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Look into the past - 1975


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On 4/13/2021 at 12:48 PM, BoldRestless said:

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but this Brooks sister triangle sounds so tedious! The one recurring theme in all the recaps I've read is no one is ever direct about their feelings and just says what they want. I know it's a soap but it drags on this way for years. There doesn't seem to be much action, just endless talking. And Chris is awfully dopey to just trust Nancy's word that it's not Ron making the calls considering all the other times she gave him the benefit of the doubt and was wrong. 


It's in stark contrast to the excitement of the Chancellor/Foster story, but maybe that's just my bias because those are the characters I grew up with.


JMHO, as someone who watched it all live, but I found the Brooks sisters' rivalries to be riveting when Janice Lynde played Leslie. Not so much when Victoria Mallory took over the role, because then the competition became unbalanced: Lorie was still fascinating but Leslie was colorless.


I also felt Trish Stewart was exceptionally gifted as Chris, and thanks to her talent, she could make anything work.


To me, 1973-78 were the most engrossing years of this show.

On 4/13/2021 at 9:56 PM, yrfan1983 said:

This time frame seems slightly more compelling, picturing Janice Lynde in the role of Leslie instead of Victoria Mallory. Though I think I’ve read comments from Janice that these types of stories are what motivated her to quit the show...


Loved this sentence! “Lorie realized Vanessa is in love with her son” whaaaa


Lynde said she quit the show? That's interesting. Y&R issued a statement at the time saying that "for reasons too complicated to go into," they did not renew her contract. Later, when asked about it in an interview, Lynde declined to discuss the specifics of her departure.

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2 hours ago, vetsoapfan said:


JMHO, as someone who watched it all live, but I found the Brooks sisters' rivalries to be riveting when Janice Lynde played Leslie. Not so much when Victoria Mallory took over the role, because then the competition became unbalanced: Lorie was still fascinating but Leslie was colorless.


I also felt Trish Stewart was exceptionally gifted as Chris, and thanks to her talent, she could make anything work.


To me, 1973-78 were the most engrossing years of this show.


Lynde said she quit the show? That's interesting. Y&R issued a statement at the time saying that "for reasons too complicated to go into," they did not renew her contract. Later, when asked about it in an interview, Lynde declined to discuss the specifics of her departure.

I had heard Conboy was convinced Lynde was grand standing during contract negotiation time by faking a back problem. Then because she had publicly talked about being unhappy with the show, Conboy was like if you don't want to be here go and she did. So I guess maybe it was more mutual but Conboy was ready to give her the pink slip anyway. 

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If it was Conboy's decision to show Lynde the door, I wonder how Bill Bell felt about that ? They said Bell would call Conboy in the control booth when he saw something he did not like and blast him. I wonder if they had an argument over this ? Conboy later tried to get CBS executives to remove Bell from his own show in the early 80's. 


Bell was pretty much over the Leslie character when Mallory took over. He focused more on Lorie. He also seemed to do the same with the Chris character when Trish Stewart departed. He never really knew what to do with Peggy. 

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12 hours ago, SoapDope said:

If it was Conboy's decision to show Lynde the door, I wonder how Bill Bell felt about that ? They said Bell would call Conboy in the control booth when he saw something he did not like and blast him. I wonder if they had an argument over this ? Conboy later tried to get CBS executives to remove Bell from his own show in the early 80's. 


Bell was pretty much over the Leslie character when Mallory took over. He focused more on Lorie. He also seemed to do the same with the Chris character when Trish Stewart departed. He never really knew what to do with Peggy. 

It's hard to know. Bell must have had some agency here, but maybe he stayed out of hiring and firing. I honestly feel like Lynde would have left anyway. She did not seem happy and was even less happy that her schedule was so full that she could no longer be let out to do other things as often as she used to. Possibly Conboy talked it over with Bell, but made it seem more Janice's idea than his? 


I agree he had a lot less interest in Leslie when Janice left and she became almost a plot device to keep Lorie in the throws of drama. 

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In hindsight, Bill could have given Leslie and Brad a happy ending and written them both off (considering Tom Hallick departed a little later also) 

Then have Lorie go full steam with Lance.Vanessa and later Lucas.

If he wanted, a recast Leslie could have returned (divorced/widowed) and been tossed into that story.Or maybe, Janice might have agreed to return.

If it was a recast it might have been more palatable to have some distance between Lynde's portrayal and the new Leslie.

Considering that they were dealing with a new Snapper and a new Greg, just dropping Les for a while could have been a good move.

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And finally a 2nd year is complete ! 1975 and 1976 ! Should I get into 1977 ?




All My Children


Written by: Agnes Nixon

Produced by: Bud Kloss


As Ruth Martin was packing to move back home from the apartment she had shared with her son Philip during her separation from her husband Joe and the rest of the Martin family, she admired the uniform Philip was wearing in preparation for his graduation from the Police Academy later that day. Philip's happiness at having found a career which he loved and his plans to marry Tara in the holiday season was tempered by having to tell Ruth that little Philip wasn't too excited about having Phil live with him and his mother. He told Ruth that he felt his own son was turning against him. - Philip Brent had always been "Uncle Phil" to little Philip. When Phil was missing and presumed dead in Vietnam, Tara Martin, pregnant with Philip's child, married Chuck Tyler, Phil's best friend, who offered to raise the child as his own and had done so for all the years of the boy's life. After Phil's marriage to Erica Kane Brent broke up, Chuck learned that Tara and Phil had resumed their love affair. He obtained a divorce, but because little Philip's acute asthmatic attacks were judged to be psychosomatic in origin, obtained Tara and Philip's promise that he not be told the full story of his parentage as he was having difficulty adjusting to the breakup and should not be subjected to further stress. - In the days that followed, little Philip walked out of the house to stay at the home of a friend when he saw his mother kissing Phil: spent Christmas Eve with Kate Martin; insisted to his mother that he wanted to stay, during her honeymoon trip, with his "daddy" Chuck; and refused to consider buying a Christmas present for his uncle Phil.


Chuck Tyler’s ward, Donna Beck, was enjoying her first Christmas with a sense of family. When she was turned down for a job at the local five and ten cent store because the manager recognized her, Donna despaired to the extent of considering returning to Center City with her friend Estelle to take up where she'd left off as a hustler with the man who replaced Ty – jailed, after his attack on Chuck - as her pimp. Time, and the concern of her new friends brought her out of it, and Donna impulsively invited Dr. Frank Grant to dinner and tree decorating on Christmas Eve.


Caroline Murry, Donna’s roommate had just turned thumbs down on Frank's proposal to share a holiday meal, but she told Donna afterwards that she was glad that Frank accepted Donna's invitation. - At the urging of Chuck Tyler and Caroline, Frank flew to Chicago to see his estranged wife. Arriving without notice he was answered at Nancy's apartment by a man who told him that he was a co-worker and friend of his wife's and as Nancy had to work overtime she had given him her keys to await her arrival as they planned to have dinner together. Frank refused to wait to see Nancy and returned to Pine Valley. He told Chuck and Caroline that he was convinced that the man he saw was Nancy's lover and even if that was not true he considered his marriage over. Frank told Caroline that he did not even really feel jealous. He said he was relieved not to have to worry about his feelings toward Caroline and tried to convince her this meant they could feel free to enjoy as much time together as they could. - When Frank arrived with presents for Donna and Caroline, he told Caroline that the bottom line was that he and Nancy were through; that he had had a letter from Nancy in which she admitted dating that guy.


Jeff Martin arrived home for Christmas and, at Kate and Joe's urging, agreed to spend the holidays at the Martin home rather than returning to the apartment he shared with his wife before her death.


David Thornton had overheard Dr. Christina Karras talking aloud in her office, though she was obviously alone. He would not be put off by her and insisted that she was troubled and if she would not share her distress with him as an old friend that she should seek some kind of help and counseling. Christina replied that she kept his secret that he was an accomplished surgeon though working as a hospital aide and insisted that he return the favor by not mentioning the episode to anyone. When once more David urged Christina to speak with a psychiatrist or a minister about what was troubling her she told him: “David, for the last time, if you value my friendship let's leave this alone.” David's answer was a definite no. He added that he was sorry but that he cared too much about her to promise. David told Dr. Charles Tyler that he was having trouble adjusting to his new career as a surgeon at Pine Valley hospital and asked for a six week leave of absence, telling Charles that he planned to go to San Francisco - where he knew Christina and her late father, a reknowned surgeon.-


Dr. Karras had sent for Paul Martin and told him that she was considering removing herself as pediatrician to his beautiful brain-damaged infant daughter because she believed that his wife Anne would eventually seek another doctor as she disagreed with Christina's evaluation and advice. Paul urged her to stay on the case as Anne had great respect for her. After hearing that Anne had refused Kate's offer to baby-sit with her granddaughter and did not plan to attend Tara and Phil's wedding because she refused even to trust Beth to a trained nurse, Christina offered to sit with the child herself for the occasion and Anne gratefully accepted.


Meantime, Beth’s maternal grand-mother Phoebe Tyler was thrown into a panic on hearing from Erica that Kitty was showing the picture of her mother to all and sundry and Kate Martin seemed to be next. - The photograph was of Myrtle Lum, a woman hired by Phoebe to impersonate Mrs. Carpenter, the mother who abandoned Kitty as a child. As she was about to be exposed as a fraud by Mona Kane, Mrs. Lum professed a genuine love for Kitty and promised to disappear from Kitty's life if allowed to without causing her further heartache. As Kitty believed her mother to have a weak heart she was easily led to believe that her mother died of natural causes, happy at having spent her last days with Kitty. Threatened with exposure as the originator of the plot to separate Kitty and her son Lincoln, Phoebe Tyler had to allow the "death" of her creation. - In desperation Phoebe went to Kitty's and took the picture away with her frame and all, only to find the following day when confronted with an accusing and angry Mona who threatened to call the police, that the picture was missing from the frame.


This las tcomplication was too much for Mona who confessed her part in the deception to Charles. Dr. Tyler was stunned by Phoebe's deviousness but insisted that he did not blame Mona as she did what she could to spare Kitty further pain. All were unaware that Phoebe's niece Brooke English, having taken the picture out of its frame for a closer look, inadvertantly closed it into an English book which she subsequently returned to Dan Kennicott, a guest in Kate Martin's house.


Nick Davis fired Erica as hostess of the Chateau when she left for the day without notice to look for a modelling job in New York, forcing him to miss the ceremonies of his son Philip's graduation. When Erica learned that she was the subject of gossip and resentment in modelling circles and couldn’t count on steady employment she returned to Pine Valley. Erica offered to run the Boutique for Anne, but Kitty, her marriage plans to Linc shelved for the time being, had just been given the position and Anne made it clear to Erica that she had no intention of making any other arrangements. Mona finally prevailed upon Nick for the sake of their friendship and out of consideration of Erica's competence for the job to rehire her.


Nick was annoyed and, in turn, amused by Erica's pretense to Philip that she had taken back her job as a favor to Nick but when Erica sobbed in rage and frustration that she hated the holidays, Nick held her and told her he understood that she was a child crying out for the Christmases she never had.


Phoebe Tyler ranted at Chuck when she heard he intended to wish Phil well on his wedding day, that Phil stole her grandson's wife and drove his son into a terrible illness. She predicted that any marriage founded on a broken home was doomed to fail. After seeing Philip, Chuck got a call from a frantic Tara who told him that she and Joe found little Philip's skateboard deliberately smashed - with a hatchet - and the boy was missing.


Chuck rushed over to Tara's where Philip had called the police and while Chuck and Phil searched, Tara got a call from Brooke English, the boy turned up at the Tyler mansion. Once again Phil had to take a back seat as Chuck and Tara went over together to pick up the boy.


Little Philip insisted that he didn't run away, just came to see his daddy. Tara told him that he had no right to be out in the cold and it heavy traffic. The boy admitted deliberately smashing the skateboard, saying he asked for one for Christmas but not that one. When he was told to get dressed for the wedding, he said he was not going. Tara, upset, said, "If you don't go to the wedding, there can't be any wedding.' The boy's answer to that was, "Then don't have wedding."


Tara agreed with Philip and her father that it was unwise to consider postponing the wedding and allowing little Philip to exert this kind of pressure on her. She and Phil went ahead with the ceremony as planned. As Philip an Tara took their vows, Anne was conscious ofcon ceiling cries from Beth in her head and left the chapel. Paul followed her. She told him she had to leave … she felt strongly that the baby was in danger and asked if he was coming or if she had drive herself. She rushed out of the church followed by Paul.


Another World


Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch


Complications were collecting fast in the infinite divorce proceedings between John and Pat Randolph. The latest restraint was Olive Gordon. This unscrupulous, money-hungry woman stopped at nothing when she had got greed on her mind. - She arrived in Bay City paid by Willis Frame to break up the romance between her estranged husband Ray and Alice Frame. The plot fell through, Willis was fired and had subsequently turned over a new leaf on life, but Olive remained a menace to all who came in contact with her. She was hired by John and he was blindly falling into her trap. - Pat's aunt, Liz Matthews had promoted a Randolph reconciliation and read Olive for what she was. Olive hid nothing when Liz suggested Olive was in pursuit of John, promising to fight harder for a brighter future in Bay City. Although her intentions were for the betterment of the family, Liz's unthoughtful and tactless interference kept her relatives in a constant turmoil. Since Jim Matthews ordered her from his house, Liz moved in on Pat. Cherishing her privacy, Pat finally insisted on Liz's departure. Stalling to stay, Liz sidetracked Pat, mentioning John's growing relationship with Olive. Liz claimed the divorce action was throwing Olive right into John's arms.


Pat’s romance with Dave Gilchrist was on rocky ground also, as Pat couldn’t wholly free herself from John's clutches. With Liz's prompting, Pat had warned John of Olive's intentions and had even gone so far as to delay the divorce, her stand being she was protecting her children from Olive's influence. Dave found it unbelievable that Pat could allow herself to be so overprotective of two grown children. Michael Randolph had forewarned his father also, sensing Olive was taking John for a ride. John was defensive to his family's accusations but sensitive to Olive's phoney pleas for pity because of everyone's incriminations. Olive was delighted with John's support of her.


Having agreed on a divorce settlement with Ray, Olive had to honor the terms and depart to California to raise their two sons before the $50,000 payment was hers. Before she went, she saw Pat and left her shaken by her allusions to win John's affections. Willis prepared Pat for what Olive was capable of, revealing his connections with her and her attempt to blackmail him.


Alice, her adopted daughter Sally - who was also Ray's natural niece - and Ray celebrated the divorce with Jim and Beatrice - Sally's natural grandmother -. Their celebration was premature, however, as Olive arrived bearing gifts. - With plans of marriage to Ray, Alice had $50,000 of Frame Enterprise's money assigned to Ray to aid his divorce settlement. Her father advised her against it hoping she wouldn’t regret her action later on. –


While Pat and John had continued with their bitter separation, Michael had turned to Molly Ordway for affection. Molly's reputation in Bay City had been marred by her frequent flirtations with the boys she knew. She was the niece of Alice's late husband, hailing from a small town environment in Chadwell, and had been allowed to remain in Bay City living with Alice to receive a college education while babysitting Sally for Alice. Beatrice had intervened and called Molly's parents informing them of her lustful nature, mentioning the incident when Iris Carrington discovered Mike and Molly had spent the night together while Alice was out of town. - Iris' motives were to spread this damaging gossip around town to halt Molly's associa-ion with her son, Dennis. - Beatrice's phone call had upset all the Matthewses. Molly's father Bert had notified Alice and Molly that he wanted his daughter to return to Chadwell immediately. Before Alice could arrange this, Mike and Molly ran away. Pat was distressed from worry; John was furious that Pat hadn't told him - Liz did -; Marianne was disgusted that her brother was dominated by the likes of Molly: Alice was concerned over Molly and Mike's whereabouts; Sharlene and Willis wanted Molly safe and would take over their niece's custody; and Jim had admonished Beatrice for using Liz's rationale to interfere in people's lives. He relayed that her obsessive concern for Sally led her to do stupid things!


Since Mike and Molly's love jaunt, Sharlene arranged a meeting between Molly and Alice. To curb Alice's disappointment in her, Molly promised to behave herself. Shortly after, she and Mike were caught in the same situation in Marianne's apartment. Trapped by her father's orders, Molly wanted to leave Bay City, Mike wouldn’t let her go alone. They got as far as Ogden and stayed in a motel while Mike got a temporary construction job. They were both surprised by Willis' arrival, he had come to take them home, promising Molly he had convinced her father to let her remain in Bay City, under his and Sharlene's watchful eye.


Mike realized his mother was worried and took Willis' suggestion to call her. Pat, remorseful, couldn’t be happy unless her children were, and regretted putting herself first, causing Michael to do this with Molly.


While Willis gave Mike and Molly time to discuss their return to Bay City, they convinced each other that marriage was the only way to keep Molly in Bay City. Willis at first was reluctant, but then agreed to witness the ceremony. Angie Perrini joined them, catching the bridal bouquet from the happy bride.


Back in Bay City, Pat acceptsed the marriage with mixed emotions. She was upset at the abruptness of their decision but respected Mike's maturity and accepted Molly as his wife. John was not as calm. He reacted with violent anger, he would neither accept nor condone the marriage. Olive saw this as a perfect opportunity to tighten her reigns on John. She persuaded him to give his approval to Mike. He instantly agreed, offering to pay for Mike's education as a wedding gift and opening his home to Mike and Molly to live with him. Mike was hesitant at first, but accepted, agreeing to turn over a new leaf with his dad.


During a cozy celebration dinner between John, Olive and the newlyweds, Pat arrived and was stunned to see Olive quite a part of her family. Pat had surprised everyone concerned with her final decision to drop the divorce, especially Olive. Olive went to work from another angle then. She had told Ray, Jeff and even Alice, she would set Ray free if they coumd give her John's freedom from Pat in return! Their reaction: Ray was disgusted, Alice threatened to expose Olive if she got away with it, and Jeff might help only because his fee was in Olive's possession and she wouldn’t relinquish his share until she got what she wanted.


Dave tried once again to penetrate Pat's protective barrier of John, but failed. His thoughts on the subject he sumed up to Rachel "Pat is sacrificing herself to save St. John from the dragon lady." Marianne, with her aunt Liz's support, took her complaints about Mike and Molly to Pat. Pat warned Marianne she'd better give them a chance or she would lose her brother’s affections. Stubborn, Marianne wouldn’t do it, ignoring Molly every chance she got. Mike and Molly remained happy, planning to set out on their own with Mike working part-time for Alice, continuing his education and Molly taking care of Sally for Alice while living in her home.


