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Look into the past - 1975


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20 minutes ago, will81 said:

Reading through the Y&R scripts and comparing with SOD Synopsis and Daytime Serial Newsletter. It is clear Bryna did the better job. It is a shame as I think Soap Opera Digest killed them off. @FrenchFan I found an article which mentions a FOURTH synopsis newsletter Daily TV Newsletter from New York. I think they all died between 76 - 78

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I second the opinion that Bryna Laub did an INFINITELY better job on her synopsies vs. SOD. Reading her DAYS writeups were easy to follow, and had a quality that made you feel like it was the next best thing to watching the show. It distilled the stories concisely, while giving clear background and character motivation without being confusing, or bobbing in and out between stories like SOD does (drives me bonkers).

2 minutes ago, will81 said:

Yeah I think Bell probably didn't want to wrap Jill up in story so she would be free for the Derek Thurston 'Shampoo' style story that he wanted to tell. Which makes me think the Joann/Kay lesbian story was never going to go anywhere even if audiences were accepting of it. Bell did say if he had a gay character on the show it would more likely be a woman as he felt audiences would be more accepting of that. Though the 70's wasn't the time it seems.

I have heard more about the DOOL gay story and the backlash but little is written about Joann and Kay

But even then, DAYS' "gay" story was a quick retcon Ann Marcus concocted to quickly usher out Sharon Duval. Under PFS, Sharon was involved with Don and Marlena and was strongly hinted that Sharon was a bored, sexually frustrated society wife. Ann Marcus quickly made her a neurotic loner who lusted after the first person who gave her any positive attention (which just so happened to be Julie), and within a week, her husband came to collect her, and they vanished into thin air.

I don't think DAYS even wanted to fully flesh the character out, judging by the way Ann Marcus rushed into that reveal.

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19 minutes ago, beebs said:

But even then, DAYS' "gay" story was a quick retcon Ann Marcus concocted to quickly usher out Sharon Duval. Under PFS, Sharon was involved with Don and Marlena and was strongly hinted that Sharon was a bored, sexually frustrated society wife. Ann Marcus quickly made her a neurotic loner who lusted after the first person who gave her any positive attention (which just so happened to be Julie), and within a week, her husband came to collect her, and they vanished into thin air.

I don't think DAYS even wanted to fully flesh the character out, judging by the way Ann Marcus rushed into that reveal.

Oh right. I thought it was a little bit more involved than that, but then I have never read the full story, just the opinions about it. Thanks for the info. I really do need to read up more on Days post Bell and PFS. Sounds like a mess, especially Ann Marcus. I heard that Bill Bell still had to give some sort of story projections in 77-78 and Marcus ignored what he had supplied and did her own thing.

The story, as short as it is, reminds of that horrid movie Windows from 1980 with Elizabeth Ashley and Talia Shire

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Posted (edited)
13 minutes ago, will81 said:

Oh right. I thought it was a little bit more involved than that, but then I have never read the full story, just the opinions about it. Thanks for the info. I really do need to read up more on Days post Bell and PFS. Sounds like a mess, especially Ann Marcus. I heard that Bill Bell still had to give some sort of story projections in 77-78 and Marcus ignored what he had supplied and did her own thing.

The story, as short as it is, reminds of that horrid movie Windows from 1980 with Elizabeth Ashley and Talia Shire

AM was just...so wrong for DAYS. She grossly misunderstood what the show was about, and truncated all kinds of stories that had just begun under PFS to tell very stereotypically "soapy" plots that were jarring after PFS's realism-to-a-fault approach, like dropping Sharon Duval and instead giving Marlena an "evil" twin who locks her in Bayview to get pill perscriptions. Mickey magically being cured of his mental illness and is a fully-functional lawyer again with the perfect marriage! Leaving him and Maggie to be busybodies and hand-wring over their neighbours' abusive marriage! Trish's alters magically integrate after being out for five minutes, never to be discussed again!

Like, I get really annoyed whenever a new writer comes in and completely upends every story that's happening in order to put their stamp on the show. I get that DAYS wasn't performing too well at the time, but all it needed were tweaks, and maybe a slight lightening in tone, it didn't need to completely change direction.

I'd pay close attention to the 1977 writeups @FrenchFan has posted upthread. PFS leaves in April, and by June, it's a vastly different show. 

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7 minutes ago, beebs said:

AM was just...so wrong for DAYS. She grossly misunderstood what the show was about, and truncated all kinds of stories that had just begun under PFS to tell very stereotypically "soapy" plots that were jarring after PFS's realism-to-a-fault approach, like dropping Sharon Duval and instead giving Marlena an "evil" twin who locks her in Bayview to get pill perscriptions. Mickey magically being cured of his mental illness and is a fully-functional lawyer again with the perfect marriage! Leaving him and Maggie to be busybodies and hand-wring over their neighbours' abusive marriage! Trish's alters magically integrate after being out for five minutes, never to be discussed again!

Like, I get really annoyed whenever a new writer comes in and completely upends every story that's happening in order to put their stamp on the show. I get that DAYS wasn't performing too well at the time, but all it needed were tweaks, and maybe a slight lightening in tone, it didn't need to completely change direction.

I'd pay close attention to the 1977 writeups @FrenchFan has posted upthread. PFS leaves in April, and by June, it's a vastly different show. 

Thanks for that, I will read through them for sure. I noticed you did write ups/review style posts on the Days thread. So I might read through the synopsis and then read through your posts on the Days thread. 

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4 minutes ago, will81 said:

Thanks for that, I will read through them for sure. I noticed you did write ups/review style posts on the Days thread. So I might read through the synopsis and then read through your posts on the Days thread. 

Haha, oh those were a real hoot. I had to stop because SOD's writeups were too slapdash and would go into extreme detail about minutia, while flipping back and forth between stories and skipping over entire plot points. It just read like someone watched the episodes in real time and threw together the scenes they saw that seemed interesting in the moment, and didn't connect them to the larger picture of what was happening, just rushed it off to print.

Quite frankly, I got exhausted after awhile, and to be perfectly frank, the show just wasn't good enough (or train-wreck-level bad enough) by late 1980 for me to care. But I do hope you check them out. If nothing else, they're good for a laugh!

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4 minutes ago, beebs said:

Haha, oh those were a real hoot. I had to stop because SOD's writeups were too slapdash and would go into extreme detail about minutia, while flipping back and forth between stories and skipping over entire plot points. It just read like someone watched the episodes in real time and threw together the scenes they saw that seemed interesting in the moment, and didn't connect them to the larger picture of what was happening, just rushed it off to print.

Quite frankly, I got exhausted after awhile, and to be perfectly frank, the show just wasn't good enough (or train-wreck-level bad enough) by late 1980 for me to care. But I do hope you check them out. If nothing else, they're good for a laugh!

Haha, I look forward to them. Yes I tried to go through the SOD synopsis as well for Y&R and it is so bad. I thought by 1979 when they mag went tri-weekly and again when it went bi-weekly around 80 or 81 that it would be better, but somehow it is worse, lol. 

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2 hours ago, will81 said:

Yeah I think Bell probably didn't want to wrap Jill up in story so she would be free for the Derek Thurston 'Shampoo' style story that he wanted to tell. Which makes me think the Joann/Kay lesbian story was never going to go anywhere even if audiences were accepting of it. Bell did say if he had a gay character on the show it would more likely be a woman as he felt audiences would be more accepting of that. Though the 70's wasn't the time it seems.



Yeah, I doubt Bell was seriously planning to isolate Kay Chancellor in a long-term lesbian love story.  I believe his goal was to find an edgy, unexpected method to showcase that Kay Chancellor was a very lonely, very controlling, and very determined woman -- which would result in her getting Derek Thurston drunk and popping a wedding ring on his finger.  Without the Joann storyline, that sudden, impulsive gesture might've seen somewhat out of character.  But after watching Kay's manipulation of Joann, we could see Kay's manipulation of Derek coming from a mile away -- buying him a salon, marrying him, bribing him into living with her for a year without revealing to Jill that it was platonic, etc.  

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48 minutes ago, Broderick said:


Yeah, I doubt Bell was seriously planning to isolate Kay Chancellor in a long-term lesbian love story.  I believe his goal was to find an edgy, unexpected method to showcase that Kay Chancellor was a very lonely, very controlling, and very determined woman -- which would result in her getting Derek Thurston drunk and popping a wedding ring on his finger.  Without the Joann storyline, that sudden, impulsive gesture might've seen somewhat out of character.  But after watching Kay's manipulation of Joann, we could see Kay's manipulation of Derek coming from a mile away -- buying him a salon, marrying him, bribing him into living with her for a year without revealing to Jill that it was platonic, etc.  

True and I think all the talk of Kay being possessive and controlling helped reinforce that Jill was one of Kay's "victims" as well. Jill was somewhat the put upon heroine to a certain degree, but she also had a vindictive streak in her too, even back then.

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1 hour ago, will81 said:

 I think all the talk of Kay being possessive and controlling helped reinforce that Jill was one of Kay's "victims" as well. 

Yes, and Bill Bell even revisited the "paid companion" aspect of Jill's storyline during this Joann Curtis escapade, to remind the audience that if Kay can't "earn" friendship, she's more than willing to purchase affection at fair market value prices.  She "purchased" Jill Foster as a paid companion (which led to disaster), then offered a paid companionship to Joann (not having learned a single thing from her recent experience with Jill).  Bell is clearly laying the groundwork for Kay's ultimate paid companion -- Derek -- for whom she purchases the Golden Comb, and to sweeten the pot, she sets aside $100,000 for Little Phillip, provided Derek will live with her for a solid year without revealing to Jill that he's receiving payment in exchange.   


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14 minutes ago, Broderick said:

Yes, and Bill Bell even revisited the "paid companion" aspect of Jill's storyline during this Joann Curtis escapade, to remind the audience that if Kay can't "earn" friendship, she's more than willing to purchase affection at fair market value prices.  She "purchased" Jill Foster as a paid companion (which led to disaster), then offered a paid companionship to Joann (not having learned a single thing from her recent experience with Jill).  Bell is clearly laying the groundwork for Kay's ultimate paid companion -- Derek -- for whom she purchases the Golden Comb, and to sweeten the pot, she sets aside $100,000 for Little Phillip, provided Derek will live with her for a solid year without revealing to Jill that he's receiving payment in exchange.   


It was a bit of a theme. After Derek and Douglas came Cash, another paid companion and Rex, though Jill paid for him, haha

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19 hours ago, beebs said:

I second the opinion that Bryna Laub did an INFINITELY better job on her synopsies vs. SOD. Reading her DAYS writeups were easy to follow, and had a quality that made you feel like it was the next best thing to watching the show. It distilled the stories concisely, while giving clear background and character motivation without being confusing, or bobbing in and out between stories like SOD does (drives me bonkers).

I think it makes a huge difference when writers actually watched the show and then gave their recollections.  It reminds me of the All My Children novelizations when the author always included a note about what the characters were wearing because that was obviously what interested her.  It was a much more engaging form of writing, but was also subject to errors, such as those included in my favorite soap history book Soap World by Robert Laguardia, because their editors were not knowledgeable in soap opera cannon. 

In the late 1980's SOD played catch up so that the publication matched the prior week of shows.  There were weeks when the magazine covers a month worth of shows in order to be contemporary with what was on air.  In order to do so they relied heavily on the production synopses rather than employing writers to actually watch the shows.  As a result, you can no longer follow the story just by reading the magazine.

Which is why I treasure these forums.  Every day people engage in smart dissections of the daily drama, often minutes after the episodes end.  It is the closest thing to the "old school" soap columns and magazines of the 1980s. 

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Posted (edited)

APRIL 1977

New schedule beginning on Monday, April 25th.






11 :30 – 12 :00 am



Love Of Life



12 :00 – 12 :30 pm



The Young And The Restless



12 :30 – 1 :00 pm


Ryan’s Hope

Search For Tomorrow

Lovers and Friends 


1 :00 – 1 :30 pm


All My Children




1 :30 – 2 :00 pm


As The World Turns

Days Of Our Lives


2 :00 – 2 :30 pm




2 :30 – 3 :00 pm


One Life To Live

The Guiding Light

The Doctors


3 :00 – 3 :30 pm



Another World


General Hospital


3 :30 – 4 :00 pm




4 :00 – 4 :30 pm


The Edge of Night




All My Children

Written by: Agnes Nixon

Produced by: Bud Kloss

 The show expanded to an hour on Monday, April 25th, airing from 1:00 to 2:00 

Paul Martin learned that his wife Anne had been to the cemetary. He told her he'd have gone with her if he knew. Anne asked how he could have any feelings when he wanted to run off on a holiday and leave their little girl "all alone.” When Paul mentioned Ruth's suggestion that she clear away Beth's things for them while they were away to spare Anne, her reply was a vehement no! She said nobody was going to touch Beth's things. Paul said it had to be done sooner or later but Anne retorted it did not. She said she was not planning to give away one single thing belonging to her dead baby. Anne cut the trip short when she and Paul began to talk with a little girl who told them her name was Elizabeth. When Paul recounted the incident to Ruth, he said he was not sure Anne wanted to go on with the marriage. He was worried that Beth had become Anne's only reason for living and Ruth and he agreed Anne shouldn't be left alone. When Paul learned that Anne had cancelled a luncheon date and wouldn't allow Ruth to come and see her, he rushed home.

Anne had been to see Phoebe who was out and spent time talking to Sara Valentine, one of Phoebe's servants and an old friend who, trying to comfort and encourage her, quoted Ecclesiastes. At home the phrase "a time to die" overrode all others in Anne's mind. She allowed the phone to ring unanswered as she crooned to and comforted a photograph of Beth. When Phoebe, worried at not being able to reach Anne, came over, Anne insisted she was taking a shower and carried off the visit so that Phoebe was reassured. When Paul arrived, Anne had dressed and done her hair and looked better than she had in some time but Paul saw the picture in the crib with the blanket tucked very carefully around it. Anne admitted to having done it but said she knew that it was only a picture and it helped her. Paul worried that she would get deeper and deeper into this fantasy and lose herself. Anne turned on him and accused him of wanting to forget Beth because of his guilt. She said he was ashamed of Beth, that he and Christina Karras wanted to get Beth out of the way and then he wanted to kill her memories. She told him if he didn’t like it he could get out and then ordered him out of her and Beth's room, saying he could stay out of the room if he didn’t like how "we (she and Beth) are making our adjustment."

Tara asked her father for a prescription for tranquilizers saying she had been nervous and had had trouble sleeping. When she mentioned that she had felt queasy, Joe suggested that she might be pregnant and arranged to have her see another doctor. When the pregnancy was confirmed, Tara couldn’t believe it, saying that it was not planned and could not have come at a worse possible time. She insisted that little Philip would resent her pregnancy at a time when he needed all her attention and was having difficulty enough accepting her marriage to Phil. When Tara finally made up her mind to tell Phil, he rushed off to go to a community relations meeting with his partner Clay. Joe, believing he knew, told Phil and Philip rushed home. He came in and saw Chuck there asking if he knew the good news.

Tara, despite the urging of everyone, including her son's psychiatrist, had held off telling little Philip, fearful of his reaction. She went to Chuck and asked him what his reaction would be if little Philip were to run away again and ask to live with Chuck. Chuck told her that he believed that she was mistaken and borrowing trouble but that in the event the boy couldn’t accept living with Tara and Philip and the new baby, he would take him in.

Mona Kane had dismissed Mark Dalton’s speculation that she might have known his mother as "unlikely,” saying the Maureen Dalton she knew was never married and left for California long before he was born. Mona was deeply disturbed when she learned that Erica planned to audit a class of Mark's at the University and showed signs of interest in Mark. She confided to Dr. Charles Tyler that she had reason to think Mark Dalton was Erica's half-brother, her late husband's illegitimate son. She knew of her husband's affair with his secretary but kept quiet and once overheard angry voices from her husband's office when Maureen asked "What about the baby?" Mona said the girl quit her job and left town and she always assumed that she had had an abortion. The child would be about Mark Dalton's age and he had mentioned that his mother worked for the same advertising agency where her husband was employed at the time, before he began his career as a director. Mark had said that his father died before he was born.

Christina Karras had been turned down on her request that she be allowed to discontinue her practice in pediatrics and take up research work. Dr. Tyler told her that there were no funds available. When a nurse left the station to get some aspirin for a headache Christina had claimed to have, Christina took the key to the drug cabinet. Some time later the nurse raised an alarm and Dr. Tyler, Christina and Jeff saw that everything had been taken out of the drug case and stacked neatly in rows on the floor and a doll from Pediatrics was then lying on the shelf. Dr. Tyler ordered a drug count and nothing was missing. But it appeared that the bizarre incident was attributable to a member of the staff.

Phoebe Tyler came into the room as Dan Kennicott and Brooke were kissing and sent him home. She told Brooke that because of radio reports of a heavy snowfall the previous weekend in the region of the ski resort, she phoned and was told by the desk clerk that Brooke and Dan shared the same room. Brooke assured Phoebe that it was a perfectly innocent mix-up and told her about their "Walls of Jericho" but Phoebe said no matter if nothing happened, it was very foolish to have placed herself in a very compromising position. Brooke left saying Phoebe was right and Dan would be the first one to agree with her. Brooke left behind her purse and when Phoebe picked it up, the contents spilled on the floor. As she was putting them back, Phoebe saw Brooke's compact of birth control pills. Phoebe sent for Dan and told him about the incident asking him to account for the pills being in Brooke's bag, He said there was no reason why he should know. Phoebe asked if he agreed that young girls didn’t put themselves on the pill for no reason - when asked, Brooke told Phoebe that she was taking the pills for a complexion problem -. Phoebe asked if it could be a liason with Benny Sago. Dan told her he wouldn't know and wouldn't discuss it with her if he did.

Nancy Grant called Frank in an effort to end her marriage on a person-to-person basis as Frank's failure to speak to her personally before he and Paul sent her the letter about divorce still rankles. Just before the phone rang at Frank's apartment, he had asked Caroline to stay and she had agreed. When he answered, he was abrupt, and Nancy told him it seemed he had a lot better things to do than talk to a wife he hadn't seen in months. She asked him angrily if he couldn’t face up to anything and was going on in that way when Frank dropped the phone and doubled over. Caroline took the phone and told Nancy that there was something wrong with Frank and she would call her back.

