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RIP: In Memoriam Thread


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So sorry to hear about Charlie Robinson's passing. Yes, he is no longer in pain and suffering but, for fans who had hoped there could have been, even a quasi-reunion (which would have been hard without Harry Anderson) seems to make no sense with two pivotal characters now gone. May Robinson rest in peace.

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I didn't really know very much about Mat George, but last week he went viral for this funny tweet over his mother meeting Snoop Dogg (who turned out to be an impersonator). He was also a popular podcaster.

He was killed in a hit and run today (this is his co-host):


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It just came to my attention that Renée Dorléac (Simonot professionally), the mother of Catherine Deneuve, passed away on July 11, aged 109. She was the oldest living actor in the world. That distinction was then briefly attributed to Australian actress, Mary Ward, who passed away today, July 19, aged 106. The distinction of the oldest living actor in the world is now American actress Marsha Hunt.

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