Pat had confused everyone, not ever John could comprehend her motives for dropping the divorce suit. He questioned her reasons, and was furious that Olive was the underlying holdup to Pat. He replied that the children would give Olive fair shake even with Pat's disapproval of her Olive was fast moving in, overindulging John, Mike and Marianne and fooling all but Pat.


A new car as a wedding gift was accepted enthusiastically by Molly, who had always been impressed by material effects, but rejected by Mike. John finally convinced him to accept it as a joint gift from Olive and himself. Jeff Stone saw through Olive, warning her even John would become suspicious of her motives to snag him if she continued to be so blatant about how she did it.


Molly told Marianne as it was — she was a snob, wanted to run everyone's life and she was making herself miserable because of it.


Clarice Hobson had adjusted to motherhood well, combining a part-time job typing for John Randolph's law firm and being home to take care of her infant son Cory. Since Mac and Rachel's separation, she had had to postpone Cory's christening, as Mac, Cory's namesake, was out of town. Both attorneys, Jeff Stone and Scott Bradley had frequented the McGowan home where Clarice resided, befriending Clarice, although her only interest then seemed to be in raising her son.  Jeff had made his feelings for Clarice readily apparent by giving her his mother's necklace. Clarice was caught completely off guard by this gesture of affection.


Forced to choose, Rachel Cory had elected to forfeit her career in order to save he marriage. Put to the ultimate test, Mac followed through on his threat to leave Rachel if she accepted a college teaching job. Unable to exist without Rachel, Mac returned to hear Rachel's promise that she had relinquished her sculpting career so that she could devote her time fully to Mac. Mac, in a moment of haste, made love to Gwen Parish, the woman he recently hired as architect for the Cory complex. Before he would allow himself a homecoming, Mac confessed his affair to Rachel. He describes his adventure as a blind, destructive impulse that meant nothing to Gwen or himself. Mac felt he had betrayed himself as well as Rachel, and was sick at the thought of his deed. Rachel received this news with great anguish releasing her pain by hurling books furiously and smashing Mac's picture. Mac would wait at his suite at the Bayview Towers until Rachel could forgive him and accept him back.


Ken Palmer, Rachel’s tutor who had already confessed his love to her, convinced Rachel to return to her sculpture to rid her sorrow for the unresolved problems in her marriage.


Rachel confided in her mother, Ada McGowan. Ada was not shocked by Mac's infidelity. Rachel felt that her separation from her husband Mac was permanent. She was beginning to arrange her day and her budget around her own income. She had decided to let Beatrice go, and perhaps Brooks. She had been doing her own cooking and cleaning. Rocky would stay on as the stable-master. Beatrice was stunned at being dismissed. The effect it was having on her seemed rather eerie. She had been making noises about having all her grandchildren together. With Ray's children in California and Sally in Bay City, there seemed to be only one way to get them together—take Sally to California to see them. Beatrice booked a flight to California for one adult and one child under the name of Maxine Gardner. She was kidnapping Sally!


When Ray and Alice returned home and saw that Sally was missing, Alice was overwrought. It soon became apparent that Beatrice had abducted Sally. Against their better wishes, Ray and Alice realized that the police had to be called in. Ray hated to have the police and the FBI searching for his mother, but kidnapping was a crime, and all his efforts to locate Bea and Sally had resulted in dismal failure. The family tried to rally 'around Alice, but all the comforting in the world could only do minimal good. Sally too, missed her mother Alice, and didn’t understand why Beatrice didn’t want her to get in touch with either Ray or Alice. Sally wisely feigned illness to get Beatrice out of their motel room. She then called Alice and told her where she was. Ray and Alice were overjoyed to hear her voice again, and they all agreed that Beatrice should not be told that her whereabouts were no longer secret. Ray and Alice made plans to leave at once to get Sally and bring her back home where she belonged.


Willis went to Alice as soon as he heard what had happened and offered his help. Alice agreed to let him run the firm while she and Ray were so concerned about Sally. Everyone at Frame Enterprises found Willis' sudden attack of niceness extremely suspect, thus making it very hard for him to function.


By the time Ray and Alice arrived at Beatrice and Sally's motel room, Beatrice had already made the decision to return Sally to Alice. Beatrice realized that she was trying to use Sally as a replacement for her dead daughter Jenny. Too late, Beatrice realized her error. When Ray and Alice talked, they both agreed to forgive Beatrice. Beatrice, however, was reluctant to forgive herself. She didn’t want to return to Bay City. She was convinced that everyone would be against her.


Keith Morrison was furious when he learned from Mac that Iris had suggested that perhaps he shouldn't continue to live in the Cory house, as Mac had moved out. Iris had suggested that perhaps some not-so-nice things were going on between Keith and Rachel that could cause people to talk. Keith had really begun to care for Iris, but her latest maliciousness had turned him against her. He left Bay City to join his mother. He was uncertain as to whether or not he would return.


Rachel continued to say that she loves Mac, but is still unable to accept his adulterous acts with Gwen Parish. Every time Mac went to talk to Rachel and she rebuffed him, he went back to Gwen for another hop into the bed. He didn’t seem to be doing such a great job of proving to Rachel that he loved her. Ken Palmer was pleased that Rachel and Mac had split up, and wasted little time in vowing his love for her. Rachel, however, was not interested. As angry and as hurt as she had been by Mac, she maintained that she could love no other man. Little Cory was christened but Mac and Rachel spent the day apart.


Alice told her father Jim about Beatrice's return and about Olive linking her divorce from Ray, to John's divorce from Pat. Jim thought that John should be warned about Olive's plans and promised to talk to him. Before doing anything though, Jim wanted to talk to Beatrice. Since she wanted to leave Bay City, Ray had suggested that he get her a small house in California so that she could look after Ray and Olive’s sons.


Rachel's son, Jamie, had misconstrued her mother’s friendship with Dave Gilchrist. Jamie thought that Dave's visits to Rachel meant more than they did. He didn’t realize that Dave only saw Rachel because they were both apart from the people they loved. There was only friendship between Rachel and Dave, but Jamie had voiced his suspicions to Marianne. She was unaware of the rift between Pat and Dave, and was convinced that he was cheating on her mother. In one sense Marianne was pleased about the news because she didn’t want her mother with Dave anyway; but on the other hand, she didn’t want her mother hurt.


Molly went to see her sister-in-law Marianne in an effort to mend their fences, but Marianne refused to have any part of Molly. Marianne insisted that Molly had trapped Michael into a marriage that he would soon regret.


Iris was so upset about Keith leaving Bay City, that she took an unexpected trip out of town. Iris' son Dennis asked Mac to move into their house while Iris was gone and Mac agreed. Rachel's mother Ada went to Mac to plead with him to save his marriage. Ada suggested that while Mac was waiting for Rachel to make all the conces-sions, she might just find someone eke. Mac decided to try again with his wife in the hopes that she would take him back.


Many of the people who loved Mike and cared about his happiness with Molly were up in arms against Olive. News of her expensive gifts had reached those who knew her best, and everyone tried to warn Molly against Olive, but Molly would listen to no criticism of her new friend.


Beatrice had made her final break with Jim. She and Ray had gone to California. Ray was setling her in a house so she could take care of his sons. Alice was ansious for Ray to return home. She missed him very much.


Sharlene was over the moon when Russ was finally able to make love to his wife again. After trying to reconcile again with her brother Willis, Sharlene was hoping she would become pregnant.


As The World Turns


Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Willmore


Donald Hughes and Grant Colman both realized that the animosity they felt for each other was ridiculous, but neither could put the past behind him. The Hughes family was upset that Donald had become involved with Joyce Colman, but Nancy was making a special effort to be nice to Joyce for Donald's sake. Lisa Colman, Grant’s wife, was also concerned about the relationship and decided to take things into her own hands by inviting Donald and Mary Ellison to dinner. Donald and Grant agreed to make a conscious effort to settle their problems at the office, and Donald thought that this prompted Lisa's dinner invitation. Nancy warned Lisa that she had better tell Donald that Mary was to be his dinner partner, but Lisa kept making excuses to herself not to. That evening Donald made it very dear to Grant that he would get his own dates without any help from them. Grant told Lisa that she might have endangered his new relationship with Donald because of her scheme.


Joyce asked Bob if they could have dinner after the hospital Christmas party. Bob said he thought she only asked these things to cause trouble between him and his brother Donald. Joyce explained that she would hope that Donald could join them.


Tom Hughes was very concerned about Carol Stallings as she had found out that her husband Jay had been unfaithful with Tom's ex-wife, Natalie, and asked him to move out. Tom was afraid that Carol would be able to see that he still loved her very much. Natalie didn’t make it easy for Carol or Jay. Carol went to see Dick Martin about filing for her divorce from Jay. Dick recommended a try at reconciliation, but Carol said this was not the first time he was unfaithful. Both times she was out of town he had an affair with Natalie. She said if Jay had been in love she could have understood, but he swore it meant nothing. Carol agreed to think it over, but said it wouldn't change her mind. Carol had gone back to work at the bookstore part-time and thought that she might make it a full-time job later.


Natalie inventie all sorts of reasons to see Jay just so she could be near him. Jay told her that he didn’t love her and asked her to resign her job at Kramer Real Estate and leave town. Natalie refused. Jay called Gar Kramer and asked him to fire her. He reminded Gar that he could take business from him if he refused. Natalie stomped into Jay's office, furious that he had tried to have her fired. She said that Gar couldn’t do without her then, but felt she should know what Jay had asked. Jay said that he had asked her to leave town himself, but had to take matters into his own hands when she refused because while she was in town, she ruined his chances of getting Carol back. Natalie said even if she lost her job she wouldn't leave town and he was just afraid he might succumb to her wiles, having to work with her so closely. Jay vowed that Gar Kramer would be sorry he didn't fire her. Natalie was shaking when she left Jay's office and ran into Joyce, who insisted she needed a cup of coffee and a friend. Joyce had figured out that Natalie was the other woman in Jay's life. Natalie admitted that she loved him desperately.


Jay visited Carol at the bookstore after he heard she had been to see Dick Martin. Carol said Dick made her wait and Jay said this would give them time to work things out. Carol said Jay should make no mistake about the fact that she was going to divorce him. Jay knew that his secretary, Laurie, was a good friend of Carol's and asked her to help him find an expensive Christmas gift for Carol. He was not sure what he wanted except that it should mean something special.


Tom Hughes and Annie Stewart had decided to let Dee Stewart and Beau Spencer think they were interested in each other so that Beau would not push himself on Annie. Dee had come to care very much for Beau, and Annie was afraid of her reaction should Beau jilt her. This worked very well until Tom became so concerned with Carol that Dee noticed Annie and Tom weren’t seeing each other very much. Annie had to tell her that they weren't serious and this got relayed to Beau. He confronted Annie with this, telling her that he realized that this was all a sham to keep him away. Annie admitted this and the fact that she was attracted to him, but it ended there because she would do nothing to hurt her sister. Beau agreed but said he didn’t have the same feeling for Dee that she had for him and he woumd start letting her down easily by only seeing her once a week. Annie became concerned when Beau seemed to disappear, causing Dee to mope around, not taking an interest in anything. Beau showed up and they had several dates in a row. Dee was full of plans for the holidays. She had three term papers to do, but she and Beau planned to see some movies, attend some parties and go skiing. She invited Annie along instead of spending the holidays with her nose stuck in a book.


When Beau’s family arranged for him to fly to Boston to spend the holidays with them, his only regret was that he wouldn’t be seeing Annie. She was mad because he broke his promise to stop seeing Dee, especially when she found that it was only an excuse to see her.


Dan Stewart and Valerie Conway had agreed to have a small wedding at Valerie's farmhouse on December 10th. Valerie had ordered simple flowers and food. She had taken Betsy and Emmy shopping for new dresses, but they ran into Susan Stewart, Emmy's mother and Dan's ex-wife, who became furious at the sight of Valerie with Emmy. Susan couldn’t stand the idea of Dan marrying Valerie. She had hopes of getting Dan back herself, but rather than see him marry Valerie, she threw him and Kim Dixon together again. Susan told Kim several weeks ago that she arranged for Dan not to receive Kim's message that she had her memory back and still loved him the night he left for South America the year before. Kim thought this all over and decided not to hurt Valerie, since Dan was no longer interested in her. Susan waited for Kim to tell Dan, but finally told him herself, just days before the wedding. When questioned, Kim admitted she left the message for him. Dan told Valerie what Susan had told him and how confused he was. Valerie agreed to give Dan some time to get everything straight in his mind. She would take care of everything else, but asked if Ellen, Dan's mother, would tell the guests that the wedding had been postponed. There was much speculation in Oakdale as to why the wedding had been postponed.


David suggested that his son talk to Kim again to better understand the situation. This time Kim said that she didn't tell him because she didn't want to hurt Valerie and wouldn't change anything even though she loved him and always had. Dan told Kim that he loved her and only tried to deny it because he thought she was lost to him. They agreed that in spite of everything they belonged together.


Then came the hard part. Valerie had been waiting on pins and needles to hear from Dan. Sandy Garrison and Kevin Thompson had been seeing a lot of one another and seemed to be happier as Kevin was no longer haunted by Susan Stewart. But several times Kevin had to break dates with Sandy to comfort his friend Valerie. Kevin suggested that they spend Christmas at his cabin, but Sandy was flying to California to see her son and father. Dan had a hard time telling Valerie and she didn’t make it easy for him. She wanted to blame Susan, but Dan said he could have chosen not to believe Susan.


Valerie was so hurt that she had to let Susan know how she felt. David told her that it wouldn’t help anything and could only hurt her, but Valerie insisted. Susan was glad to hear that she succeeded in stopping the wedding. Unable to bear the thought of Christmas in Oakdale, Valerie left town, asking Kevin to deliver her presents to Betsy and Emmy.


John Dixon was still hoping to win Kim back as they had the baby in common. He was tense when he heard that the wedding had been postponed. Hearing from Pat Holland that the wedding had been called off, John was sure that Susan had told Dan what happened months ago and that his chances were lost. He visited Kim to see what he could find out, hoping she didn’t find out that he knew all along. He paled at the thought that Dan might be raising his son.


Carol didn’t feel comfortable enough to attend Frannie's birthday party on Christmas Eve, but did enjoy a late evening walk with Tom to view all the holiday lights. They remembered holidays in the past when they were married.


Jay brought Carol a gift and asked her not to open it until Christmas morning. When Carol returned to work she asked Jay to see her. He hoped that she had reconsidered getting a divorce and wanted to ask him to come back to the apartment. Carol returned Jay's gift, saying she couldn’t accept such expensive jewelry. He asked her to put it away if she couldn’t wear it just at the moment, but Carol refused.


Joyce Colman was looking for someone she could take her anger out on after she heard that Mary was Don's dinner partner at Lisa's. She accused Mary of helping to arrange it. Grant apologized again and was glad to hear that Don didn’t hold him responsible. Lisa tried to explain things to Don, but he said he would pick his own dates and they could still be friends if she accepted things as they were and not try to change them.


Valerie had returned to Oakdale and wais trying to sort things out. She couldn’t get it out of her mind that Susan said Kim knew Susan was in bad enough shape to tell Dan. She asked Dick Martin if he still had a client interested in buying the farm. Kim told Dan that she was not mad or sad and acted as if nothing had happened. She loved the farm, but was selling it.


Days Of Our Lives


Written by: Pat Falken Smith

Produced by: Betty Corday


Phyllis Anderson Curtis, while trying to lift a drunk Neil into bed, started into early labor and delivered a 26 week infant son. Everyone tried to boost Phyl's spirits about the baby's chances, noting medicine had come a long way in treating and understanding the needs of premature babies. Aware of his part in the premature birth of his son, Neil tried to help Phyl by giving her a stuffed lamb for the baby. Neil had recently discovered that his mother, whom he thought was dead, deserted his father Nathan and him. Nathan explained that he didn't want a child and demanded his wife abort or lose him. Neil's mother tried to abort herself, resulting in Neil's premature birth. His mother was in pain from then on. In those days Nathan was a boozer and a gambler. Finally, Nathan's neglect sent her away. She left Neil because she felt Nathan could take better care of him than she could. Neil asked why Nathan didn't place him in an orphanage? Nathan replied simply that he loved Neil.


The night of Neil's binge, he had made a pass at his step-daughter, Mary Anderson. Since that time, Mary had been having dreams of Neil and her. Mary took her problem to Dr. Laura Horton, who reassured her by telling Mary that sexual abstinence released frustration in dreams. Mary said the dreams were always about a man she despised. Laura reminded Mary that hate was akin to love.


Julie Williams, having lost a baby last winter, told Mary that it was important to let Phyl believe the baby had a chance. Neil tried to relieve some of Phyl's anxiety by describing plans for a play-yard, claiming to have already ordered the equipment. - Neil didn't want this child, feeling a child would prevent the swinging lifestyle he'd imagined having with Phyl, who was older. - Mary was also fighting to overcome her resentment at no longer being Phyl's only child, although the potential pain to Phyl if the baby died would be great, since she had already lost a son while married to Bob Anderson. Mary found Neil in front of the nursery. He told her, "I'm standing here willing the baby to live." Phyl suggested they name the baby after Nathan. Neil agreed and Nathan was ecstatic.


Amanda and Greg Peters dropped by after returning from their honeymoon. Amanda told Phyl, 'We each followed our own hearts and it turned out right for everyone." - Neil married Phyl on the rebound when his wedding to Amanda fell through. Later, Neil wanted to resume their affair, but Amanda would have none of it, especially after learning of Phyl's pregnancy. - Neil spent much time at the nursery window. Phyl told Amanda that if her son died, she would lose a son and a husband. She could accept Neil's love for Amanda, if their son could make them a family. Amanda swore she loved and was happy with Greg. She realized then that Neil was only an obsession.


Baby Nathan went into respiratory failure. The doctors began to work. Neil realized how much he needed his son. He then reassured Phyl. Baby Nathan died. Phyl took the news hard, refusing to believe the baby she only saw twice and never held was dead. Her ex-husband, Bob, sought out by Mary, told Phyl she had to accept the baby's death or go through the same kind of torture as Julie. Finally, Bob got through, then reminded her Neil needed her to deal with his grief. Phyl appeared to accept her son's death, and upon her release from the hospital, entered into preparations for Christmas with enthusiasm. Neil, however, found it difficult to accept; Mary was devastated, having no faith that Neil would be able to give Phyl support. Amanda got to Neil by reminding him that he should follow Phyl's lead so that Mary, at least, would have a Christmas.