Frank was hospitalized and Joe Martin told him after tests that it wasn't a heart attack but that Frank was a victim of hypertension and had to avoid emotional stress.

Clay Watson and Phil Brent answered a call about a family disturbance and learned that a man was holding his wife's son at the point of a gun. He had been drinking and insisted that his estranged wife was keeping his pension check from him. The woman told Clay that they had been separated for five months but his check still came to her address in the mail and it had not arrived so far this month. When they learned that a back up unit would be delayed, Clay arranged with Phil to go into the back of the apartment through the kitchen while Clay went unarmed into the room to talk to the man and keep an eye on the boy. The man was beyond reason and said he intended to kill "all of us." Phil entered behind him and shots rang out.

Tara was at home listening to the radio when hearing that an officer had been fatally wounded and his partner injured, when the phone rang. Phil had a bullet in his spine and Clay was dead. As Philip was about to undergo emergency surgery, Dr. David Thornton arrived at the hospital and offered to assist.

Dr. Joe Martin as much as admitted to Nick Davis - Philip's father - that Phil's chances to survive surgery were not good. Philip told Tara that he wanted her to promise that she would let little Philip go on thinking that Chuck Tyler was his real father if he, Phil, should die. Philip insisted on seeing Chuck before he was taken to O.R. and Chuck rushed over to the hospital in time for Philip to tell him that he wanted him to take care of Tara. He included the baby Tara was carrying and said he didn’t want Tara to raise the child alone. He told Chuck he had to understand that what he was saying was that he wanted Chuck to marry Tara. Chuck said, "I'll marry her."

Phil nearly died when his heart stopped during surgery but the skill of the surgical team and his good constitution pulled him through.

Nancy flew to Pine Valley to be with Frank. As Nancy kissed him, Frank looked up to see Caroline Murray in the doorway. When he told Nancy she shouldn't have done that with the door open, she was puzzled for a moment and then realized that Caroline probably had been there. She said that Caroline left her with the impression he was having a heart attack. Frank asked warily if she had made arrangements for a place to stay. She said she thought she would stay at Frank's apartment but added "or is Caroline staying there now?" Frank insisted that Caroline had kept him at arm's length but Nancy told him she was doing that to consolidate her position later. Frank refused to believe that Nancy was not having an affair with Carl Blair, despite her assurances to the contrary, and Nancy said that Frank would be more willing to listen to her and believe her if Carl weren't white.

Donna Beck had been offered a large sum of money, in cash, in an envelope, from Phoebe to leave town and start life somewhere else. Phoebe reminded Donna that she had been lucky to have a man like Chuck "take pity on her" but that Chuck was no longer her guardian. Phoebe insisted that Chuck loved Tara and his son and that she was sure that Tara's marriage to Phil Brent wouldn’t last much longer. Donna threw the money in Phoebe's face and was very much upset when she had to take her High School Equivalency Test immediately after.

Paul came home to find Anne napping in her room with the door locked. She screamed out, and after battering at the locked door, Paul went in another way to find Anne insisting that she saw Beth. Just then the doorbell rang, bringing Linc and Kitty who had dropped by after celebrating Linc's birthday. Anne emerged from the room to greet them as if nothing had happened. However when she learned about Philip, her voices became hard and she said that Phil was doing to die. "He has because he let Beth die." Linc took her into the bedroom and told her that she was becoming an emotional wreck. He urged her to get rid of the reminders of Beth all over the room and return to the land of the living. Anne said that Beth was in the room with her: that she heard her crying out just as she had at Phil and Tara's wedding. Anne told her brother "She needs me ... and I have to find a way to get to her."

Dan Kennicott had told Kate that he wouldn't be staying on in Pine Valley at the end of the semester. When Brooke went to see him, he made excuses not to keep a date with her. Brooke cried out that he believed Phoebe that she had been sleeping with Benny and told Dan he and Phoebe were two of a kind with their busybody little minds. She said it was not true and even if it were, it would be none of Dan's business. When she returned to the Tylers' she confronted Phoebe, saying her Aunt had an evil mind. Phoebe's answer was "not evil — perceptive." Brooke told her that her own mother wouldn't speak to her like that. Phoebe replied that if that was the case, perhaps Brooke would be happier at home.  

Another World

Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch

- Evan Webster, Frame Enterprises architect, contrived a scheme to win Angie Perrini's affections from Willis Frame. What began as a simple frame against Willis had then spread like a cancer and drastically affected the lives of many innocent people. Knowing his chances were slim that he'd win the Finley Museum contract, Evan planted his sketches for the project in competitor Gwen Parrish's portfolio. As she and Willis worked together at the Cory complex and were also competing, the motive was self-induced. Gwen and Willis got the contract so suspicions were running high as to the integrity behind their victory.-

Darryl Stevens, Willis' assistant, took it upon himself to solve the mystery. He received assistance from his friend Mike Randolph. With Mike's key to the Frame offices - he worked parttime on the construction crew of his aunt Alice Frame's company -, they had access to Evan's files and there found the preliminary sketches Evan had claimed he destroyed. Darryl did not foresee the complications of his act and was then faced with criminal charges of breaking and entering along with theft. He refused to give Mike's name as his accomplice, which would prove his innocence, fearing Mike would lose his job. As a result, Darryl had chosen to leave Bay City to avoid a jail sentence. When Mike learned of Darryl's escape, he revealed his part in the act to Alice. She had the judge drop the charges, but the damage had been done. Alice was furious with her fiance Ray Gordon, because it was his impatience to draw up the charges that caused this mishap. He went beyond Alice's authority because he thought Darryl's accomplice was lawyer, Jeff Stone. Jeff was hired at Frame Enterprises by Alice over Ray's objections. Thinking he had the opportunity to prove to Alice Jeff could not be trusted, he was anxious to nab Jeff. His angle was to use scare tactics of a jail sentence with Darryl, forcing him to admit Jeff was the guilty participant. His idea backfired, Darryl was then residing permanently in Chicago, and Mike had dropped out of college. - He realized it was time to stopped relying on others, like Darryl, to protect him. - Ray's apologies did not make amends with Alice for the harm he had created. Because Ray allowed his prejudice of Jeff to cloud his judgement, Alice postponed their marriage plans until they could work harmoniously again at the office. Pat's attempt to bring her sister and Ray together only antagonized Alice more. Ray was becoming so frustrated with Alice's distance from him, he saw no other solution than to offer his resignation. She surprised him by agreeing with him.

The evidence was fast closing in on Evan, Alice had interrogated him and Angie's belief in his veracity was wavering, making Evan's initial goal fruitless. She apologized to Willis for judging him so wrongly, but Willis couldn’t forget that Angie chose to take Evan's side over his.

Jeff secretly had witnessed Evan's confession to Darryl that he hid the sketches and used this for personal gains. His pursuit of Clarice Hobson - and her enormous trust fund from Mac Cory - had run into an obstacle — Bert McGowan. Jeff threatened blackmail to Evan, his payment was to involve Bert in the "stolen sketches scandal." Jeff had reversed his attitude towards Bert, pretending fondness for him causing Bert to doubt his sincerity more. For self-protection, Evan disclosed Jeff's threat to Ray. Ray advised him to play along, then when he knew what Jeff wanted done, notify Ray. - Evan's stand was Jeff "thought" he knew Evan's guilty, not that he overheard his confession.- Evan also asked Olive Randolph to help him fight Jeff. - She was blackmailed by Jeff when he was her divorce lawyer against Ray. She weasled out of it. - Eager for revenge, Olive agreed to cooperate. She warned Evan what he was up against. Jeff was good at covering his tracks and turning people against each other. He had already established himself with Clarice so suspicions cannot be aroused easily.

Vera Finley and Mac Cory had overruled Willis and Gwen's request that Frame Enterprises not be awarded the construction of the museum. Mac wanted Frame Enterprises to prosper because of family ties - his stepson Jamie would inherit Frame Enterprises, the company his father founded. - They accepted the decision with aversion, knowing the friction they would have to cope with. They agreed they would work cautiously with Evan, guarding against another sabotage. Willis presented the news to Ray and Evan who were equally discontented. Ray accepted because the firm needed the business, and Evan accepted or he would be unemployed.

Working with Bert gave Evan the opportunity for disrupting his life. Evan arrived at a planning meeting for the Finley museum with Angie. Because Gwen would not attend, he refused to partake in the meeting, igniting Willis' temper. The meeting abruptly adjourned. He suggested to Ray that Bert and Angie handle that end of the business which Ray accepted. When Jeff reminded Evan of his threat, Evan guarded himself with the knowledge he gained from Angie that Jeff's interests in Clarice were more mercenary than romantic.

Jeff then took his own action, changing Bert's cost estimate figures on the Finley contract. He was almost caught in the act by Ray. Ray reviewed the figures noting an error. Bert had to remain after hours to correct the error, cancelling his dinner date with Clarice. Jeff conveniently took his place. He made one big mistake in telling Evan what he did. Ray, in the meantime, to prove he was not exaggerating about Jeff's untrustworthiness, forced Evan to go with him and inform Alice of the blackmail threat and the scheme to undermine Bert. She saw how headstrong she had been, apologized, they ended their strife with an affectionate kiss. Her investigation didn’t end there and Alice was ready to confront Jeff. With the facts about his stunt dropped in his lap, Jeff denied it all, blaming Bert for badmouthing him to Clarice. Since Bert said nothing, Jeff was cornered. He walked out on Alice and Ray and right to Evan, ordering him to silence. Instead of heeding Jeff, Evan explained it all to Angie. She was fond of Bert and Clarice, encouraging their romance, and warned Jeff if she received a confirmation of what he had done, she would take it to Clarice and Bert. Jeff prepared himself for what was ahead and asked Vera Finley to give him support if his job was threatened at Frame Enterprises. She believed his description about Evan as a devisive interference and would back him all the way.

Clarice, not really believing Bert's excuse for missing the dinner party, had given him the cold shoulder. She finally admitted to Ada McGowan she was falling for Bert but wouldn’t let herself become involved. Love, to Clarice, only meant hurt. Ada disagreed and urged her to give in to her emotions. Clarice did, but only for a moment, allowing Bert to kiss her. Immediately she broke off and ran out. Expressing his confusion to Angie, Bert took her advice and tried to convince Clarice again that he could be trusted. Clarice would not give in to her feelings. Bert left but vowed he hadn't given up.

Evan landed the sports arena contract in Ogden which he hoped would concrete his position at Frame Enterprises. A meeting between Alice, Ray, Evan and Jeff ended with a first fight between Jeff and Evan, Ray acted as referee. Alice said Evan had to go; Ray wanted Jeff out. The strife went on but Ray wouldn’t allow it to intrude upon his personal life with Alice.

As she was the new Mrs. John Randolph, Olive was a one-woman destruction derby. Greedy for wealth, Olive was trying to relieve John of his financial support for his son Mike's college education. She relayed to Mike's wife Molly that John was at the end of his rope with Mike and promoted the idea Mike drop college to work fulltime. On the contrary, John couldn’t accept Mike's decision to work fulltime and they had a falling out. - Mike decided to quit school on his own — Olive won without really trying. - Mike had never accepted Olive and his choice to be free from obligation to his father, therefore severing all ties, was the reason for an outside income. Still dissatisfied with John's finances, Olive ranted about the settlement he made with his ex-wife Pat. Olive complained that she wouldn't have to "budget" for her redecorating if John would change the settlement. He refused. Once again, opportunity landed in her lap. Pat's father, Jim Matthews, had reported to John, within scope of Olive's eavesdropping ears, that Pat forgot to declare $20,000 worth of stocks her deceased mother left her. She was willing to split 50/50 in agreement with their settlement terms, but John gave it all to Pat as her mother intended. Olive was squirming at this decision. She made a copy of the stock report attached to John's tax file. The wheels began turning. She got Evan's confirmation that not having declared this stock would probably invalidate the original agreement. She staged a tearful scene on the phone, knowing John was about to hear it. Her son Curtis in California was supposedly in the hospital and she had to take the next plane to California to be with him. John fell for it hook, line and sinker and almost ruined Olive's charade by offering to go with her. There was no way she would let him, because she was only going to California to seek legal advice about "her money." She smugly informed Evan who reminded her the money was more John's than hers, "what's his is mine, isn't that what marriage is all about?"

Mike and Molly Randolph couldn’t seem to iron out their newlywed problems. She could not persuade Mike to stay in college and he wouldn’t let her work to help out. Mike's sister Marianne never liked Molly and was instigating some of the trouble by telling their father Molly convinced Mike to quit college so she could have her materialistic desires fulfilled. Pat was extremely upset by Mike's decision but respected his desire to support his wife and be his own man. Even Willis Frame took a stab at dissuading Mike, he didn’t want Mike to claw his way up as he and his deceased brother Steve did. He hoped he could get through to Mike by voicing that when Molly married him, she didn't expect to be married to a construction worker all her life. Mike was stubborn and no one could sway his decision.

Iris Carrington thrived on instigating dissension between romantic duos. This time her heart was really in it with such gullible subjects as Brian Bancroft - whom Iris was after - and Corinne Seton. It was becoming a see-saw of emotions. First Iris aroused Brian's jealousy by mentioning Corinne's past suitors. She even went so far as bringing Corinne's previous beau Craig Brackett to Bay City under the pretense Corinne wanted him there. Corinne, hurt, reacted angrily. Then Brian's son Ted intervened and the happy couple made up. Iris got nowhere with Ted continuously patching up the romance she had meticulously tried to disrupt. Determined she would get her man, Iris prevailed upon her friend Liz Matthews to help. Going on her rationale "it would be a kindness for Russ Matthews to find someone else," Liz and Iris played cupid. - Unable to reconcile their differences, Sharlene and Russ Matthews separated. Sharlene left town leaving Russ an available tool for Iris. They arranged for Russ and Corine to dine together, then Iris lured Brian to the scene, further alienating him from Corinne. Russ was hooked by Corinne's charm and Corinne was tired of Brian's jealousy. Mission accomplished - so far.

An unknown obstacle in Iris' path was Molly. She disapproved of Russ dating at all. She thought he should save himself for Sharlene's return. Mike wanted Molly to keep her thoughts to herself and was confused when Ted showed up unexpectedly at a dinner party for Corinne at Russ' home. The evening was cut short when Corinne left abruptly to avoid Ted's plea that she belonged with Brian. Molly and Ted's secret plan was a success, until Marianne learned what they had done from Ted. This gave her good material to work with in her attempts to break up Mike and Molly. - Molly had just denied any involvement when Michael quizzed her about the incident. –

When Gwen Parrish got wind of what Iris was up to, she faced her with a fight. She was going to investigate Iris' interference between Corinne and Brian. If she was correct, she would put a stop to it. Giving herself away, Iris retorted she had no right, Gwen replied she didn’t need a right — she knew how Iris operated. Digging deeper, Gwen found out from Russ that he did not ask his aunt Liz to discuss a divorce between himself and Sharlene with Brian, which gave Brian the impression Russ' interest in Corinne was behind the request. Liz, taken aback by Gwen's demonstrative nature, confessed she and Iris conspired together. Gwen was appalled by Liz's interference and thinking it was her prerogative to push it for all it was worth. Despite her determination to straighten things out, Gwen's attempts were futile. Corinne was enjoying a refreshing change dating Russ, and Brian admitted he had been aware of Iris' games to break them up all along. Gwen retired her efforts at "trying to save a good man from Iris." Iris got what she wanted — again. Alone with Iris who just heard Brian's statement, Brian conceded to her that for years he had been searching for someone who saw through his little charades, and he had finally found her. Iris had met her match.

Corinne planned to reside permanently in Bay City, having accepted a job as editor for Cory Publishing. She informed Liz of her interest in Russ. Liz promoted it all the way. Once again Molly and Ted had succeeded in breaking up a cozy evening between Russ and Corinne. Russ was on to Molly's antics and dealt with it indirectly through Willis.

Iris couldn’t leave her son Dennis alone when he had chosen to attend Bay State College rather than go east to the more prestigious Yale University. Dennis refused to leave his best friend Jamie Frame because Jamie was staying to be with his mother Rachel when she and Mac had their baby. This news shattered Iris, she dropped her concern for Dennis, becoming distant and overcome by it.

The Corys’ new housekeeper, Helga had maneuvered them into letting their stableman Rocky Olsen go. She persuaded them to hire her "cousin" Sven Peterson to help their gardner whom she claimed was ailing in old age. Rocky became suspicious of his change of employment when Iris' housekeeper Louise informed she didn't know he was hired by Iris until after he began working there. He deduced from Rachel's confirmation that they boarded their horses only after they let Rocky go, that someone gave her the impression he wanted to leave the Corys' to be closer to Louise. Helga and Sven were up to something, as Helga warned him the would both be fired if the Corys caught on to them. Sven wanted Helga to bring her daughter Regina to Bay City from Stockholm to keep an eye on her, but she was reluctant to involve her daughter. Rocky confronted them both about their interference in his job. Sven quickly recovered by saying Helga wanted to pursue Brooks’ affections without Rocky knowing. Rocky didn’t fall for that line, angering Sven, who gave away his perilous character with a slip of the tongue "if you expose us, you won't live to..." Rocky then knew his suspicions were accurate.

Sven asked Rachel for permission to take Dennis and Jamie on a canoe trip on the Diamond River. She was hesitant because of the rapids, but was convinced by Mac to approve if Rocky could accompany them. Iris also allowed Dennis to go.

Against Helga’s objections, Sven called her daughter Regina in Stockholm, Sweden. He promised her a job and she agreed to move to Bay City.

As The World Turns

Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Willmore

Donald Hughes and Joyce Colman decided that his trip to Washington was the opportunity they had been looking for to be quietly married. She made comments at the bookstore when she picked up some reading material, but Lisa Colman and Sandy Garrison as well as Don's family thought they were no longer seeing one another. After the ceremony, Don called his brother Bob, asking him to break the news to the family. Everyone was surprised and upset, but would try to accept Joyce into the family.

Valerie Conway was unsure of her feelings for Bob Hughes and Ralph Mitchell. Bob's ideals were very rigid and Ralph asked nothing of her. Valerie talked it over with Kim Dixon who advised her to stay at the farm and take her time thinking things over. Natalie Hughes told Jay Stallings that there was a man at the Conway farm and Valerie might be eager to sell then. Jay insisted on doing things his way and offered his original price which was an insult.

