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9 hours ago, ChitHappens said:

This show has a huge pacing problem and it kinda sucks!


That's it...that's the post 



The one thing I really liked was the class on finance.   I'm not aware if there are schools do this, but it is a really fantastic concept.   So many athletes are left penniless via shady money managers and hangers-on.  


Monet Mazur either needs a sandwich, or this is a character choice to show the overwhelming stress her character is going through.  Laura is having a hella-tough year, and the hits keep coming for her.  It would not surprise me if a collapse is imminent.


While J.J. is basically a buffoon, I want some insight about his family life. We're privy to so much about the rest of the characters, I think it's high time to see why he craves so much attention....


The ramifications of  what Olivia did are going to ripple.


Mo's true colors have been shown--but has Coop really let her walls down?



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4 hours ago, ChitHappens said:

I've given up The Olivia Hour.  Let me know when the show is good again.

Yup.  Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much Olivia.  I'd rather some other stories mixed in.


Ewww to Donny Boaz as Asher's mother's fiance.

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Layla's friend is definitely a problem.


Grace, Laura and thirsty Deniece drunk were so much  


Eli Grant looks way younger than Sugar Hill, yet they both were high school contemporaries?    Grace better git git git it!


Can Spencer just be a teenager and not everyone's father/savior?




I was so glad they remembered Shawn in the last episode about Coop's 18th.

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