Mary’s present confusion was compounded the night baby Nathan died. Mary found Bob having dinner with Brooke Hamilton. Mary had always been hostile to Brooke, whose lies helped destroy Bob's marriage to Julie. Brooke asked Mary when she was going to stop running her parents' lives. Mary confessed confusion at Bob's treatment of Brooke, considering Brooke embezzled $10,000 from him. Brooke taunted Mary with her job at Bob's plant, then asked if Mary had ever considered that she – Mary - might not be the only Anderson child. - Brooke was Bob's illegitimate daughter by the late Adele Hamilton. Bob and Brooke knew, but neither knew the other knew. - Brooke told Mary Bob and her mother knew each other years ago. Mary asked if it was true that Bob was really her father. Brooke replied, ''My sugar daddy." Horrified, Mary left. Later that night, Mary asked Brooke again if it was true. Brooke, touched by Nathan's death and trouble her friend Trish was having, too it back, reminding Mary everyone knew she was a notorious liar. Brooke explained that when she was hurt, she lashed out. She denied Bob was her father. Bob avoided enlightening Mary, who questioned him obliquely, aware of the antagonism between the two girls.


Mary observed Brooke thanking Bob enthusiastically for her Christmas present, a gorgeous coat. Mary reminded Bob he never gave her such a coat, then demanded to know why Bob gave Brooke such an expensive present. Bob replied that Brooke needed a coat. Again Mary obliquely asked if Brooke was her half-sister and Bob evaded.


David Banning was upset because his girlfriend Valerie Grant wouldn’t accept his engagement ring. She believed some lies Brooke told her about a night David spent with Brooke recently. Trish Clayton, upon whose shoulder he was crying, called Val, telling her, "When you lose the man you love, a handful of pride isn't much consolation." Valerie accepted David's ring. Later, Valerie asked David's grandmother, Alice Horton, how she felt about having a black grand-daughter-in-law. Alice replied that she had searched her heart and had to admit doubts. Alice felt Valerie and David hadn't faced the problems an interracial marriage would bring. Alice asked if David and Val were planning to have children. Valerie replied affirmatively, adding, "Our kids will be born into a new world." Alice agreed that the world changed, but added that change came slowly. Valerie asked if she and David should let others' fears stand in their way? Alice replied, "Other people's fear can become your pain."


Valerie told David she didn’t know if she had enough trust. She didn’t want to be a tease who would drive a man to another woman. She suggested they make love. David refused, saying he could wait, and he didn’t want to upset her mother any more than they had. Helen Grant had decided on an ultimatum for her daughter — stop seeing David or face ostricism trom the family. Helen told husband Paul about finding David in the shower at Brooke's apartment early in the morning. Paul replied that, if David had gone back to his old ways, he would step in, but he felt Helen's real objection was David's white skin.


Helen delivered her ultimatum to Val. David, who was there, explained that he was stopped by to check on Brooke. Brooke was still broken up about her mother's death and needed someone, so he spent the night, but nothing happened. Helen refused to believe him, so David started to leave, asking Val to go with him. Val refused to choose. Val finally admitted she didn’t believe the night with Brooke was innocent. David left, telling Helen, "Mrs. Grant, you won."


Val was inconsolable. David went to Doug's Place where he arrived in time to rescue Trish from the drunken advances of a customer. David told Trish it was all over with Val. He walked Trish home. Val, meanwhile, decided to get the truth from Brooke. She warned her mother not to make her choose again.


David made love to Trish. Trish felt cheap, saying, "I'm no better than my mother." David was surprised Trish was a virgin. He assured her it would be better the next time. As he began to make love to her again, the phone rang. Brooke asked to spend the night with Trish, unable to face the memories of her mother in her own apartment. - Brooke and Trish had already agreed to share an apartment.- David left hastily. After Brooke arrived, Trish found a note under her door. The note called her a "slut."


David was surprised to find Val at his apartment. She told him she would never marry him, when she realized he had been with someone. Their ensuing talk was interrupted by Paul. Val told Paul that she and David would be married as soon as they could afford it. Paul told David he hadn't given enough thought to the future. Paul withdrew his approval, saying he couldn't go against Helen any longer.


Trish took the note to David. David felt the writer was sick and asked to show the note to Don Craig in the morning.


Helen went to see Alice, asking if Alice approved. Alice replied that she wouldn't have chosen interracial marriage for herself, but she didn’t live in David's world. Alice observed that Val and David didn’t see color, "a thing to thank God for."


After David took Trish home, she received another note, plunging her into an identity crisis. If she could make love to David, then be called a slut - and worse -, she was probably a tramp, especially considering her mother was once a prostitute and had her out of wedlock. - After Trish was born, Jeri lost her job. When Trish became ill, the only way Jeri could get money for the doctors was to take to the streets. - Trish felt the writer was one of two people — her step-father Jack or the man who had been making passes at the club. Trish found Jack had been out of town. Don took Trish and the notes to Dr. Marlena Evans. Marlena felt the writer was really sick. She elicited Trish's background from Don, then talked to Trish, trying to bolster her. Since Trish felt Jack was out of the picture, Don and Marlena met her at Doug's Place and Don put "the fear" into Richard Wells, the rowdy customer. He swore he had nothing to do with it.


Later that night, Trish got another note and had to be sedated by Marlena. Trish called her mother to encourage Jeri's divorce from Jack. She asked Jeri to visit. Jack, meanwhile, encouraged by the call Trish had placed to him to find out if he sent the notes, told Jeri Trish had changed her mind about them. When they arrived at Trish's together, Trish demanded her mother take Jack and leave, calling Jeri a "hooker" for good measure. Feeling badly the following day, Trish went to visit Jeri to apologize. Finding Jack there - he conned Jeri into letting him sleep on the couch -, Trish accused Jeri of loving Jack more than her. She told Jeri since Jack was her obvious choice, she would get out of her life for good.


Marlena persuaded Mike Horton to resume his friendship with Trish, feeling Trish needed someone to lean on. Don hired a man to watch Trish. Trish and Jeri had a small reconciliation on Christmas day. Mike hoped to warn Jack off by telling him of the notes. - Nobody really knew who the man was. - Mike and Trish spent Christmas with Laura and Bill and the Hortons. Mike decided to reconcile with Laura after Bill talked to him, making it clear that Laura's stability was at stake.


Jack visited Trish, asking her to change her mind about the divorce. Trish was non-commital. As Jack left, he was stopped by Don's man. Trish "vouched" for Jack, but she had to then tell him about the notes. Jeri, meanwhile, met with Laura, who asked if Jack could be sending the notes. Jeri didn’t think so — he loved and was protective of Trish. Jeri was stunned when Laura asked if Trish would be capable of sending the notes to herself. Jack went to Doug's Place and pumped Doug about the man who made passes at Trish. Accidentally, Doug revealed Richard Wells' name. Jack found Wells and threatened him, saying that if Wells didn’t stop with the notes, he would kill him.


Laura wondered loud to Bill if Jeri could be reacting out of guilt or resentment of Trish. Jeri could resent Trish because her pregnancy meant giving up a singing career and later Trish's illness drove her to prostitution. Thus, Jeri could be reacting out of guilt for her resentment. Jeri asked Jack if he was sending the notes, He said not. Jeri told Jack she would kill him if he hurt her "baby."


Little Doug’s christening day brought many of Rebecca's suppressed feelings to the surface. Doug and Julie were godparents. Seeing Doug's pride, Rebecca was then convinced she and husband Robert had to move from Doug's house. - Little Doug was Doug's child through artificial insemination. Doug wanted a sibling for daughter Hope, and Rebecca needed a child to replace the one she lost and used the $5000 fee to send her lover to Paris to study art. Johnny Collins, learning of Rebecca's pregnancy from Robert LeClair, rushed home to marry Rebecca, but backed out when he learned the truth about how the baby was conceived. Rebecca married Robert, who has loved her for a long time. Robert adopted the baby, after also learning how the baby was conceived. Only Rebecca and Neil Curtis knew the true identity of the baby's father. - Learning Johnny was leaving Salem complicated Rebecca's feelings. Neil warned she couldn't abandon her husband and baby, especially after all Robert had done for her. Feeling Neil might not be objective, Rebecca explained the whole thing to Don Craig, asking his advice. He concurred with Neil. Rebecca met Johnny. She told him she couldn’t leave her husband and baby, but she wouldn't be a real wife to Robert. Johnny begged her to leave with him. She couldn't, even when he pleaded with her from the airport.


Realizing Rebecca was disturbed about Johnny's leaving, Doug asked if she was wondering about getting over Johnny. Rebecca reminded him of what happened to David because Julie wouldn't leave her late husband Scott to be with Doug. Doug replied that he was more a father to her baby than Johnny. Rebecca said, “That's the trouble. I have too many fathers for my baby, when all I want is the man I love." Johnny's calls from Chicago disrupted the uneasy peace Rebecca had found. She was stunned when Robert gave her a diamond ring for Christmas, saying it was a symbol of his eternal love for her.


After discovering he was impotent following the news his former mistress Linda Phillips took his "son" Mike to bed, Mickey called his psychiatrist, Marlena Evans. Marlena explained that men who felt they had been sexually betrayed sometimes had the problem. She assured him his condition was temporary. Mickey and Maggie were at the farm, trying to learn if there was anything left of their love and marriage, following Mickey's breakdown and confinement to a sanitarium. Mickey's confusion led Maggie to flirt with old friend Jay Livingston. Jay dropêd by the house following a barn dance. Maggie invited him to dinner. She and Jay were raised as brother and sister. Mickey was jealous. Farmhand Hank Fields tried to send Jay away, leading to Jay's confessing his love for Maggie to him. Mickey later told Jay to stay away or he would kill him. Jay wasn't threatened. Maggie confronted Mickey. She said Mickey didn't want her as a woman or a wife, but he didn’t want anyone else to, either. She continued that she'd wait forever, if she thought there was a chance, but she wanted him to let her go.


Maggie called Marlena. They discussed Linda and Mike. Marlena asked if Maggie thought Linda raped Mike? Marlena couldn’t condemn Linda because she overcame Mike's fear he was a homosexual. Marlena advised Maggie to practice being a woman on her own husband.

Some days later, Mickey asked Maggie if he could move back into their room because he found it hard to sleep in the guest room. She permited him, saying she was cold. As they cuddled, Mickey warming her feet and arms, Mickey found he was no longer impotent. His recovery accelerated to the point where Marlena asked him to help with a patient in the sanitarium who was reluctant to leave for the holidays. Mickey told her how hard it was, but assured her she could make it, if she tried. Janice, Maggie and Mickey's adopted daughter, joined them at the farm in time for Christmas, and it was a happy time.


Mickey told Linda on Christmas Eve that he was then able to handle knowing about Mike and her. He then told her that he and Maggie were man and wife then. Linda sought out Mike. She told him she needed to talk, "And I don't have anyone but you." She was very lonely. Mike reminded her that it was her idea for him to get lost. Taking advantage of her vulnerability, Mike told her he would see her when he wanted, no matter what anyone said. Linda accepted that and they agreed to take things one day at a time. But after another visit from Mickey, Linda turned Mike aside. She told him that every time she had gone to bed with a man — her husband Jim Phillips or Mike — she had pretended the man was Mickey. She told Mike she would always love Mickey. and if she would be lonely enough to go to bed with him, she would shut her eyes tight and pretend it was Mickey. She told Mike to get out of her life forever. Reluctantly, he left.


Val didn’t go home for Christmas. She told her brother Danny that she didn’t intend to get caught between two worlds. She would live in David's world. Danny asked if anyone in David's world had acknowledged their engagement with a party? Danny wasn't sure David's and her love was right. Julie, meanwhile, asked David if Val would like a shower. He was pleased.


Julie, knowing Trish needed a friend in Mike, asked David to encourage Mike to keep up his friendship with Trish, pointing out Trish's vulnerability. David was haunted by memories of making love to Trish, as Julie said it would be a shame to have someone take advantage of Trish.


Confused about Linda, Mike visited the family minister, who knew the whole story. The minister asked who would reach out first —Mike or Mickey.


Jokingly, Robert told Rebecca that he stayed on his son's good side so that they would become so attached that Rebecca wouldn't leave them because little Doug would choose to stay with him. Rebecca confessed to Doug that she couldn’t be a real wife to Robert and wondered how long she could keep up living a lie.


Karl and Sharon Duval, another patient of Marlena's, planned an elaborate Christmas cocktail party, over Karl's objections. Sharon was not faithful to Karl, claiming to Marlena that Karl had his women. Karl told Marlena he loved his wife, that there were no other women. But he refused to explain his frequent business trips. Karl hinted to Sharon that he would like children. Sharon mocked the idea, really afraid to be vulnerable to him. Both flirted with others at the party, carefully watching each other's reaction.


Don and Marlena went to a little ski lodge — separate rooms. They were flabbergasted to find Karl and Sharon there when they returned from a run. Carl was also surprised to see them, but it became clear Sharon discovered their whereabouts and followed them, having her eye on Don.


The Doctors


Written by: Douglas Marland

Produced by: Jeff Young


Dr. Matt Powers, under indictment for the murder of junkie Joan Dancy, had disappeared. His wife Maggie was very concerned because Matt had left the house without telling anyone. Considering Matt had been drinking too much under the humiliation and degradation of his current situation, Maggie felt obliged to call Matt's son Mike. Mike, then a police officer, told Maggie that if Matt had run away, he would ruin his chances. Mike, with Matt's lawyer, Jason Aldrich, searched for Matt. Mike was stunned when they found Matt at the train station. Matt explained he was there to inquire about train schedules to an amusement park outside Boston, where he wanted to take grandson Michael Paul. Matt was furious that Mike and Jason could even think he would try to run away. Jason observed that he had watched clients in less dire cir-cumstances fold under pressure.


Meanwhile, Althea David, calleed by Maggie, requesting coverage for her for the clinic, was alarmed by Maggie's voice and abruptness. Althea visited and Maggie told her her fears. Althea urged Maggie to take a leave, observing Maggie was on the verge of exhaustion. Maggie reminded Althea that Matt was adamant she remain at her job as a gesture of his innocence. Matt, Mike, and Jason returned. Althea, to break the tension, consulted Matt about a labor problem at the hospital. which Matt solved for her. - The hospital Board had panicked when Matt was under investigation before and during the Grand Jury hearings. They had requested Matt take a temporary leave of absence. Shocked at their lack of faith after his years of service, Matt resigned. The Board rejected his resignation, but Matt's pride would not allow him to accept their belated vote of confidence. The Board had appointed Drs. Althea Davis and Paul Summers as Matt's temporary replacements. - Matt then sent Maggie back to work, saying he wouldn't have her sitting with him, watching every move. Matt was still hurt that Mike could think he had run away. He still wondered who could be out there framing him. He feels felt if he knew why, maybe he could figure out who.


Paul congratulated Althea on her plan to handle the labor problem. When Althea told him it was Matt's plan, Paul took advantage of her absence to pocket the letter. - Paul Summers used drugs and promised of love to convince Stacy Wells to pull the plug on Joan's respirator, after arranging that Matt touch the plug. Paul was seeking revenge because Matt allowed his institutionalized son to survive at birth. Paul's wife couldn't stand having a brain damaged child and committed suicide. Paul had to marry Stacy to insure her silence. - Paul's next move in taking over was to suggest to Althea that they divide the work - so she couldn’t check up on him -. Althea would handle personnel; he would handle operations.


Jason went to see Mike. He told Mike that he was one of the potentially most damning witnesses against his father. Mike replied that he would never do anything to hurt his father, admitting he'd even lie under oath to protect Matt. To demonstrate the folly of Mike's thinking, Jason played DA Carlson. Mike found the fact Matt was so compassionate and dedicated to people could be twisted to show Matt capable of pulling the plug. Mike was floored when Jason then asked how long Mike has suspected his father's guilt? Jason urged Mike not to let Matt find out his real feelings. Mike's wife Toni was in California, where her mother was involved in a serious auto accident. Mike wanted to be with Toni for her mother's impending operation. Jason encouraged him to go.


Greta Powers asked Matt to accompany her to the Father's Night banquet at school. Reluctantly, Matt agreed, after Greta told him she wanted people to know how proud she was of him. The night of the banquet, Matt refrained from drinking. Mike arrived to tell him his decision to go to California. Matt asked Mike if Mike thought he was guilty. Mike's evasions and abrupt departure gave Matt the answer. Matt began to drink. He was inebriated at the banquet and caused a scene that drove Greta to flee in tears. They made up the following day. Matt then went to see Mike. Matt demanded to know if Mike ever thought he was guilty. Mike replied that all people, except Matt, always had doubts. Mike didn’t know, but given Matt's convictions, he could believe Matt would pull the plug. Matt expected more blind faith from his son. Mike retorted that Matt taught him to question everything, that Matt was off his pedestal and down with mortal men. Matt left, saying he had no son.


Following his confrontation with Mike, Matt wandered into a bar and helped an old man named Barney. Matt refused to confide in Maggie about his problem with Mike, so Maggie went to Mike, who explained. Maggie urged Matt to forgive Mike, but Matt was too hurt. Matt found Barney in the bar again. He forced Barney to take his coat. As Barney stood, he knelt over. Matt tended him and called an ambulance. He later told Maggie it felt very good to act like a doctor again.


Stacy had been having morning sickness and fainting spells. She told Paul she thought she was pregnant. He did tests which confirmed Stacy's suspicions. Stacy wanted to reveal their marriage, but Paul reminded her that could be their undoing. They had to wait until after Matt was convicted. Jason, Stacy's step-father, was bewildered by her shifting attitude towards him. They had begun to become friends, then she changed. Jason was unaware that Paul has convinced Stacey Jason was just using her. Ann Larimer, possessor of a letter Stacy started to write to Jason confessing her part in Joan's death, had suggested Jason find out who Stacy's friends were. Jason wasn't having much success. Seeing Stacy and Paul together having a drink caused him to remember other times. Jason went to see Paul and found Stacy with him early in the morning. Paul covered by saying Stacy dropped by to consult him about resuming her volunteer duties at the hospital. Stacy was thus forced to serve on Eleanor Conrad's fund-raising committee. Ann fed Jason's suspicions about Paul and Stacey.