Carol Stallings was still very confused about her feelings for Jay Stallings and Tom Hughes. Tom had accused Jay of using Carol's guilt over the disappearance of Kim Dixon's baby to get close to Carol. Finally Tom decided to tell her how he felt and asked her if they had a chance, but Carol became hysterical, accusing him of pressuring her. Carol went to Dick Martin's office to sign the property settlement and was told that Jay was willing to give her anything, but didn’t want the divorce. Tom thought the message Carol left for him was to say she had reconsidered, but he found that she had decided to give Jay a chance at reconciliation. Carol tried to contact Jay. After signing the papers, Jay went out for a few beers and stopped by Laurie's to pick up a contract. Unable to stop himself, he went to see Natalie who lived in the same building. She laughed at him and he had had enough to drink that he stopped her laughter by making love to her. Laurie arrived to retrieve her iron and seeing Jay's briefcase, relayed the message that Carol was trying to reach Jay. Carol told Jay that she would like to see if they could save their marriage.

Natalie bemoaned her problems to Joyce and asked that she keep them secret. Joyce was trying to tell her that Don would want an explanation for Natalie's early morning visit when Natalie reminded her that people, especially Don, might be interested in how he was manipulated into marriage by Joyce.

Bob Hughes was concerned about Valerie's infatuation with Ralph Mitchell and lunched with him to explain that Valerie was hurt recently through no one's fault and was very vulnerable at the moment. He hoped Ralph would keep this in mind and not hurt her. Ralph suggested that Bob would really like to see him out of the picture so that he could have Valerie for himself. He saw that there might be a lot of truth in Ralph's suggestion. Several days later, Valerie brought Ralph to emergency with a very badly broken leg. He had a fall down the cellar stairs at the farm. She was in full control until after Ralph was out of surgery and was resting comfortably under sedation. Valerie then collapsed, but Bob looked after her. Everyone noticed that Valerie was very hostile and took her anger out at those who got in her way.

Dr. Susan Stewart had a private investigator looking into Jim Strasfield's background. She had asked the hospital board for a hearing because she felt Strasfield fired her because of personal reasons. Everyone tried talking her out of the hearing, saying it would only hurt her career, but she insisted on seeing it through. She still maintained that she didn’t have a drinking problem and she was not drunk when picked up by the police. David Stewart asked Jim if there was anything in his past that he would rather was kept private. He assured David that he was ashamed of nothing. Susan had obviously been drinking when she entered the board room. She expounded that Dr. Strasfield couldn’t tolerate women who drank because he drove his own wife to drink and let her die. She dissolved in tears and was led from the room. Jim told David that his wife had a drinking problem and refused help because she also wouldn't admit that she couldn't control her drinking. Word travelked quickly through the hospital about Susan's outburst. Jim exploded when he heard his personal life being gossiped about, but controled himself when he realized that it wasn’t their fault. Ashamed of her actions, Susan told her ex-husband, Dan, that she was going away to get her head together. Kevin Thompson worried when no one heard from her in more than a week. Susan had holed up in a small town hotel near Oakdale and continued her drinking. She gave the books she brought to the young woman who managed the hotel. Seeing that Susan needed help, she called the bookstore stamped in the flyleaf, asking if they knew Susan. Sandy told Lisa that if anyone could help Susan, it was Kevin. Lisa cautioned her about throwing the man she loved at Susan. Kevin rescued Susan and took her to his cabin to dry out. Sandy shopped for supplies and left Kevin to help Susan through her drinking problem. He held her as she shook from her need for a drink.

John Dixon seemed to be falling apart over the disappearance of his son and everyone was worried about him. Dan Stewart noticed small things that didn’t seem to make sense. He claimed to have heard Dan knock when he left a note, but Dan never knocked. When the police located the woman who bought the crib, John exclaimed that she was innocent. Dan wondered at the remark. The woman bought the crib for her sister and so they had no clues. Dan finally confided his suspicions to Lisa and asked that she not say anything to her husband, lawyer Grant Colman or to Kim. He needed have proof before he accused John of taking his own son. He was sure that after John lost his wife and his job at the hospital, he felt he would lose his son when Dan and Kim were married. Dan checked the library and found that John did not take any books out as he said. Dan thought that John would have to see Andy soon. He followed John, but learned little because John's car broke down before he reached Maple Valley. Kim was concerned because she rarely saw Dan, but Lisa excused him by saying there were things he had to take care of.

Mary Ellison realized that that she had deep feelings for John when a woman's voice sounds surprised when she answered his phone. Mary asked Grant if there was any basis for the bitter feelings most people seemed to have for John because she didn’t want any obstacles. Pat Holland was lonely and wanted John to promise they would go away soon. John let it drop to Mary and Kim that he was thinking of moving away because there were too many memories in Oakdale. He asked Kim where she bought Andy's favorite stuffed animal and then bought one. He told Mary that he bought it before Andy disappeared and she was puzzled when she found today's date on the sales slip.

John promised Pat that he was on his way to Maple Valley as soon as he visited Kim. As he entered Kim's basement garage, he saw Dan slouched in his car. He returned home and called Pat to tell her that it might be several days before he could risk a trip to Maple Valley because he had to throw Dan off the track.

John led Dan to a private hospital on Maple Valley Road. Dan assumed this was where John had been going all along and felt guilty of suspecting him. Pat had written a letter she wanted to send to Kim, but John wouldn’t let her. Pat felt John didn’t care about anyone but himself and this led her to phone Kim who was reassured when the woman said Andrew was fine and she loved him. John kept a close eye on Pat after Kim told him about the call.

When Kim said John was sure they would never see Andy again, Lisa remembered that Mary told her John was positive of Andy's return because he bought a velvet bunny the previous week though he claimed to have purchased it before Andy's disappearance. Lisa passed this along to Dan as well as noting that Kim told John this was Andy's favorite toy. John suggested Pat get Mrs. Hewitt to babysit so she could go out. She ran into Kevin and Susan who had stopped for ice cream while out for a drive. John assured her Susan had too many troubles to tell people she was in Maple Valley.

Susan had smuggled a bottle of liquor from home that Kevin poured down the drain. She insisted on going home because the quiet of the woods was driving her insane. Home wasn’t really what she wanted; she asked Kevin to call Kim because she had never looked down on her. When Susan heard that Kim came even though she was waiting for a call about Andy from the woman, she decided to return to the cabin with Kevin.

Ralph joked about suing Valerie, so she asked Grant to look into it. Ralph was a friend but his bank account came first and it was very low at the moment.

David Stewart had refused to reconsider his judgment on Beau Spencer's principles since he and Ellen knew Dee was more serious than Beau and Annie realized. Dee begged her father not to tell Annie and to forgive and forget as she had done. Annie's solution was to find a job and a place of her own but first David agreed to talk to Beau and try to understand him.

Days Of Our Lives

Written by: Pat Falken Smith / Ann Marcus

Produced by: Betty Corday / Betty Corday & H. Wesley Kenney

Jet-setter, Sharon Duval had attempted suicide again, this time in psychiatrist Marlena Evans' office. Alerted by Karl Duval, Marlena found Sharon. Unable to handle Sharon alone, Marlena got Dr. Greg Peters to help. They brought Sharon out of it. She was full of remorse. Marlena asked Greg to keep it quiet, as publicity wouldn’t help Sharon. Greg agreed. Karl took Sharon home. Karl later revealed to Marlena that Sharon's father committed suicide and arranged things so Sharon was the first to find him. Karl and Julie Williams hoped involving Sharon in an art gallery would help her, but Marlena wasn’t optimistic, saying Sharon's mood swings could make her unreliable.

Greg dropped by to check on Sharon. Julie, finding something was wrong with Sharon, also went over. Finding Greg there told Julie things were very bad, and she guessed there had been a suicide attempt. Sharon reflected to Karl that all she did was hurt him. He replied, "When you try to hurt yourself, yes." Karl assured Sharon she was loved. Sharon was reluctant to see Julie, until Karl reminded her Julie was a true friend. Sharon asked, "How can I ask for friendship when I don't know how to accept?" Julie visited her. Karl observed it would be easy to fall in love with Julie. Greg warned him not to — everyone who had had never gotten over it. Sharon told Julie of the note her father left: "I leave it all to you, including the hate!"

Gred observed to Marlena that Karl truly loved Sharon. Marlena agreed. Noting how well Greg got along with Sharon, and observing she was unable to reach her, Marlena asked Greg to take over, medically, hoping Sharon would open up to him. Greg and Karl agreed to the arrangement.

Lawyer Don Craig continued his pursuit of Marlena, who continued to rebuff him, saying he was not over Julie yet. However, after a lovely dinner in her apartment, Don set seige, and Marlena succumbed to him.

Johnny Collins found the restrictions of family life hard. He was also unable to find a job. Don took divorce papers to Robert LeClair. Robert didn’t want to divorce Rebecca, even though she had taken his adopted son and run off to be with Johnny. Robert recognized, however, that Rebecca needed have the divorce in order to have freedom of action. Robert would like to gain custody of little Doug but wouldn’t declare Rebecca an unfit mother. However, the only way to get visiting rights was to divorce Rebecca. Robert hoped Johnny wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility of a family and Rebecca would return. Hope Williams continued to have nightmares and was not eating. - Rebecca married Robert when Johnny walked out on her after finding out the baby she was carrying was not his, but was conceived through artificial insemination. Only Rebecca, Neil Curtis, and Don Craig knew the real father was Doug Williams. However, Johnny's constant calls after her marriage haunted Rebecca and she was unable to be a real wife to Robert. She finally took the baby Robert had adopted and loved like a son and went with Johnny. –

Rebecca called Don to give him her phone number. Don told her Robert was considering divorce, having only to sign the papers. Rebecca insisted she did the right thing since she couldn't be Robert's wife. She also found it hard being around Doug all the time. Don made it clear he couldn’t condone her leaving. Johnny was having trouble finding a job. Rebecca volunteered. Johnny refused, saying he didn’t like the idea of being a househusband and babysitter. Don called Rebecca with the news that Robert had signed the divorce papers. Not coincidentally, Alice Horton was with him and told Rebecca of the trauma to Hope of having her "little brother” taken away. Alice asked Rebecca to return. She refused. However, the money situation in California was putting a strain on her relationship with Johnny. She suggested she take the baby and return to Salem for awhile, until he was on his feet. He refused, even though Rebecca, having talked to Robert, felt sure Robert would pay for it.

Rebecca, out to buy groceries, spied a sign in a restaurant window seeking a waitress. She got the job. Johnny was furious. She pointed out that the job was only four hours a day, which would give him time to hunt for a job, and give them money for a while. Johnny's pride was hurt.

David Banning and Valerie Grant had decided to elope in order to avoid the pain of her parents' refusal to attend a wedding cere-mony. - Mrs. Grant was dead set against her daughter marrying a white man. She had avoided Val and even refused to attend Julie's bridal shower for Val. - Val was astounded when Helen called her at work and asked they meet for lunch. At Val's apartment, Valerie told her mother that she had missed her. However, Helen couldn’t unbend about Val and David, which put a strain on lunch. Helen had a letter for Val. It was a letter from Howard University, offering Val a full scholarship to medical school. Val had given up on it. Helen asked what Val was going to do. She didn’t know. Helen urged her to take the scholarship, which led to Val's replying that Helen would use anything to come between David and her. However, Val was genuinely torn. On a date with David at Doug's Place, Julie asked about a wedding date. David mentioned elopment, but Val asked him not to talk about a date just yet. He was puzzled, wondering what Helen had said to her to make her so reluctant. Finally, at her apartment, Val gave David the letter. He was delighted. Val confessed she was worried because the letter could change their lives. They would have to move to Washington and he would have to quit his job. David was willing. Val pointed out that med school was a grind and there were hundreds of people out of work in Washington. She didn’t think she would be able to be much of a wife, either, considering the long hours of classes and studying. David asked if she wanted to wait, mentioning four years. Val told him it would be more like eight years. David stated unequivocally that he would not wait eight years. Val brought up more problems. Bitterly, David asked if Val was using the med school thing as an excuse to break up. Val didn’t know, admitting confusion. David assured her they could work it out. Val's face showed she wasn't so sure.

Brooke Hamilton’s rise in Anderson Manufacturing was pleasing Bob Anderson. – Brooke was Bob's illegitimate daughter, a fact known to both of them; however, neither knew the other knew. Bob gave Brooke a job out of a sense of responsibility. Brooke had been working hard and taking business classes. - Brooke visited her mother's grave. She told Adele that she was going to collect what Bob owed them. She was getting Bob to trust her, depend on her, love her. When it was all complete, then ... Mary Anderson, Bob's daughter by Phyllis Anderson Curtis, was tired of drifting, doing volunteer work at the clinic and helping Phyl out in her shop. She asked Bob to start her out in the company, pleasing him no end. Bob assured Brooke that Mary would have to prove herself just as Brooke had. Brooke wasn’t happy at the prospect of having her half-sister around.

Bob found Linda Phillips good company. They began to date. Linda, long in love with Mickey Horton, found Bob had everything a girl could want: position, charm, good looks, and even money. He lacked one thing: he was not Mickey Horton.

In an attempt to keep stepfather Jack Clayton from hurting Mike Horton, who had bro-ken into her apartment to rescue her from Jack, Trish Clayton had hit Jack with an iron, killing him. Trish went into shock and the trauma forced the emergence of multiple personalities. Mike, in an effort to protect Trish, said he killed Jack in self-defense. The police didn’t believe self-defense since there was a history of violence between the two men. Mike was out on bail under indictment for premeditated murder. Trish, with the help of sodium pentathol treatments administered by Mike's psychiatrist mother, Laura Horton, had revealed that Jack molested her mind, making everything between men and women dirty, to protect Trish, he thought. During the last treatment Trish revealed her part in Jack's death to Laura and Marlena. Laura, feeling Trish wasn't ready to cope yet, kept the tape from her. But when Trish was left alone in Laura's office for a few minutes, she managed to take the tape and taperecorder.

Meanwhile, Tom and Mickey were working on detective Harry Danton to go slow. They asked him to have the DA give them more time. Learning they have Trish's treatments on tape, Danton asked to hear them. Tom had to refuse —doctor-patient relationship. Danton said he might be able to get Mike and Trish off. Tom still refused, so Danton thought it was beginning to look like the kids conspired to kill Jack. Laura found the tape was missing. Danton asked the lab man if it were possible for Trish to kill Jack with one blow of the iron. Possibly. They wondered about the switchblade they found on Jack, why he didn't have it out at the time of his death. The lab man revealed there were two sets of prints on the iron. If Trish hit Jack, they conjectured, then Jack probably had been fighting with Mike. That shot self-defense for either. They might have to go for manslaughter.

Mickey interrupted Trish before she could hear the end of the tape. However, she had heard the part where she knew nothing sexual ever happened between Jack and her, so she knew she had nothing to be ashamed of in her past. Mickey warned Trish the DA might want to bring in his own psychiatrists to examine her. Trish refused and rushed into the bedroom. Mickey called Laura, who went right over, but not before Trish left the apartment. Mickey and Laura discussed the missing tape and conclude Trish probably had it. They asked Brooke to come home and search the apartment. Nothing. Trish took the tape to Doug's Place, where she sat in the shadows and played it. She was stunned. But then she knew how to help Mike. She went to Don and Mickey's law office looking for Mickey who wasn't there. At Laura's request, Bill went to Mike with their suspicions. Mike wanted to look for Trish, but they prevailed on him to stay put, because Trish would eventually go to him, if she was all right.

Meanwhile, Linda was trying to shake Maggie Horton's confidence as Mickey's wife. Mickey overheard one onslaught and chided Linda, asking if he had to again withdraw his friendship. Mickey's involvement in Mike's case, and subsequently others made Maggie realize they wouldn’t be returning to the farm. Maggie felt she would be equal to the job of being a lawyer's wife.

Feeling Trish wasn’t ready to face the police psychiatrists, Laura asked Jeri to talk to them, telling them of Jack's attempts to warp Trish and her own failure in bringing men to the apartment for the gratification Jack couldn't give her because of his impotency. Jeri agreed and was very candid with the psychiatrists. Trish finally went to Mike. She thanked him for what he had done for her. Mike replied simply that he loved her. Trish next sought out Jeri and confirmed her love for her mother. Trish was coping with the knowledge from the tape. But she didn’t actually remember what happened in the apartment that night. Mickey told her Laura would help her remember, then he could plead self-defense and there would probably be no trial at all. Trish was nervous about coming events, but all she wanted was to clear Mike. She reluctantly agreed to repeat the sodium pentathol for the police psychiatrists, if necessary. Mickey hoped to forestall that by giving the DA the tapes they had already. He was afraid that fighting too hard might convince the police there was collusion between Trish and Mike in premeditated murder. Trish gave Mickey permission to turn over the tapes.

Trish’s return to her job as a singer at Doug's Place was a smash. Trish told Laura she felt she was on her way, that she no longer had any need for Lisa and Cynthia. Laura was delighted.

Tom Horton, patriarch of the Horton family, was in line for the job of chief of staff at University Hospital. In fact, he was the popular choice of the staff. Bruce Jamison, head of the Board wanted a younger man who was interested in keeping the hospital on a sound fiscal basis. Tom and Bruce had had several discussions on the subject of patient care vs. fiscal cuts. When Phyllis Curtis learned from Sally Jamison that her husband Neil was being considered for the post, she talked to Neil's partner, Greg Peters, about Neil's chances. She pointed out that she was in a financial position to "pave the way." He pointed out, also, Tom's overwhelming qualifications for the job. Phyl asked Neil about wanting the job. Neil, too, backed Tom. But Phyl went to see ex-husband Bob, and offered him first chance on $25,000 of Anderson Manufacturing stock. Bob warned that Neil's getting the post after she had made such a large donation would "emasculate" Neil. Phyl refused to listen, insisting she was just playing politics. Phyl went to Greg again, and he backed Bob. Greg suggested that if she wanted to make such a large donation she could wait until the new chief of staff was appointed. He warned following her own plan would only result in her getting hurt, with only herself to blame. Neil found out from a Board member that Phyl had made the donation. He was furious, humiliated.

On the day the Board was to make its decision, Tom discovered another cut in patient services. He started for Jamison's office. Mel Bailey slowed him down. Mel pointed out that storming the board at the moment could hurt his chances, whereas if he waited until he was chief, he could make all the changes he wanted. Tom thought about it, then asked Jamison to let him address the full Board. Tom made concrete suggestions about cuts that could be made without effecting patient care. After he left, a mild debate ensued on Tom's suggestions but Jamison cut it short to get to the vote on the new chief.

