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Anybody Ever Write their own Soap?

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6 hours ago, AbcNbc247 said:

Many times we, the SON Community have watched episodes of our favorite soaps, criticized the writing and often said to ourselves, "I (We) can write better than that."  So it led me to think, has anyone ever tried to write their own soap opera?


I started writing my own soap when I was 10. Admittedly, it was crap but I like to think that it got better as I got older. Though I borrowed heavily from Days of our Lives and Passions, which were my two favorite soaps at the time, what actually inspired me to write my own soap was a movie called "Delirious" Starring John Candy, Mariel Hemingway and Emma Samms, in which John Candy plays a soap writer who has a dream that he is a character in his show.


I called my soap "Family and Hatred" and it was centered around the wealthy Dozer family, and the middle class Lopez and Crowe families, who lived in the small upstate New York town of Lakeview. Eventually I expanded it to include the dysfunctional Miller and Andrews families. I wrote it for quite a while on a computer, but I eventually switched over to handwriting it on notebook paper. I stopped writing it years ago, but now I actually have some ideas for a reboot/continuation of it but I haven't written anything solid yet.


Have any of you ever tried your hand at soap writing?


  Oh my God, this is an awesome post and your kick off story has to be similar to many of our writing journeys, starting with the desire to create something when we were so young...


  For me...I remember it was the summer of 1990,  Paul Rauch's last year on "One Life to Live", and his final summer story was that the cast of the mock soap "Fraternity Row" went on a location shoot at an island resort called "Badderly". At the same time their was a mafioso convention and the cast had to 'pretend' they were mafia as well. Long story short, it kicked off the romance of Jake Harrison and Megan Gordon, and ultimately their was a twist where Jake had dishonored crime lord Carlo Hesser's daughter Charlotte (Audrey Landers) and there needed to be satisfaction, so Jake was going to get shot. Just before Jake's shooting, for luck, Megan gave him a pin (a souvenir from the soap's infamous underground city story line). When Jake was shot, the bullet ricocheted off the pin, as he wore around his neck, and Jake was miraculously spared. At age 13 I cried "bologna!" because this was a show I remembered had a celebrated history; that had light skinned black Carla Gray pass for white; Karen Wolek testify she was a common hooker on the witness stand; and had Victoria Lord splinter off into an alter-ego that hung up her marriage to dashing cowboy Clint Buchanan for the better part of a year and a half! And then it dawned on me...as it seems to have dawned for many others posting here, that if I was having issues with the writing of my favorite soap, than I should just create my own.


  Though I wasn't initially inspired by the movie "Delirious" (by the way original poster, have you ever caught John Candy's work in the SCTV soap send up "The Days of the Week"?); the movie that inspired me was "Soapdish", in addition to the satire publication MAD Magazine's irrational send up of a soap opera update. I will attach a file to this post to show you, but I was inspired in creating my characters based on the magazine's caricature art of some of the genre's most distinguished personages (Linda Dano, Stephen Nichols, A Martinez, Jackie Zeman, Arlene Sorkin, MacDonald Carey, Susan Lucci, Debbi Morgan, Tristan Rogers and Marcy Walker). I didn't necessarily aspire to write satire (which I did with my current creation "Lust for Life") but I definitely aspired for campy. I had a fashionista/bitch named Tabitha plotting against her elderly father with his doctor and her lover Dr. Marc DeForest; a renegade/anti-hero named Eric hating on his do-right brother-in-law Colin for being sexually compromised by a nympho nurse, Lindsay at St. Clare Hospital...Theirs would be stories of lust, betrayal and the occasional abduction or bomb scare to heighten the stakes. I think I called it "Worlds Apart" only to learn a variation of that title had already been used ("A World Apart"), so I switched it to "To the Ends of the Earth"...


  Even though I initiated my creation, for decades I stayed paralyzed in that pre-planning stage of my saga. What prevented me was a sense of direction, good direction that I could trust from a professional, because there really weren't many books, aside from Harding Lemay's and that was a rare find. Resources I could personally refer to that had been written by somebody in the genre like Bill Bell or Claire Labine that took the genre seriously to comment on what was needed to tell a soap of our own. So I had to listen carefully, that's all I could do before the internet boomed, but to listen to the creators in interviews, like Douglas Marland, who laid down the law of great soap writing. Soap Digest was a favorite resource, as was Soap Opera Weekly, expertly written in their constructive criticisms and observations gave me some great takeaways...


  ...Eventually,  I was given an opportunity and therefore gave myself permission to see a creation (the aforementioned "Lust for Life") to fruition because I felt learned enough. My personal experience in keeping focus was I was treating the creation as to how I would perceive the actual profession itself. I took it seriously, but I had fun. I would compare any theater producer or director's demands of me akin to a network's, night and day of course BUT I could only wonder and sympathize about the demand, the pressure the paid writers experience day to day at their network jobs. The frustration they feel when they work on a story wanting to tell it in full only for an exec to put the kibosh on it because nobody is interested in that specific piece, and that 'whatever' that overrides it is more in vogue. Some of my favorite learning moments, was in asking (per Douglas Marland) the cast about their characters to write for that actor; just hearing that voice and making creative decisions. Continuity is another, which is an undertaking in itself. I can see how easy it is to make mistakes. And it is those mistakes, as I would confide with my director about, are what makes you think differently of some of the stories and the writers I, or you, might have criticized. 


  Even though I feel I have a handle on writing a soap opera...I so wish I could take a class from a master, whom I consider to be Kay Alden, or Lorraine Broderick. 






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I tried my hand at writing a Days of Our Lives fan-fiction. It wasn't for very long but stories included Shawn having a breakdown like Mickey did back in the day. Breaking Abe and Lexie up; Abe and Celeste would eventually get together and Lexie would get with ... Billie! I don't remember much else for my plans. I wrote it around 2006 or 2007.


As for original content, I wrote two shows. My first was titled "Secrets We Share." All I remember in regards to story is that Cynthia Preston's character was obsessed with Julian McMahon's, who was married to Rebecca Herbst. At one point, Preston's character left her rival to die on some train tracks. I think I also had a high school bullying story.


