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    • I feel like I would’ve been more invested had Uk not aired at the same time and been such a joyous show. They need to take a page out of the BBC and do a more genuine season that isn’t driven by shocks and producer manipulation to keep it interesting. 
    • Yuh-Jung Youn just won the Supporting Actress BAFTA, which is a boost for her Oscar prospects. Would be only the second actress of Asian descent (to my knowledge) to win an Oscar after Miyoshi Umeki for Sayonara in 1958.
    • RHoJohannesburg   @Cheap21 @Chris B maybe not over yet?         RHOA   What? Not Finale Promo when it's actually NEXT WEEK!!!!    
    • Wendy Riche spoke about dealing with the network when she wanted to tell an AIDS story before the Labine had decided on Stone and Robin. She had gone to the network about having A.J. Quartermaine contract the disease from a situation that would leave people asking who slept with who. Of course, it's also rumored that Marland intended for Hank Eliot, not his lover Charles, to die of the disease. In both scenarios, there is definitely a concern about perpetuating a stereotype that gay men are promiscuous.    Here's the transcript from the Riche interview on WeLoveSoaps:     I'm watching a bit of 1995. There is a scene that I watched, before seeing this more recently, where A.J. shows up at the gatehouse and crashes a girls' night with Brenda and Lois. I believe the purpose of the scene is for Ned to walk in and be upset that A.J. is meddling, but there are moments where I feel like A.J. enjoyed just dishing the dirt with the ladies and that the show was testing the waters at pre- "Will and Grace" dynamic between A.J. and the ladies. It's entirely possible I completely misread the scene as well.   
    • It’s hard. These shows just weren’t built with us in mind. I feel like there was a small window to tell really strong LGBTQ stories in the early-to-mid ‘90s when society had advanced enough to be somewhat inclusive and soaps had become more grounded after their ‘80s flights of fancy yet still had quality and budget.     These remaining soaps are a lost cause. They are essentially zombies coasting on a mostly conservative audience born before the Kennedy administration. They can barely tell watchable stories about *anything.*   Most primetime portrayals don’t even really do it for me. Ryan Murphy has been an absolute scourge. The best screen depictions of gay men for me have always been movies like “My Beautiful Laundrette” and “Happy Together” and the rare TV series like the British version of “Queer As Folk.” (Hope the new one set in New Orleans can approach that quality.)
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