As Neil and Phyl dressed for the dinner at which the Board's choice would be revealed, Neil told Phyl of his anger at her donation. She tried to pass it off as something any wife would do for her husband. Neil didn’t buy it, storming out of the room, saying he was going to check their marriage license to see if it was stamped "bought and paid for."

Mary, who had been living with Neil and Phyl, asked Neil why he was upset. He commented that he was just checking his expensive gold watch before going outside to warm up his expensive sportscar for his devoted wife. At the dinner, Neil proceeded to get drunk, downing one martini after another. Phyl appealed to Greg and his wife Amanda to help her get Neil away before he made a scene. Phyl confessed to trying to buy the chief's post for Neil. Greg finally managed to talk Neil into going home. He called ahead to ask Mary to have things ready. Amanda helped Neil to the lobby, where they ran into Mel Bailey. Mel made use of his observation that Neil was "under the weather" to the Jamisons. While Phyl and Greg got Neil into bed, Mary told Amanda, once Neil's lover, that Phyl was wrong in what she did. "How dare she put a price tag on Neil!" Amanda saw that Mary's interest went beyond that of a step-daughter. She warned Mary not to get involved, advising her to move out before it was too late. After the Peters' left, Phyl tried to rationalize her actions. She told Mary that the Board would never give Neil the job just because of her donation. Bitterly, Mary observed that Neil would never know. Mary observed that Phyl had lost Neil; he could never be the husband she wanted again. Phyl replied she had just being practical since she was an older woman married to an attractive man. If it took a car and job to keep him happy, so be it. Phyl returned to the dinner, covering for Neil by saying he came down with the flu.

After Phyl left, Mary went up to the bedroom where Neil was. She sad silently beside him and brushed his hair off his forehead. Neil woke. Mary told him how she defended him against Phyl and of Amanda's warning. Neil asked why Mary wasn't involved with someone. She just hadn't found the right man. Neil sensed her vulnerability to him and kissed her. Mary tried to talk Neil, and herself, out of what she knew was coming. Finally, she told Neil it was wrong, that he was drunk and it wouldn't matter who he was with. Neil informed her he wasn’t drunk, and it mattered that she was there. They made love. Mary told him afterwards that it was perfect for her, that it was easy to love him. She felt guilty. He told her not to judge it, but accept it. She returned to the studio, wearing his robe.

Most of the Horton family was in atten-dance at the dinner, wanting to share in what all felt would be Tom's moment of glory. Following dessert, Bruce Jamison announced that the Board had voted to give a special honor to a dedicated doctor. He presented Tom with a gold watch, "For 35 years service." Jamison next announced that the new chief of staff was Greg Peters! The Hortons and Tom's supporters were astonished. Outside, they expressed their anger to each other and wondered what to do about the celebration party they had planned. Doug suggested they go on with it.

Ironically, Greg and Amanda had chosen not to return to the dinner. Phyl dropped by on her way home to recover from her humiliation. She told Greg of his appointment. Amanda was very pleased. Greg wanted to refuse the post. Phyl's hopes rose. After she left, Amanda pointed out to Greg that if he turned down the post, Phyl would get it for Neil. Greg felt strongly that Tom should have been appointed. Amanda convinced him to sleep on it.

At home, Tom told the family that he was disappointed, but that after all the chief's job was mostly administrative, and the most important thing to him was his patients. Bill spoke for the family when he said they all felt he got a raw deal. Tom developed a headache during the party. Finally, they all left. Tom told Alice he was disappointed and a little angry. He asked if he had disappointed her. Alice reassured him whole heartedly. Tom sent Alice to bed, wanting to be alone to gather his thoughts. Looking at the watch, he wondered if the Board was right, if it wasn’t time for him to retire. He then decided that he was not ready to quit. The headache got worse. Finally, he realized he had more than a headache. As he tried to get help from son Tommy, he collapsed. Alice found him. Tommy rushed him to the hospital, and tests showed he had had a stroke. Ensconced in a room at last, Tom was able to speak: "Stroke. Bad one." Tommy assured him they had everything under control. "Until the next one?"

After Tom was stabilized, Dr. Berger, a neurologist, was called in to examine him. There were three possibilities: aneurism, occlusion, tumor. Berger ordered a series of tests. The spinal tap revealed the stroke wasn't caused by an aneurism. Tom told Alice, haltingly, that he didn’t want to be a burden. He was unable to feel her holding his hand. Bill was worried about Tom's mental condition.

Julie asked Doug to move into a house of their own. Doug was reluctant.

Don and Mickey listened to the tapes in Laura's office. Following the last tape, Mickey was at first delighted, saying it corroborated Jeri's statement and showed Trish's real fear of Jack. He asked to hear the next tape. Laura explained that he had heard all the tapes. Mickey replied that surely there was a tape where Trish explained all the details of that night. Laura said no. Mickey was furious, saying he was sure that was what was on the tape, that Laura led him to believe that she had the whole story. Laura said she did no such thing. Mickey asked her to bring Trish in and use the sodium pentathol to get what he needed. Laura refused, saying that if Trish wasn't ready, forcing her could cause a regression. Mickey and Don decided to stall the DA. Mickey said their only hope was to get it all from Mike.

Mickey took Mike into Laura's office and explained the situation. He asked Mike for the details. Mike refused. Trish, who had arrived to see Laura, overheard and ran off. Later that night, she asked Mike to tell her everything, so she could help him. Again, he refused. Trish told him that unless he did, they were through. She shut him out of the apartment.

The following morning, Trish and Laura tried to get the details, but Trish wasn’t ready to deal with it and nothing came back. Trish asked Jeri to fill in for her at Doug's Place that night, saying she wanted to be with the Hortons. She disappeared.

Greg went to Bruce Jamison and told him he wouldn’t take the job, that it belonged to Tom. Bruce pointed out that Tom couldn't possibly do the job then. Greg reluctantly agreed to take the post. Bill and Alice were very cold to him.

Neil asked Mary not to give up her job at the clinic because he liked being around her. Mary was very confused. Meanwhile, Bob promoted David to Plans and Operations and made Brooke head of Media Relations. He told them he wanted to start Mary in PR, and asked Brooke to help her.

David told Val of his promotion. He told her he would have to refuse it, so that he could go with her to Washington. Val again pointed out the problems he would have finding a job there. He didn't care. Confused, Val told Laura about the scholarship. Laura was delighted for her. Val asked about med school. Laura told her it would be a lot of hard work and that a lot of her professors would give her a hard time because she was a woman. Val asked about the feasibility of making a marriage work while in med school. Laura said it wouldn’t be easy, but Val would find a way to make it work.

Trish returned to her old apartment to try to remember the night Jack died. She began to remember, then the whole ugly night flooded back into her mind. She was discovered by Nick, the janitor. As they talked, Nick revealed Jack paid him to put the obscene notes under her door. Nick was afraid to go to the police and tried to keep Trish from leaving. Trish threatened to make a scene unless he let her go. Trish then went to Laura's and told her that Nick was going to the police and she, Trish, then knew the whole story. Trish wanted to rush to the police immediately but Laura discouraged her. Laura called Mickey who was relieved to know that Trish finally had her memory back.

The Doctors

Written by: Douglas Marland

Produced by: Jeff Young

Dr. Maggie Powers, despite telling one-time lover Kyle Wilson that it was over, found it difficult to forget the night they spent together. She found herself avoiding husband Matt's attempts at reconciliation, Kyle called Maggie at the hospital. She asked him not to call again. Kyle reluctantly agreed, then asked Maggie to remember there were four people involved in what happened in New York. If their marriages hadn't been in such perilous states, it wouldn't have happened. - Kyle was referring to Matt's rejection of Maggie's offers of help and his own wife's refusal to help herself. - After Kyle's call, Maggie found it easier to talk to Matt and not turn around each time the word guilt was mentioned.

Dr. Althea Davis, then acting chief of staff at Hope, visited Dr. Paul Summers. She found he was drinking heavily and taking drugs to sleep, trying to get over the death of his wife Stacy and their unborn son. - Paul had hated Matt since Matt refused to let a son by his first wife die at birth, even though the boy was obviously brain-damaged. Paul's first wife, unable to face the tragedy of their son, committed suicide, thus adding to Paul's desire for revenge. With Stacy's help, Paul framed Matt for the death of junkie Joan Dancy, whose life was terminated when her respirator was unplugged. Matt was subsequently indicted for Joan's murder. However, Jason Aldrich, Stacy's step-father and Matt's lawyer, had put the pieces together with the help of a recording of Paul's voice and reporter Rudy Winston, who was used by Paul to create a distraction while Stacy pulled the plug. Stacy died in Canada, her last words a plea for Paul to confess.- Matt learned from Winston that Jason knew the identity of Joan's real killer. When confronted, Jason admitted it, and swore to Matt that there would be no trial, the tape recording being enough for the DA to call it off. However, for Matt to be completely cleared, his only hope was for the guilty party to confess. Jason felt certain that person – Paul - was almost ready.

Jason left for California to bring back Mike Powers to help in any investigation to clear Matt. Mike and Matt were estranged since Mike had to admit to a moment of doubt about his father's innocence. Alerted by Althea that Paul was in bad shape, Matt went to the apartment. When he couldn’t get an answer, Matt went to Mona Croft, to see if she had heard from Paul recently. Mona was afraid, so she accompanied Matt back to Paul's where they persuaded the manager to let them into the apartment. Paul had overdosed on drugs and alcohol. Matt roused him, and they rushed him to the hospital. While in ICU, Paul's heart stopped. He was revived, but suffered a mild stroke. Dr. Rawlings, his attending physician, wasn’t hopeful he would recover, since he evidently lacked the will to live. Jason told Mike the whole story in California. They returned. Jason rushed to the hospital when he learned of Paul's predicament. On Maggie's advice, Mike forced a confrontation with Matt. Mike told Matt he expected too much of people, especially him – Mike -, and Mike felt he always let his father down. Mike told Matt he needed him, and the two men reconciled.

Catatonic Carolee Aldrich had regressed upon learning her - then ex- - husband Steve had married Ann Larimer. Jason had been frantically trying to reach Steve, who was on his honeymoon with Ann on a remote island in the Caribbean. Jason finally sent a cable. Ann, who had intercepted all previous messages, intercepted the cable. But Steve returned unexpectedly from a swim and saw it. He was frantic to contact Jason, but Ann told him the mail launch had already left, and there was no way to get out for a week. However, the launch driver hadn't left, so Steve went with him. He was stunned at the news of Carolee's return. He left immediately, without Ann, who had refused to go. Meanwhile, Jason told Carolee's step-son from her first marriage, Billy, that his mother was back. Billy wanted to see her immediately. Billy and Carolee's mother, Emma, visited her together. They talked, but Billy asked if the unresponsive Carolee could hear them. Dr. Brandt assured them she could, on a subconscious level. Jason found Carolee was first identified as Mary Ellen Smithfield, the maiden name of Paul's first wife. Paul pretended astonishment. - Ann Larimer found the missing Carolee only hours ahead of Steve. Posing as Mrs. Lomax, Mary Ellen's sister, she falsely identified Carolee and had her placed in a private hospital where Dr. Brandt took over her care, even though "Mrs. Lomax" abandoned her "sister." Paul had been blackmailed by Ann into giving her his first wife's papers. He had told Anne he wouldn’t disclose her part in it because her guilt would make every night with Steve hell. –

Not even the presence of her beloved Steve roused Carolee. Steve told Carolee he would always love her. She responded briefly, then withdrew. Since Brandt had to return to his private hospital, Carolee was turned over to psychiatrist Ed McClintock. Steve told Brandt all about Carolee's finding him with Ann - arranged by Ann - and the rocky state of their marriage before that. Brandt couldn’t tell Steve if he was to blame, saying there was a subsequent trauma to Carolee, possibly a mugging. Steve fetched Anne. Emma told Steve to go on with his new life. Steve replied that the divorce - on grounds of desertion, urged on by Ann and his mother Mona Croft - hadn't changed his feelings for Carolee. McClintock, informed by Brandt that the name Ann had always gotten a response, and witnessing it for himself, asked Steve to bring Anne in. Ann put it off until Brandt left. She got a dim response from Carolee, which wasn't repeated, even when Steve and she together told Carolee they were married.

Reluctantly, Steve agreed to let Carolee be transferred to a sanitarium near Emma, insisting all bills be sent to him. Ann found Carolee's files had arrived from Brandt. She found a way to get at them and read and destroyed a cover letter about "Mrs. Lomax." Steve told Carolee he loved her, that he only married Ann in order to have a new life for him and the children, long after he had given up hope of finding her. He still loved her. At home that night, he told Mona he and Ann would not be moving into their new house. He told Ann that he had to figure things out for himself. He "must decide what's right and then go with it."

Wealthy Widow Eleanor Conrad had been having an affair with Luke Dancy, a purported gigolo and eldest son of the Dancy fam-ily. Eleanor had gotten Luke a job as a hotel clerk that included a room, but Luke's things were at Eleanor's. Eleanor's daughter, Wendy called to announce she was coming home for three weeks, for spring vacation from college. Luke and she decided it was better if he left. Luke admired a picture of Wendy. Eleanor snatched it away. He accused her of thinking he was not good enough for her. She denied it, saying his admiration made her feel old, unattractive, and she was jealous of Wendy. They made love, and Luke was still there when Wendy arrived. Eleanor pretended he was helping with the hospital fund drive. Eleanor took Wendy to meet her assistant, Sara Dancy, Luke's sister, who was pretty sure there was an affair. Sarah invited them to a family Easter dinner. Wendy pushed an acceptance. Luke, meanwhile, estranged from father Barney because Barney walked out on the family years ago, leaving them almost destitute, and because Luke, in a fit of anger, told Barney of his beloved Joan's death, returned to the family apartment and reconciles with his parents. He was reluctant to attend the family dinner until Sara arrived with the news the Conrads would be there. The dinner went well, except for the strain of Eleanor and Luke's pretending they were just casual friends, until Barney tried to impress Eleanor with all he was going to do for his family. Luke called Barney a phony and further humiliated him. Later, Wendy told Eleanor that Luke was a "boor," that "without his flashy good looks, he'd be nobody." Eleanor defended him. Wendy said Luke was "crude," that he was also a "survivor." Eleanor ended the discussion by saying she was going to lie down. Wendy responded that that was always Eleanor's way of coping, that she used to feel sorry for Scott. - Eleanor was schizophrenic for 15 years. During one hospitalization, Scott fell in love with Althea. Eleanor was then pronounced cured. Wanting Althea, Scott plotted to have Eleanor recommit herself and divorce him. When Althea rejected him, Scott committed suicide, leaving a letter that resulted in Eleanor's release. –

Steve acceded to Emma's request that Carolee be moved to a sanitarium near her. The night before Carolee was to leave, against Ann and Mona's wishes, Steve took Erich and Stephanie to see their mother. Carolee didn’t respond until Stephie crawled up on the bed to hug her. Instinctively Carolee's arms moved around Stephie and she looked up at Steve. Carolee was herself! She was confused about the past, but was able to respond as her old self to Steve and the rest of her family. But she was fearful about something to do with Steve. Back home, Erich told Ann of Carolee's recovery. Ann suggested to Steve that they move to her apartment, to give the children some stability. Steve refused, suggesting Ann move there until he could figure out his responsibility in the whole thing. Anne didn’t like it. The following morning, talking with MJ, Carolee recalled seeing her earlier, then going to sleep. She remembered the news that Steve and Ann were married just as Steve and Billy walked in. In the meantime Steve had expressed his confusion to Jason, who asked if Steve would have remarried if he had found Carolee in her catatonic state. Steve had to admit he loved Carolee and would not have remarried.

Jason told Matt about Paul's plot to destroy him. Matt was furious but didn't understand how Paul could have done it. Painfully Jason had to tell him of Stacy's complicity. Matt was paged to Paul's room. Jason told him he had to forget his anger and treat Paul as a patient, the most important patient he had ever had. Matt found he was able to forget his anger once he was in the room with Paul. Paul almost confessed.

Jason and Nola admitted their mutual attraction. Virginia expressed her dislike at Nola's seeing a married man. Nola reminded Virginia that Doreen wasn’t like a wife at all. Virginia wondered what kind of man would put up with such behavior from his wife.

Paul confessed to Matt who went to get Mike and Jason so Paul could make the confession legal. Paul sighed that he hoped Stacy would be happy then.

M.J. told Steve Carolee knew he was then married to Ann. Carolee told McClintock she didn’t want to see Steve. McClintock said one of the basic reasons for her condition was her unwillingness to face her problems squarely. Carolee then asked to see Steve.

Maggie told Althea about Kyle. Althea responded that it was perfectly possible to love one's husband and still have strong feelings for another man. Maggie wondered if she should tell Matt. Althea discouraged her, asking what good it would do.

The Edge Of Night

Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson

Laurie Dallas arrived at her mother Nancy Karr's apartment to find her hastily packing. Nancy had just analyzed the last few months of her life and realized she had been the victim of a superb stratagem. - When Nancy's husband, attorney Mike Karr began as head of a task force initiated to indict the corrupt politician Tony Saxon, Nancy had been contacted by Tony's right-hand man Beau Richardson. He made her listen to tapes of young Tim Faraday intimating his life was in grave danger. In exchange for Tim's safety, Nancy was to feed Beau all the evidence Mike had gathered in preparation for Tony's trial, Nancy loved Tim deeply, she and Mike had planned to adopt him just before Tim's aunt Josephine Harper came to Monticello and whisked him into her own custody. - Nancy confronted a drunk Beau about Josephine's part in his ruse. Beau gave her no verbal satisfaction so Nancy left him alone at the Ace of Clubs and prepared to go to get her answers from Josephine and Tim in San Francisco. Laurie assumed Nancy was leaving to be with her "lover" Beau, another impression Tony succeeded in creating. - Nancy moved to an apartment to trick Tony into thinking she and Mike separated and therefore, she could no longer get access to his evidence against Tony. Confused by Nancy's mysterious behavior, Mike believed it also. 