Paul knew Stacey’s pregnancy could expose them, so he broached abortion to Stacy, saying he had already fathered one defective child. Stacey refused.


Jason began to really suspect there was something between Stacey and Paul. He was pleased when Stacy again accepted his overtures of affection. He asked her to be hostess at the formal reception to open his office. There she met one of Jason's partners, Wayne Spaulding, whom she had known for years. Paul was upset because he hadn't seen Stacy lately and found her laughing with Wayne. She told Paul they had nothing to discuss since he asked her to have an abortion. - She told him she had already taken one life for him; she wouldn't take another. - Stacy told Paul she was going to tell her family about her pregnancy and depend on their love and support.


Dr. Brandt called Hope Memorial speak to old friend Kevin McIntyre. Paul intecepted the call since Kevin was gone. He assured Brandt he would help to locate “Mary Ellen Smithfield's" family. Paul knew Brandt was calling about Carolee and had no intention of helping. - Ann Larimer blackmailed him into giving her his late first wife's I.D., which Ann used to move Carolee to a private sanitarium.


Steve Aldrich told his mother, Mona Croft, to stop trying to move Ann into Carolee's place. "Carolee was the best an finest thing that ever happened to me." - Steve's wife Carolee ran away after finding Steve with Ann in Ann's apartment. Carolee retreated into catatonia. Ann found her in New York hospital, and using stolen identit papers, had Carolee moved to a private hospital. When Dr. Brandt, who specialized in case like Carolee's, found she was making brief forays into reality, he pleaded with Ann to let him treat her. Ann, who had been posing a Carolee's sister, then disappeared and withdrew all support. Dr. Brandt had taken Carolee to his hospital anyway. - Unable to promise their children Carolee's return for Christmas, Steve enlisted the help of MJ Match, Carolee's distant cousin, and took them to see Carolee's mother, Emma. Emma urged Steve to make new life with some other woman, saying the children needed a mother. Steve had been increasingly attracted to MJ, who felt Steve just saw her as another Carolee. Ann, aware she could lose Steve to MJ, had used just this fact to discourage MJ. MJ loved Steve, but unable to be a substitute, made plans to move away. Steve proposed to MJ, saying he loved her. MJ refused. She drove Steve away, saying she wouldn't discuss marriage with another woman's husband, especially when he still loved her. Ann again told MJ that Steve was interested only because of her clear resemblance to Carolee. MJ replied that she was aware of that, and that was why she turned down his proposal.


Jerry Dancy, assured of a good part time job with Jason Aldrich while he finished law school, proposed to Penny Davis, who accepted. Lew Dancy, a purported gigolo, had been getting closer to rich widow Eleanor Conrac. However, for the time being, he refused all offers of money from her. Recognizing Lew's artistic talents, Eleanor had him design poster and brochures for the fund drive. His work earned him a job with the printer. Eleanor was also helping Lew work through his mixed feelings about his father, who deserted the family years ago. Jason was attracted to singer Nola Dancy. He told his brother Steve that Nola’s delight in expensive restaurants was refreshing. However, Jason had no plans to terminate his marriage to Stacy's mother.


Paul used the pictures sent by Dr. Brandt to get Stacy's letter from Ann Larimer. Althea was puzzled to hear rumors of strike.


The Edge Of Night


Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson


For untold reasons, Nancy Karr had moved to her own apartment to be separated from her husband Mike. She had been cooperating with Beau Richardson, the right-hand man to corrupt political leader Tony Saxon. Her last mission for Beau before she left home was to steal a list of witnesses' names from Mike's briefcase. This list was vital information to the pending indictment of Tony Saxon, Mike being the head man leading the task force investigation. Beau, at Nancy's apartment thanked her for the list but was adamant that she resume living with Mike as this was the only way she could help him - and Tony -. When Nancy flatly refused, Beau stroke her across the face, a hint that her life might be at stake. Nancy asserted she was living apart from Mike because HE wanted it that way — HE asked for the separation. Beau was not fooled easily, imparting Nancy was where she was because she didn(t want to be near the incriminating evidence against Saxon and in a position to hand it over. His threat was if she was lying, she would "have to pay the piper ."


Nancy and Mike met for dinner, an evening that turned out disasterously. Beau nonchalantally sat at a table facing Nancy, within ear's range of her conversation. She panicked and abruptly left. Mike was bewildered by Nancy's irrational behavior. Later she called to apologize, assuring Mike she loved him despite her actions lately. The call was interrupted by Beau. Nancy remained firm, she couldn’t return to her home, her marital problems wouldn’t allow it. True to Nancy's description of Beau, this despicable and contemptible man forced Nancy to listen to a tape. On it was the fearful voice of little Timmy Faraday. Nancy, aghast, had to listen to Timmy's pleas, "Somebody, please, please help me!" - When his mother was institutionalized for insanity for the murder of Tim's father, Nancy and Mike had planned to adopt Tim. Before the adoption was granted, a woman by the name of Josephine Travis Harper arrived in Monticello with credentials proving she was Tim's aunt. Helpless, Mike and Nancy let Tim go to San Francisco to live with Josephine, losing custody of the boy they grew to love very much. Nancy missed Tim greatly and was saddened that he wrote to her only once since his departure. - Beau unveiled the dire truth — Timmy's safety was weighed by Nancy's cooperation. If she talked - to the authorities -, Timmy died. He emphasized the importance of Nancy's participation in his statement “if Mike know, you will hear a tape that would bounce around in your head for the rest of your life!" He gave her seven days for a reconciliation with Mike.


While Tony Saxon vetoed the seven days given to Nancy, Laurie Dallas was informing her stepmother that Mike had moved to the lawyer's club. Because Tony had a lead that there was a change brewing in the indictment tactics, Beau had to report to Nancy immediately that her time was up. He returned to Nancy's where she used Laurie's news to verify her story, extending it that Mike had not only moved out, but had asked for a divorce. Laurie was benumbed. Beau left and Laurie started in on Nancy bombarding her with questions. Nancy, unable to cope with Laurie's persistence, locked herself in her bedroom. Mike responded to Laurie's call for help. Nancy assured them both she wanted to answer their questions, but couldn’t just yet. Mike was furious that she talked of her personal prob!ems with Beau - who Nancy claimed was an informant to her job -, and even went so far as to mention a divorce to him. He left, not knowing the hurt he felt was as intense to Nancy as it was to him.


While Laurie tautly tried to make her Christmas dinner for her parents perfect, her husband Johnny reminded her the reunion might not end as she wished, with Mike and Nancy in each other's loving arms. Nancy frantically tried to convince Beau that her marriage was over but her lies lost their effectiveness when Mike arrived verifying he sent a dozen roses to Nancy and was there to take her to Laurie's for dinner together. Not able to understand why Beau was with Nancy at all, he left in pique.


Mike then convinced that Beau was the other man in Nancy's life and unable to function socially, canceled his Christmas dinner at Laurie's. Nancy was so distraught over what Beau caused her to do, she stayed home also. Laurie was upset because her chance to reconcile her parents was over, making her more determined than ever to go to San Francisco and bring Timmy to Nancy again, hoping this last attempt would bring her parents back together again. Nancy was forced to listen to another, more harmful tape of Timmy's mistreatment because she was not cooperating with Beau and Saxon.


Nicole Drake was understandably nervous after another unsuccessful attempt was made on her life. The man undercover policewoman Molly O'Connor shot confessed to Adam Drake he was hired to kill Nicole. If he didn't finish the job in three weeks, there would be a backup man. Nicole accompanied by the Drake's friend, Abby Walcott, became hysterical as they began to walk outdoors. Nicole's hypertension had caught up with her causing her fear of enjoying life's simplest pleasure, wide open countryside. To add to her progressive unstableness, at the New Moon Cafe where she worked, she screamed in terror when a customer simply nudged her to get her attention. At the recommendation of Dr. Chris Neely, Nicole underwent hypnosis to reach the core of what Nicole's mind had access to that was worth her life to someone else. - After an explosion on their honeymoon yacht, Nicole was presumed dead. She came in contact with Gilbert Darcy who was living incognito, hiding from Tony Saxon, the syndicate leader from whom he embezzled millions. Darcy believed Nicole knew of his "secret island" where he planned to live untouched by Saxon's goons. When a raid on his limbo island forced Darcy to flee, Nicole escaped but then entered into a state of amnesia. She had since recovered and returned to Adam - Under hypnosis, Nicole revealed she never did see the location of his secret island which he proudly displayed on a wall map marked by a red ruby. Instead, Nicole's mind was preoccupied by her concern for Adam. Darcy, however, did not realize this, thus his attempt to silence Nicole by assassination.


Adam and Police Chief Bill Marceau were about to embark on a plan they hoped would lead them directly to Darcy. Unknown to anyone, a mysterious man was about town, and held a newspaper snapshot of Nicole.


Assistant District Attorney, Brandy Henderson, engaged to Adam Drake until Nicole's reappearance abruptly halted the romance, still carried a hot torch for Adam. She cornered Adam in the courtroom unburdening to him the hurt she still felt. Adam replied he would feel the pain all of his life but an awakening happened. She still loved Adam desperately, he hoped time would heal her wounds. Brandy staged a court hearing, swearing on a bible, ''l love you as much as I ever did Adam Drake. Admit you're still in love with me!" Adam condemned the absurdity of Brandy's little game, making it explicit he loved his wife. Defeated, Brandy called Adam to apologize for her ridiculous actions that day. She was truly sorry yet glad because it cleared the air. She announced her head was clear then and Adam was the first to know of her good news, she would marry Draper Scott. Draper, however, had let his pursuit of Brandy subside, as his repeated proposals to his co-worker had been slighted. His interests in his future stepsister Raven Alexander had taken an interesting turn. Raven's mother Nadine had made no secret of her desire to see Draper and Raven as a twosome. In the beginning, they were polite enemies. Lately, their relationship had warmed up. Faced with the possibility of a permanent tie to Brandy, Draper couldn’t commit himself to it. He was honest in his confession that something snapped the last time Brandy said no. She sensed his doubts, surmising Draper "doesn't know what he wants (Raven), he knows what he doesn't want (Brandy)." Twice struck out, Brandy elected to leave her lonely life in Monticello behind her. She bid her final farewell to Adam and even to Nicole personally. As Brandy walked away, Nicole commented she had seen the end of an era. With Brandy went the job of prosecuting attorney in the Tony Saxon indictment. Draper had to then stand in court alone and against his father, Ansel Scott, defense attorney for the mighty Tony Saxon.


Headway was being made on the Saxon indictment, Mike and Police Chief Bill Marceau were working on offering a prime witness, Mr. Nivens, immunity as a corrupt accountant, in return for evidence that might close the book on Saxon in court.


Nadine could wait no longer, she would marry Ansel before the New Year - they had originally postponed the wedding until after the Saxon trial -. Suspicions had been aroused by the servants of Geraldine Whitney, about a relationship other than platonic between Ansel and Raven. While wealthy Geraldine was in a whirlwind of wedding preparations with Nadine, Raven and Ansel had been seen in warm embraces. Nadine herself had doubts about the fidelity of her fiance blurting out in a tense moment, perhaps Ansel would prefer to marry her daughter!


The wedding went on as planned, and an elegant lady, Nadine, had become Mrs. Ansel Scott. This was only because when Ansel cornered Raven before the wedding offering her one word to cancel the wedding, she didn't give it. The honeymoon was not as Nadine expected, Ansel studied the Saxon case when Nadine thought he should be the attentive groom. While Nadine was taking a shower, her new husband was on the phone giving his attentions to Raven.


General Hospital


Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock

Produced by: Tom Donovan


Dr. Jeff Webber kept his date with hospital aide Heather Grant, following the wedding of Steve Hardy and Audrey Hobart. However, having just had a nasty scene with his wife Monica, in which he refused to give her a divorce, Jeff was unable to live up to Heather's expectations for the evening, which was to culminate in more lovemaking. Jeff apologized the following day, suggesting he and Heather cool it because he still loved Monica, even though she had moved out and had asked for the divorce. Jeff told Heather that he would be there to pick up the pieces when Monica realized his brother Rick didn't love her any more. That day, Monica told Jeff that, if he didn’t agree to a civilized divorce, she would name his girlfriend as co-respondent. Jeff told Heather they would have to stop seeing each other. Monica questioned Jeff's friends and family about who the girl could be. Nobody knew. - Rick and Monica were involved while Rick was interning and she was in med school. Monica, insecure and unstable, made such a roller-coaster ride of their relationship that Rick went to Africa to work to get away. While there, he was captured by insurgent forces and held prisoner for nine months. He was reported killed, so Monica married his brother Jeff. Rick's return fanned her never-quite-quenched love for him, and Monica had been plotting and manipulating her way out of her marriage to Jeff. After moving out, Monica persuaded Rick a divorce was imminent, and he gave her a key to his apartment, where they then met. Jeff was unaware of their love affair. –


Heather, aware of Monica and Rick's affair, found a way to expose them. Seeing an ad for a night doorman for Rick's apartment building, she called her ex-husband Larry Joe. - Heather had been poor all her life. She forged credentials to obtain a mother's helper position with Peter and Diana Taylor, in order to be closer to the life she craved. Learning of Jeff's rocky marriage, Heather conned her way into his affections by being a willing bed-partner. She had told her mother that she intended to get pregnant, feeling Jeff would give up Monica to have his own baby. - Heather told Larry Joe that Jeff used her and tossed her aside, so then she wanted to hurt him back by exposing his wife's affair with his brother. Larry Joe agreed to take the job when Heather promised to give their marriage another try.


Meanwhile, Dr. Lesley Faulkner, long a colleague and friend of Rick's, and then in love with him, had discovered the affair. She found Monica in Rick's apartment with his robe on early in the morning. Terri Arnett, aware of Lesley's love for her brother Rick, pressed Lesley about why she had backed off. Finally, Lesley told Terri about the affair, stating her relationship with Rick had naturally been very cool lately. Ironically, the night Lesley and Rick agreed to let by-gones be by-gones was the night the whole situation began to lead to tragedy.


As Lesley and Rick went to the aid of a patient, while Monica waited in Rick's apartment, Terri confronted Monica. Terri agreed to persuade Jeff to accept a no-fault divorce, if Monica stayed away from Rick, starting immediately. Monica replied that she would stop seeing Rick after Jeff agreed. Larry Joe reported to Heather that Rick and Monica were togeher. Heather directed Larry Joe to call Jeff and tell him he would find his wife in 18C of the Towers. Jeff couldn't get off duty, so he waited. Monica and Rick were awakened by the doorbell shortly after mid-night. They ignored it. Jeff decided to wait out-side all night. He observed Monica leaving, excited because Rick had chosen her to assist in heart surgery, on his and Lesley's emergency patient. Jeff confronted Rick. Rick replied that Jeff didn’t deserve Monica, considering how he had roughed her up recently. - During an argument, Jeff had grabbed Monica's arms to hold her to talk to her. She wrenched away, hence the bruises and her claims of physical abuse. - Jeff finally got through to Rick that they had both been manipulated by Monica. Jeff told Rick that he had always admired him and would never have believed that Rick could betray him. Jeff knocked Rick down. He recalled a childhood incident in which Rick saved his life, then said he wished Rick had let him drown. Jeff went on, that despite all Monica had done to betray his love, he still loved her. He left the apartment.


Neurosurgeon Mark Dante was upset when Jeff missed surgery. He quickly had another surgeon fill in, then went to see Rick, a friend from Africa, to inquire about Jeff. Rick confided the confrontation to Mark. Rick was afraid Jeff might try suicide. They began to search, to no avail. Before surgery that morning, Monica gloated to Lesley about her affair with Rick. Monica was thus unpleasantly surprised when Rick treated her sharply, abruptly when he arrived. Later Monica asked Rick about his behavior. Rick told her about the confrontation and his fears. Monica glossed over them, saying Jeff was probably just off somewhere getting drunk.


Chief of Staff Steve Hardy, noting the substitution on the surgical roster, called Mark about it. Mark was as evasive as possible. Steve then talked to Terri. She knew nothing, so he talked to Rick, who told him about the morning's events. Terri, alarmed by Steve's visit, went to see Mark, who finally told her.


Ironically, Monica was right about Jeff. He was on a binge with alcohol and drugs. He ended up at a familiar bar, just before closing. The bartender refused to let him leave, fearful he would get in trouble himself. He fixed up a bed for Jeff behind the bar. While the bartender was gone, Jeff stole his gun. He counted the bullets —"three for Monica, three for Rick." The following morning, the bartender was alarmed when Jeff didn’t seem to be coming out of it, unaware Jeff was still popping pills. The bartender knew Jeff was a doctor and finally wheedled Mark's name out of him. He called Mark. Jeff, hallucinating, saw Rick and Monica in bed in the room with him. "They" taunted him. Mark arrived. Jeff talked to "Rick" and "Monica," pointing the gun at them. As Mark called to him, the gun went off. Mark and the bartender broke in and find Jeff on the floor, a bullet in his head. Mark rushed him to the hospital.


That morning, distraught to know how her stage-managing worked out, Heather fainted in front of Dr. Adam Streeter, who put her through a check-up. She was pregnant. Later, Larry Joe dropped by with a gift and she told him to buzz-off. Heather rushed to Jeff's side as soon as she learned of his condition. Steve noted her concern, and guessed she was Jeff's enigmatic girlfriend.


X-rays showed the bullet lodged in a precarious spot in Jeff's brain. If it should shift at all, it would mean sure death for Jeff. Monica went to see Rick. He told her that considering what Jeff did, they couldn’t go on. Such a termination hadn't occurred to her. Rick viewed Jeff's situation as "God's personal punishment to me." Monica passed it off as just alcohol and pills, saying it wasn't their fault. Rick, however, took the responsibility. He told Monica he didn’t want her, and turned a deaf ear to her "reasoning."


Monica wouldn’t believe it was all over with Rick "just because Jeff shot himself." She talked to the bartender and found Jeff was threatening to kill Rick and her. She took the information to Rick, who refused to believe her, especially since Lesley told him Monica revealed her presence in his apartment deliberately. Monica tried to blame Jeff's condition on Lesley because Les told Terri about Rick and her. Lesley was talked out of any responsibility by Rick. Lesley found it hard to believe that Monica's concern was in absolving herself of responsibility for Jeff's condition rather than for Jeff's recovery. Following an angiogram, Mark found he had to operate if Jeff was to have any chance of surviving.


