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Days/YR: NEW TV Guide Covers

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1 minute ago, Darn said:

That's also probably the last time TV Guide was relevant.

Yeah, I'm sitting here like...this is exciting? How? No one buys magazines anymore, and certainly not TVG lol And the two people who tune into any of the shows because of these covers will find utter shite...so?

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TV Guide is still on sale at checkout stands and bookstores, etc. so it is relevant in that sense. More than soaps these days, anyway. I can't get excited because I don't have any interest in today's soaps but I appreciate the gesture.


Poor Regis being remembered by that hack Roush. 

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49 minutes ago, Darn said:

That's also probably the last time TV Guide was relevant.

When they dropped the local editions and listings in 2006 that was end for me. 

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5 minutes ago, janea4old said:

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I'm a big Denise Richard's fan but this is not a flattering picture of her

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    • Have been scrolling through a site with random old Australian TV listings and discovered that ATWT aired in primetime in Sydney on Ch 7 in 1974! It's from Thursday Nov 28th at 8.30pm, This is the blurb... Carol returns home and asks Tom to give up Natalie Bannon's case. Grant and Joyce have a showdown and Grant decides not to divorce her until she has fully recovered. So it seems not to far behind the US storylines. Quite frankly I'm surprised that Oz execs would take to a daytime soap that had been running for nearly 20 years and expect viewers to be interested. Meanwhile the same channel was airing DOOL, Y&R and GH during the day. The Melbourne listings for the same evening do not have ATWT in the schedule, in fact the entire schedule was different. So it looks like ATWT was Sydney only exclusive. Wonder if it was nightly and how long it lasted?
    • Ahem, did we know that Tanner Novlan (Dr. Finn Without Personality) is married to actress Kayla Ewell who starred on B&B from 2004-2005 as Caitlin Ramirez (daughter of Sydney Penny and Lorenzo Lamas) who was Thomas' first teen love!?   We now go back to your regular scheduled programming in session...
    • I love me some Lauren but had to laugh at her lecturing Sally and Summer on women treating women well. Send them an ice cream sundae why don’t you Lauren?
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