The one I remember most I called "Suburban Mafia." Through summaries, this show had 5 seasons, with a wrapped up ending. It was based on an Italian family. The set up was like my own, but the characters were exaggerated versions, obviously. I gave my brother bipolar disorder who was eventually killed off by an ex running him over. She was abused by her dad and ended up committing suicide. Made my cousin a stripper to pay for nursing school, my older sister was a drug addict whose future husband would be murdered by our deviant uncle because he was black ... and was actually her father! My Mom and my brother's best friend had an affair after my brother died and my Dad ran out on us. My character was raped and blamed my aforementioned sister. He also came out of the closet (duh!), and had a love interest, but broke it off after my uncle kidnapped my rapist and tried to persuade me to kill him. Said uncle thusly died in an explosion. I deported my grandparents. My little sister started out as the typical superficial popular teenage bitch who wasn't afraid to use sex to get what she wanted from boys, with an ex-friend as her rival. My paternal aunt (married to the uncle and my cousin being her daughter) was an alcoholic and at the time I thought I was so clever casting/imagining Kristian Alfonso as my Mom and Crystal Chappell as my Aunt. She had yet to return to DAYS when I wrote it. 

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I mean, obviously I've been working on a DAYS fanfic here for years. I've got so many years of story mapped out still, and honestly, considering I've been working on this for 6 years now, finishing up a lot of my initial stories are starting to pain me because I've changed and grown so much in that time, that I spend more time filling in plot holes and gritting my teeth through a lot of what I'm posting, while dreaming of the stuff that's to come that I never seem to get to. At least it motivates me to continue, I guess!

As for my own soap, absolutely. When I was 12 (so around 1998-99), I worked as a paperboy for the local newspaper in my hometown, and to make the miserable cold Canadian winter mornings bearable, I'd plot out a soap in my mind. Well, I never forgot about it, and over time, have developed it further and further, while never quite getting it down on paper (on disk? Online???). I think I began to blog it here for a minute as A World Away, and it basically revolved around a small Northern city in some undetermined US state with a automotive company as its central industry. The two quarrelling families being the founding family of the Atlantic Motor Co., and their rival family, who head up the local factory union. I forget the family names but they're written down somewhere there.


A third family would act as a sort of bridge between the two, and by the time I was writing it in adulthood, it was essentially as rooted in messy psychosexual drama as I could make it without weirding myself out. One of the stories that I especially enjoyed plotting out was the twins falling for the same man. The rich family would be highly conservative, they would have fraternal twins, Jennifer and Robert, who both fall for the same handsome doctor at the local hospital, Michael, who ends up being bisexual and in love with both of them, but knowing how rigid their family is (as well as his own), he keeps a lid on his orientation. This is in part to protect Robert, who, when the family DOES eventually find out, is excommunicated from the family, and forced to resign from his job. Robert and Michael then concoct a plan to have Robert "die" very publicly, and then secretly work together to take over the company from under the family's nose, while the family blame Michael for Robert's supposed death. The same family that rejected him now fight Michael over Robert's will, and even try to sue Michael for medical malpractice.

There's a scene I've kept in my mind all these years, of Robert's bigoted family heading to the board meeting where they'll meet the CEO of the company that's taken theirs over, hoping desperately that they'll be able to keep some control of the company they helped build. When the chair at the head of the table spins around, and Robert's looking back at them, the look of sheer horror on their faces as Robert fires each and every one of them is so delicious to me.

Of course, Robert will be as otherwise viciously conservative as the others in the family, but in this one particular instance, he's in direct opposition to his family's views. This would eventually complicate his future relationship with Michael, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

UGH, I need to actually write this show out properly. One day.

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Great topic! When I was middle school age (as well as watching DOOL and PASSIONS religiously and before I learned a few things about myself), I imagined a show, Seaview Heights, that I would not only headwrite, but star on.


I'd play Alan Stevens, the troubled son of making a new life for herself Jan Barton, who gave me up to her sister, Sydney and husband, Victor, because she was married to an evil man named Martin (as an adult, I'm now thinking, "Martin Barton"?). Jan's best friend was Lionel, a Ned Flanders type (in decency, not being especially religious) who she relearned love from. Anyway, Alan and his sister, Sabrina, had a best friend, Bobby Green, who Sabrina liked. But he also caught the attention of scheming Janet Randall, whose sweet sister, Cassidy, became Alan's girlfriend.


There was also Martin's trophy wife, Shelley (who was anorexic); Sydney's older son, Charlie, and his wife, Annie (I sure seemed fond of names which ended with vowels); and Bobby's mother, Florida, a talk show host. And these were just some of the characters. I thought an hour long show needed 32 characters, so we had a family in the fashion business (Welch Worldwide), the Randall girls had an older, slightly feminist sister (who entered into an opposites attract relationship with Martin), there were a handful of doctors, etc. Hey, I was in middle school.


And it was slightly better than my idea in college, which was the reverse of Glee (student actors).


Now that I'm an adult, I'd love to go back to basics, write something simpler. More organic, too -- think of the stories about COVID-19, people understanding the effects of systemic racism, new attitudes sexuality (a few years back, a community not too far from me had a hazing scandal that may or may not have been fueled by gay panic), political divide (I'd love to have a leading lady who's a newly appointed state senator), etc. that aren't being told, at least not beyond the surface. I think I'd set it in a town striving to be more than a bedroom community to a nearby city.

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May seem strange but I did once outline my own fictional soap opera almost twenty years ago that I’ll always call “Love at Large” set in San Francisco Bay Area about two families, the old money Weaver’s who own “Hyde & Weaver” Department Stores (Think Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom) and the nouveau-riche Colton family who own Colton’s Discount Stores (something along the lines of K-Mart or Target of course) with various characters peppered in. A lot of my inspiration at the came from a mix of Y&R, B&B and yes Sunset Beach at the time but I was hoping for a more conventional soap. 

The title I remember I came up with I remember thinking as “At Large” being original  in the political sense as being “as a whole, general” but then I later found out a trashy 1990 movie with Annette O’Toole and Kate Capshaw used the same title in the criminal sense. Sheesh! 


Haha if anyone wants exact details I’ll share, I was pretty bored at the time. 🙃

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6 hours ago, Manny said:

Actually I only write episode summaries as well, but mostly because writing dialogue would take forever, and since I have a full time job and dont have so much free time to write, I found summaries to be a perfect solution :) as at least with the summaries I move the story forward :)


What does Biloxi mean, if you dont mind me asking?