Terri told Steve her mother left a letter she was to open with Steve, if Jeff's life should be in danger. She found it was time.


Mark Dante’s wife, Mary Ellen – Mellie - had been confined to sanitariums since losing their baby and suffering a hysterectomy following a car accident Mark caused two years ago. However, since coming to Port Charles several months ago, Mellie had been making progress. In fact, Peter Taylor felt Mellie was ready for brief outside visits. Mark and Terri, meanwhile, had fallen in love. But unable to risk a setback that would doom Mellie forever, they were holding their love in check until such time as Mellie was well enough that Mark could divorce her. Mellie had intuited Terri's threat to her marriage. Mellie questioned her father about Mark's women while she had been confined. Ben Lowell told Mellie that whether or who Mark was involved with was not germain to her recovery. Mellie backed off, settling for weekends for the time being. Mellie next manipulated Mark by telling him she had made plans to spend the holidays with Ben in Boston. Mark promised they would be with Ben, but not in Boston. Mellie used her disappointment to con Mark into having their first weekend include an evening at Terri's supper club. Mark was still mistrustful of Mellie, though.


Mark had Mary Ellen come to the apartment over Christmas with her nurse. He insisted on the nurse because of Jeff's condition, and only had dinner with Mary Ellen. To make up, he arranged for Mellie to go to Boston to visit her father — nurse in tow.


Finding out that Terri picked out her homecoming gift from Mark, Mary Ellen canceled her trip to Boston, telling one of her doctors that she wanted to be near to help Mark through this crisis with Jeff.


Tom Baldwin arrived in Port Charles the day after his wife Audrey and Steve Hardy left on their Hawaiian honeymoon. - Years ago, Tom kidnapped his and Audrey's son and took him to Mexico, along with Florence Andrews, little Tommy's nurse. Tom was subsequently framed for murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. He had Florence buy a phony death certificate, then take Tommy back, never wanting his son to know of his predicament. Florence didn't take Tommy back, letting her hatred of Audrey convince her she could be a better mother. Only a serious illness on Tommy's part led to his being found by Audrey. - Tom tracked Tommy down at the Taylors'. Diana allowed him to see Tommy as "Dr. Thomas," a friend of Tommy's father. The Taylors, of course, called Steve and Audrey, who returned immediately.


Diana and Peter invited Mike, an 8-year old orphan, to spend the holidays. Mike, bounced around among foster homes, used hostility as a defense mechanism, but melted a bit as the Taylors "roll with the punches."


Tommy told Mike about Steve's becoming his new father. Mike, wise beyond years, burst Tommy's balloon by pointing out that if Steve's clothes weren't at the apartment, he wasn't really living there. Diana told Mike later that they were going to keep him.


Unable to pull Tommy out of his depression any other way, Audrey asked Tom for permission to tell Tommy what was going on. Tom refused.


Guiding Light


Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: Allen Potter


Ben McFarren and Hope Bauer's engagement was off. Ben wouldn't open up to her about the burglary his brother committed but he was accused of. He asksed Hope to "trust him" but with all the evidence pointing to Ben, and he giving no defense, yet proclaiming his innocence, Hope couldn’t permit herself to enter into a marriage with dishonesty staring her in the face.


She confided to her father's secretary Ann Jeffers, that she had made a mistake because she wanted to be with Ben, no matter what had happened, and was miserable because she was not. Ann wanted Hope to give Ben time. Ben, in the meantime, returned the money he withdrew from his and Hope's joint bank account - to repay his brother's theft -. Ben went to Mike Bauer, letting him know he was as upset as Hope, not sleeping nights from worry about the police investigation. - Ben thought he could protect his brother by returning the stolen money and therefore, the police would drop the investigation. Not so, Mike had informed Ben the charge was a felony and Ben remained the chief suspect. - Mike wanted to help Ben as his attorney but, like his daughter, he couldn't break through the barrier Ben had built in sheltering his kid brother.


Dr. Sara McIntyre had returned home to Springfield a very sad widow. Since Joe Werner's fatal heart attack in India, Sara had to face her lonely existence without the man with whom she shared a memorable and joyous life. She received heartfelt condolences from her dear friends, but only the prospect of raising her adopted son and her career seemed to help ease the burden, and only slightly.


Dr. Justin Marler also showed a side few people knew of him, compassion and concern for Sara in her time of grief. He and Sara were engaged in medical school, he dropped Sara to marry a girl whose father was beneficial to his own career. He was then divorced but as history repeated itself, Justin, Sara and Jackie Marler were together again. Jackie had requested that Justin treat her father, a diabetic victim of a heart attack, and brought him to Cedars upon Justin's approval. Requesting Sara consult on Dr. Emmet Scott's case as internist, Jackie and Sara met again.


Holly Bauer - recently divorced from Ed - was zealously trying to live a good life without Ed. She worked for Dr. Steve Jackson at Cedars so she was seeing Ed daily. These instances reminded her how much she loved Ed during their marriage. She accepted a date with the assistant administrator at the hospital. After her date, her mother Barbara sensed Holly's melancholy mood and counseled Holly not to make comparisons. She agreed with her mother, though she clutched Ed's picture fondly when alone.


Evie Stapleton had practically disowned her older sister. When Dr. Tim Ryan left Springfield for the betterment of his career, she was heartbroken. During the short span that they dated, Evie let her emotions run away with her fantasizing Tim's genuine interest for more than it was to Tim. Unbeknownst to Evie, Tim and Rita were past lovers and Tim was the torch carrier after they broke up. Rita never encouraged anything more than a romantic friendship, so she stopped dating Tim altogether when he proposed to her. Tim wrote a letter a Rita after he left, admitting she was right about Evie's vulnerability towards him. He apologized for any strife he caused in the past, but at the same time, rebuking Rita for the misery she put him through. The letter fell into Evie's hands, its contents filling her with repulsion against her sister. No matter what Rita told Evie, in truth, that she did not ask Tim to leave town, Evie would not believe her. She vowed she would not burden Rita any longer seeking a job to repay her debts to Rita. She wanted to sever all ties from her sister unable to accept that Rita and Tim were once intimate. Mrs. Stapleton understood both her daughters' sides and tried in her loving way to rid Evie's hostility so they could once again be a close family.


Since the death of Cedars' mystery patient, Malcolm Granger, Rita Stapleton's life was back on an even keel. Her romance with Cedars' Chief-of-Staff, Dr. Ed Bauer, had blossomed and Rita was once again her confident self. Her serenity was curtailed when Roger Thorpe warned her about Raymond Schaefer's presence in Springfield. - Rita and Roger were employed by a wealthy Texan years ago in Abilene, Texas. They both prefered to conceal their former relationship and the lives they led there from mutual acquaintances in Springfield. Malcolm Granger Jr. arrived, however, tracking down Rita and threatening to expose her for her part in his father's death. Before he could pursue her, he suffered a stroke and later died at Cedars. He had scribbled “RITA’S” on paper beforehand; since Rita was the last person to see Malcolm alive, a medical board hearing was held. Their verdict - Rita and other nurses on his case not charged negligent for Malcolm's death. Schaefer was Malcolm's criminal lawyer, and had been hired by Mrs. Granger to investigate the reason for his death. - He interviewed Ed Bauer, who protected Rita, then talked to Rita's neighbors. With the information relayed to him that Malcolm was seen entering Rita's apartment and arguing voices were heard, Schaefer confirmed to Mrs. Granger their suspicions of Rita had a secure base. He took his suspicions to the District Attorney, Eric Van Gelder. He reinvestigated this "mysterious incident" which resulted in his decision that Rita Stapleton had to be arrested. Schaefer cautiously advised the D.A. to use circumspect when he prosecuted, as Rita had a known history of running.


Rita and Ed had fallen in love, talking during romantic evenings in front of a warm fire, of their futures with one another. Reminiscing about the dawn of their courtship, Ed confessed he was at first afraid, and intentionally avoided Rita. Rita admitted she had never married because she knew her marriage had to last forever. She was fearful to let herself rely on anyone else. She found Ed a challenge, impressed by him and felt a deep need to help him. She couldn't bear to see him unhappy. - An unsuccessful neuroma surgery ended Ed's career in neurosurgery. He became recluse in self-pity until Rita's guidance brought him back and gave him confidence to enter neurology. –


Rita, in a state of confusion pending the investigation, tearfully described to her mother her needs for Ed. He was strong yet gentle. She would accept if Ed proposed, but didn't know why she was lucky enough to have him. When she relayed to her mother her feelings to be the best person she could be for Ed, her mother knew that was what love was all about.


The moment arrived, and it was a beautiful one. Ed proposed, allowing Rita time to accept. When he left, Rita cried, realizing her happy future with Ed might never be.


The following day, in his office, Rita turned down Ed's offer of marriage. Her explanation only that she didn't deserve him and "can't do it to him." He was perplexed by her reply. She was sincere with her emotions that she respected him. This was the happiest year of her life and Ed was the person responsible for making her the happiest she had ever been. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She told Ed she loved him. Outside Ed's office were the D.A. and police officer awaiting Rita's appearance. She faced them as they put her under arrest with Ed at her side. He immediately called his brother Mike, to defend Rita, claiming this was a gross mistake. Rita, humiliated and stunned, left the hospital corridors accompanied by the police - in view of Roger - with Ed promising to help her all the way.


Rita underwent the process of finger-printing and mug shots at the police station. She remained quiet and cooperative. Ed was frantic and anxious for Mike to get her released on bail. He did so after a brief delay, and Rita was once again with her family and Ed who all vowed to stand by her while this mistake was corrected. She was finally released but had to confide everything to Mike if he was to help her at all. Mike demanded complete honesty from Rita as the D.A. had given him reason to doubt Rita's innocence, giving him a portfolio of evidence to read. In the meantime, Adam Thorpe suggested Rita take a leave of absence from the hospital, for publicity purposes, though Ed disagreed. Rita prefered to leave. Ed presented her with an engagement ring but she couldn’t accept it, under the circumstances. He would wait until she was ready to accept it.


Rita gave Mike the details of her past involvement with the Grangers. Malcolm resented her friendship with his ailing father, the final straw coming when Rita received an inheritance from him, and nothing was left to Malcolm because his father knew of the mistreatment Malcolm gave Rita. Malcolm Jr. assumed Rita told his father of her bodily injuries so he would turn against his son and she wanted him dead so she would get his money. Mike understood Rita then and commended her for her honesty in telling him EVERYTHING. Rita had to be hiding some truth however, as she dreamt of everyone who cared for her not believing she had told everything, her guilt coming out in her subconscious mind. The headlines were out and Rita was the main subject spread across the front page. At the arraignment, Mike's request for dismissal of charges was de-nied. Realizing the evidence that would come out in court, Rita had decided to tell Ed of her previous association with Malcolm, Mike agreed, he deserved that much from her.


Peggy Thorpe visited Rita and told her all the staff at Cedars were behind her. She offered her friendship. Rita was sickened by all the lies she was living and was firm in telling Roger she was revealing the truth. He was determined to stop her and asked that she had to meet with him. He had something to say that he hoped he had never had to let Rita know — theh she had to.


Love Of Life


Written by: Paul & Margaret Schneider

Produced by: Darryl Hickman


Betsy Crawford Harper dated lawyer Jamie Rollins in the hope of discouraging her ex-husband, Ben Harper, who would be home on parole soon. They found that it just didn’t work because Jamie had deep feelings for Betsy, but she couldn't erase Ben from her mind. Jamie decided to take the offer of a job with the prominent law firm that he had turned down earlier. - Ben was convicted of bigamy as he intentionally married Betsy while already married to Arlene Lovett. His marriage to Arlene had since been ended by divorce. –


Meg Hart was upset that Betsy would choose to move to her new apartment rather than accompany her to the prison to bring Ben home. Meg started mothering Ben immediately, but he let her know that he wouldn’t be living with her and wanted no help in getting a job. He lived with Van and Bruce Sterling while he looked for a job. Being on parole didn’t make it easy, but Ben landed a job as a salesman at the sporting goods store when he showed how well he could handle people.


Betsy engaged Carrie Johnson Lovett to be her daughter Suzanne's babysitter on the days Ben visited as Carrie had recovered from heart surgery. Jamie answered Betsy's phone when Ben called, leading Ben to believe that Betsy really had forgotten him. He told Betsy that he thought he still had a chance, even though their marriage was annulled and he disliked her being gone when he came to visit. Betsy admitted that she was really not dating and agreed to be there with Suzanne.


Diana Lamont visited Jamie Rollins' law office to ask advice on how to go about obtaining a passport and to bid him good wishes on his new job. She had signed up to go wherever they needed her as a missionary trainee. She had a friend in Peru and hoped to be sent there. Jamie felt that this was his fault because of the baby she wanted so badly, but lost when they were living together while waiting for his divorce. Diana said she had finally found peace. The only thing she regretted was that she couldn't take Johnny Prentiss, her step-grandson, with her. She tried to break the news to him gently, but he said that anyone he had ever loved had left him.


Beaver Ridge had gone downhill since Rick Latimer turned it over to Meg Hart and she had ignored it. Ray Slater suggested that he had a buyer who would take over Meg's share. Jamie explained the business to Ian Russell and was afraid he might back down when he considered everything. Jamie reminded Rick that since he owned fifty-one percent of the business he would be expected to come up with fifty-one percent of the capital needed to pull Beaver Ridge out of debt. Rick had asked the bank to mortgage his home.


Rick’s new bride, Cal - Meg's daughter - felt intimidated by Rick's housekeeper, Mrs. Miller, and wished they could move into a smaller house where she could do all the cooking and cleaning herself. Rick put the house up for sale without telling Cal, and when she learned of it, she thought he was paying attention to her wish for a cottage. Unable to deny Cal anything, even though she offered to share his problems, Rick agreed to buy the mill house. When Cal suggested that they could use her trust fund, Rick said he would never take money from a woman again.


Ray Slater asked Ian Russell about his cut of Beaver Ridge, since he was able to convince Meg to sell and was told that he would get it when Mr. Russell owned the controlling interest. Ian said Rick had to come up with one hundred thousand dollars by the end of the year and if he couldn't, they might come to some agreement.


Ian asked Arlene Lovett if she would like to be the hostess at Beaver Ridge. Arlene said that Meg had always held this position and would violently oppose her having it. Ian asked Arlene not to let other people put her down because someday she would get the recognition she deserved.


Arlene had told Ian that she thought of him as a friend, but had strong feelings for a young doctor. Ian was sure that this was just a phase she would outgrow. Dr. Tom Crawford checked at the hospital business office to find out the status of the bill he co-signed so that Carrie, Arlene's mother, could have heart surgery. Tom was angry when he found that Ian Russell paid it in full, but believed Arlene, who explained that Ian was a friend.


Ian put all the things together that Arlene had told him about her doctor and phoned the hospital to make an appointment with Dr. Crawford, under the pretext of needing a cardiac check up. Tom saw through this and ordered tests, but refused an inflated fee, if he would handle Mr. Russell personally. Ian was disappointed and Tom was angry. Tom and Arlene ran into Ian at the hospital as they left to attend a football game, making Arlene curious.


Meg Hart asked Carrie to alter a Paris original that she planned to wear at the New Year's Eve party she was planning. She told Carrie and Arlene that she was seeing a wealthy gentleman, without mentioning Ian's name, Meg was hoping that Betsy and Ben would attend together, but Betsy was not going and suggested that Tom not embarrass Arlene by taking her. Meg insisted that Cal talk Rick into coming since she was doing this to show Rick that she could find a wealthy, sophisticated escort. Arlene wished that she had a dress to show up Meg and that she and Tom were going instead of staying home.


Ian Russell called Arlene, asking her to go to Puerto Valarta for New Year's Eve, but she told him she already had a date. Feeling sorry for Arlene, Tom ignored Betsy's advice and told Arlene that they were going to Meg's party.


Felicia Lamont returned to Rosehill with Edouard Aleata, planning to ask her husband, Charles, for a divorce. She had finally come to the conclusion that her marriage to Charles was not a marriage at all and she shouldn't deny her love for Edouard. Neighbor Van Sterling explained to Felicia why she had returned to an empty house. Felicia was shocked to hear that Charles fell from his wheelchair, hitting his head, the very night she left Rosehill so that she and Charles could both consider what they expected of their marriage.


Johnny continued to stay with the Sterlings so that Felicia could spend most of her time at the hospital. Felicia heard from a friend that a promise to God had produced the desired result, so Felicia vowed that if God would only pull Charles through, she would devote her life to him, denying her love for Edouard. Eddie tried to convince Felicia that she had already made her decision and should stick to it, but she told him that she had made a vow to God that she would stay with Charles, if he would only recover. Felicia was with Van when the hospital called asking her to return. Charles had regained consciousness. Felicia told him that she had been praying that he would be all right.


Bruce had told Lynn Henderson that he had to contact her parents so that he and Van didn’t get in trouble for keeping a minor in their home without parental consent. Lynn said her parents had no interest in where she was or what she did because she only interfereed with their lives. Lynn answered the phone when her mother returned Bruce's call and hurt Lynn's feelings by accusing her of being in trouble. Bruce had always thought that Lynn exaggerated about her mother, but he found that it was all true. He told her that it was no wonder Lynn felt unloved. Bruce was so furious that he told Lynn that he was going to have the court make him her legal guardian. Lynn had asked God to have Bruce be her friend, if she stayed sober.


Lynn had become infatuated with Ben as he was living there, too. Sarah Caldwell, Ben's grandmother, cautioned Lynn about this. Ben was older and he was still in love with Betsy.


Ian Russell had found out that Arlene was looking for a dress that was both inexpensive and suitable for Meg Hart's party. He arranged with the clerk to send her an original in place of the one she had picked out.


Rick had sold his house and was going to make an offer on the mill house for Cal. Rick asked Slater for help and he sent him to Mr. Russell. Rick told him that he was a little short and asked if he couldn’t delay his part of the money. Ian said the bills had to be paid or Beaver Ridge could go under. Rick asked for a loan, but Ian made it a rule never to loan money. He suggested that he pay Rick's one hundred thousand dollars for two percent, giving him the majority of the stock. Rick said he would think it over.


Cal was concerned about Rick and told her mother that she would live in an apartment as long as she was with Rick, but Meg suggested that she knew little about men. Meg said it would hurt Rick's pride if he couldn't buy her the house she wanted. Cal was silent.


Betsy and Ben had called a truce for the new year. Keeping this in mind, Betsy accepted his offer to attend Meg's party.


