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YR: Former Bold and Beautiful actress joins the show

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It's not too many female legacy characters she could play ... 


She could be a new third party for the dry Mariah/Tessa pairing or you think she is bringing Sally to GC? 

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She is Sarah Horton! No wait, I meant Jennifer Foster.


I hope she is not Sally. The character is a joke and the last thing Y&R needs, is a connection to B&B's stupidity.

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    • A small part of me feels pity for her because she built her image entirely around physical appearance: the glam squad, the outrageous spending, the costumed designer LEWKS at every outing. Every detail on her had to be airbrushed, unblemished perfection. And now she is trying hard to keep up appearances on the glam front, but is slipping and HW Twitter is all over it.   Best case scenario: she has to shoulder a massive financial liability for years to come. Worst case: liability + prison. It's a slow moving car crash, and that's why she is willing to play the villainess on BH right now. That scene with Sutton was pure performative soap opera. If Tom was still swimming in millions, she would tell Bravo where to stick it, but she can't now.   Hubris, thy name is Girardi.     I did not see Porsha's Insta Live, so I imagine she is defending herself against charges that she is not really a social activist but more using the movement to burnish her own image? And that she didn't want to share the BLM limelight with Kandi or Kenya?   This is why Bravo's embrace of social justice has been a little shaky.  Because the expectation is that some of these women must speak from high moral authority. However, as we all know, these women are flawed. Porsha is flawed. Gizelle too. And social media jumps on any flaw and it overshadows the message sometimes. And because they are flawed, it makes us wonder... are they doing this because they care? Or for their own image?    I will say that I appreciate that Bravo is mixing up its casts and trying to embrace in its own superficial way the idea of inclusively.... I think many casts are all the better for it. As Ramona would say, it's a work in progress. And honestly, there were many things that were lacking on ATL this season, but the BLM segment was not one of them.
    • I don't think her name was ever Theresa Regina. It was Theresa Rebecca. Lloyd called her Rebecca, and Estelle called her Theresa. Everyone else (Travis, Liza, Stu, Danny & Ryder) called her TR.
    • Today's Tumblr posts include a fun story about Joan Crawford actually slapping Ken Kerchieval when she subbed for her daughter Christina on Secret Storm.     Along with this bit of casting news Those were different times when soap fans didn't bat an eye that the same year Kristina Wagner was cast as Aztec princess Felicia, we got Finn Carter playing South American Sierra.  Obviously, some people living in South America may have pale skin, blond hair, and blue eyes.  However, I would hope today's audience would see it as a missed opportunity to cast a Latinx actor.   My favorite OLTL BTS story of all time has come full circle in a just a couple of months   And filed under "fake fan questions"   as well as this one Please register in order to view this content   I refuse to believe that there are any soap fans (even in 1985) who aren't aware of "Soap Rapid Aging Syndrome" and "returns from the dead" as staples of the genre.  These questions are opportunities to comment on the stories, but I doubt their veracity.  If anyone reading this post has ever written and mailed a letter to a soap magazine (pre-email) and it got published then I would be shocked an amazed.
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