Oh thank you so much! Very kind of you. No, I did not publish it anywhere, as I am not very sure anyone would want to read it haha I use the writing as my therapy to take out my frustrations and also express my bursts of creativity haha


I did actually have a friend who helped me in the beginning with it and she eventually started posting it online, but that was like 15 years ago lol So it probably does not exist.


I just remembered that I used to write Sunset Beach continuation fan fic (called Sunset Beach Forever) once the real show ended. I was publishing it first via email groups and then at the fan fic website for a few months in the year 2000 and It won me an online voted award for a favorite discontinued show in 2001 (I wrote 100 episodes in 2000., and qualified only for the best discontinued show in 2001) I was very pround of that back then :)



Btw it is fun to see so many people writing here :)

I don’t mind :) « Biloxi » is the name of the town :) 

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2 hours ago, FrenchFan said:

I don’t mind :) « Biloxi » is the name of the town :) 

Ah yes, I googled it and I saw that it was as city in Mississippi. That's cool! Is that where you set your story? Or it is another Biloxi somewhere else in USA?

I set my story in a made up California town :)

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Biloxi, Mississippi, is a pretty famous city actually.  Neil Simon wrote a trilogy of plays -- "Brighton Beach Memoirs", "Biloxi Blues", and "Broadway Bound".  

"Biloxi Blues" was made into a successful movie staring Matthew Broderick back during the late 1980s.  

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Ah okay, thanks! I am not from USA, so I have never heard of it. :)

But sounds like a good name for a soap opera town for sure :)

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In the late 90s/early 00s, I created my own soap opera called “South Beach” which was a mixture of “Sunset Beach” and “Melrose Place”. It was conceived as a primetime soap, with each season spanning 22 episodes and a regular cast of 11 to 15 characters. The show was supposed to run for 8 seasons, but was cancelled at the beginning of season 8 :D


However, I do know how the show would have ended. I even created some fictional backstage drama… like actors not getting along, cast members demanding more storylines, and the show running on a tight budget during the final seasons :D


Here’s an outline of all the seasons. Season 1 is a bit more detailed to get to know the characters and their back-stories. And yes, some stories are quite cliché and repetitive.



Casting notes: The original cast consists of Liane, Luke, Jean, Maria, Steve, Jake, Silvia, Kelly, Nancy, Chris, and Victoria.
– – –
The show takes place in South Beach, Miami. In the 2-hour pilot episode “Welcome to South Beach”, we first meet Liane Connor, a blonde bombshell, who is living in a beach house with her roommate Kayla Evans. Liane celebrates her engagement to aspiring doctor Luke Foster, not knowing that he is sleeping with Kayla behind her back. When Kayla suddenly moves out of the beach house without an explanation, Liane is dumbfounded. At the beach, Liane spots an attractive man that she tries to flirt with, but he doesn’t really take notice of her. Liane’s father James condemns Liane’s rampant lifestyle and tries to talk sense into her, but in vain.


Luke, who works at “Redfield Hospital”, has anger issues and becomes violent quickly. After he has hit a colleague, he has to undergo therapy. His psychiatrist is Dr. Maria Zavigo. Maria’s father Jacob is a renowned surgeon and has taken Luke under his wings. When Jacob invites Luke and Liane to dinner, they get to know Maria and her boyfriend Steve, who is the guy that Liane tried to flirt with at the beach. Kayla tells Luke that she is expecting his child. Luke wants her to have an abortion, but she wants to blackmail him instead. At Liane’s birthday party, Luke traps Kayla and beats her up badly. The injured Kayla seeks refuge at the beach house. Luke tries to kill Kayla again, but instead, he falls down the stairs. While Kayla disappears, Luke is brought to the hospital where he falls into a coma. Kayla calls Liane and tells her that she is expecting Luke’s child. Liane is disgusted and breaks things off with Luke.


Maria and her family are living in a mansion in a noble suburb of Miami. Maria’s boyfriend Esteban Morena, called “Steve”, has a secret that the family wants to keep hidden at any price. Suddenly Victoria Harris, Maria’s former best friend, returns from New York to Miami. Back in the day, Maria used to date Victoria’s older brother Damon until one day, he collapsed after a drug overdose and died on Jacob’s operating table. Victoria has blamed the Zavigos for Damon’s death ever since and now has returned to South Beach to make their lives a living hell. Victoria’s sidekick Nancy Gray is a woman that Victoria met while partying in New York’s clubbing scene. Nancy doesn’t really support Victoria’s plans and she tries to befriend Maria instead, which angers Victoria.


By searching through old documents, Victoria finds out that Steve was born in Mexico, came to the US as an illegal immigrant, worked as a rent boy for homosexual men and used to be a drug addict. One day he had a drug overdose in front of the hospital and was found by Maria, who took care of him and fell in love with him. Victoria wants Steve to suffer the same fate as Damon and tries to get him addicted again. When Jacob sees through Victoria’s game, she seduces him. Afterwards, she tells Jacob’s wife Helen, destroying Maria’s family in the process. Steve feels guilty and breaks things off with Maria.


French Canadian Jean Voltaire applies for a job in James’s business. James takes a liking to Jean because in his eyes, Jean is the perfect son-in-law. James hates Luke and wants him to stay away from his daughter Liane. James makes sure that Jean moves in with Liane at the beach house. Because he is very arrogant, mysterious and insulting, nobody can stand Jean. He is very promiscuous and has one-night-stands with both Nancy and Victoria.


Behind everybody’s backs, Nancy visits the comatose Luke. When Luke eventually wakes up, he has lost his memory and is a complete opposite of his former self. Nancy makes him believe that she is his girlfriend. Liane feels attracted to the “new” Luke. When she has a brawl with Nancy, Luke tries to interfere and hits his head. He regains his memory and returns to his “old” self. Liane realizes that Luke will never change his ways. She finds comfort in Steve’s arms. Steve moves to the beach house. One night, he and Jake have a long chat, which lays the foundation for their lifelong friendship. Steve tells Jake that he is bisexual.


Liane’s best friend is Asian American Silvia Shoon, a successful journalist. The two women went to high school together where Silvia met her current boyfriend, Jake Webb. In school, Jake used to be an outsider because he came from a poor background. He took to sports to overcome his loneliness, and now he is a muscular and tall guy. Despite his intimidating sight, he is a really friendly person. Jake, who works as a bartender at the bar “Riders”, wants to start a family with Silvia, but because of her career, she doesn’t have much time for him. Eventually, Jake feels so set back by Silvia that he leaves their joint apartment and moves to the beach house.


