Laura Wright also deserves props for her success at GL and GH which couldn’t be more different. 

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Joel Crothers - Joe/Nathan, DS; Julian, SOM; Miles, EON
Lisa Brown - Nola, GL; Iva, ATWT
Lauren Koslow - Margo, B&B; Kate, DAYS
Anna Stuart - Toni, DOC; Donna, AW

Barbara Berjer - Claire, ATWT; Barbara, GL
Vincent Irizarry - Lujack/Nick, GL; David, AMC
Nat Polen - Doug, ATWT; Jim, OLTL

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Hillary Bailey Smith


Larkin Malloy comes to mind.


Some may quibble, but I remember Jess Walton on Capitol before Y&R.


Some may not like this one but I think Justin Deas was pretty memorable in all his daytime roles. He certainly has his fans. 

His wife Margaret Colin was pretty memorable (and better liked too) during her stints in daytime.


John Wesley Shipp


Lisa Brown


Jennifer Ashe


This was before my time but Don Hastings was on the first years of The Edge Of Night before going to As The World Turns, which I think is pretty iconic.

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Eileen Fulton deserves a mention, although she played the same character, they decided to create a spin-off soap around her character. However brief that lasted, that's pretty darn iconic, IMO.

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Jacqueline Courtney -- Alice (AW) and Pat (OLTL)

Denise Alexander -- Susan (DOOL) and Lesley (GH)

Robin Mattson -- Heather (GH), Gina (SB) and Janet (AMC)

Louise Sorel -- Augusta (SB) and Vivian (DOOL)


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Ellen Wheeler - Vicky/Marley, AW and Cindy, AMC - the latter if only for the importance of the story


Nancy Lee Grahn - Julia, Santa Barbara and Alexis, GH



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I know this has been mentioned, but Eileen Davidson.


Ashley and Kristen (and Susan and Mary Moira and...) were night and day...and both breathtaking to watch.

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Ruth Warrick

Edith (ATWT) -- maybe not in terms of the actual character, but certainly her role in how adultery would be presented onward.

Phoebe (AMC)


Louis Edmonds

Roger et. al (DS)

Langley (AMC)

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