This so-called “affair” was what led Mike to Beau just hours before Nancy saw Beau. He was seen in public giving Beau's jawbone a strong blow with his fist. After surmising later that Nancy's confession about Tim was true, he returned to the Ace. This time Beau could give no answers — he was dead from two gunshot wounds in the chest. Mike immediately reported the murder to the police along with his strong belief that his wife was the innocent victim of a hoax, her story about Tim was too farfetched to be a lie.

Nancy was getting her answers. Despite Tony's warning to Josephine to stay out of trouble by keeping her mouth shut, she finally told Nancy Tony sought her out in England. He guaranteed to pay her husband's enormous debts to London loansharks in exchange for Josephine's cooperation. She had Timmy make the tapes, then sent him out in the country with her husband on a vacation. For all intents he was missing.

The news of Beau's death though felt as a loss to Tony, was a great relief. His death meant there was no way to corroberate Tim's "kidnapping" to the police, the tapes were destroyed, case closed. Tony made a rare appearance at the office of police chief Bill Marceau. He added to the mounting accusations tagging Mike Karr's name, that Mike's physical assault on Beau was only a preliminary part of what ended in murder. After making his statement to the press, the rival paper to the esteemed Monticello News, Tony reveled in the irony that the "hunter of criminals is now a hunted criminal himself."

Mike had the support of his law partner, Adam Drake. Because Mike gave Adam his word, he did not kill Beau, Adam's faith in his innocence did not waver. Also believing in Mike was Bill Marceau, the mere suggestion by his assistant Luke Chandler that Mike was capable of murder caused him to jump down his throat in defense of Mike, his long-time friend and confidante. Crime reporter Kevin Jamison discussed the possibilities of Mike's guilt with Adam. He suggested murder not in cold blood, but in anger or self-defense. He had the motive, opportunity and the weapon was there.

Nancy’s plans to stay in San Francisco ended instantly when she heard Tony's press release over the radio — Mike killed Beau. Josephine was panicky as Nancy would reveal all. She made a deal — her silence for Tim's custody. The Dallases and Adam met Nancy's plane. They informed her Mike knew she was victimized. Nancy couldn’t forgive herself for what she did to her husband. Adam let Mike solve that problem for her — he brought Nancy home. Mike's warm embrace was her forgiveness.

Tony’s replacement for Beau, Danny Micelli, commented during a celebration drink that just because Mike happened to take a punch at a man whom many others despised, was no reason to believe he killed him. Steve Guthrie brought a woman by the name of Inez Johnson into police headquarters. She dramatically contradicted Danny's statement. She professed she was an eye witness to the killing of Beau and the man who shot the three bullets was Mike Karr! Marceau was adamant, this woman was lying, though she pointed out Mike in a group photograph, substantiating her identification of him. Adam Drake surmised this B-girl was paid to do this by Tony Saxon.

While the investigation continued, Mike and Nancy were enjoying the calm before the storm. They were reliving the love they had always shared in the comfort of their own home.

Steve Guthrie tried to reinstate his romance with Deborah Saxon. She ended it when she was misinformed that Steve was a dishonest cop moonlighting for Beau Richardson as a security guard at the Ace of Clubs. He made a gesture to hold her in his arms but her refusal for him to even touch her and the unusual way she acted, as if scared to be touched by a man, confused Steve.

The following morning brought Chief Marceau another surprise witness. Steve introduced Beau's former bartender who made no bones about his dislike of Beau and Danny, gloating with his information that they both were responsible for Mr. Nivens’ "accidental" and timely heart attack. -The day before he was to testify against him, Tony's former accountant, Harold Nivens, was vehemently confronted by Beau, accompanied by Danny. His already weak heart succumbed under the trauma. Beau bought Danny's silence with a $1000 "bonus." Tony reveled in his fortuitous circumstances. –

Tony was an auspicious man. His indictment case was dismissed — not because of his proven innocence, but because prosecutor Draper Scott committed a legal error. With a letter in his hands that could blow the case wide open, Draper bordered contempt of court waving it in the witness' face. He read it aloud "as a hypothetical case," but this time his leak of inadmissable evidence backfired. Ansel Scott, Tony's lawyer, vehemently objected and the judge dismissed the case. When they had Tony by the noose around his neck, the police were appalled at Draper's careless foolishness to hand him the knife to cut his own rope! Draper's lack of ethics in court was partly the fault of his father Ansel's and step-sister Raven's conduct the night before. Draper had just interrupted a passionate kiss between them. They both denied there was an affair going on, but the smudged lipstick on Ansel's handkerchief was a dead giveaway to Draper. Draper saw no alternative but to withdraw his proposal to Raven, denouncing her for stealing her own mother's husband. 

Wealthy Geraldine Whitney had promoted a romance between her two house-guests, Raven and Kevin Jamison. Raven's announcement that there would be no wedding between Draper and herself pleased Geraldine, though she concealed her pleasure. She wasted no time in pushing Kevin and Raven together offering them the privacy of dinner alone in her home.

Raven’s mother, Nadine, had suspected her husband's infidelity all along. He barely had time to share the news that Tony Saxon paid him a one million dollar fee for "winning" his case, and had offered him employment as his general counsel before Nadine bluntly asked Ansel if Draper was following in Ansel's footsteps, that was; proposing to Raven and being turned down. Ansel tried weakly to evade the truth in her question.

Nadine invited Draper to her hotel suite knowing Raven was due to arrive. She left the dynamic duo alone, hoping for a reconciliation, but the results were disasterous. Unable to control his smoldering anger over Raven's affair with his father, Draper screamed about her pleasure in making it with his father — Raven slapped his face as a returning Nadine stood shocked.

Nicole Drake was then residing in the luxurious Clairmont Convalescent Home because of the delicate condition of her pregnancy. - Nicole was tracked by an assassin because he falsely believed she knew his whereabouts and would reveal it to his enemy, Tony Saxon. She was forced by one of the assassin's aides to reveal it under the affects of sodium pentathol. The assassin and his aide have since been imprisoned but Nicole and Adam Drake had to bear the consequences. Nicole could be carrying a drug damaged fetus. - She found it a break in her boredom to be under the care of intriguing Dr. Miles Cavanaugh. He was strict that she abide by his regimen and his bedside manner leaving a lot to be desired. By the bits and pieces of gossip she could gather from nurses and his sister April - also a patient recovering from hepatitis -, Nicole was trying to surmise why the gruff exterior.

The results of her soniogrophy tests showed "no discernible abnormality." Nicole's ecstatic response was clouded by Dr. Cavanaugh's cautious warnings, the worst wasn’t over yet. Dr. McPhail would be scheduled to perform the amniography and those results would give the true destiny of Nicole's baby. Nicole and Adam anticipated the amniography test together. Dr. Cavanaugh requested Nicole sign a release giving permission for an abortion in the event the test showed inevitable defects. She prefered to withhold her signature until after the results.

Danny’s life had not been a bowl of cherries lately. He had been very withdrawn since separating from his wife Tracy. Realizing her past as a prostitute should not affect his feelings for her as the person she was then, Danny came home but was greeted by Tracy accompanied by her psychiatrist, Dr. Chris Neely. Danny assumed she and Chris had plans to be bed partners, and he stormed out. Despite Chris' denials, Danny saw through his lie and was right. Prior to his talk with Danny, Chris had admitted his personal intentions to Tracy.

Mike contacted Josephine and notified her she could be charged with libel for criminal prosecution. He knew what "overseas sales" her husband dealt in. She repeated her offer, agreeing to return Tim to the Karrs' custody. With Tim's enthusiastic response, Nancy, for the first time in months, was deliriously happy.

Draper was at Chief Marceau's office with a report implicating Mike by prima facie evidence — Inez Johnson's statement. As Bill Marceau ordered Draper to take his report and "shove it ... in your fancy briefcase," Draper replied it was not going to be that easy and handed Bill a judicial subpoena. Lt. Chandler, only because he was a police officer and had to perform his duty, arrested Mike on suspicion of murder.

General Hospital

Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock

Produced by: Tom Donovan

Heather Grant, fearful ex-lover Jeff Webber might try legal action to take the baby she was carrying, thus thwarting her plan to sell the baby to Peter and Diana Taylor, asked Diana to cneck whether the father of her baby could interfere with the Taylors' adoption. Diana talked to lawyer Lee Baldwin, who assured her that the father had no rights in that state. Monica, Jeff's wife, had found his bank book at the bank and asked him about a missing $1000. - Jeff gave it to Heather for the baby. - Jeff told her he had made an investment for the future. Monica, who was back with Jeff only temporarily, as far as she was concerned, was looking for an excuse to end the marriage so that she could again pursue Jeff's brother, Rick, her old lover. Monica confronted Heather with her feelings that Heather was carrying Jeff's baby. Heather, of course, denied it. Heather's mother, aware of Heather's plan to sell the baby to the Taylors, told Heather she thought she was in love with Jeff or else she wouldn't have invented a phony lover named Carlton to protect him. Heather realized her mother was right. Suspecting Monica would divorce Jeff in a minute if Heather confirmed her suspicions about the baby, she decided to tell Monica. But Monica was so rotten to her, she backed off. Jeff pleaded with Heather to give Monica and him the baby. Heather refused, and demanded he stay away from her since Monica had guessed about the baby. Heather reassured Diana that she would give them the baby.

Terri Arnett was in critical condition with a subdural hematoma in the left temporal lobe following an auto accident arranged by Mary Ellen Dante, wife of the neurosurgeon Terri loved. As her condition deteriorated, Mark Dante didn’t trust himself to operate on the woman he loved, so he had persuaded archrival Otto Marriner to operate. However, Mary Ellen – Mellie - arranged to have Marriner's car pushed over an embankment after he left for the hospital, hoping Terri would die and not be able to tell anyone about the scene they had before Terri left her apartment and had the “accident." When Marriner didn’t arrive, Mark performed the operation. The surgery went well, but Terri had a long time coming out of it. Everyone was worried the operation might have affected Terri's singing/speech ability. When she finally revived, there was a small impediment due to the trauma of the accident and the operation, but little by little it disappeared. Mellie "sneaked" into Terri's room. Mellie was delighted to discover Terri couldn’t remember the 24 hours surrounding the accident. Terri became agitated. Mark came down on Mellie, who said she was only trying to be a friend to Terri and took her some roses. As speech difficulties disappeared, Terri was horrified to find she had some perception problems, mistaking Audrey Hobart’s lipstick for a cigarette. Mark, to alleviate her fears, took a bag of objects for her to identify, jokingly telling her she was wrong with each one. They regained her sense of humor, and Mark swore they would soon be together. He went to the apartment to talk to Mellie.

The Taylors were in the process of adopting a 9 year old boy, Mike Mallon. Mike had revealed deep scars having to do with Valentine's Day and the name Patricia. He also seemed sure his parents would return and claim him. Peter discovered the Malions died in a fire on Valentine's Day. Mike blamed himself. He'd gone downstairs to get away from sounds of them fighting and fell asleep. The fire started in their bedroom. He felt if he'd been in his own room, he'd have smelled the smoke and saved them. Peter showed him the fallacy of his thinking. He then took Mike to see his parents' graves, thus showing him his parents really were dead, physically, but he assured Mike they would always live in his heart, and that was okay. Mike came to grips with his grief. He then replaced Martha's doll, which had been named Patricia, his mother's name, and which he had destroyed.

Jill Streeter, spoiled 16 year old daughter of Adam Streeter, widower head of OB/Gyn, was jealous of Gina Dante, Adam's new resident. At boyfriend Dexter's instigation, Jill set out to show Adam how inadequate Gina was compared to her mother. She persuaded Adam to take Gina and her skiing at her late mother's favorite spot, after finding out Gina didn’t ski. At the slopes, Jill deliberately misguided Gina to the bunny slope. However, Jill's plan failed when Gina turned out to be a natural skier. Gina was tracked down by Gary Lansing, the resident she left Denver to forget. Upset by his call, Gina refused to dinner date with Adam. Later, she explained why, and accepted another date. Adam went home to change. Jill had a lovely dinner ready. When he left it to be with Gina, Jill didn’t say anything, then tried to make him feel guilty by explaining it was a celebration because she'd made the Honors List at her school. Jill asked for a car. Adam refused, but her subsequent silent treatment made him uneasy. He sounded Gina out about it. Gina told him making the List was reward enough for Jill's hard work, and that Jill should have something, like a car, to look forward to in her old age, "like 18." Adam admitted he spoiled Jill.

Tommy Baldwin, who had then moved in with his father, Tom, wanted Tom and his mother Audrey Hobart together. - When Tommy was an infant, Tom kidnapped him and took him to Mexico. There, Tom was framed for murder. He bought a fake death certificate and sent Tommy home to Audrey. Tom was acquitted and arrived in Port Charles the morning after Audrey and Steve Hardy had left on their honeymoon. Tom and Audrey were in the process of getting a divorce so that Audrey could remarry Steve. Tommy was with Tom to reassure him Tom wouldn't leave again and to quell the squabbling that might have led to a nasty custody battle. - After seeing a movie with Mike, in which a little boy feigned illness to get his parents back together, Tommy started an act of his own. Tom thought it might be psychosomatic because of his change of residence, but Audrey wanted it checked out. Both admitted that two parents were better for children than one. Tom called his brother Lee, asking if there was any way to slow down the divorce. Lee rushed over, demanding what Tom was doing. Tom said he and Audrey "have something rare, a shared love for Tommy." Lee’s pointing out Audrey's life-long love for Steve fell on deaf ears. Lee told Tom that a delay in signing the final papers delayed the final decree.

Lee Baldwin had been calling on Dr. Gail Adamson increasingly to ease the lonely hours away from his wife Caroline, who was in Florida looking after her son and his family. Bobby Chandler was in remission from a terminal illness. Gail helped Lee select a birthday present for Caroline, and with some pain, suggested a plan for getting Carolyn to Port Charles, at least for the summer. Caroline accepted the idea, then asked Gail to check out the facilities at the hotel where she and Lee would stay while house-hunting. Gail did it.

Dr. Rick Webber found his temporary appointment as head of cardiology would be extended for at least six months. It was time to select chief residents, and at Dr. Peariman's suggestion, Rick appointed Monica chief resident in cardiology. Monica, of course, took the appointment as another sign of Rick's love for her, especially since heads and chiefs worked together closely. Steve reluctantly approved the arrangement, especially after Rick told him there was no possible chance of personal involvement. Rick and Lesley Faulkner made up when she acknowledged that they were two different kinds of people, that he didn’t respond to pain or difficulty in the same way she did. They visited Terri, who woke from dreaming of their wedding. Terri murmured, "married," and the word prompted Rick and Lesley to become engaged. They picked out a ring. Lesley told Laura, but they kept the engagement secret from everyone else until they could tell Terri.

Rick’s surgical mentor, Dr. Pierre Namath, was admitted to the hospital under emergency conditions. Pierre had had a history of heart trouble, and then the end was near. Rick refused to believe there was nothing to be done for this man he loved. Knowing Monica loved Rick, and unaware of Rick's love for Lesley, Pierre asked Monica to be there to comfort Rick when he died. Monica agreed. The night before Rick was to operate on him, Pierre, aware the surgery would be futile, disconnected himself from life support systems. Rick was devastated. Monica told Rick it was the way Pierre wanted it to be because he didn't want to die on the table and have Rick blame himself.

Lesley, meanwhile, was at a baby shower for herself, given by Diana. At the shower, she told Audrey of a dream in which Adam delivered her baby dead. Audrey said I wa's natural to feel anxiety so close to delivery. When Rick was late picking her up, Les called him at the hospital and found out Pierre was dead. Despite Rick's urging her to go home, she went to the hospital where she found Monica in his office. Monica told Les to leave, that she would take care of Rick. Les revealed their engagement. Monica's devastation was compounded when Rick returned from making arrangements for Pierre and took Les in his arms. Rick took Les home, then went to tell Pierre's sister of his death. Monica went to see Les. She told Les to break the engagement, that she still loved Rick, and being with Jeff was only temporary. Les refused to break the engagement. Monica said that if Les didn't break it off, she would reveal her affair with Rick and ruin his career. Les suggested she could tell Rick of the conversation. Monica said that wouldn’t stop her. Monica left. Les wanted further conversation, and raced after her. Monica got into the elevator. Les tripped and fell down the steps in the apartment. Hours later, worried because he couldn’t reach Les, Rick went to the apartment. Les was unconscious and hemorrhaging. He rushed her to the hospital. Steve diagnosed premature separation of the placenta. They located Adam and Gina who rushed Les to surgery. The Cesarean section was too late to save the baby. Rick, in the observation booth, told Jessie Brewer of his real love for Les, who continued to hemorrhage. Adam feared he might have to take the uterus. Gina commented, "Take her life away to save her life?" Adam tried a different procedure to stop the bleeding, a long shot. Everyone was relieved when it worked. - Nobody was yet aware that Les's tape recorder was on during Monica's visit. - Monica went to comfort Rick, who expressed genuine anger and confusion about what happened to make Les so careless on the stairs. Monica was frightened.

Mellie convinced Mark she was just trying to be a friend to Terri when she visited her. Mark authorized an official visit. Mellie offered to fill in the missing time for Terri. She told Terri that Terri came over to cheer her up. Terri had other memory flashes that confused her, considering what Mellie told her. Mark was worried when Terri couldn’t remember the words to their favorite song. Terri was being shielded from Les' condition.

Monica was upset that Les lost the baby but intended to follow through with her plan to ruin Rick if Les didn’t break off with him. The Taylors and Rick were puzzled by Les' lack of interest in her future with Rick.

Jill and Adam tried to discuss her recent cold behavior. Jill was adamant. Without thinking, Adam brought up Gina's name. Jill retorted that things between them had deteriorated since Gina arrived. Adam said that Gina was "the best thing that's happened to him" since his wife died. Jill was devastated. Adam reported the conversation to Gina who pointed out how Adam probably hurt Jill.

When he almost made a fatal medical blunder, Jeff was called on the carpet by Mark. Mark demanded Jeff put his personal life in order before something fatal does occured. Jeff told Mark about Heather. Mark encouraged Jeff to tell Monica, thus finding out her real feelings so that Jeff could go on with his life.

Tommy was checked into the hospital by Steve for tests. Steve was stunned by Tommy's evident hostility, and told Audrey he feared Tom was poisoning Tommy's mind against him. After overhearing Tom praising Steve to Tommy, Audrey was confused. Tom, meanwhile, had asked Lee to hold off on the final papers as long as possible. Steve asked Lee about the feasibility of a quick foreign divorce. Lee honestly couldn’t recommend it, citing changing laws and lack of acceptance of such divorces in this country.