Silvia meets fashion designer Robert Holden and goes on a business trip to Milan, Italy, with him. The next day, she is raped by an hotel employee. Eventually, the rapist is shot and killed. Afterwards, Silvia suffers from a trauma. Meanwhile, Jake meets waitress Kelly Wyland, who’s looking for a new place to stay after breaking up with her boyfriend Chris Monroe, owner of the “Venom” night club. Jake offers her the last vacant bedroom at the beach house. Chris is jealous and wants to win Kelly back, but she tells him that she only wants them to be friends. Jake tries to reach out to Silvia, but due to her trauma, she pushes him away, directly in Kelly’s arms.


Silvia goes to a group therapy session for rape victims where she spots a familiar face: Jean. He eventually opens up to her and tells her that he had been raped by a family member for years. To protect himself from being hurt again, be became an ice-cold person. Silvia and Jean become friends. When Jake sees them together, he is jealous and confronts Jean. In his usual manner, Jean tries to make fun of Jake but then Jake thanks Jean for being there for Silvia, because she obviously likes his company. Jean didn’t expect so much gratitude, so he bursts out in tears and tells Jake about his troubled past. This breaks the ice between the two guys and they start to become friends. Jean urges Silvia to tell Jake about her rape which she eventually does. When Robert Holden reappears in South Beach, he and Silvia share a kiss which Jake witnesses. After Jake has slept with Kelly, he and Silvia break up for good. Jake rushes into a relationship with Kelly, but he is not happy. Meanwhile, Robert asks Silvia to move to Milan with him.  She rails against her fate, but eventually she decides to stay in South Beach and says goodbye to Robert.


In the 2-hour season finale “Hit Me Like a Truck”, Luke won’t accept that Liane is now with Steve. He tries to win her back, stalks Steve and aggressively tries to enter the beach house. Eventually, Jake is able to calm Luke down. Instead of calling the police, Jake makes Luke promise that he won’t come back to town until he has come clean with himself. Luke leaves Miami as a broken man.


Meanwhile, Maria and Kelly have become good friends. Maria takes a liking to Jean but he turns her down. Disappointed, Maria has a one-night-stand with Chris. Kelly finds out that Jake is still not over Silvia.


Damon’s former best friend Alex Travis arrives in town. He is an artist and lives on a boat. Victoria, who was once madly in love with him, is happy to see him and she tells him about her unsuccessful quest to revenge Damon’s death. When Alex spots Nancy, he is sure that he has seen her before, but at first he can’t remember where and when. Victoria plans to return to New York. Eventually, Alex realizes that Nancy used to be a hooker that Damon dated in the weeks before his death. She also dealt with drugs and fled town right after Damon’s death. It turns out that Nancy was responsible for Damon’s death. She only befriended Victoria out of guilt. Alex wants to confront Nancy, but she locks him in the bathroom before heading to the airport with Victoria. On the way, Nancy can’t bear keeping the secret any longer and she tells Victoria the truth. Before Victoria can react, their taxi is hit by a truck.

Casting notes: While Luke and Nancy are gone, Alex becomes a regular character. Sydney and Raven join the cast as new series regulars.
– – –
In the second season, the original characters take a backseat as two new main characters come into the limelight: After studying in France, Sydney Eston, daughter of the wealthy publisher Cliff Eston, returns to South Beach in the season premiere “Home”. When Cliff finds out that Sydney has dropped out of college, he is furious and wants to cut off her money supply. A few hours later, Cliff dies of a heart attack and Sydney is temporarily left with nothing. She moves to the beach house, taking Kelly’s former bedroom, and has brief fling with Jean. When her father’s will is being read, Sydney expects to be the sole heir, but then a mysterious young woman appears and claims half of the inheritance. Her name is Raven Hartwood and she is Sydney’s half-sister! Raven was the result of one of Cliff’s affairs. After Cliff had sent Raven’s mother packing, she committed suicide and Raven was given to foster parents. She was a very difficult child and was eventually committed to a mental institution where she spent most of her teenage years. Sydney wants to get rid of Raven and takes drastic actions. However, Raven and her thuggish boyfriend Robin Thorpe strike back every time. Robin is the driving force behind Raven’s actions because he manipulates her and she is dependent on his love.


Kelly and Jake haven broken up during the summer and Kelly has moved out of the beach house. In the meantime, Maria finds out that she is pregnant with Chris’s child – just as Kelly and Chris have gotten back together. Maria, Kelly and Chris try to cope with the situation. Later that season, Maria meets African American physician Jamie Graham whom she briefly dates. However, she is secretly still in love with Jean.


After the accident, Nancy has died. Victoria has been paralyzed and is wheelchair-bound. Victoria wants to win Alex’s affection, but he is now with Silvia. Jake, who wants to win Silvia back, and Victoria team up to get Alex and Silvia apart, but to no avail. Victoria temporarily leaves town and goes to a rehab center in order to learn to walk again.


Liane and Steve are still a couple, but then Liane’s father James is found murdered. Liane is the prime suspect because she was the last person to see him alive. Because all evidence argues against her, she is sent to prison and experiences a living hell. All her friends, including Steve, turn their backs on her. Eventually, it turns out that Kayla killed James and that James is also the father of Kayla’s baby – the one she tried to pass off as Luke’s child! Liane is released from prison and swears revenge on her former friends. She throws everyone out of the beach house and seduces Alex to hurt both Steve and Silvia.


Jake sympathizes with Raven and tries to reconcile her and Sydney. Despite Jean’s warnings, Jake spends a night with Sydney. The two start having an affair and go to Las Vegas where they want to forget their distress. Sydney starts to gamble but she loses everything. Back in South Beach, she and Jake decide to stay good friends. Jean wants to start his own modeling agency. He hires Sydney as his secretary. In the meantime, Raven develops a crush on Steve. When Robin gets abusive, she seeks shelter at the beach house. After Alex and Silvia have split up, Jake sees his chance to reconcile with Silvia.


