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Too Young To Be That Kids Parents

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Here’s another I accidentally stumbled upon...


Search For Tomorrow - Millie Taggart (1940) playing Janet Collins, mother to Liza Walton (Meg Bennett (1948), and Sherry Mathis (1949)). So only 8-9 years difference! And it particularly struck me with Taggart and Mathis.

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On Love of Life Bruce Sterling (Ron Tomme) was father to 2 children Barabara and Alan.

Ron was 10 years older than Lee Lawson (Barbara)  and 7 years older than Dennis Cooney (Alan).

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On 6/4/2020 at 6:03 PM, SoapDope said:

Inspired by the late in life pregnancy thread. What are some of the ridiculous casting choices where a kid has been aged and the actor(s) is too young in reality to be their parent(s) ? 


Too many to count. Seriously, did anyone buy AW's Sandra Ferguson (now Robinson) and Alicia Leigh Willis (Amanda and Alli) as mother and daughter? I think there was a decade between them, if that. 

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2 minutes ago, WebberFan said:

NuJordan and NuTJ on GH. She's 28 and he's 24.

Ok, now THAT’S embarrassing, but good on Briana. She definitely has an older aura.

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    • I agree with y'all, and I guess that's why I'm easier on soaps and other shows if they don't necessarily get it right. I'm not easy on them enough to still watch or support something I don't like, but I do think that "trying" is worth something. After being excited for a short while, I ended up absolutely HATING Luke/Noah on ATWT and thought they were embarrassing. But other gay men, especially the older ones who'd been watching the show for years and years, loved them. So while they just made me roll my eyes, I understood that they meant more to others. Still wanted that relationship blown to smithereens for something more fun, but y'know. GLEE. I hated it. But what it did for many gay youth can't be denied. I know that someone will reply that there were other majorly problematic things with the show, but my point is that it served tons of gay kids who otherwise would not have gotten that confidence boost or feeling of community.
    • Entering April and...   ...GOOOD this show reeks of propping. I cannot with the loops the writers are writing in to keep Peter around, Why is Dr. O who has went toe to toe in hand combat with Anna...IN A MASK TO BOOT or Carly who has pulled every trick in the book or even Maxie who has fake a pregancy and used to be the crafty schemer herself so scared of this nothing burger of weaksauce son of a GH villain I like? Uh...NO!!!   Yeah, that scene of Cameron picking on Jake was a bad one. WL has done better. That said, I do like there is family conflict in Liz's family. Those boys have gotten along for too long.   So is the next event we are building up to is the opening of Curtis's club? There is enough story building going on at least to have things happen.   I am just sadden that a month ago, there was momentum going on and climaxes and it fell flat in two weeks.     
    • I am shocked at you.  LVP is cohosting that new dog show with Rebel Wilson, has VPD still in the works, and at least has one more project in the works I believe if memory serves. And VPR is still in the air...especially now that Kandi is about to start filming that OLG spinoff show. It's why I had to post that tweet. No matter how things go, LVP STAYS hustling. Kyle could NEVER.    And Andy Cokehead's ratings are not much better at times so Twitter can stay pressed. Please register in order to view this content 
    • I suppose the premise of “LGBTQ” as this hodgepodge community is what I’m questioning. That one letter of the acronym is interchangeable with the other. I understand it from a political coalition standpoint—strength in numbers—and there’s certainly been overlap in term of cultural spaces, but for the most part, the only thing these letters have in common is that they transgress commonly accepted ideas of gender roles and identities. EDIT: I know they aren’t discrete, mutually exclusive groups. Trans people can be gay, lesbian, bi, etc. as well.   But in general I agree. Soaps are broadcast TV vehicles and have to be as broadly appealing and narratively nimble as possible. It’s why streaming services (or smaller cable networks) that can nurture niche-oriented content are so groundbreaking. A gay-male soap on Netflix or Hulu wouldn’t have to cater to a mass audience and could take more risks.
    • Well on the other hand, if the logic is the community is very broad and diverse so you can't represent it in its diversity, the notion that all that is needed is that there would be *some* representation takes precedence hence the logic here. We also have, frustrated as we may be, to understand the tough spot they are in. If they have budget for thirty contract players and the number of pairings LGBTQ character can have is necessarily limited, LGBT character have a lower return-on-investment in terms of story for a producer. So expecting every strand of LGBT being represented is setting the bar unrealistically high.
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