Pat Lambert returned and, angry over her last confrontation with Diana, set about to interfere with the Taylors’ adoption of Mike.

Guiding Light

Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: Allen Potter

- Years ago in Abilene, Texas, Rita Stapleton, RN, was the private nurse for weal-thy Cyrus Granger. Only days before his death, Cyrus changed his will to include a substantial inheritance for Rita. Cyrus' son, Malcolm treated Rita brutually when she refused his advances. Cyrus surmised this, never forgiving his son for mistreating Rita. Rita came to Springfield after Cyrus' death to begin a new life but her past had come with her. Malcolm tracked her down and was threatening to expose her for her part in his father's death. Before he could act on this, he suffered a stroke and later died in Cedars Hospital. Attorney Raymond Schaefer then arrived in Springfield investigating Malcolm's death and took his case to the District Attorney. Rita was arrested and the trial was near an end, but not in Rita's favor. The DA had charged her with first degree murder for not only Malcolm's death but Cyrus' also. The alibi Rita had to prove her innocence was the fact that she was with Roger Thorpe at the time of Cyrus' death. –

Although Roger had let Rita protect him up until then, his conscience wouldn’t let it go any further. He spilled out the whole story first to his father, then to his wife Peggy. Roger hoped Peggy would accept it as well as Adam did. No so — Peggy was astounded. She felt incredibly foolish at how she befriended Rita and all along Rita and Roger kept their secret from her. More important, it was one too many lies for her to live with. - Before their marriage, Roger told Peggy that he had fathered Holly Bauer's daughter Christina while Holly was still married to Dr. Ed Bauer. In time, Peggy absorbed the shock and married Roger confident their marriage was filled with trust and honesty. Christina's parentage was the reason Rita had kept Roger's name out of court. She and Ed had fallen in love and she would have risked her own conviction to save Ed the scandal. Peggy's concern for Rita's welfare outweighed her own and she urged Roger to testify for Rita. - While Roger took the stand in Rita's defense, Peggy was arranging to leave him, She reported her leave of absence as a nurse at Cedars Hospital. Her close friends, Dr. Sara McIntyre, Dr. Steve Jackson and Bert Bauer who wisely advised Peggy not to burn all her bridges, couldn’t persuade her to stay. She prepared Billy, her son, for the possibility of a life without Roger, explaining the trial and the lies Roger had told. Billy, confused, pleaded with his mother to let him have all the father he wanted — Roger. - Roger legally adopted Billy when he married Peggy. - Peggy painfully refused, she couldn’t live with one more lie.

Meanwhile, Rita had frantically attempted to contact Ed who left on an emergency trip to Tennessee. She knew he had to hear about Roger from her first. Her attempts were futile. The testimony began against the DA's protest. Ed arrived late. He was stunned as he stood in the back of the courtroom and Roger's confession rang through his head. Roger stated for all to hear "I was with a friend at the time Cyrus died. I was with Rita Stapleton. We were in a motel room!" Ed stormed out. Rita realized her chances with Ed just went out the door with him.

Ed talked with Peggy at the hospital. Her defense for Rita, that it was Roger who persuaded her not to tell Ed because of the threat to their marriage, did not soften the blow for him. Ed refused all calls from Rita and made himself unavailable to her. Hearing of Peggy's plan to leave Springfield, Rita asked her to not blame Roger. Peggy shut her out.

This revelation had been accepted by the three people indirectly involved in three different ways. Adam would not condone Roger for his behavior, but supported his courage to come forth with the truth. Barbara Thorpe had never forgiven Roger for his part in Holly and Ed's divorce — she predicted his involvement as indicative of Roger's character. Holly felt pity for what Ed was going through, yet commended Roger to Peggy for coming a long way in maturity.

Back at the courthouse, the DA began a vicious cross-examination. He questioned Roger's "eleventh hour appearance" when he had full knowledge and ample time to affirm Rita's case. The DA pointed out Roger's reply was Rita's exact words, "I wanted the Grangers out of my life, and could see no reason to talk about it." He suggested there was a conspiracy going on. He questioned Roger's worry about Peggy's knowledge of his participation. Probably because he would be linked with the murder! He and Rita conspired because they were BOTH responsible for the murders!! Mike Bauer, Rita's attorney, violently objected. His claimed that the DA was making unsupported allegations based upon supposition was accepted by the judge. The DA commented, if there was no conspiracy, why the big secret? The motel was only an alibi — a story from an admitted liar.

Since the crux of the DA's case rest on whether or not Rita and Roger stayed at the motel, Mike had the case wrapped up. Witness Charles Babcock, Ranchero Motel manager, testified that Rita and Roger registered at his motel - under presumed names - and as his of-ice faced their motel room door, he confirmed from the hours 1 to 5 on the afternoon of September 18, 1974, the day and time Cyrus died, Roger and Rita were inside the motel room and their car parked outside. No contest from DA Van Gelder.

In closing, Roger explained why he postponed his testimony. He feared he'd lose Peggy. Under oath, he chokingly declared his feelings were justified. Because he came forward, his wife has left him and his marriage was over.

While the jury was in conference deciding the verdict, Roger came home and talked with Billy who refused to leave with Peggy. He told him not to blame Peggy, it was not her fault that they were separating. A few days apart might give them a new perspective on their future. He was Billy's father and always would be and no matter what happened, would always be there for him. Billy's tearful pleas to work it out was tearing Peggy apart emotionally. Roger explained he had made a mistake and it couldn’t be corrected. He had to live with it, but Peggy shouldn't have to. More important, he asked Billy not toose his love for Peggy, it wouldn't be fair. Billy understood better though he tried to hang on to Roger embracing him strongly. Roger received further encouragement from Adam and they attended the final trial day together. Roger sensed his father and Barbara had disagreed about him and apologized for being the cause of any friction between them. Adam asserted that any problems he had with Barbara were because of Barbara, not Roger.

Rita went to Ed's apartment where he could avoid her no longer. She expressed her love for him once again, sincere that his love was the most important thing that happened to her. She realized she had lost him because of her lies and deceit but believed she had to conceal the truth to prevent hurting so many innocent people. She regretted it all. Rita returned the engagement ring Ed gave her as he did not plan to marry her. Speechless and devastated, Ed nodded his head in agreement. Rita walked out leaving Ed and the life they could have had together, forever.

The judge had instructed the jury, that the dreaded day was here. The tense moments passed like hours. The judge then approved the legal form of the verdict and returned it to the jury foreman. Each word before the crucial verdict hung on like an eternity. "In the Supreme Court of this state, the people of this state VS. Rita Stapleton, we, the jury, find Rita Stapleton NOT GUILTY of crimes under Penal Code Section 187.”

While Rita and Mike were rejoicing over her freedom with her family and friends, Ed was at Cedars defending his right to reject Rita to Dr. Steve Jackson and even to Holly. Rita could start to live again. When Ed heard from his mother about the verdict, he went to Rita's apartment to express his congratulations personally. She couldn’t share her mother's enthusiasm and sadly informed her it was over between herself and Ed.

Dr. Sara McIntyre had accepted her first social invitation since the recent death of her husband. Dr. Emmett Scott was delighted that she had lunch with him. At lunch, she solved the mystery of his familiarity to her. She and his ex-son-in-law Dr. Justin Marler were engaged in medical school. Justin left Sara to marry Emmett's daughter Jackie. - Since their divorce, Justin joined the staff at Cedars as head of cardiology. He and Sara enjoyed a rigid work schedule together while Justin was trying to refurbish their friendship of the past. Emmett and Jackie came to Springfield for treatment of Emmett's heart condition by Justin. –

Jackie pleasantly remarked to Sara she was tired of the "plastic people" she knew in Chicago and welcomed the fresh change as a resident in Springfield.

Jackie was in pursuit of Mike Bauer, which began as a game to test Justin's jealousy. Jackie might not realize it, but she was going to have some tough competition winning Mike's affections from his secretary Ann Jeffers. She got all spruced up and made a big thing out of Mike's business meeting with her at her home.

Sara agreed to think positive about accepting Justin's offer that she represent Cedars at a research conference in Miami.

Love Of Life

Written by: Gabrielle Upton

Produced by: Darryl Hickman

Ben Harper knew that even if the police believed that he wasn't responsible for the accident that kited Jim Marriott in January, they couldn’t ignore the fact that he did not report the accident to the police or his parole officer. Dr. Marriott took Ben to the cemetery where they met to show him that he had known for weeks that Ben was not there to see Anna Grace because the full name, covered by leaves, was “Patricia Anna Grace Marriott”. Andrew was not sure whether he thought Ben was truly sympathetic or making a fool of him but when he decided, he would tell the District Attorney how he felt. Betsy was so sure of her love for Ben and his for her that she wanted to marry him at the moment, but Ben would not let her commit herself until after his hearing. The newspaper reported that Ben was the nephew of the Mayor and one of Rosehill's leading socialites. Several customers at Barton's Sporting Goods made sure that the owner knew that they wouldn't patronize Barton's as long as Ben continued to work there. Barton finally ordered Bill Matthews to fire Ben. Johnny Prentiss was disillusioned and remained distant for some time, but finally his deep love for Ben won out. Meg Hart was furious with her son for confessing and her brother-in-law for not using his influence to keep them from charging Ben. Lynn Henderson explained to Meg that although a mother and child didn’t communicate well, the child needed to know the mother was behind him. It was too late for her, but Meg still had a chance with Ben.

Mia Marriott felt guilty because after she and Jim fought, she ordered him from the house and it was his blind rage that caused him to ride his motorcycle into Ben's car. Without telling Andrew why, she asked why she always hurt the ones she cared about. Mia told Ben that even though Andrew would never forgive her she was willing to tell the District Attorney about her fight with Jim. Ben explained that it wouldn’t help him and could only hurt her, but his one chance was that Mr. Woodman, the mechanic, took before and after pictures of his dented fender.

Meg had seen Mia and Ben together and made a point of warning Betsy that Mia was the threat to her relationship with Ben. Betsy would not listen to Meg's meddlesome remarks and told Cal Latimer that she would not let Meg break them up. Cal confessed that she found Mia's name and phone number in Ben's jacket pocket some time ago.

Betsy thought that her brother, Dr. Tom Crawford, should straighten out his differences with her boarder and baby-sitter, Carrie Johnson. Tom apologized for calling Arlene a tramp and listened while Carrie chastized him for never giving Arlene a chance to explain. Tom visited at Arlene's apartment as all the things she and Ian Russell had bought to redecorate her apartment arrived. Tom asked for her reassurance that Russell meant nothing to her. Arlene said that it was true when he refused to accept her word or talk about it, but then it was too late. She screamed that she's Ian's woman and of course she was sleeping with him because no man would spend this kind of money under any other conditions. She shouted that soon she would forget his name. Ray Slater warned Arlene that she might be Russell's woman, but he would soon tire of her. Arlene was sure that if and when she wanted Ian to marry her, he would.

One of the main concerns in Rosehill was the possibility of legalized gambling in the near future. Mayor Bruce Sterling was putting up a terrific fight against it, but it was telling in his health. Ray Slater was tired of being pushed aside after doing Russell's dirty work. He let Russell know that the local newspapers might be interested in Russell's activities. Ian explained his plan of pushing through a gambling referendum and then using Rick Latimer's Skylar Mountain because it would be a perfect setup. At this time Slater would figure in prominently but Ray wanted to be on the payroll then. Ian told Rick that Ray was to be a new partner in what would be Vegas East. Rick vowed this would never come to pass.

- Felicia Lamont had found that she was in love after she spent several days with Edouard Aleata. She was intending to tell her husband that she wanted a divorce upon her return, but vowed to stay with Charles when she found him at death's door. Learning she was pregnant, her first thought was to have an abortion, but found she couldn't go through with it. Betsy gave her the idea of approaching Charles about adoption and then after a long vacation, passing the baby off on him as if from an agency. - Vanessa Sterling had tried to counsel Felicia and had suggested that Felicia tell Charles the truth. She finally decided to tell him the whole story, ask his forgiveness and suggest they bring the child up as their own. Van let it slip to Eddie that Felicia was going to talk to Charles. - Eddie did not know that Felicia was carrying his child. - He wanted to give Felicia support and provide a solid front, but Van asked that he stay if he really cared for her.

As Charles left for therapy, Felicia mentioned that she had something to discuss when he got home. Charles brooded, thinking that Felicia wanted a divorce. He voices his concern upon his return and was assured that if he wanted her, Felicia would stay with him forever. Charles was so anxious that she blurted that she was pregnant. Horrified, Charles ranted and raved about how deceitful she and Eddie had been. Felicia was given no opportunity to explain that she wanted to stay with him and Eddie had no idea she was carrying his child. Charles ordered her from the house with instructions never to return. He told her to go to her lover, but that Eddie would never be able to give the child his name because he would never give her a divorce.

Charles told the Sterlings that he hated Felicia in one breath, but in the next berated her for not being there to care for him. Bruce tried to show him tha he had been hurt but really loved her and wanted her back. No one had heard from Felicia since she left home. Eddie was sure that she would go to Danvers to her Aunt Mavis because she once told him that she had always gone to her aunt's in time of trouble. After Eddie's call, Mavis Fleming was expecting her niece and was only surprised that it was two days before she showed up. When Felicia told her everything, Aunt Mavis thought she should call Eddie since they obviously loved each other and she was carrying his child. She couldn’t understand why Felicia felt so much loyalty to Charles after he had thrown her out. Mavis explained that people didn’t choose love, it chose them and if they didn’t accept it, love might never come again. Felicia was still hiding out when Eddie appeared in person to inquire after her. Mavis hoped that their conversation would make Felicia show herself, but was disappointed. Eddie wrote a letter to Felicia and left it with Mavis. Felicia became light-headed and felt unwell. Mavis called her old family doctor who examined Felicia and then told her that if she intended to carry her baby full-term she would have to be confined. It was imperative that she get bed rest. Eddie decided to have it out with Charles and learned that Felicia was carrying his child.

Felicia had read Eddie's letter and, at her aunt's urging, had called him. While she waited for him to drive to Danvers, she wondered how Eddie could have learned that she was pregnant.

The DA held a private hearing to decide whether Ben would stand trial. He decided that the evidence showed Ben was not guilty of causing Jim Marriott's death, but had to consider separately his running away. Dr. Marriott told how angry he felt when he learned what Ben had done, but decided Ben's feelings were genuine because he visited the grave with flowers. He was only guilty of fear. Jim was also immature and didn't have a chance to correct his mistakes. Sending Ben to prison would only accentuate his fear. He would better serve humanity by being assigned to voluntary work with youngsters. The charges were dismissed. Betsy accepted Ben's proposal.

Lynn Henderson confessed her love to Ben when she learned he was moving to Betsy's but relegated herself to being his best friend. Ben insisted he and Betsy elope because he wanted to make everything legal before moving in.

Meg Hart tried to make Michael Blake aware of Cal and was surprised when he commented it was too bad Hank didn't have a mother; stepmothers just weren’t the same.

Ben and Betsy and the Marriotts celebrated with a Barbecue when Andrew realized that Jim was probably upset to leave the house in his slippers. He asked Mia if they argued and wanted to discuss it when they got home. Betsy entered the house to see Mia crying on Ben's shoulder.

Lovers And Friends

Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch

Barbara Manners learned that Richard was lunching with Jason at his club and protested that it was unwise of him to play into Jason's hands. She told Richard she wished he wouldn't trust Jason so much, prompting him to say that she sounded like Edith - his wife -. Richard told Barbara that the firm needed Jason's drive and brashness and that she should be a little more tolerant of people who were not as lucky as they were. Richard tried to make up for the small quarrels they had been having increasingly lately and asked Barbara if he could be with her for an evening as they used to do regularly. Barbara told him she was having dinner at the Kimballs' and would go over some contracts with George. Richard said he would be willing to wait at her apartment for her return but Barbara begged off. Richard replied that he did not want to force himself on her.

Rhett told Connie and Jason at Rhett's studio that nothing happened between him and Megan until the two of them joined forces. Connie asked if he was saying he was in love with Megan and Rhett said "yeah." Connie cried out that she was right all along. She warned she was not going to give up on Rhett no matter how much he said he loved Megan and told him not to make any plans yet.

Outside, Laurie had persuaded Desmond to come to Rhett's studio and they were sitting in Desmond's car as Connie passed, crying. Laurie told a reluctant Desmond that he should confront Rhett but wouldn’t because he couldn’t face what was happening. She said she wouldn’t stay on at the Cushings' if what she suspected about Megan and Rhett was true. As Desmond said he didn’t want to know, Laurie pointed out Megan, who had just entered the apartment building. When Desmond and Laurie went up, Rhett threw Desmond out.

The following day, Connie tried to tell Rhett that Megan was just infatuated with him because he was different from other men she had known. She asked if Megan would cook and clean for him as she had and Rhett replied "If she wants to." Connie commented "most of us do it because we have to." Connie went to Josie's to spend the night in Amy's room rather than go home and face her father who believed that Connie had let Rhett "get away." - Connie had always been close to the Saxton family. Her mother died young and Josie practically raised her. –

After Laurie told Desmond that her mother was ill in Paris and wanted her to return there to care for her, Desmond advanced Laurie the money to pay her mother's bills for the rest of the month. Laurie advised Desmond, after Megan broke their engagement, to put Megan behind him and find someone else, saying they could help each other because she had to forget about Austin, too. She said she didn’t intend being Megan's friend if she went on treating him this way and wanted to help Desmond get over what Megan had done to him. When Desmond offered to ask his parents to put Laurie up as a houseguest for a time, Laurie asked him to hold off for a while.

At home at the Cushings', Megan didn’t answer Laurie's greeting when Laurie came in. Megan asked why Laurie brought Desmond to Rhett's studio. Laurie replied that Desmond was going there anyway and she went along to see if she could keep him from losing his temper. She added that Desmond had become very unpredictable since Megan became friends with Rhett. Megan asked Laurie to "keep an eye" on Desmond for her. Megan asked if Laurie agreed that she should have broken her engagement. Laurie's answer was that she did if Megan really loved Rhett. She added that she couldn't disapprove of anybody Megan loved. Megan, touched, said they were friends again.