In the 2-hour season finale “Destruction Derby”, Jean, Sydney, Jake and Steve are forced to move out of the beach house. Jean inaugurates his modeling agency. Maria goes into labor. Jean realizes that he loves her. He rushes to the hospital where he holds Maria’s hand while she is going birth to a baby boy. While Steve packs his stuff at the beach house, Raven is with him. Silvia stops by because Jake wanted to talk to her. Suddenly Robin appears. He wants Raven to leave town with him, but she refuses. Robin gets angry and accidentally sparks a fire which spreads quickly. The season ends with the beach house ablaze.


Casting notes: Jamie becomes a regular character. Everyone else returns. At midseason, Maria, Chris and Alex depart the show. Instead, Antonio and Mario become regular characters. Morgan joins the cast as a new series regular.
– – –
In the season premiere “Recovery”, the fire at the beach house can be quenched, but Steve, Silvia and Raven are rushed to the hospital. Raven is badly burnt and falls into a coma. Steve and Silvia have only received minor injuries and recover quickly. The beach house is rebuilt, and Steve and Sydney move back in.


A mysterious man visits Steve’s hospital room and holds Steve’s hand while he’s sleeping. Maria sees the man emerging from Steve’s room and confronts him. After a while, he confesses that his name is Antonio Morena – he is Steve’s long-lost half-brother who was born after Steve had fled with his aunt to the US as a child. Antonio poses as a journalist and tells Steve that he wants to do a story about his life. In this way, he wants to get to know him better. Steve develops a crush on Antonio and one day kisses him out of the blue. Antonio is disgusted and eventually reveals the truth about his identity. Steve is distraught about the revelation, but with Maria’s help, Steve and Antonio are able to form a brotherly bond. Antonio wants to move to South Beach and travels to New York to sort “some things” out.


Kelly falls in love with Jamie and the two get married very quickly. Afterwards, they are put on the backburner. Sydney leaves Jean’s modeling agency and starts working at “Tinetti Cosmetics”. She is soon smitten with her boss Mario. Liane and Alex are now a couple, but Liane quickly becomes bored because Alex is poor and can’t give her the luxurious life she is used to live. Alex finds out that Liane doesn’t really love her and secretly leaves town. Liane has a one-night-stand with Antonio, not knowing that he is Steve’s brother.


Maria, Jean and baby Jackson form a happy family, but Jackson’s biological father Chris wants to be a part of his son’s life. He interferes at any given chance. Jean, who is unsure how to deal with the situation, becomes estranged from Maria. She realizes that he is not fully committed to her and the baby, and hastily decides to leave town with Chris and Jackson to start over again in Texas.


Jake and Silvia get back together, but then Silvia is stalked by her jealous colleague Amy Abbott. When Jake confronts Amy, she falls from a window to her death. Jake is the prime suspect and Silvia investigates in the matter. Eventually, she can clear Jake’s name. Jake and Silvia plan to get married, but then Silvia gets to know the handsome model Ryan Turner and starts an affair with him.


In the second half of the season, fashion designer Morgan Cassidy becomes front and center as almost everybody else takes a backseat. Morgan is married to star designer Eric Cassidy, who forbids her from creating her own designs because he secretly fears her competition and wants to keep her down. With Jean’s help, Morgan is able to purchase her own boutique. Liane seduces Jean and becomes the new woman at his side, spending his fortune with open arms. After letting Maria go, Jean returns to his old promiscuous ways, and he sleeps with both Morgan and a model named Kim Ramirez. Raven awakes from her coma. She finds a new job working for Eric Cassidy and starts an affair with him.


When Antonio returns to South Beach, he is not alone. He introduces Steve to his wife – who is no less than Victoria! Steve can’t believe that Antonio is married to his former nemesis. Victoria tries to prove that she is a changed person, but Steve gives her a hard time.


In the season finale “Full Circle”, it’s Jake and Silvia’s wedding day, but Silvia cancels the wedding and runs off with Ryan.

Casting notes: Everyone returns from the previous season.
– – –
This season has a murder mystery as an umbrella storyline. After Silvia has called off their wedding, Jake falls into a sort of limbo. He moves back to the beach house, where Steve and Sydney take care of him. Silvia is cut by everyone. Because Mario won’t commit to a steady relationship with her, Sydney dates Mario’s employee Ricardo. Kim gets between Jean and Liane. When Raven tells Morgan that Eric wants to divorce Morgan and marry Raven as soon as possible, Morgan and Raven declare war on each other. Steve meets a guy named Clive whom he starts dating. Antonio wants to start a family with Victoria, but she is infertile since her car accident. Suddenly, a mysterious murderer kills Ricardo and attacks Clive and Raven. A bomb explodes in Eric’s office, killing him in an instant. Morgan becomes the prime suspect and has to go into hiding. Eventually, it is revealed that Ryan is the murderer. He kidnaps Silvia and Victoria and wants to drive with them off a cliff, but then he is shot by the police. In the hospital, Victoria learns that she was pregnant after all. She can’t cope with the death of her child, which leads to her and Antonio ending their marriage.


Without a warning, Luke returns to South Beach and claims to be a changed person. While Jake is happy to see him, Steve is furious. When Jake tries to defend Luke, Steve questions their friendship. Luke and Liane meet again, and old sparks reignite. Luke and Liane get back together, and Jean and Kim become a couple. Luke wants to work at “Redfield Hospital” again, but there are no vacant jobs. Liane plots against Kelly and Jamie as she wants Luke to receive Jamie’s current position at the hospital.


While Kelly is visited by her mother Angela who’s addicted to painkillers, Liane is able to seduce Jamie. Angela sees the two of them together and blackmails Jamie so that he prescribes her more painkillers. Eventually Jamie is found out and loses his job. Angela tells Kelly about Jamie’s infidelity. Kelly wants to divorce Jamie and departs South Beach at the end of the season. Jamie also leaves. Sydney and Mario are plunged into a crisis when she assumes that Mario was happy about Ricardo’s murder. When drunk, Mario kisses Steve. He starts questioning his sexuality and wants to date Steve, but Steve doesn’t want to hurt Sydney and advises him to back off. Mario packs his belongings and leaves South Beach without saying goodbye to Sydney. Meanwhile, Silvia and Jake get together again.