Felicia asked Van to tell Eddie that she told Charles she had gone to Danvers alone to be with her aunt. Van didn't approve of having to get their stories straight, but agreed to talk to Eddie so that Charles wouldn't be hurt. Charles agreed with Van that he and Felicia needed to go to Meg's party after spending all this time in the house. Felicia told Van that she hadn't accepted the invitation because she was afraid that Eddie might be there.


The dress Ian had sent arrived in place of the one Arlene had ordered. At first Arlene and Carrie made plans to return the dress, but then decided that it wouldn't hurt if she wore it just once.


Rick had decided that he had no alternative, but had to take Ian's offer to put up the full two hundred thousand dollars for an extra two percent. He told Meg that he hated giving up control of Beaver Ridge, but she had to not tell Cal about any of this.


One Life To Live


Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Doris Quinlan


Viki Lord Riley told Will Vernon when he dropped by with a plant, a present from his wife Naomi, that she was worried about her husband Joe, particularly after the latest incident relating to the kidnapping of their son Kevin from Llanfair hospital on the day the infant was to go home. She said Joe had a history of an aneurism and was supposed to be avoiding all strain and that, for the first time in her life, she felt that she couldn't help him. She said that Joe was drinking and beginning to push her away. She was worried that Joe had feelings of guilt about his past relationship with Cathy Craig Lord, who kidnapped the baby when grief-stricken afresh over the birth of Viki's baby. - Joe and Cathy had an illegitimate child, Megan, who was killed in an automobile accident when she was rushed to the hospital by Viki. Cathy and Joe learned just before the birth of Viki's own son that the baby had a congenital heart disorder which would have proven fatal with the onset of adolescence. Cathy would not accept the fact that Megan's condition was irreversible, particularly because the truth was kept from her by her father, Dr. Jim Craig, and Dr. Larry Wolek, and that Viki knew about it though Joe and she didn't. - Will Vernon, a psychiatrist who had seen Cathy for a time when she couldn't be reconciled to the fact that after her marriage to Viki's half-brother, Tony Lord, the pregnancy she hoped for was a false one, told Viki that he was convinced that eventually Cathy’s unconscious would take over and she would put herself in a position where she would have to be found though she wouldn’t know she was doing it. Will told Viki that Joe had been to see him and he had tried to comfort Joe with that conviction. He did not tell her, though Viki had herself sensed it, that Joe believed that the baby was dead or would be if Cathy should realize what she had done. Viki pleaded with Will to talk with Joe even though she knew that Joe would not consult Will as a patient.


When Viki told her husband she was comforted by talking with Will and would like to continue seeing him, she asked him if he would like to have Will as someone to let off steam to as he was looking at the dark side of everything. Just then the phone rang. Dorian Cramer Lord, called to ask Joe to come to Llanfair, saying she had called Lt. Ed Hall, in charge of the Riley kidnapping case, because she had found something she thought would help find Cathy.


When Viki and Joe Joe arrived at Llanfair, Dorian explained that Matt McAllister told her of an incident the day before as he was interviewing a local Rock star. As he looked up he saw a woman leaving the Carousel Club who looked very much like Cathy. He called out her name but she didn't turn around and when he got to the door she was gone. When he asked the bartender about her he was told she was applying for the job as a waitress and, in the absence of the manager, was told to leave her number and she would get a call. When Matt asked the name she gave, he learned it was Kitty Mainwaring, a name that meant nothing to Matt except that it was unusual. Dorian, too, thought the name extraordinary and thought that she recognized it but could not put it into context. She agreed that it was unlikely that Cathy would be in Llanfair because she had successfully evaded a nationwide search. Finally Dorian, unable to dismiss the name from her mind, had taken down Cathy's novel and found that Kitty Mainwaring was a character in Cathy's novel, “Forever Never Comes”.


Leaving Viki in the manager's office, Ed positioned his men around the motel and allowed Joe to seek admittance to Cathy's room posing as the manager. They found Cathy alone in the room with no evidence of the presence of the baby. She insisted - and evidently believed - that she was Kitty Mainwaring, an out of work waitress who had never been in Llanview and couldn't seem to remember how she came to be there.


Viki at first refused to believe that Cathy was not faking. She couldn't bear to accept Joe's statement that Cathy did not know anything, but when Vinnie walked in stunned she knew it was so. When Joe, himself unconvinced, insisted that Cathy would never harm a child, Viki gave way and asked "Where do you leave a baby you don't want anymore?" She was afraid that Cathy just panicked and her sick brain told her to do things as foreign to her nature as kidnapping a baby. Viki eventually recovered hope and Joe told Dorian that somehow Viki had found a strength no one ever believed she had, but for himself he found no comfort. He offered to take a leave of absence as he was not able to function with relation to his job at the paper but Dorian refused and convinced him that he had to throw himself into his work till he was too tired to think and in that way endure. When Joe left, Dorian admitted to herself that she was in love with Joe and giggled to herself that maybe the thing to do was to see Will Vernon about it. After a time, she quizzed Felicia who had been a part-time companion to Viki about how Viki was holding up and became convinced despite what she was told that sooner or later the marriage would be strained beyond repair.


Dr. Vernon’s own marriage was again suffering due to his neglect of his wife and her jealousy. At his nurse Jenny Wolek's urging he had begun work anew on a book he put aside ten years before. Jenny worked overtime to complete typing on the book. Will fell asleep on the couch in his office, neglecting to call home, and when he learned from Jenny that the book was completed, suggested champagne for breakfast to celebrate as Naomi walked in. Will proposed that they all celebrate but Naomi suggested they wait till the book was published. Jenny assured her that the book will be published, "It's a good book." When Jenny left the room, Naomi told her husband that their daughter Samantha was in trouble at school and had been cutting classes. She told Will that she was sure the book was excellent, after all "Jenny says it is." Later Naomi accused Will of undermining her authority with Samantha when he gave his daughter special permission to attend a Rock concert disregarding a curfew without speaking with Naomi. Will told his son Brad and Naomi he had had a very hard day with Cathy and wanted only a little peace of mind. When Naomi left to warm some dinner for her son, Will thought of Jenny.


Jenny and Brad came very near to making love till Brad, after trying for so long to seduce Jenny, turned her off saying he loved her and did not believe he should take advantage of her. The following day when he stopped by, Jenny turned on Brad and told him she knew he was sleeping with Lana. He told her again he loved her but she asked how she could believe him when he lied and told the truth with equal ease.


Brad told Lana that they were through but Lana refused to believe him and made a scene. Some days later, Lana begged Karen to help her get Brad back and when Brad came into the restaurant without his crutches, an Lana insisted to a reluctant Brad that they celebrate, Karen left in despair that Lana couldn’t back off even for a time. Brad told Lana the she was a wonderful person and would have a wonderful life, "but it's not going to be with me."


Pat Kendall’s son was ill and depressed that Pat planned to leave town. When the boy was feeling worse, Pat called Larry who had him admiffed to Llanview hospital. Brian's fever began to climb and Peter Janssen ordered him quarantined. After ordering tests and awaiting confirmation of a spinal tap, Peter and Larry' fears were confirmed and they told Pat that her son had Bacterial Meningitis. As Pat was talking to her son, he suddenly failed to respond an became completely comatose. Tony stayed by Pat's side in the hospital leaving only when he learned that Cathy had been found. He returned to tell Pat that there was no trace of the baby. When Pat told him he should leave, he said his place was with her and always would be, but Pat said no as long as Cathy was in the condition she was.


At Will Vernon’s request and over Tony's protest, a haggared Pat went to the prison hospital to see Cathy when Vernon's attempt a hypnosis of Cathy failed. Cathy momentarily responded when Pat told her she had a son who was very ill, but then accused Pat of lying to her and trying to trap her. When Pat returned to the hospital, Brian was having trouble breathing and his vital signs were slowing down. Larry and Peter hoped that he would respond to new medication. Tony finally convinced Pat that she had to rest and Jim obtained a room for her.


Karen Wolek had let Larry down wher she failed to pick up his son Danny for a visit to the dentist after school as she had promisecdand Jim had to get the boy when he called home after having waited to be picked up. Karen was busy looking at the realtor's listings of houses considerably out of Larry's price range. When she apologized to Danny, Larry remarked that she had come on a little too strong with the boy in a rather obvious effort to win him over. Karen told her sister Jenny that Danny was just a little bit spoiled because he had been without a mother so long, everyone catered to him. She lunched with Dorian at Llanfair twice: the second time pretending to Larry that the luncheon just slipped her mind in an otherwise uneventful day. Larry asked if her lunch was some kind of state secret, saying that Dorian mentioned it to him and was only trying to flatter Karen's ego. Karen told Larry that if he continued to think of Dorian only in terms of the past, that was his problem, not hers.


Later that day, after witnessing a scene between Joe Riley and Matt McAlister with Joe threatening Matt, Dorian sent Matt out of the room and let slip that Viki had been to see Cathy again pretending that it never occurred to her that he wouldn't know. Later, Matt was bitter over his treatment at Joe's hands and accused Dorian of forgetting her responsibility to keep the paper functioning in favor of giving Joe something to do. He told her he wouldn't be pushed by either her or "lover boy" and reminded her that he could prove she knew Tony was Victor Lord's son and tried to keep the knowledge from Victor.


Larry lit into Karen's behavior of the last few weeks, telling her he was beginning to wonder if they had a different set of values. He told her she had been callous and indifferent to Danny and she countered that the boy was extremely spoiled and uncooperative. She said she thought she was helping Larry break out of the rut he was in but he twisted and turned all her efforts into something else. She gave him back his ring saying he wanted her to be something she was not.


Ryan’s Hope


Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Claire Labine, Paul Avila Mayer & Robert Costello


When Bob Reid learned from Delia that she was planning to use Pat Ryan's concern for her estrangement from her husband Frank and the rest of the Ryan family to rekindle the past - Delia and Pat, Frank's brother, were lovers before her marriage -, he went to Frank's office to plead with him to realize that Delia was desperate. He was unable to bring himself to betray Delia's confidence but insisted that Frank owed Delia some sign of sympathy and support. He asked Frank to pitch in and give Delia a place of her own and return custody of little John to her for at least two or three days a week. He said that if Frank talked to Maeve and Johnny, who had temporary custody of the child they would agree. Frank maintained the baby was not safe with Delia but Bob rejected that answer, insisting that Delia was still Frank's wife and he had to take some responsibility toward her. Frank said that Delia just wanted her own way prompting Bob to reply that some people said the same of him: that he became Jill's lover, had moved in with her and they were then expecting a baby. - Only Jillan and her sister Dr. Faith Coleridge knew that the baby Jill was carrying was the child of Dr. Seneca Beaulac. - Bob repeated that he owed some consideration to Dee but Frank countered that his obligation was to Jill. Jill walked in as Bob warned that Delia was about to go over the deep end without elaborating. He told Jillian that he agreed that Frank had a responsibility to her, but not till Dee was taken care of. He shouted that it used to be his sister's feelings that Frank worried about. When Frank's answer was that things had changed, Bob cried out that they needed some kind of a healthy answer. At that Jillian doubled over in pain.


When Jillian’s doctor had examined her, Faith broke the news to her that the chances were ten to one that Jillian was about to miscarry. Jillian told her sister that she had gotten used to the idea of a baby and resented having it taken away from her but agreed that it might be the best thing as she had not told either Frank or Seneca that Frank was not the father. - During the time Jillian was re-covering from a fall over little John's tricycle (Delia pushed her), she could not bring herself to risk Frank's disappointment and sense of betrayal by telling him. She wanted Frank to herself for a time, but was touched when she heard from Seneca how much he had wanted a child, which his late wife, Nell, was unable to bear him.) Jill accepted Faith's advice to let the course of events determine what she would do and try to reject the sense of guilt she felt over having lied to Frank in fact, for months and to the Ryans and Seneca by omission.


Seneca, in his concern for Jillian, inquired about her condition of her doctor and was puzzled at the apparent discrepancy in time. When the doctor left, he told Bucky that Jill's attitude didn’t make sense and he sought out Pat Ryan to confirm the date of the rally which spelled the death of Frank's political hopes because Jill had told him that was the night she resumed her love affair with Frank after four years.


After Pat, unknowing, confirmed Seneca's growing suspicions, Seneca confronted Jillian. She admitted to Seneca that the child was his, but that she felt Frank should be the first to know and wanted to wait till Frank's custody hearing was over. As she asked Seneca to keep her secret if she should miscarry, promising him that she would do her part to see that the child survived and, in turn, promising that if the child lived, she would acknowledge Seneca as the father. Seneca was content with this for the time being but when he found that Jillian had been up to answer the door in the absence of her nurse, to admit Maeve, he ordered her back to bed and threatened to hospitalize her. Maeve, knowing that Seneca was not Jillian's doctor, asked why Jill accepted his high-handed attitude. When Maeve left, Jillian warned Seneca that she would not tolerate having Maeve's suspicions aroused. Seneca apologized but went on to say that he intended to give her advice and she would act on it or he would tell Frank himself. Jillian remarked that she took some comfort in the fact that she and Seneca were not married to each other and Seneca, grinning, said: "Not yet, anyway."


Delia began to work on Pat, telling him that she was a much better person when they were lovers. Pat admitted that he wanted her but there were a couple of things that wouldn’t change, one of them that she was his brother's wife. He told her that there was no way that they could pick up again. When little John was up and Pat was playing with him with his toy tow-truck, Delia said she wished little John were “theirs." She told him that after they broke up she wished that she had gotten pregnant. Pat admitted, naively, that probably would have changed things, saying again that he didn’t understand Frank, that they had been taught that they owed the most loyalty to another Ryan; especially those they fathered. As Pat put little John back to bed, Delia smiled and mused to herself: "a baby."


Delia devised kept to a timetable ostensibly planning to go to Europe with Roger Coleridge but at every step carefully engineering that at the last minute, Pat, who had always fancied himself a "rescuer," would save her. Her scheme very nearly didn’t work when, because of the arrival of Kathleen Ryan and her young children, Jack found Delia's note late. Suspicious of Dee's motives - he had witnessed Delia in the hallway the night before, evesdropping as Pat, Frank and Maeve talked about her -, Jack turned the letter over to Mary who momentarily considered destroying it or at least delaying further. However, Mary did deliver the letter to Pat who canceled a date with Faith for the opera; rushed to the airport and took the only flight available that would get him into Boston to the pier Roger and Dee were sailing from.


The last minute nature of Pat's arrival with the gangplanks about to be taken away worked in Delia's favor and she "allowed" herself to admit that she made a mistake and was persuaded that there was no time for even a note to Roger who was not in the stateroom at that moment. Pretending that she was upset about her leavetaking and tired and apprehensive about making the trip back and facing the Ryans, Delia got Pat to promise to check her into a hotel so she could rest. He called home and assured Johnny Ryan that Delia was safe and sorry and will be home as soon as she can face the ordeal of the trip the following day. Then Dee and Pat spent the night together. In the morning, Pat told Dee that it would never happen again. Delia pretended to be sad but accepting.


Jack, at the Ryan's, looked up in shock, unable to move as little John knocked over an assortment of pain-killers from his bedside table and sat playing happily in the midst of them. Jack pulled himself off the bed but was unable to get further, and called out for Mary. Thinking it was another of his incessant demands, Mary and Johnny delayed getting to him. When they found the boy and promised he wouldn’t get into the room again, Jack insisted that they couldn't say any such thing unless they put the baby in a cage. Johnny came close to telling Jack what it was he had to "thank God for, every single day." - Jack had no idea that because of a sexual dysfunction, a complication arising from his condition after a near fatal automobile crash, the child Mary carried and he so bitterly resented might be the only one he would ever be able to have. –


Jumbo Marino, the closest thing to a father figure Jack had ever had, arrived with Lou and Angie at the Gennaro Social Club, to set up in Jack's room the manger scene that meant so much to them as a tradition on Christmas Eve. Jack was touched, but after a time Jumbo asked him why he wasn’t exactly thrilled at being congratulated on the baby. When he learnt that Jack didn’t want the child and had told Mary so, he told Jack he had better feel better about the baby for Mary's sake and had better shape up, fast! When Johnny joined hem in Jack's room to serve drinks to accompany the traditional Italian patries, Jack asked him to stay.


After Jumbo left, Jack joined the family at the tree decoration in the living room, and when he saw a hat for Maeve, a present from Art – Kathleen’s husband - opened early so they could see Maeve's face before Art and Kathleen left to spend some time with Art's parents, Jack told Mary he had a sense of the Ryans' family closeness and envied Art the look of pleasure on Maeve's face. When Jack returned to his room in his wheelchair, he saw the scattered remains of the Manger after little John and baby Deirdre – Kathleen and Art’s daughter - were through with it. Although assured that nothing was broken, Jack blurted out that nevertheless he couldn’t live with "that" - indicating the children's mischief - and wanted no part of "that" - obviously meaning children themselves -. Mary said there was nothing she could do about it - her pregnancy -, and Jack screamed out at her: "That's your problem." Johnny Ryan, who had witnessed many humiliating scenes his daughter hds suffered, exploded: "Dammit man, you ought to get down on your knees and thank God Mary's carrying this child! Because it's the only one you'll ever have!"


After Jack warned Mary he would go after Johnny and make him explain his remark if he had to crawl, Mary explained his condition to him. Jack insisted on seeing Dr. Alex McLean. When he was told by Alex that the by-pass operation that might hold out some hope was impossible at this time, Jack speculated that maybe Alex had no intention of hurrying him to a cure.


Pat Ryan had gone to Father McShane and told him what took place in Boston and at the priest's suggestion was determined to move to the resident quarters at Riverside hospital. He apologized to Faith for walking out on their date without calling her himself and they made a date to attend a party on New Year's Eve together, promising not to mention Delia or her problems.


Search For Tomorrow


Written by: Irving & Tex Elman

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim


After things had been settled down at the Phillips' household following Eunice Wyatt's death, Eric prepared to move to Spring Valley with his new-found father, Ralph Heywood, and his wife Betty. He would come back to Henderson on some weekends, but he wanted Scott and Kathy to visit him in his new home. Kathy explained to Scott that she was sure Eric loved them and wanted them to be a part of his new life.