At the office, Jason told Richard Cushing that Megan had broken off her engagement. Barbara protested that Megan should have been the one to tell her father. Jason promised to speak to Rhett and left the office. Barbara remarked to Richard that Jason was not very loyal to his family. Richard asked why Barbara kept on sniping at Jason and walked out saying he was not going to stay around and listen to more criticism of someone who was trying to help Edith and himself.

Eleanor Kimball had told her mother that she didn’t want to have the baby she was carrying and as she was only a couple of months along, there was still time to have an abortion. When she mentionsedthe possibility to George, he told her to stop talking like that; it was too late.

Edith called Eleanor and told her that Megan had broken her engagement. She said she was having Desmond's parents for cocktails but would postpone their visit if Eleanor would see her. While Eleanor was waiting for Edith to arrive she had pains and called her doctor. Josie was with Ellie when Edith arrived and Ellie insisted that her mother go home, saying it was only a momentary spasm and she felt fine. Edith, anxious to talk to Eleanor alone, assured Josie that she would see to Ellie. When Josie left, Edith asked Eleanor to speak to Rhett, implying that Megan's broken engagement and their continued friendship could cost both Jason and George their respective positions with Cushing & Son. Ellie agreed to let Edith drive her over to Rhett's studio.

Both Rhett and Megan were at the studio when Ellie came in alone. Eleanor said she had been warned that Jason would lose his job and George would not be kept on in the union negotiating work he was doing for Megan's father's firm but she wouldn’t say by whom. She angrily told Rhett to think of someone else besides himself for a change and then doubled over in pain. Ellie was taken to the hospital where she lost the baby.

Jason had told Megan that Laurie had been maligning her. Megan asked why she should do that and Jason told her that Laurie had been occupied lately in comforting Desmond and making sure he saw Megan in the worst possible light. He told Megan that she handed Laurie a golden opportunity because while she might not want to be Mrs. Desmond Hamilton, Laurie Brewster couldn’t wait to take her place.

Laurie’s mother called again from overseas saying she was running out of money as well as patience, reminding Laurie that she promised to find someone who would "rescue" them. She learned about her daughter's designs on Desmond and Laurie promised her good news in a few days. Her mother replied that she hoped so because if Laurie didn’t call, she would return to Pt. Claire and brought Laurie back to Paris with her. Jason arrived when Desmond was at the Cushings', making some phone calls in Richard's study, and told Laurie she shouldn't be going after Megan's discards. He told her he could give her excitement Desmond hadn't dreamed of. She replied she didn’t doubt it but that wouldn’t pay her mother's bills. He asked her to wait a year 'til he would be in a position to give her what she wanted, to let her mother look after herself. When she said no, he told her that she could have the two of them; that Desmond didn’t have to be told anything.

When Megan told Laurie that she had changed, Laurie replied she was the same but circumstances had changed. She told Megan her mother had gone through the money from the sale of their house and couldn’t even afford to hire a nurse. She added that her mother sent her back to Pt. Claire to get Austin to propose; although her mother didn’t approve of Austin, she did approve of his inheritance. Laurie said her guilt was the reason she couldn't respond to Austin. Megan then asked "but you can respond to Desmond?" Laurie insisted that she was only being friendly toward Desmond and that Jason had lied about her because she wouldn’t have anything to do with him.

George told Barbara Manners that he didn’t want to go home to Eleanor when she suggested that they cut short a meeting. She said they shouldn't be discussing personal problems, adding that they all had them. She asked if he was aware that she and Richard were more than friends and George told her that he'd guessed it. She told him with a smile that he was a bad liar and confirmed that Jason had told George and Eleanor. When Barbara asked how Jason knew, George told her that Jason had seen them together when he walked into the office one day, but added he was sure that Jay wouldn't use that against her.

Richard came home early and told Edith he was grateful to have the place to themselves. Richard said he was responsible for the change in their relationship and the trouble with Megan because he came to spend more time with his work than with his family. He went on to say that it wasn't only his work, as she knew, but Edith stopped him, saying she couldn’t talk about Barbara. Richard said he had been a bad husband, prompting Edith to reply that they couldn’t retrieve the past. They both agreed they could try to do a little better in the future. They were interrupted by Austin who came in bursting with the good news that he had been made section manager at the plant. Edith was disappointed and told him that it broke her heart to see him throw his life away. Austin told his mother that for the first time in his life he felt useful and she was belittling him. When Richard tried to show some interest, Austin walked away.

Rhett and Jason almost came to blows again in front of Josie when Rhett dropped in to tell his mother that he had a manager and had landed a national ad campaign for a chain of department stores, the break he had been waiting for, Jason was bitter that Rhett's good fortune would enable him to see Megan, free of financial worries, and might consequently cost Jason his job.

Jason learned from Connie that Rhett's valuable camera equipment had never been insured because it was too expensive and Jason speculated that he would probably insure it as he could afford to and he was in a high risk neighborhood. To spare Connie's feelings; Jason offered to return her key to Rhett's studio personally. As Rhett and Megan were out, Jason vandalised Rhett's studio.

One Life To Live

Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Doris Quinlan

At the reception at Anna's house after Larry and Karen's wedding, Mrs. MacGruder, who had been to the police station at Llanview and was unable to convince a young policeman that she wasn't a crank, showed up with Kevin. Viki was ecstatic but unable to share her joy with Joe who had left the house a few moments before with Tony Lord to have a drink at Tony's Place. He continued on alone and went on a tear that wound up with his being taken to the hospital after getting into a fight in a bar. When Jim learned that Joe was at the hospital the following morning, he told him that his son was safe and well. Joe tried to leave the hospital and collapsed. Jim ordered him to bed for another day at least, concerned because Joe had a history of aneurism.

After spending an anxious night waiting to hear from Joe and jumping up at every sound the baby was making, Viki took Kevin to the hospital for a check-up and brought the child to Joe's room. Viki told Joe that she had the baby in the room with her at home because she was frightened despite the alarm systems. Joe told her he wanted to come home. He said that he lost faith and was eaten up with anger and frustration and the booze but that he hit rock bottom and couldn’t live without Viki. Viki told Joe she missed him very much but when he again asked to come home, she told him his love hadn't helped her very much for the past six months. She said she saw a side of him that she never knew existed and she didn’t think she could just wipe the slate clean, because every single time she needed him he was drunk. When Viki asked if they could ever forget the things they said to each other and Joe said they could try, Viki said all right. When they got home, Viki hired a private agency guard for twenty-four hour a day duty and a nurse for Kevin.

Viki interceded for the MacGruders, touched by the woman's love for Kevin and the good care they took of her son. When it came to Cathy, Viki was not so certain of her feelings. When Joe asked if Viki wanted Cathy to be punished, Viki said yes. She went on to say that she didn’t care about all the excuses; that she nearly died when Kevin was taken. Joe asked if Viki wanted Cathy to go to jail and she said maybe she did. When Joe asked why, she said testily "It would make me feel better. After all, Joe, look what it did to us."

Viki told Ed Hall that although she and Joe disagreed in their feelings toward Cathy - Joe blamed himself -, she did not want to be the one to be responsible for Cathy's going to trial if her word would carry weight along with Will's in helping influence the Government Attorney not to prosecute. When the recommendation was favorable, the judge dropped the charges on condition that Cathy continue in daily therapy with Dr. Will Vernon.

Jim and Anna offered to make a place in their home for Cathy but it was evident that she was still clinging to the hope that Tony would take her back. Will tried to get Cathy to face her own wishes in the matter and Cathy called Tony, begging him to come to see her when she managed to work up the courage. Tony was at work and just as he left, dreading what he was about to face, Pat came in with Matt MacAllister. He told her that he was going to see Cathy. When he returned, he sang a song to Pat and she knew that he had agreed to letting Cathy come home to live with him. She left the table in tears and Tony stopped her, telling her that Cathy begged him and he couldn't say no. Pat said she knew and went out crying to wait for Matt in the car.

Marco Dane had stayed on in Llanview and even called Karen at the hotel where she and Larry were honeymoning in Bermuda to let her know he was keeping in touch. When they got back, Karen asked Larry to take her to Tony's Place for a drink with Lana before they retired for the evening but Larry refused, saying he was tired and had to get up early the following morning to go to work. Karen went to Tony's herself. - She had told Lana on the phone that she went along with the short honeymoon thinking that once they were away she could talk him into a week at least. She added that if Larry thought she was going to get up early every morning, their marriage wasn’t going to last three months. –

At Tony’s Place, Samantha Vernon was with friend Marty, who was trying out a new fake I.D. Samantha wanted to leave but Marty said he was waiting for his new connection to arrive so he could buy some grass. Marco came in and began to make a play for Samantha, telling Marty that he couldn’t supply him as his contact didn't show. Karen saw him and told Lana that it was disgusting to watch Marco turning on for 17 year old Samantha Vernon. Lana remarked that Karen seemed to be jealous.

Karen went to the table and asked to talk to Marco privately, saying that she was there to pick up an old paycheck. Marco told Karen at another table that he had no intention of telling Larry anything then or in the predictable future; that it might rack him up pretty good. He said Larry seemed like a nice guy and he wouldn't want to make him unhappy, adding that he would find out about her soon enough. He told her she would always be the same cheap little tramp he knew and she would mess things up for herself without any help from him. Karen slapped his face and ran out.

Larry read Karen the riot act when he learned that she hadn't seen Danny off to school, cleaned the house or prepared his lunch as she was off house-hunting for a place way beyond their means. Karen told Lana that Larry had to learn a lesson and she intended to be unavailable in bed until he did; that he and Meredith might have played the starving newlyweds bit and lived in a garage but things were going to be different. Lana said she wouldn't think Karen would want to rock the boat at the moment with Marco in the picture. She said Marco had been hanging around Tony's asking about Larry but Karen replied Marco was probably using Tony's because he was back to "dealing" like he used to do when she knew him. Larry surprised Karen by telling her he was having a friend who was a contractor look at the house she wanted to buy but Karen, playing the housewife bit in gratitude, was interrupted by a call from Marco saying he approved of the house she was planning to buy. She realized he had been watching them.

Marco took Samantha to Tony's Place. He offered to take her out to his car in the parking lot to smoke some "really good stuff" but she told him she was not into that. Brad and Jenny came in and saw Sam with Marco. Jenny suggested Brad talk to Samantha but Brad said that Sam didn’t listen to anyone because his Dad spoiled her so much. Jenny told him that didn't sound like Will. Brad said big brother couldn’t be around all the time but he could find out more about Mr. Marco Dane. Marco talked Samantha into going to his motel room, promising beer, pizza and a willing ear for the story of her life - so far -. Marco made a play for Sam, convinced she was teasing, and only his belated realization of her complete panic kept Samantha "intact." Marco told her that she came on pretty strong and if she was going to act like that, she'd better be prepared to accept the consequences of the "adult world." He told her to go home and think about what happened and decided if she was ready to call him. He said he would wait for her to decide to call or to get herself a nice high school boy.

Brad asked Samantha at home where she went with "that creep" and Sam told him they went to a swim meet. Her brother told her to come off it and said that he played deaf-mute before when she was putting one up on their parents but he was going to draw the line. Samantha promised Brad she could take care of herself.

Cathy told Alan Bennett on the day she was scheduled to leave the hospital that when Viki came to see her, the same ugly feelings she had toward Viki came back. She was told that the difference was that she then knew those feelings were wrong and she admitted that she knew Joe always loved Viki and not her. She said she had spent her whole life wanting things she couldn't have.

Will Vernon told Tony he should just go on being open and supportive toward Cathy when she went home with him. Tony asked "How about truthful?" Will told Tony that he doubted that Cathy would force the question - of Tony's love for Pat - but Tony asked "What if she does?" Will's answer was that at the present it would be almost impossible for Cathy to deal with any sort of open rejection. Tony replied that he was only human and catering to Cathy's illness was not going to help her either.

When Cathy and Tony got to the apartment over Tony's Place it was nearly time for him to open up. He offered to send dinner up to Cathy but she said she wanted to prepare dinner and have him eat upstairs with her, arguing that if there was any need for Tony, the staff could always send up for him. After all, he was the boss. Tony joined Cathy for the candlelight meal she had prepared but when he started down to prepare to close, Cathy told him she would wait up for him. Tony told her that while she was away he had a cot put into the office downstairs. She quickly said whatever he thought was best; they just needed a little more time. As he left, she told him that she was more tired than she realized and will probably be asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. After Tony went, she curled up on the bed, crying.

Ryan’s Hope

Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Delia awoke from the anesthesia to be told that she had lost the baby. In a panic, she told an aide who had been very kind to her that she was to be married the following morning and her boyfriend would never marry her if he knew she had lost the baby. The young woman triesd to reassure her and told her she should put the wedding off for a while, that her body needed time to heal. When the young woman went out, Delia slipped out without taking her medication and leaving behind a pair of earrings. - Delia also had been told that she was in a high risk group as the placenta was abnormal and there was a strong chance that she would miscarry again if she became pregnant. –

After telling everyone that she was looking for an apartment and wanted to postpone the wedding until she and Pat could find a place of their own, Delia was treated as if this was another of her emotional ups and downs and the wedding plans went forward. However, the hospital faced a funding crisis and all time off for personnel was cancelled. Delia, needless to say, accepted Pat's news in good grace and began to look for an apartment in earnest. Some days later, she found a place and called Pat to ask if he could get away from duty for a moment to meet her at Lum's before she signed the lease. Roger was at the restaurant and overheard and joined her at her table. Alicia - the aide - was at another table and came over to return the earrings which she had been carrying around with her to "Mrs. Brown."

Delia asked the girl out into the entryway and begged her, if she saw her on the street, not to acknowledge her again. When she returned to the table, Roger asked what what she was up to then and, in an effort to distract him, Delia told him that Pat couldn’t get away and asked him to go to the apartment to decide whether she should take it as Pat told her to handle it herself. At the apartment, Roger noticed that in Delia's babbling about the place she had conspicuously failed to mention the baby who would be living there with her and Pat. He asked what her secret was and Delia insisted that she had none and that they couldn’t be friends if he kept on questioning her.

Roger had successfully performed the shunt surgery on baby Edmond Coleridge but an incident in the operating room had given Seneca cause to wonder if he was the child's father. The major blood groupings indicated that either he or Frank Ryan could be the baby's father but on checking subgroupings he found that Jillian's file was incomplete. In order to know for certain he had to obtain a sample of blood from Jillian. He managed to remove his own blood typing from the hospital files until he had confirmation of his suspicion one way or the other. When Roger found charred remains of some notes on subgroupings on Seneca's desk, he recalled the incident and was certain that Seneca was questioning the baby's parentage.

Frank Ryan met with Dave Feldman, the new district leader, and talked about the possibility of seeking work in Washington, D.C. in order to start a new life with Jillian, his own son little John and Edmond, Jillian's son, away from Seneca's direct influence. Feldman told him that the present Congressional representative would not be seeking another term because of family pressures and he believed that Frank would have a good chance if he continued as the Riverside City Councilman and began to campaign openly for the Congressional seat as the party's candidate in the election which would be coming up a year from then. He said that the voters would be willing to accept Frank because of his fine job as councilman, if his personal problems had been cleared up and his relationship with Jillian was stable.

When Seneca heard, he told Jillian she couldn’t take Edmund to live in Washington. The one hour plane ride or half day's drive it would take for him to see the baby might be a perfect solution for Frank and Jill but not for him. He said he couldn’t be a proper father to the baby at long distance and he was holding Jillian to her agreement. He told her that her relationship with Frank was a sick, self-destructive one and she was out of her mind to go back to Frank for more pain and expect him to cooperate. He said he was not about to let Frank take the baby he ran from. When Jillian asked if it was the baby Seneca wanted or her, he replied "both." He said he wanted the baby to know from the start who Seneca Beaulac was. Jillian said the child would, and asked him to trust Frank. Seneca asked, "old faithful, irresponsible Frank?" When Jillian left, he told Bucky, who knew about Seneca's efforts to find out about the baby's parentage, that he fought Jill's threatening miscarriage and had seen Edmund through too much to ever give him up, even if he was Frank's child.

Roger told Seneca that he had noticed a slight asymmetry of Edmund's pupils, indicating a possible obstruction and recommended that Seneca consult a Dr. Wade, a specialst in pediatric neurology in Philadelphia, in the next couple of weeks although the situation was not critical. When Seneca learned that Jill and Frank had set up a meeting important to Frank's plans with the district leaders, he made an appointment with Dr. Wade for Edmund on that day.

Frank and Jillian were together when Seneca told Jill about the appointment, asking her to go along. Frank asked if he couldn’t postpone it and Seneca said he had no good reason to; that Dr. Wade was the most important man in his field and he didn’t wait to wait one day to learn of possible post-operative complication. He left, and Frank told Jill Seneca was using her son. He told her he needs her and he needed her help on that day. Jillian said she had an extraordinary baby with extraordinary problems and he had to take precedence. She insisted that Edmund was the issue, not Seneca, and Frank Ryan was not going to dictate on her what she was going to do regarding her son. It was not what Seneca wanted but what she wanted that mattered and she wanted the best for Edmund.

Jack Fenelli’s by-pass surgery was a complete success and the prognosis was that on his recovery Jack's problems with impotence would be over. Due to the staff problems engendered by the cut-back in personnel, Jack suffered various forms of indignity including being painted and prepared for surgery for varicose veins by mistake, as a patient with a name similar to his was supposed to be prepped for such surgery. After his operation, however, a more serious complication arose when he was given the wrong medication and was unable to breathe when given penicillin, which he was allergic to, by mistake. The same young intern who originally made the minor error rose to the emergency and saved Jack's life. When the public information officer tried to calm Jack down, he managed instead to make Jack determined to write a column or a series about the dangerous conditions that overworked on the staff seemed to be bringing about.

After spending an afternoon drinking plum wine at Lum's and talking with Frank about Delia, Pat went to Faith and asked her to elope immediately with him so they could present Delia with their marriage as an established fact. Faith turned him down. Pat went home to find Delia crying because he failed to keep his promise to be right home to see her trousseau.

On the day of her wedding, Delia was about to tell her brother Bob what had happened but he talked her out of her mood without learning that she was no longer pregnant and convinced her that she was going to be all right.

Faith talked with Frank and decided to go after Pat and tell him she had reconsidered. She got to his quarters too late but Bucky persuaded her to go to Ryan's. When she got there, however, Pat, Delia, Maeve and Johnny had left for the judges chambers. Kevin offered to give her the address but she said she wouldn't go down there.