Casting notes: While Kelly, Jamie and Mario are gone, Kim becomes a regular character. Luke and Maria re-join the regular cast. Samuel and Joe join the cast as new series regulars. Liane departs the show at midseason and Enrique joins the cast as a new series regular.
– – –
In the 2-hour season premiere “Changing Places”, Maria returns to South Beach. She moves into the beach house with Steve and starts dating African American Samuel Northam, one of Jean’s up-and-coming models. After divorcing from Victoria, Antonio develops a terrible drug addiction. Steve tries to his help brother, but Antonio is in a downwards spiral. Sydney and Raven team up and open their own business. Raven meets Daniel Blake, the man of her dreams, who is still married to his annoying wife Sonya. Morgan is visited by her college crush Joe Alexander, who is now a wealthy businessman. She tries to win him back, but he is more interested in Sydney. After having moved out of the beach house, Victoria moves in with Jake and Silvia. She soon feels attracted to Jake and tries to seduce him. Silvia catches them in bed together and departs South Beach the next day.


Liane and Luke want to get married. Liane makes Luke believe that she’s pregnant with his child. Kim finds out that Liane is lying and that she blackmailed Jamie Graham so that Luke could get his job. She secretly tapes Liane’s confession and sends it to Luke on the day of the wedding. Luke calls the wedding off and sleeps with Kim, which in turn ends her relationship with Jean. While Kim and Jean reconcile, Luke never wants to see Liane again. After going to work drunk and making a fatal mistake, Luke loses his job at the hospital. Totally broke, he doesn’t know where to go. His last resort is the beach house where he hopes to find a place to sleep. Steve turns his archenemy down but when Luke bursts out in tears, Steve has a change of heart and lets Luke sleep on the couch. The two soon get along very well. One night, they get wasted and out of the blue, Luke kisses Steve. The next day, he acts as if nothing had happened. Luke tells Jake and Jean what he did and asks them for advice. Steve thinks that Luke only wants to jerk him around. When Luke apologizes to Steve and wants to forget about everything, Steve declares that he has grown feelings for Luke. Luke can’t cope with that and wants to move out. Steve asks him to stay because he would miss their friendship.


When a hurricane followed by an earthquake hits South Beach, everyone’s life is in danger. The beach house is destroyed once again. Liane is trapped in her car and is eventually killed when a tree crashes down on her. Also, Sonya Blake is allegedly killed during the earthquake.


At midseason, Steve and Antonio learn that they need to take care of their 18-year-old cousin Enrique because his father will temporarily move to Australia. Enrique brings new trouble to South Beach and especially Antonio has a hard time dealing with his antics. Kim and Jean take care of a young troubled model named Heather Graham, who is emotionally instable. During a trip to Hawaii with the gang, Samuel becomes jealous of Maria and Jean’s mutual past. He gets drunk and sleeps with another tourist, leading to him and Maria breaking up.


At the end of the season, another familiar face reappears as Kelly returns to South Beach. However, she is followed by a mysterious man who turns out to be her new abusive husband Tom Vega. Victoria meets Tom and falls head over heels in love with him. In the 2-hour season finale “Blood on the Dancefloor”, Jake learns that Silvia now lives in Atlanta. He follows her in order to win her back. Luke learns that he has testicle cancer. Sonya Blake is revealed to be alive. She lies in wait for Raven and pushes her in front of a driving car. During an event of the modeling agency, Heather snaps, reveals a gun and fires at the crowd.

Casting notes: While Jake and Silvia are gone, Kelly re-joins the regular cast. Victoria departs the cast at midseason.
– – –
Kim is hit by a bullet. She survives but loses her memory and thinks that her name is “Gabriella Santiago”. She runs away from home, gets sick and is found by a man named Giovanni who nurses her back to health. Eventually, Jean finds Kim. She tries to run away from him but falls down the stairs and regains her memory. Kim and Jean reconcile and want to get married.


Luke discloses his cancer to Steve. The latter wants to support Luke, but Luke feels uncomfortable with being too close with Steve. When Steve meets Giovanni, the two men start dating and become a couple. Morgan is looking for a new model for her underwear line and wants Antonio, who has never modelled before, to be the figurehead for her campaign. Reluctantly, Antonio agrees. The two start having an affair, but Antonio soon feels exploited. He turns to drugs again – and his dealer is no less than Giovani. When Steve eventually finds out about this, he sends Giovanni packing.


Tom Vega uses Victoria to gather information on Kelly. Even though he’s dangerous and threatens her, Kelly can’t withdraw from Tom’s influence. She sleeps with him again. Raven has survived her accident but can’t remember that Sonya pushed her. Later Sonya reveals herself to be alive to Daniel. Tom and Sonya reside in the same hotel and get to know each other. After an employee overhears them talking about Sonya’s attempted murder, he blackmails her. Sonya kills him, but then his corpse disappears. During Kim and Jean’s engagement party, which takes place at the Blake mansion, Sonya finds the employee’s corpse in the refrigerator. Later that night, Sonya, Kelly and Victoria meet at the pool. When Sonya gives away that Tom sleeps with both Kelly and Victoria at the same time, the three women start to fight and end up falling in the pool. Victoria hits her head and dies. Because Sonya is still blackmailed, she wants to leave town and asks Tom to come with her. A mysterious car follows them. At a lonely rest house, Tom is stabbed by the other driver. The mysterious man is revealed to be Daniel who knew all along what Sonya had done. He holds Sonya at gunpoint, tells her to say her last prayer – and that is the last we see of them (for now).


Back in South Beach, Enrique develops feelings for the much older Kelly. Despite her earlier concerns, Kelly gets involved with Enrique and is happier than never before. Maria and Samuel try to mend their broken relationship, but to no avail. After a while, Luke learns that his cancer is in remission. He has a brief fling with Raven who wants to distract herself from her feelings for Daniel.


Kim witnesses a car accident where a little girl is injured. She learns that the girl named Ashley lives in a children’s home and begins to take care of her. Eventually, she persuades Jean to adopt the girl. In the meantime, Joe gets into business with some shady guys. When Joe finds out about their illegal transactions, he calls the police. The guys swear revenge. Joe proposes to Sydney and the two plan their wedding.