Things seemed to be going very well until Ralph sold "Araby,” the colt he gave Eric when he was actively trying to win Eric away from Scott. - Scott was Eric's guardian and felt it wasn't in Eric's best interest to live with Heywood because Ralph had tried to blackmail Scott over Eric years ago. Eric wanted to live with his real father so much that he ran away, so Scott gave in, rather than tell him about his father's past. - Spring Valley was running into financial problems, so when Ralph was offered a good price for the colt, he couldn’t refuse the sale. Eric came home as Araby was being loaded and couldn’t understand why his father would sell his pony. Ralph would only say that Spring Valley was a horse ranch that raised horses to sell. He told Eric that Araby had probably forgotten him and so he should pick out another pony. Eric remarked that his father would probably sell it too. Ralph admitted that if the price were right he would.


Ralph was telling Betty that they hadn’t made any money since last spring when he received a call from Mr. Jennings, a horse rancher in Arizona, who explained that he wants to semi-retire and needed someone to manage the ranch. He wanted Ralph to take a look at the ranch before he made a decision. Ralph didn’t want to leave his family during the holidays, so Mr. Jennings told him to bring them along and spend Christmas in a warm, sunny climate. Ralph agreed without asking Betty or Eric.


Eric and the Phillipses were disappointed that Eric couldn't attend the Christmas Eve party at Hartford House, so Kathy suggested that they ask Ralph if they could keep Eric for Christmas Eve and put him on a plane for Arizona early in the morning. Eric liked the idea, but Ralph refused to consider it because he wanted Eric with them for the whole holiday.


Eric called Scott from Arizona to tell him that his father had accepted Mr. Jennings' offer to manage the ranch. They would be staying a few more days and then would be returning to pack up. He got teary when he talked about having to get used to a new school and moving so far away.


Liza Kaslo had been chosen as one of four girls to do a magazine layout in Paris and would like her husband, Steve, to go with her. He had refused and things hadn't gone well in their marriage since she had become a popular model. Even Liza's mother, Janet Collins, suggested that Liza weigh her marriage against her career since she couldn’t seem to manage both. Liza thought it was unfair for people to think she should give up her career for her marriage when they wouldn't think of asking Steve to give up his music. Steve came home to tell Liza he had been laid off. She asked him to come with her to Paris and look for a new job when he got back, but Steve remained firm. The tension was thick when Woody Reed, Liza's manager, picked her up. Liza was kept busy from dawn to the wee hours of the morning, but tried to call Steve. When she was unable to reach him after several days, Liza became worried. She called Amy Carson, Steve's sister, asking for her help. Amy and news reporter Bruce Carson, tried locating Steve, but were unsuccessful. Liza became so worried that she planned on returning to Henderson even though Woody warned her that it would mean the end of her career. Steve finally came out of hiding. He had returned to their old one room apartment where he had been inspired to write "Daisies" in the hopes of writing a new song. He found the inspiration, but had been oblivious to the fact that anyone might worry about him.


Woody was thankful that Liza had remained in Paris to finish the layout. He asked her to stay for a few days of relaxation and sightseeing. Liza would like to return some day, but then all she wanted was to get home to Steve. When Woody kissed Liza goodnight, he blamed it on too much champagne.


Steve suggested that he had the solution to their problem. They would remain in their new apartment, but he would rent the old place as a studio since it was only there that he could find the inspiration to compose. He insisted on paying for it with the money he made as the new bartender at Hartford House.


Steve was surprised when Melissa Manchester paid him a visit at Hartford House to tell him that she had heard his demonstration tape and liked his music. She invited him and Liza to watch her rehearse. They planned on celebrating, but the film of a modeling session was destroyed and had to be redone immediately. Liza and Steve were both disappointed. Steve was impressed with his personal concert by Melissa and flattered by her offer to take him on as her guitarist for her tour. Steve promised to think it over.


Bruce and his fellow reporter, Gail Caldwell, continued writing their secret article. Amy invited Gail to dinner to meet Dr. Gary Walton. She was delighted when they seemed to hit it off and Gary started dating Gail.


Bruce arranged to work one evening so that he and Gail could spend the whole even-ing together. They were about to order dinner from room service when Amy called to say they were swamped at the clinic and the babysitter had to leave. She asked Bruce and Gail to work at the house, but Gail refused to go home with Bruce because she could no longer be a hypocrite. She would not be put in a situation which made her uneasy. She couldn’t bear spending the evening with Bruce and his daughter.


The bank in Washington that held Walter Pace's loan called to say that Stephanie had to sign the stock or they couldn’t use it to cover his loans. Walter told Stephanie that he had a line on a good business deal and he recommended that she put her Collins stock up to buy it. Stephanie asked Scott Phillips to take care of this for her. He suggested that quick schemes didn’t always make money. Walter was becoming impatient because the banks wouldn’t accept the power of attorney that Stephanie had unwittingly given him. Scott became suspicious and asked his investigator to check into Walter Pace's business holdings in Washington.


Jennifer Pace Phillips had given Stephanie the bowl she took from the Wyatt apartment when she killed Eunice and was unable to retrieve it. When all else failed, she knocked it off the table breaking it. Stephanie told Walter that she knew a man who could do wonders repairing glass and would surprise Jennifer after it had been repaired.


John Wyatt had hired David Sutton to find his wife's killer. After questioning Jennifer, she followed him to see what he found out. He visited pawn shops looking for the articles that were taken. Jennifer and her fantasy of John decided that David was getting too close for comfort. Jennifer was deterred from killing David, though, when she ran into Bruce and Gail near David's room. Her fantasy warned her that it was too risky for the moment.


Jennifer arranged for her "wedding" and was told by her fantasy that she could see him then, but when she visited John at the Inn he told her that he didn't love her. He had no intentions of getting married and even if he did, he wouldn't marry her. Jennifer palmed John's room key as she left. Hurt, later she returned, using the key to admit herself to John's room where she hid the gun she killed Eunice with in his closet because she held him responsible for everything she had done.


David and Lieutenant Frank went over all the evidence. They decided that the ski mask had never been worn and the file was not the kind used to jimmy locks. They received the ballistics report on the weapon used and David remembered a stolen gun of that description. He had a hunch and visited the Pace apartment, obtaining an old photo of Jennifer. The pawn broker said it could be the girl who stole the gun while he was on the phone. David asked John to call Jennifer and arrange to meet her at the Inn. John was reluctant, unable to believe that Jennifer was capable of murder, but he made the call, apologizing for his earlier behavior. They became worried when she called to say her father was ill, but after she learned he only had flu and Stephanie returned, she hurried to meet John. The shop keeper identified her and Lieutenant Frank arrested her.


David finally reached show owned Yang Lee when he returned from his holiday in San Francisco. Mr. Lee told David that the bowl he found in the shop was left to be repaired by Mrs. Pace. David returned with Lieutenant Frank and Jo Vincente. Jo was able to identify the bowl easily because she had it inscribed "EJW" for Eunice and John Wyatt.


John told Jo that he had been offered a judgeship in Wellington and had decided that it would be good for both him and Suzi to leave Henderson because everything here reminded them of Eunice. He took Suzi out of town for a few days.


Jennifer was out on bail, but was very nervous. Lieutenant Frank and David arrived at the Pace apartment with the jade bowl to find out how Stephanie acquired it. Walter instructed Jennifer not to tell them anything. They insisted on searching the apartment for evidence of a murder. They found a letter from Jennifer to John explaining the murder and accusing John of planning it. They arrested Jennifer and although Lieutenant Frank insisted on issuing a warrant for John, David found it hard to believe that John had anything to do with it.




Written by: Russell Kubeck

Produced by: Lyle B. Hill


The organization that had its talons into Somerset appeared to have accepted Steve Slade as a member. He was making regular money runs with Denise – Denny - Saunders. Steve, under cover for the Register, wondered at Denny's edginess around him, unaware Joe Castor, his contact man, had told Denny, “Steve Slade is a walking dead man." - The late Greg Mercer, formerly a reporter for the Register, uncovered the Organization's grip on Somerset and was killed for his trouble. Greg uncovered the name Harry Rose. Steve had come up with a “music box" that played the "Blue Danube" and the fact that the head man had "iron" in him. They were all unaware that Fred Harrington, prominent Somerset citizen, was the head man. Since the trial of Greg's killers, Julian Cannell, Register editor, and Carrie Wheeler, another reporter, had kept the heat on with articles and editorials based on Greg's notebooks and Steve's information. Harrington's business had been damaged, and he was determined to get Julian. –


Denny accidentally met Julian and Carrie in a flower shop one day. Later she told Castor Julian wasn't anything like he said. Castor replied that Julian was a dangerous man. Denny asked Joe what he meant about the State's taking care of Steve, not the Organization. He didn’t answer. - He and Harrington planned to have Steve framed for Julian's murder, thus keeping themselves out of it. - To that end, Castor had been busily enlisting the aid of ambitious police Sgt. Chip Williams. Castor met with Williams to discuss Williams' role. Williams told Castor they had't come to terms yet —Lt. Price's job. Castor replied that they couldn’t deliver. Trying to ease Price out caused too much speculation. Castor promised, however, that Williams would make a sure, steady rise in the department and would have a nice bonus every month. Williams speculated about what would happen if he turned Castor in for bribery. Castor replied Williams would never make it. Castor gave Williams 24 hours to decide.


Julian and Price were onto Williams. Steve reported in again, this time with three phone numbers. One number was the Register's! The other two numbers were for the country club and an expensive tailor. Julian asked Vickie Paisley's help in obtaining lists from both places to cross check. She agreed, but asked to know more about what was going on. Julian refused to tell her, afraid it would put her in too much danger. Ironically, it was Vickie who could connect Harrington to all their clues. Vickie urged Julian to accept publisher Dan Brisken's offer of a bodyguard. Julian refused, saying it would restrict his movements too much. In cross-checking the lists, Julian automatically crossed off Harrington's name.


Carrie was released from the hospital, but was forced to stay home to work for awhile, to regain her strength. - Carrie suffered a nervous collapse. She was engaged to Greg Mercer, hunted down by the Organization in an attempt to keep her from testifying, and was then in love with Steve, agonizing over his danger. - Lawyer Tom Conway visited and suggested that they become more than just good friends. Carrie turned him down, unwittingly increasing Steve's danger. - Tom was being blackmailed into service by the Organization. They wanted Greg's notebooks. Tom helped them get all but the important one, but he knew Steve and Julian were also interested.- Tom was being pressured to reveal what he knew about "the" notebook. Revealing Steve knew about the notebook would remove Steve as a rival, but Tom loved Carrie too much to hurt her that way.


Castor and Williams came to terms. With Denny along, Castor told Williams to use whatever means he had to get Julian to Chimney Corners in a few hours. Denny was sickened. The hit man was already in town. He would use a gun Castor had with Steve's fingerprints on it. Steve arrived at Denny's apartment early. He noticed that Denny was wearing a friendship ring he gave her. - Denny was "saved" from a life on the streets by the Organization. Her gratitude had allowed her to harden herself to the true nature of the people she was involved with. Steve had carefully cultivated Denny's friendship, finally penetrating her hard, protective facade. Interestingly, however, when Castor interrupted them, Denny immediately slammed the door on her more human side. - Castor arrived and told Steve the routine was changed. Steve was to go alone to Chimney Corners and pick up the money, then meet Denny. Castor left. Denny told Steve about the trap. He rushed out when he couldn’t reach Julian at the Register. Meanwhile, Williams had arranged for Castor to call him in Vickie's office. Williams faked a call about a tip that Steve would be killed at Chimney Corners. When Williams left, Vickie naturally called Julian, who also rushed off to the appointed spot, leaving Carrie to contact Price, who was an hour away.


Steve arrived. Tht hit man was in place. Julian arrived. Steve demanded to know why "Cannell" was following him. Steve "attacked" Julian, intercepting the bullet. The hit man ran. Julian got help. The ambulance drivers felt Steve would be DOA, but Steve made it to the hospital. While he was in the emergency room, Carrie visited him and they pledged their love. Drs. Stan Kurtz and Terri Martin were puzzled by this. Julian asked them not to discuss what they had seen, to trust him.


Steve was rushed into surgery. Dr. Jerry Kane removed the bullet from Steve's heart and managed to restimulate his heart. Unaware Denny was nearby, Julian told Stan and Terri that things weren't always what they seemed, and he would explain about Steve later. When Julian saw Denny, she claimed to be there just to give blood. He couldn’t reach her, so Carrie tried, as a reporter. Julian had called to the phone. Tom Conway, on his way into the hospital to keep vigil, was accosted by his contact. Tom learned his contact and another man were waiting to kill Julian. Disguising his voice, Tom called and warned Julian, who called Price. Price had been questioning Williams about why he didn't act on his "tip." Williams said his "source" wasn't always reliable.


Denny told Carrie she wasn't fooled by the act Carrie and Steve put on. Denny also warned Julian not to go anywhere alone. Price ordered a dragnet to sweep the hospital environs.


Castor wondered to Denny how the plan could have gone wrong. Exasperated, he told her it was to him to get rid of Steve. Denny suggested he turn it over to someone else, ask for a transfer. Castor told her it was not up to him or their boss: "It goes higher up."


Price couldn’t find anybody outside the hospital who didn’t have legitimate business. In the throes of worry over Steve, Julian finally confided what they had to Vickie. The following morning, they went to Price. Vickie knew a man with a music box — Fred Harrington. They put the pieces together — Fred Harrington always wore a rose - Harry Rose -; Harrington had “iron" in him - a steel plate inserted after a skiing accident -; Harrington patronized all three places they had phone numbers for. Price decided to get a warrant.


Steve, Carrie at his side, finally was reported out of danger by Stan. Tom Conway confessed his part to Carrie, then Lt. Price. Denny called Carrie and warned her to keep a guard on Steve.


Harrington tried to explain to his boss what went wrong. Castor called with the news that Julian had been in contact with the Justice Department. Harrington cut him short. Following more inept explanations, Harrington faced a gun. Harrington was murdered — by Dan Brisken! The following day, Dan spoke out vociferously against Steve's joining the Organization. Vickie, to whom Dan was speaking, kept quiet, with some difficulty.


Julian, Price, Carrie, and Steve decided Dan needed to know about Harrington since they were such close friends. Julian filled Dan in, saying Harrington was murdered by someone he knew. Julian asked if Dan ever witnessed Harrington receiving a call in his office. Dan feigned ignorance, then "remembered" Harrington once received a call from a Mr. Smith. Julian told Dan that Harrington wasn't the top man, that they still had work to do. Dan pledged they would get him. His secretary called him to a meeting. Dan asked Julian to wait for him. The phone rang. Julian decided to pick it up. He heard, "Mr. Brisken, this is Mr. Smith" – Castor -. Julian was stunned.


Dan returned to the office, having cut a meeting short to continue his conversation with Julian. Julian handed him the phone. Julian told Carrie to have Lt. Price meet them. Dan admitted to Julian that he was the top man, that he was the one who killed Harrington! Dan explained simply that Harrington had made too many mistakes. He wasn’t worried about being arrested, telling Julian there wasn't enough evidence to connect him with Harrington or convict him. However, when Price arrived, Dan confessed. Lt. Price arrested him.


Heather Kane, one of the victims of the Organization, told her surgeon husband that she thought Carrie was in love with Steve. - Heather was mistaken for Carrie and pushed down a flight of stairs. Heather subsequently lost her baby and had to have brain surgery to save her own life. - Jerry didn't quite believe Heather, but trusted her instincts. After they discussed it further, Heather gave Jerry her own good news – she was pregnant! The Kanes had been hoping for this since the loss of their first baby.


In Steve’s hospital room, Carrie told Steve that Dan was the top man. Dan's arrest ended an ugly epoch in their lives, and they could then begin planning a future, impossible while the Organization had its hold on Somerset. Stan and Terri, Jerry and Heather, and Vickie and Julian all shared in the good news. As they stood by, Steve officially asked Carrie to marry him.


The show last aired on Friday, December 31st, 1976.


The Young And The Restless


Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: John Conboy


Brock Reynolds had tried to help his mother, Kay Chancellor, and Joann Curtenyski by having Joann move into the huge house his mother occupied by herself. He told his mother that Joann needed to save money to go back to school as she and her husband were divorced. Joann had a pretty good grip on herself then and hadn't fallen into eating out of self-pity. One evening Mrs. Chancellor tried to break Joann's diet by tempting her with delicious sandwiches. Joann was depressed and Kay suggested that a drink would help her forget her troubles. Kay then confessed that all her drinking didn’t help because the loneliness returned when she sobered up. Joann told Brock, who thought that Joanne might be able to help Kay with her drinking problem.


Even though Joann knew she would be able to eat little of it, she bought the groceries to prepare the kind of Christmas meal she always had. Kay didn’t want to be reminded of the holidays because they were a time for families and she always felt so lonely, but Joann was determined to make Christmas happy this year.


Peggy Brooks was determined to go through with her marriage with Jack Curtis, even though her father had suggested to both Jack and Peggy that she might be rushing into this to prove she was not afraid, after having been raped last summer. Stuart discussed his fears with Peggy's sister, Lorie, who said that the only way to know if Peggy had any hangups was for her to sleep with Jack before the wedding. Stuart agreed, but said he couldn't and wouldn't suggest it. All the Brooks girls decided to see if they could help in any way. Jack confessed that he had forgotten one important fact. Although he went as Jack Curtis at the university, his real name was Johnny Curtenyski and it would take forty-five days to change it, so Peggy became Mrs. Johnny Curtenyski.


Bill Foster had become so critical that he couldn't be taken home as his son Greg wanted, but was placed on a respirator. Liz Foster asked her son, Doctor Snapper Foster, if Bill would stay in pain. Snapper couldn’t give his mother much hope. Liz left the hospital, but returned unseen to Bill's bedside. He pleaded with her to help him. She remembered that he wanted to die with dignity, and after saying good-bye to him, she unplugged the respirator. Snapper entered the room to see his father draw his last few breaths and understood what had happened when he saw the plug. He took Liz home and told her not to tell Greg and Jill what she had done because they might not understand that it was what he wanted. Snapper remembered the plug and returned to the hospital, but he was too late. The nurse, Miss Warner, had been looking for him and mentioned the respirator. He suggested someone found his father and unplugged it before rushing to the emergency they had.


Snapper brooke the news to Jill and Greg, but couldn’t calm Greg down. He realized that Greg's raving about not being called when their father was dying was hard on his mother. Greg was unable to forgive Snapper.


The funeral was simple, the way Bill had requested, and Brock spoke the words Bill wanted his family to hear. Although Kay detested death and funerals, she ùade the effort because Bill had cared so much for her.