Mary arrived late but did attend for Pat's sake, and Delia and Pat were married. That evening Delia, in a burst of joy, jumped up and down on the bed and Pat reminded her that an expectant mother shouldn't be on a trampoline. Pat told Delia he would like little John to live with them, if Frank agreed.

Frank saw Jill and asked her to call the specialist herself and ask to postpone Edmund's examination. When Jillian said she couldn't, Frank told her whenever they had a breath of hope of working out a solution for themselves, she just let Seneca walk in and destroy it. Seneca walked in and told Jill he had overheard the last part of Frank's tirade. Jillian answered she was tired of Frank's doubts and had to draw the line somewhere. She agreed to have dinner with Seneca. Jill left and Seneca told Bucky that Dr. Wade would get a blood sample from Jill and the trip to Philadelphia would solve the whole issue.

Jillian and Faith consoled each other with drinks and sisterly talk. At dinner with Seneca, Jillian drank quite a bit of wine and told Seneca that she would love Frank always but she was beginning to believe that he couldn’t be satisfied with less than his own way about anything. She told Seneca that he had been a constant help and support to her. When Seneca took Jill home, Edmund’s nursemaid Mrs. George came in to find them kissing. While Jill left the room to see the baby, Mrs. George scolded Seneca, saying she should not have to remind a doctor that Jillian would be better off without the evenings out, drinking more than was good for her. She told him that Jillian was not sleeping or eating and, in her opinion, it was not over having the baby.

Frank went to Jillian's to organize a welcome back dinner but Jillian had decided to stay in Philadelphia as the specialist wanted more x-ray tests.

Search For Tomorrow

Written by: Irving & Tex Elman

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim

Liza Kaslo was unable to reach her husband before she took off for New York with her modeling manager, Woody Reed, because Steve was on his way to Australia to do a concert tour with Kitty Merritt. Steve finally talked to Cindy French at the Collins house and was told that Liza was going to New York and he assumed that she was mad at him. - Kitty had arranged several incidents trying to break up Steve and Liza. Steve refused to return to Henderson because his career as a musician was finally taking off and he only wanted a little trust from Liza. - The private plane crashed at the end of the runway sending Liza, Woody and the pilot to the hospital. The pilot was dead on arrival. The hospital was full of emergencies from a factory explosion that spreaded to nearby homes and everyone was pressed into service. Stephanie Pace helped with the nursing and Bob Rogers told Amy Carson that her internship started immediately. Woody had broken wrist and ribs. Liza had damage to the right eye and the surrounding bone. She had a concussion and was in shock. There was a blood clot on the eye and a laceration to the cornea. They hoped the optic nerve wasn't severed. Dr. Wexley repaired the eye and a plastic surgeon reconstructed the smashed bone. They sedated her to keep her as quiet as possible.

When Greg Hartford, retired surgeon, and Jo Vincente heard about the emergency, Greg offered his services, but all the patients had already received care. Stu Bergman accused, "You're always too late!" Greg returned to the Inn much later very drunk. He told Jo that Stu might be right. Although he and Stu's sister Louise had decided to marry secretly over his family's objections, when he was trying to rescue Louise from drowning, he thought for an instant that if he couldn't save her he wouldn't have to make the decision and could be a doctor. This had haunted him ever since. Jo had come to the conclusion that she cared deeply for Greg, but Stu warned Greg that he was out to prevent Jo's involvement with him.

Dr. Gary Walton discovered that his sister's eye was hemmorhaging, but they got it stop-ped and had to wait several days to see the results. Amy and Bruce Carson had been trying to locate Steve through the musicians' union. Liza didn’t want Steve to come because he felt sorry for her. Kitty heard Steve sing the song he wrote for Liza and wanted to record it on her new album. Steve finally relented and let her sing it. He got the first plane out of Sydney when Amy reached him.

Woody was feeling very guilty about insisting that Liza fly with him, but was assured that it was an accident. He tried to give Liza a positive outlook on being able to fight the feeling that she would never have vision in her right eye. Dr. Wexley removed the bandage and although her vision was blurry, she could see. Every day would improve it, but she had to wear a patch. Woody was kissing Liza good-bye, insisting that she was still his beautiful model, when Steve arrived with flowers. She doubted that he really tried to call her and thought he was in love with Kitty and only returned out of pity. She was moving to her mother's and told him that their marriage was over. Steve tried to see her the following day and was told by a nurse that Liza had left word that he was not to visit. Steve asked Janet's help and she agreed to talk to her when she got home. Steve said he went to Australia to work and tried to call, but was returning to his old apartment and would get a job in Henderson. He would never do anything again that could come between Liza and himself. Janet said it might be too late.

Scott Phillips had asked investigator David Sutton to try locating Ralph Heywood who was supposedly trying to find work in the Southwest. Scott was still Eric's legal guardian and had offered to adopt him because Ralph wasn’t a stable influence. Scott was taking Eric on a vacation to take his mind off things and asked his wife to go along. Kathy wanted to, but had several court appearances scheduled. They both felt that it was important that Scott take Eric anyway.

John Wyatt had lost many clients even though he was acquitted. Scott mentioned this to Stephanie Pace and she transfered her business to him and persuaded other friends not to withdraw their business from John. Wade assured him that he would always have the Collins Corporation as a client. Stephanie asked John's advice when Wade suggested that she return to nursing. The nursing supervisor told Stephanie that it would not be good to have her on the staff because she had donated much money to the hospital and didn’t really need the job. This could lead to disagreements, but she hired her because she was a good nurse.

Amy’s big problem was finding a babysitter so that she could begin her internship. Cindy French told Gary Walton that she felt uncomfortable at his parents and wanted to move out after she found a job. Gary suggested that Amy hire her. Bruce objected because he felt she had a bad reputation, but agreed to try her. Cindy was happy, but told Amy that when she was fully recovered, she would be leaving town. She thought that Gary felt responsible for her and she might be falling in love. She didn’t want to stand in Gary's way and she knew that Dr. Thurston didn’t like Gary's association with her. Gary was caged before the hospital board for a hearing on his reinstatement. Dr. Thurston again questioned Gary on his personal affairs but Gary refused to discuss them. Doctors Wexley, Rogers and Collins were on Gary's side, but he felt that the cards were stacked against him. He was elated when he heard he was on the hospital staff again. Janet and Cindy arranged a celebration at the Collins home in honor of his reinstatement.

David Sutton was lunching at the Inn when a man shouted at him that David ruined his marriage and his whole life with his snooping. David was crestfallen as he told John and Greg that the man was right. He had been hired by the man's wife to investigate his activities because she suspected that he was having an affair. David found that he was, but knew that the man was ready to break it off. He told the wife and she used it to obtain a divorce. Greg said David was only doing his job and should not feel guilty becaus of it. Greg couldn’t understand why John didn’t give up his law practice and do something else as he could barely support his office.

David told Kathy Phillips that he was leaving Scott's firm as investigator and she suggested that he take the Bar exam and become a lawyer as he had intended to be. When he finished law school he wanted something exciting so he joined the FBI and then the United States Marshall's Office. He felt that he had been destroying lives and couldn’t stand the pressure any more. It had been eight years since he graduated and he wasn’t sure that he could pass. Kathy thought that he was very bright and with her help could take the upcoming exams in July. Kathy and Scott had a lot of faith in him.

As Liza was preparing to go home, she had a fainting spell and the x-rays showed that she had a hematoma that had to be relieved immediately before she suffered a stroke. Dr. Coulter asked Greg to consult and felt the surgical procedure he recommended would save valuable time, but Greg refused to assist. The hematoma is relieved, but they had to remove the temporal bone that had been badly fragmented. There was no chance of repairing it again and Liza was in no shape to replace it then. Plastic surgery was impossible for some time because of two such serious surgeries. It was almost certain that she would be disfigured. Informed of Liza's condition by Janet and her marital status by Liza herself, Woody told Liza he loved her.

Kathy wondered if the lack of a child of their own was hurting their marriage. She and Scott wanted to adopt Eric but only had him on a tentative basis.

Jo and Amy tried to show Bruce that the animosity he felt for Cindy was due to his fear that she would usurp some of Tori's love. Bruce was an orphan and felt the need for total family love.

The Young And The Restless

Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: John Conboy

Snapper Foster told his wife that he could still practice medicine in another hospital if they left the area, but since they only had temporary custody of Karen, they would not be able to take her out of the court's jurisdiction. He told Brock Reynolds that he couldn’t break Chris' heart. Brock suggested that there were many people who could use Snapper's knowledge and couldn’t afford hospitals. Snapper scouted the poor neighborhoods looking for an apartment where he could set up practice. He doubted Brock's idea when the only thing he could afford was a slum, but the word was passed quickly and people not only thanked him, but brought odds and ends to furnish the waiting room. Chris was taken aback by the filth, but could see this meant everything to Snapper. On their next visit, they found Liz scrubbing the floor. Chris asked her to tell Snapper what she said when Chris told her of Snapper's intentions. Hearing his mother say she was proud of him meant everything. Stuart Brooks offered to help Snapper set up. He was going to need medical supplies to stock his office. Before he accepted his father-in-law's help, he wanted to know what he thought of him. Stuart admitted that Snapper was an enigma; the hospital board offered to keep him if he would sign a statement saying that his stand on euthanasia was wrong. Snapper wouldn’t accept money under these circumstances.

David Mallory, a young man who received Bill Foster's eyes after his death, had been visiting the Foster family. He told Jill that her brother Greg would never leave home as long as she and her mother needed him. Her son, Phillip, also needed a father and he would like to help by marrying her. Jill tried to discourage him because she was afraid he might really fall in love later. Her intentions began to waiver when she thought about raising her son alone and she wasn’t sure she would ever find another man to love her.

Chris was mystified when Karen came home from pre-school with a stuffed bear, saying it was a birthday present. She asked the teacher to ask around since Karen said it was a secret. After Ron Becker visited Karen at school, he asked a community lawyer to help him regain custody of Karen. He admitted he had no idea which hospital his wife was taken to when she had her breakdown and claimed that he asked Chris to care for Karen because he had to leave town to get his head together. The lawyer advised Ron to leave Karen where she was because he had little chance of getting her back in court and she was better off with the Fosters. Karen's teacher called to apologize for being sharp on the playground with Mr. Foster. The description she gave didn’t fit Snapper, but did remind Chris of Ron Becker. Brock suggested she question Karen. After careful maneuvering, Chris came to the conclusion that Ron had been seeing Karen. Ron arrived, pounding on the door and begging Karen to have Chris let him in. Foolishly, Chris opened the door. She tried to make excuses when Ron wanted to take Karen out by himself. She managed to keep her at home, but Ron came on very strong, telling her he had been to see a lawyer. Terrified., Chris packed Karen's things to take her to the Brookses'. Ron called to calm Chris down so that he could get Karen. Chris agreed to meet him to talk about Karen and he played on her love for the child. He said he could see how much she had done for her and the lawyer had told him he didn’t have a case. She had become her mother but, as far as Karen was concerned, he was still her father and he would like to visit her. She conceded that Karen loved him but refused to have him in her home again. Chris wanted him to admit he raped Peggy in her apartment and Nancy was in the mental hospital where he sent her under another name so she wouldn't be found. Ron vowed he knew nothing and wanted Chris to take him to Nancy.

Vanessa Prentiss had found out that "In My Sister's Shadow” was written by Lorie and was about her relationship with Leslie. Vanessa pretended to accept Lorie's friendship, but used this book to disturb her. Lorie threw away Vanessa's copy only to come home and find another one. She had tried to convince herself this was a coincidence. She brought Vanessa a dress, asking her to join them when they entertained.

Lorie had asked her brother-in-law, Dr. Brad Eliot, who was returning to medicine through psychiatry since his blindness, to find a way to help Vanessa get rid of the scars she hid behind her veil. She remembered that Vanessa saw Dr. LaConda in Chicago and he told her that her heart condition was too bad to risk plastic surgery. Dr. LaConda had died, but his wife sent Vanessa's files to Brad since he was a doctor. They showed that Vanessa visited him ten years ago at Lance's insistence. Immediately after the fire she neither had the funds nor would she leave her small sons to have the operations. When he saw her, she had a heart condition, but it was so slight that there was very minimal risk. She disappeared for a year without telling anyone her whereabouts and then wrote Dr. LaConda that she would no longer need his services. He took this to mean that she had had the surgery performed elsewhere. Brad didn’t jump to conclusions, but Lorie was sure that Vanessa must have had the surgery and only wore the veil to hold on to Lance. Lorie had vowed to see what lay under Vanessa's veil.

Lance wanted to invite all of Lorie's family to the house and Vanessa agreed but insisted she would stay in her room. Jennifer Brooks was concerned that Lorie had not been to see her, but managed to make time to see Stuart at the office. She suggested they have a small gathering to meet Vanessa. Stuart was saddened when he realized that Jennifer's heart condition, which she insisted be kept a secret from him, left him in the position of not being able to discuss anything distressing with her. He couldn’t tell Jennifer that he knew Lorie was not his daughter. They didn’t have the closeness they had in the earlier years of their marriage.

At Jack Curtis' suggestion, Stuart took Peggy home because she was physically afraid to live with Jack, but feared her father's disfavor. Stuart set the annullment into action since the marriage was never consummated. Brock felt Joann, Jack's first wife, should know that Jack and Peggy had separated. Joann says she was not interested, and prayed that she could resist him. Jack called the house but Mrs. Chancellor told him that Joann wasn't interested in anything he had to say and was seeing someone else. Joann and Kay were preparing for their trip to Hawaii when Kay opened a letter from Jack to Joann. He took the blame for the problems in their marriage. Joann had been very giving and he had taken, but hated every moment of it. He invented reasons to dislike Joann because he felt guilty. He couldn't even accept her love because he didn't see that all she wanted in return was his love and affection. Kay decided she had to get Joann out of Genoa City before she saw Jack. Joann resisted because of tests at the University but gave in to Kay's distress. Brock had tried to tell Kay that others wouldn’t understand the love she had for Joann and if it went much farther, neither she nor Joann would be able to handle it because she was trying to replace Jack in Joann's life. Unable to stop her, he told Jack. Joann hated Jack for saying there might be more than friendship to Mrs. Chancellor's love but after he left, she told Kay she couldn’t go to Hawaii. She had thought they were best friends, but it was ruined then. Kay had to admit that she couldn’t say that something wouldn't happen on their vacation. Joann was moving because she couldn’t feel comfortable in Kay's home. Kay poured herself a drink, saying she had no reason to abstain. Everyone she had ever cared for had left her. Joann agreed to stay when Kay vowed not to drink as long as Joann remained with her.

Ron Becker denied knowing what caused Nancy's trauma, but his presence caused her to pummel him with her fists. - Ron caused Nancy's mental breakdown by admitting that he raped Peggy and announcing he was taking Karen away before Nancy became a bad influence on her. - Stuart Brooks learned Ron's whereabouts and he and Snapper demanded that he leave town. Ron's lawyer told him that the only possibility he had of getting Karen back was to help Nancy get well so they could be presented to the court as a family unit.

As Leslie Eliot was leaving for her last concert in Bermuda, she was bumped by a suitcase and a vague sensation sent her to the hospital where she was sure that she would be told the baby was fine. Leslie was admitted for observation since there was some spotting.

Leslie called for Lorie, but since she had gone for a walk, Lance went to the hospital. She knew how much this baby meant to Brad so she didn’t tell him where she was. Brad couldn’t get through to Bermuda because of tropical storms, but assumed the plane arrived safely when he phoned the airport. Lorie was determined to spend the night on Vanessa's terrace in order to prove she was correct, but was seen by Vanessa. She called Lorie despicable for lying and Lorie told her all that she had pieced together. She wouldn’t tell Lance, however, until she got Vanessa to remove the veil and show that her only scars were in her mind. Vanessa dropped the veil for Lorie.

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Thankyou @FrenchFan these are so great

Y&R - So I assume Peggy and Greg are gone at this point. No real mention (more mentions but no real scenes with either)

"Chris said he admitted he raped Peggy" I assume Bryna meant Chris wanted Ron to admit this as I am almost certain he never admits anything.

"Kay had to admit that she couldn’t say that something wouldn't happen on their vacation" I am going to just say it, Bell outed Kay as bisexual. Adds a layer to the Jill/Kay rivalry and Bell had mentioned previously he would have a gay or bisexual character if he thought the audience could handle it. I feel this was his way of doing it without doing it. I am also glad Jo doesn't seem to have disgust for Kay but is merely uncomfortable as she thought they were friends not potential lovers. The break-up sets up Derek nicely, much the same way Ralph Olsen did the previous year.

So does Liz never remember she pulled the plug? I actually thought she did, but it is actually interesting this way

Lorie and Vanessa are really starting to get into it at this point. Van having to show her face is the ultimate humiliation and leads to planning Lorie's doom. Loving it. 

I also love that Bell is bringing Lorie and Leslie so close, only to rip it all apart. It is great that he re-introduced the book a year before it had its full impact. These things didn't feel like they just came out of nowhere. The book is just sitting there like a time bomb

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Wow I had no idea that L&F was bumped out of the 12:30 slot and shifted to Somerset’s old 4PM slot after AW. Must have been either a last ditch effort to save the show or send it off quietly before putting it on hiatus. Always felt it would have benefited from being squeezed in between Days and AW but then again L&F didn’t exactly have glowing critical reviews (I remember someone at SOD really slammed the show tearing it to pieces in a VERY critical editorial after the show went on hiatus ). 

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2 hours ago, soapfan770 said:

Wow I had no idea that L&F was bumped out of the 12:30 slot and shifted to Somerset’s old 4PM slot after AW. Must have been either a last ditch effort to save the show or send it off quietly before putting it on hiatus. Always felt it would have benefited from being squeezed in between Days and AW but then again L&F didn’t exactly have glowing critical reviews (I remember someone at SOD really slammed the show tearing it to pieces in a VERY critical editorial after the show went on hiatus ). 

I don't believe that Lovers and Friends was ever shifted to 4pm

From an article at the time

NBC also said it would begin running Chico and the Man next Monday (May 9, 12:30 -1 p.m.), replacing new soap opera, Lovers and Friends (with 3.0 rating and 12 share in first 64 episodes), which "will go on a summer hiatus," according to NBC.

The Gong Show was scheduled at 4 pm all through 77, having been moved from 12.30 when L&F premiered.

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