In the 2-hour season finale “There Goes the Bride/Caught in the Crossfire”, the wedding takes place without any problems. Joe and Sydney leave the after-party, which takes place at Jean’s modeling agency, earlier than planned to go on a world cruise. Suddenly the mobsters appear and want to kill Sydney. Kim and Ashley play “dressing up as brides” in one of the adjoining rooms. The mobsters mistake Kim for Sydney and fire two shots at her. In the meantime, there’s a close moment between Luke and Steve. Before they kiss again, Steve backs off and drives away. Drunk and tear-stained, he crashes into a tree.

Casting notes: While Sydney and Joe are gone, Paige joins the cast as a new series regular.
– – –
Ashley has been killed by the mobsters. Kim suffers from nightmares and becomes addicted to alcohol, ruining her marriage to Jean. During an important fashion show, she is completely drunk and embarrasses herself and the modeling agency. After a heated argument with Jean, she realizes that she needs to go to rehab. 


Steve has survived his car accident. To Antonio’s surprise, he doesn’t blame Luke for anything. Antonio wants Luke to stay away from Steve and moves into the beach house to make Luke’s life a living hell. A little later, Antonio runs into Paige Carter, a woman from his past. She is married and has a 6-year-old daughter named Kayla. Paige avoids Luke, but the two of them always meet each other again. Antonio has a one-night-stand with Maria and briefly dates Morgan’s new assistant Caroline Harvey. Paige’s marriage to her husband Cole is instable and only her mother Madeline knows that Cole is not Kayla’s biological daughter. Eventually, Paige confesses to Antonio that he is Kayla’s father.


Luke has a fling with Morgan. Suddenly he is visited by his younger brother Logan whom he has never told anybody of. Luke sends Logan away. Logan doesn’t know where to sleep so he camps on the patio of the beach house. The next morning, he is found by Steve who – not knowing who he is – takes a liking to the handsome stranger. Raven opens a new bar called “Blue Moon” which becomes a rival to “Riders”. Logan begins working there as a barkeeper, which angers Steve. Nevertheless, he stays interested in Logan and one night kisses him out of the blue. Logan backs off and disappears. Later he apologizes to Steve and wants them to stay friends. Logan has an affair with an older woman named Caitlin who pays him for the sex.
Enrique is visited by his childhood friend Carla Ramirez who makes no secret of the fact that she wants to be Enrique’s girlfriend. She even tells Kelly that she and Enrique slept together. Enrique throws Carla out. Nevertheless, Kelly can’t trust Enrique anymore. While she and Luke get stuck in an elevator, the two share a kiss which leaves them confused. After Enrique and Carla have really slept together, Kelly ends her relationship with Enrique.


Daniel returns unexpectedly. Raven doesn’t want to see him because she can’t understand why he left her without saying a word. Instead, she sets her sights on Samuel and turns to drastic actions to keep Maria away from him. In turn, Daniel begins to date Morgan, who plans a big fashion show for her latest collection. Suddenly she runs into her mother Penny Baker, who is poor and hasn’t spoken to Morgan in years. Penny tries to suck up to Morgan and succeeds.


When Maria learns that Raven and Samuel want to get married in Nairobi, Kenya, she is eager to stop the wedding. In the 3-part episode “African Temptation”, Maria, Kelly, Jean and Luke travel to Kenya. While Maria tries to find Samuel and Raven, Kelly suddenly finds herself torn between Jean and Luke. Raven tries to poison Maria, but unbeknownst to Raven, Maria survives. In the rain forest, Raven confesses to Samuel what she did. They lose control over their truck and crash into a ditch. Maria finds them. Raven is brought to the hospital, and Samuel and Maria finally reconcile. Kelly chooses Luke, and Jean wishes them good luck.


In the 2-hour season finale “24 Hours”, Cole tries to kidnap Kayla, but in the end, Antonio and Paige can rescue the little girl. Logan gets beat up by Caitlin’s husband and seeks shelter at the beach house. He and Steve sleep in the same bed. The next morning, Luke returns from Africa and sees Logan emerging from Steve’s bedroom. Luke can’t believe his eyes and tells Steve about Logan’s true identity. Steve wants both brothers out of his life for good. Penny poisons Morgan’s drink and then tells her that she only wants her money. She places Morgan’s lifeless in the bathtub, where Morgan eventually drowns.

Casting notes: While Raven and Morgan are gone, Devon joins the cast as a new series regular.
– – –
The final year brings closure to most of the show’s storylines, new couples develop and old friendships are rekindled. Logan learns that Raven has died and that he has inherited “Blue Moon”. Antonio, Paige and Kayla try living a life as a family, but they soon realize that this is not going to work. Even though he should dislike him, Antonio befriends Logan. The latter briefly dates Caroline, but then Logan and Paige grow closer which provides new drama. In turn, Antonio and Caroline give their love a second try. In the end, Antonio decides that Kayla should live with Paige and Logan.


After spending a night out partying, Steve ends up in bed with Daniel. While sleep-talking, Daniel confesses that he killed his wife Sonya. Steve can’t believe his ears and confronts Daniel, but Daniel accuses him of lying and hallucinating (I’m not really sure how that storyline was supposed to end, but I know I wanted to bring Sonya back alive and finish Daniel off somehow).


Kelly can’t forget Jean, and he feels the same. Jean and Kelly start an affair behind Kim and Luke’s backs. When Kim returns from rehab, she is a different person. She wants to get divorced from Jean and demands half of his modeling agency. Jean can’t afford paying her out and decides to start over with Kim. To deal with her past, Kim is seeing psychiatrist Dr. Devon King whom she grows attached to. When she finds out that Devon is a lesbian, Kim is puzzled, but after a while she realizes that she has fallen in love with Devon. In the end, Jean and Kelly receive their happy ending, as do Kim and Devon. Luke decides to leave South Beach and moves to Chicago where he has found a new job.


Early in the season, Maria learns that she has breast cancer. At first, she has great chances of recovery, but then her situation worsens every week. Samuel supports her as much as he can. Enrique dates a young model named Jordan Crawford who suffers from anorexia. He helps her overcoming her problems.


The 2-hour series finale “Goodbye, South Beach” takes place 6 months in the future. Maria and Samuel have a speed wedding on her death bed. Surrounded by Samuel, Jean, Kelly and Steve, Maria peacefully dies. Luke returns for Maria’s funeral and spends the night at the beach house. Steve now has a new boyfriend, a much older lawyer, who doesn’t treat Steve well. Eventually Luke gathers all his courage and joins Steve while he is taking a shower. The two guys receive their happy ending as well.

The show ends with the couples standing at the beach, looking over the ocean, reflecting the past and looking into the future that awaits them.

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During much of my adolescence I wrote (pen and paper) a soap titled "Charles Harbor".  Set in a New England city named Charlestowne, it centered around twin sisters; one considered a bad sister, and the other good. This aspect was largely influenced by watching Another World and the stories involving Marley/Vicky. The cast also included a wealthy business mogul and his socialite wife; similar to Victor and Nikki Newman. The wealthy business mogul also had a dark past being a former spy; shades of some of the international intrigue DAYs also offered at the time.


Eventually my soap writing began to mature and so did my taste. Charles Harbor morphed into a more grounded soap with influences from ATWT/GL. I would start to pen stories centering around the close knit family named the Hastings; modeled after the Bauer and Hughes families. Similar to the Bauer/Hughes, the Hastings were anchored by a doctor and a lawyer; and in addition you had the patriarch and matriarch of the family similar to Chris and Nancy Hughes. It was also around this time that my writing began to focus more on social issues just like Agnes Nixon's AMC and OLTL.

At the tail end of my teens, I began to admire the structure and history of past soaps; The Doctors, Love of Life, and Search for Tomorrow. Learning how writers like Doug Marland and Agnes Nixon soap hopped, each bringing a piece of their unique style to those soaps and yet staying true to its history, I began to merge some of my earlier writing into a fanfic of The Doctors. The fan fiction was basically a return to Madison 18 years later (this was around 2001). It still focused on the Powers, Davis, and Aldrich families, but there were also some new characters and families included.

So having started off writing Sci-Fi/Adventure, then changing over to more grounded writing thanks to ATWT/GL/AMC, I settled on penning a medical soap(The Doctors), or in this case reviving one. During the age of blogging and websoaps, decided to take on a big challenge and write what would have transpired between 1983-2001 as a interesting way to fill in the blanks and explain how things came to be after I had picked up writing it. The bible is still under work, understandably (:lol:) with loads of ground to cover, but I have much of the 80s complete and an idea of how I would like the tone of TD to shift from the glamour of the 80s, to the tackling of social issues (HIV/AIDs, abortion, homophobia, Cancer diagnosis, etc) during the 90s.

While writing The Doctors fan fiction, also wrote a continuation of Millee Taggart and her stories on GL, where it picks up from 2003 focusing on the Reva stalker story, Spaulding battle, and other stories/characters on the canvas around that time. Lastly also took a try at DAYS wanting to write a continuation of some of the stories from the Hogan Sheffer era (before it went off the rails); bringing it back down to earth with a focus on social issues, focusing on what Cwikly/Brash left unfinished, and bringing back past characters such as Bill and Laura.



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I lost everything but I had a storyline Bible I started in the 1980s when I was dealing with a lot in my life and I dreamed of a world where I lived with people who were like me and it was a way of escape.  It took place in Greenwich Village in New York and most of the characters were Gay and Lesbian.  I called it "The Story of Us".  It dealt with what was obvious at the time - equal rights, the friendships and love stories among the characters, HIV/AIDS, and some of the characters were models, actors, writers for the NY Times, coffee shops and diners, bars


I remember one of my male characters was a school teacher who lost his job because the school administration found out after he was outed and a student accused him of sexual abuse, and it was a lie in an attempt to blackmail him to get him to change his grades.  In the early 90's a lot of stories and scenes centered around a techno and disco dance bar, with drugs like Ex, drug addition, alcoholism, etc.  And I had a group of characters who would take in homeless young gay men and lesbian girls who were excommunicated by their families and would search them out in homeless shelters.


My big event of the year was the annual Valentines Day party where all of the characters from the different buildings would get together and the show would end with them all singing "What the World Needs Now".    


I wish I had saved it.  And I was so disappointed because in the late 90's a movie came out called "The Story of Us" and it made me mad because I thought - that's MY TITLE!

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@Lust4Life76 I've heard of "Days of the Week" but I've never seen it.

13 hours ago, beebs said:

I mean, obviously I've been working on a DAYS fanfic here for years. I've got so many years of story mapped out still, and honestly, considering I've been working on this for 6 years now, finishing up a lot of my initial stories are starting to pain me because I've changed and grown so much in that time, that I spend more time filling in plot holes and gritting my teeth through a lot of what I'm posting, while dreaming of the stuff that's to come that I never seem to get to. At least it motivates me to continue, I guess!

UGH, I need to actually write this show out properly. One day.

I've read some of your fanfic. It's really good! And your original work sounds good as well. 

13 hours ago, Franko said:

 (as an adult, I'm now thinking, "Martin Barton"?). 

Lmao that's ok. Not too long ago I realized that I named my little town "Lakeview", yet there was no lake to view lol I'll have to remember to include a lake in the story if I decide to reboot it.

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Gosh I'm reading through these posts and I'm convinced...there are people that could do better than what we are seeing now.  Far better.  

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1 hour ago, Fevuh said:

I lost everything but I had a storyline Bible I started in the 1980s when I was dealing with a lot in my life and I dreamed of a world where I lived with people who were like me and it was a way of escape.  It took place in Greenwich Village in New York and most of the characters were Gay and Lesbian.  I called it "The Story of Us".  It dealt with what was obvious at the time - equal rights, the friendships and love stories among the characters, HIV/AIDS, and some of the characters were models, actors, writers for the NY Times, coffee shops and diners, bars


I remember one of my male characters was a school teacher who lost his job because the school administration found out after he was outed and a student accused him of sexual abuse, and it was a lie in an attempt to blackmail him to get him to change his grades.  In the early 90's a lot of stories and scenes centered around a techno and disco dance bar, with drugs like Ex, drug addition, alcoholism, etc.  And I had a group of characters who would take in homeless young gay men and lesbian girls who were excommunicated by their families and would search them out in homeless shelters.


My big event of the year was the annual Valentines Day party where all of the characters from the different buildings would get together and the show would end with them all singing "What the World Needs Now".    


I wish I had saved it.  And I was so disappointed because in the late 90's a movie came out called "The Story of Us" and it made me mad because I thought - that's MY TITLE!

This sounds very interesting! It would have been a good read, I'm sure.  And I love the title! "The Story of Us" is very simple but very effective title.

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