Miss Warner told the administration, and then Snapper, that she had been bothered by the unplugged machine because the switch was still on. Doctor Atwater set an investiga-ion in motion. If warranted, the police would be called in.


Chris Foster was becoming more attached to Karen Becker every day that she had her. - Chris helped Nancy Becker through legal aid and then became involved in Nancy and Karen's safety when she became convinced that Ron Becker had raped her sister Peggy. Ron had Nancy taken to the hospital when she broke down, and he ran off when Karen asked why he was hurting Chris. They had been unable to locate Nancy. - Determined to do what was best for Karen, Chris had a police artist do a sketch of Nancy from her description so her father could publish it in his paper, hoping someone would recognize it. Chris took Karen shopping to avoid getting the news too quickly, but Stuart came by to tell her that they hde had no word and usually they heard within the first few hours or not at all. Chris called Greg, asking him to file for the permanent custody of Karen so that Ron couldn’t come back and try to claim her. Greg said that adoption was the only thing that could do that and she and Snapper were a long way from that. Greg could file, but Chris' wish of having it settled before Christmas was impossible. A peace and contentment filled Chris when Karen asked if she might call her "Mommy." Snapper admired the fact that Chris had made a real effort to find Nancy when she wanted to keep Karen so badly.


The nurse in the mental ward saw a resemblence in the sketch to Fran Jackson, but felt she was mistaken when no one else did and Fran wouldn’t respond to the name Nancy Becker.


Lance Prentiss told Lorie Brooks that it was time they set their wedding day and he felt Valentine's Day, would be perfect. Lorie said it was corny, because no one was ever married on the lover's holiday, but agreed. She felt that a much earlier date would be better since Vanessa Prentiss was trying to arrange for Lance to fall in love with her sister, Leslie Elliot.


Vanessa made a rare journey from the house to tell Brad Elliot that he had to not let Leslie reach out to him because it would only be out of a sense of duty. Leslie finally told her parents that Brad was blind and this was why he wanted a divorce. Stuart told Brad that he had tried to protect Leslie, and he was sure Brad had done it out of love. It could be that there was no other man for Leslie but himself. Brad was totally confused.


Returning home from his search for Luke, Lance told his mother that they should let the detective agency go, since Luke had requested that he be left unfound.


Lorie wasn’t sure why, but she made a real effort to be nice to Vanessa. She explained that she wanted to be friends and was sure that a plastic surgeon somewhere would be able to help Vanessa. She was going to do everything she could to help her. Lorie was rewarded by Vanessa's reluctant approval, though she admitted Leslie had been her choice for Lance.


Lance showed Lorie two diamond necklaces and asked her which one she liked best. When she made a choice, he told her this was Vanessa's Christmas present. Lance remarked that he liked Lorie "natural" so that her sparkle was in her eyes. He promised to buy her enough diamonds to keep her satisfied when she was old.


When Leslie decided to see Brad again, Lorie called Brad warning of her visit and cautioning him not to mention the child Leslie was carrying because she wouldn’t come back for the child's sake, but only if he really wanted her. Brad was a mess. He needed a shave, a haircut and some pressed clothing. Leslie said she couldn’t respect him when he let his appearance go. She cleaned the apartment and sent him an electric razor. When Lorie visited him, Brad remarked that he offered Leslie the use of the piano in the apartment since there were many distractions in the Brooks' household, while preparing for Peggy's wedding. He asked Lorie to cut his hair, but she retorted that he should ask his wife, if he could admit he needed the help.


Since neither Leslie nor Brad would break down and make the first move, Lorie untuned the family piano, forcing Leslie to do her practicing at the apartment. Lorie told Lance of her brainstorm and he came up with one of his own when he heard that Leslie was at Brad's then. Leslie answered the doorbell to find that someone had had a Christmas tree and ornaments delivered to "Mr. and Mrs. Brad Eliot." Leslie inadvertantly said, "You'll see how beautiful it will look" making Brad withdraw. Leslie refused to let Brad sulk, saying she didn’t pity him even if he refused to try leading a normal life. She described a crystal madonna and child ornament and Brad asked if he might hang it.


As Peggy’s wedding drew near, Stuart accepted Jack into the family, making Peggy very happy. Only a few nights before the wedding, Peggy had a dream about her wedding night, but it turned into a nightmare when Ron Becker appeared in it. Stuart broke the news to Jack that the wedding had been called off. At first Jack blamed Stuart, but when he heard the reason he told Peggy that he would wait as long as necessary.


Peggy had been crying ever since she called off the wedding. Chris told her that she and Snapper didn't consumate their marriage that first night. Snapper waited until Chris came to him of her own initiative. Peggy wasn’t sure that she would ever be ready.


Lance had taken Lorie on a business trip promising they would be back by New Year's Eve. Lance said Lorie had called him "Mr. All Talk and No Action" for the last time. Lorie put him off, saying that their relationship had been above reproach and that he could just wait until they were married on Valentine's Day. Hearing that they were over Nevada, Lance ordered his pilot to set the plane down as there were no blood tests or waiting periods required here.


Kay took a birthday present to Phillip and was overheard telling him that she remembered the night he was conceived. Kay admitted to Jill that she saw Jill and Phillip in the bunkhouse that night. Jill was furious to hear that Kay had known all along that Phillip was the father of her baby and that she had put her through hell by having her marriage annulled and depriving her son of a father.


Leslie had a message translated into braille for Brad's gift and remained while he read it. He seemed moved by her message that she needed him and wanted him. She told him that she was not leaving the apartment.

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1 hour ago, FrenchFan said:

And finally a 2nd year is complete ! 1975 and 1976 ! Should I get into 1977 ?


Kay took a birthday present to Phillip and was overheard telling him that she remembered the night he was conceived. Kay admitted to Jill that she saw Jill and Phillip in the bunkhouse that night. Jill was furious to hear that Kay had known all along that Phillip was the father of her baby and that she had put her through hell by having her marriage annulled and depriving her son of a father.




I hope you continue

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It is fun to read these and come across some of the scenes I have watched during the years. It gives it more context. Here is a very short clip of this confrontation:


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It's a lot of fun reading these summaries!  It's interesting how sporadic Ansel Scott, Mrs. Nadine Alexander, and Raven Alexander are on "The Edge of Night".   They pretty much dominated the October recap, were missing entirely in November, and they're dominating again in December.  Were these actors on contract, or did they just appear whenever Henry Slesar wanted to give the Karrs and the Drakes a break?  

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All My Children

Written by: Agnes Nixon

Produced by: Bud Kloss

The show returned to its original timeslot on Monday, January 17th airing from 1:00 to 1:30 

After rushing home from Tara and Philip's wedding to find that her baby was unharmed, Anne Martin learned that at just about the time she felt she had heard the child cry out, Elizabeth did suddenly cry loudly, and Dr. Christina Karras and Anne were talking of ESP when Paul came in. Paul was appalled at Christina's encouragement of what he considered his wife's fancies and implied that it was most unprofessional of Christina. The following day, he regretted his outburst saying he, himself, should never try to force his opinion on anyone else. He did joke lightly about telepathic communication. When he asked Christina if she had seen a ghost, she said she thought that it was possible that she could. After Paul left her office, Christina once again saw the image of her dead father who told her that it was she who brought him there; "you called for me." After her office phone rang and she turned away, Christina no longer saw her father but some days later she was very on edge when a lamp in her office flickered off and on and an object slammed down in the room. Jeff Martin was at her office door as she rushed out in panic and he accepted her explanation that some books fell down and her nerves were on edge. Jeff proposed that Christina consider leasing the apartment he lived in with his wife Mary before her death and Christina, after seeing it, was delighted. When she was prepared to settle down after making up her mind to take the apartment, she was shaken to find that the manifestations of her father were there with her too.

Some days later, Christina called Paul into her office to give him the results of further testing on Beth. Paul was told that the effects of the toxoplasmosis Anne contracted when she was carrying their daughter had proven very severe. The baby's nervous system was damaged to the extent that she would probably never function beyond the infant stage. Paul went home to tell Anne that the doctors, including Joe Martin and her own father, Dr. Charles Tyler, concurred in this prognosis and that they recommended that Elizabeth be institutionalized. When Paul said that he believed that it would come to that sooner or later Anne screamed "You cannot know that." She cried out that she would never send her baby away to an institution, "I'd rather see her dead first."

Kitty and Linc were married and after the ceremony, Kitty asked if she and Linc could go over to see Phoebe and try to smooth her feelings after Linc hang up on her. As they were talking at the Tyler house, Dan Kennicott arrived to see Brooke and return Mrs. Lum's photograph. When Kitty saw it, she demanded to know how Phoebe came to have the picture. Phoebe told her about Myrtle Lum the woman in the picture - not as Kitty believed, her mother -, saying Mrs. Lum was a derelict she had helped who somehow got wind of Kitty's situation and took up with her so Kitty would take over her support, but who had obviously become bored with the game. As a clincher, Phoebe mentioned that she saw her alive after her supposed death as Mrs. Carpenter.  

Kitty went to Mona Kane who had seen the woman in Minneapolis and asked why she helped this woman deceive her, giving her Phoebe's explanation. Mona revealed that Phoebe herself hired Mrs. Lum, who came to be deeply fond of Kitty and wanted to find a solution that wouldn't disillusion her, "acting out of love."

After a time, Kitty told Linc she intended to find Myrtle Lum who had never been anything but good to her and bring her back to Pine Valley. Linc checked with Phoebe who said only that Mrs. Lum said she had plans to go to Hollywood. When Linc returned to tell Kitty, they decided to leave for Minneapolis the following day to try to track Mrs. Lum down before the trail was cold. But Kitty, who had had a headache for hours remarked that it was suddenly dark in the room and moments later she could barely see anything.


Joe Martin ordered Kitty to the hospital where her sight came back but after a series of x-rays Joe could find no explanation for the incident. He wanted further tests but as Kitty and Linc were on their honeymoon and she was anxious to begin the search for Mrs. Lum, she promised to come back for the tests. Joe accepted that if she would agree to stay overnight, saying he would release her if there were no further complications. After Linc and Joe left her hospital room, her vision again began to fade.

Philip and Tara were called home from their honeymoon when they got word that little Philip had been in an automobile accident, although Chuck assured them that the boy only had a few stitches in his hand and was hospitalized just to be thoroughly checked. But when they arrived in Pine Valley, they found that the boy had some internal hemorrhaging. Phoebe, who was driving the car, had only a minor facial laceration but her license had been revoked.

Benny Sago tried to pressure Phoebe, as he had before, threatening to expose her involvement with Mrs. Lum, and was puzzled when Phoebe told him she no longer would be blackmailed. When Brooke suggested to Phoebe that Benny would make an excellent chauffeur, Phoebe told Benny he could stay on at the pool house on her estate only if he would agree to take on the job and wear chauffeur's livery. Benny couldn’t bring himself to turn down the position with rent and meals free and agreed, but was determined to make both Phoebe and Brooke pay. - Phoebe had made it clear to both Benny and Brooke that they were to have no socializing as he was then an employee in her house. –

Brooke had learned from Erica that Chuck Tyler was not little Philip's natural father and that Phoebe was the only one of the family who was unaware of it. When Chuck was unable to make the double date they arranged, Donna went out with Benny and Brooke and later accepted a date with Benny when Brooke assured her that she and Benny were both free to date. Benny made a pass at Donna on a drive-in date and finally drove a very upset Donna home.

When Little Philip recovered, he remained adamant about not returning to Tara and Philip's house as they were married. Chuck offered to compromise by taking him home for a few days and trying to ease the boy into accepting the situation. Philip accused Chuck of wanting to raise the boy himself and Chuck angrily replied that he had knocked himself out trying to help and was sick and tired of being in the middle. As the boy came into the corridor with his mother, Philip relented and told him he and Tara had decided to let him stay with his "Dad" for a few days.

At work, Philip told his partner that when he returned home from the previous evening's rough duty, he found that his wife had opened the door to him without question, as had a woman they had found severely beaten the night before. Trying to lighten his mood, his fellow patrolman asked if they had gotten little Philip home O.K. When Philip explained the situation, his friend asked if it wouldn't be better if little Philip were to stay with his real dad - he believed Phil to be only the boy's step-father - who could raise him with all the advantages of the Tyler fortune.

Phoebe Tyler told Dr. Charles Tyler that her previous agreement to grant him an uncontested divorce was at an end because she was "blackmailed" into it. Charles was determined to proceed nevertheless, and Phoebe insisted that if he did, she would contest his petition, naming Mona Kane as the woman responsible for breaking up their marriage.

Mona was upset to hear that Erica had plans for entertaining Jeff Martin at dinner. She told Erica she couldn’t understand this pursuit of a man to whom she was so unhappily married. - Mona was unaware that Erica invited Jeff in retaliation for Nick Davis’ date with Christina Karras at the Chateau where he made a point of having Erica serve them personally. –

Ruth Martin had heard from David Thornton. He wrote that he had extended his leave of absence indefinitely and planned to stay on at the hospital in San Francisco. Though Joe found Ruth in tears, he was gratified that she unhesitatingly handed him the letter to read.

Benny Sago managed to slip away and avoid a confrontation with Chuck but the following morning, when he arrived to drive Phoebe, Chuck read him the riot act. Benny tried to insist that Donna made a plan for him and then told Chuck he talked like a man who had an itch for her himself. Chuck warned Benny that Donna was making it and he'd better not mess things up. Benny stopped by at the market where Donna was working and told her that Chuck lit into him. He asked her to tell Chuck that nothing happened and Donna agreed, falling for Benny's line that they could be good friends.

Kitty and Linc arrived in Minneapolis and inquired for Nigel Fargate - the man who portrayed Myrtle Lum's "doctor" - at the drama school he attended. They were told that he had left Minneapolis but a friend of his was in the building.

Another World

Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch

Rachel Cory knew her life was futile without her husband Mac in her future. Their separation had been bitter and Rachel was nearing the end of her rope. Her health had suffered because of it as she continued to experience dizzy spells. Her tension was aggravated by her former art tutor, Ken Palmer. He had promoted Rachel's career in sculpting with no consideration to Mac's objections. He refused to let up even under Rachel's discouragement, admitting openly and enforcing his love for Rachel. Rachel had her last confrontation with Ken ordering him to leave and not to ever come back. This confrontation nearly caused her to faint, as she called Dr. Dave Gilchrest for medical advice. Dave and Rachel had seen each other socially lately, confiding in each other about their personal problems. Dave went to Ken's studio and warned him to leave Rachel alone — he was a health hazard to her. Ken retorted Dave was just trying to clear the field for himself. Alone, Dave contemplated Ken's accusation and realized perhaps he was falling for Rachel. He planned a fast trip to New York where he could think things out.

Rachel had agreed to go along with her son Jamie's suggestion that she talk with Mac in hopes of a reconciliation. Mac was staying with his grandson Dennis while Iris, his daughter, was out of town. However, Iris had returned and Iris was scheming again. She was pleased with her father's estrangement from Rachel which opened the door for her to promote an affair between Mac and his young aggressive architect, Gwen Parish. Mac had already committed adultry with Gwen and, remorseful about it, he was waiting for Rachel to forgive and forget. Mac and Gwen came to Iris' for a dinner party, assured by Iris neither would be there. They no sooner got over the exasperation that Iris had schemed to get them together. When Rachel walked in with Jamie, she left giving Mac no chance to explain. The party ended abruptly — Iris was again alone and miserable because of her own misdoings. Rachel was touched by the delivery of a dozen roses the following day, and after reading the card "to a love that will never fade," assumed the gesture was from Ken. She regretted the disheartening way she treated him, the flowers were a sign that he didn't deserve the hurt she caused him. Mac then arrived after talking to Ada who advised him that Rachel was waiting for a sign from Mac that he still cared. He came bearing gifts, boxes of candy but not until he acknowledged the roses were sent by him, did Rachel appreciate his thoughtfulness. They agreed to dine together, reliving their courtship when Mac began their romance with gifts of flowers and candy. Rachel was touched, showing an enthusiasm that Jamie confessed he hadn't seen in his mother since Mac moved out. After dinner, at Mac's penthouse, Rachel and he planned to discuss the basis for their dissension. They were interrupted by Iris whose phony cheerfulness was rejected by Rachel. Rachel made a hasty exit with Mac right behind her leaving Iris standing alone, defeated once more.  

Mac and Rachel had a family dinner together in their mansion, each agreeing they would take the reconciliation slowly. Mac and Rachel shared a kiss, the first in months, each of them noticeably more content as they were on better terms.

 Iris had beckoned Gwen, determined to push her in Mac's direction. Gwen took no guff from her, and went so far as to admit she planned to sway Brian Bancroft, the attorney who was replacing Keith Morrison, to date her if only to keep him away from Iris. Iris gained her revenge quickly, persuading Brian to cancel a dinner date with Gwen after belittling Gwen to Brian for chasing after Mac and causing him great humiliation. Brian saw through Iris' deviousness in undermining Gwen, but rather enjoyed it claiming he and Iris were an equal par in that area.

Gwen and Willis Frame made amends after months of friction while working together. She had informed him she would not fight Rachel for Mac and complimented Willis for his devotion to his employer. - Willis had treated Gwen coolly since he discovered she was having an affair with Mac. - He believed her when she explained she and Mac had parted friends as she realized she couldn’t compete against Rachel for Mac's affections.

Gwen was trying to stay on the good side of everyone, even going as far as rectifying her rift with Rachel. In complete honesty, Gwen expressed her happiness that Rachel and Mac were resolving their differences but if there was a sign that their marriage wasn’t going to make it, she would jump at the chance to win Mac over. Mac would cancel a business dinner to be with Rachel, she kept her distance by imparting she didn’t expect to be the entire world to Mac, any more than he was to her. When Iris got wind of another cozy dinner between the Corys, she cleverly invented an excuse to show up, living up to Mac's description of his daughter to Brian Bancroft, Iris found delight in creating dissension. Her attempts at self-pity and tears did not dissuade Mac after Iris' presence caused Rachel to leave the room. Mac gave Iris a choice — either she left or he and Rachel would dine elsewhere. She went and Mac and Rachel continued to enjoy each other's company without the threat of their intruder around for the evening.

The Randolphs’ pending divorce had come to a dead end. Pat refused to release John because she wanted to protect him from falling into the clutches of Olive Gordon. Olive was working from all directions, however, in an attempt to become the next Mrs. John Randolph. She knew John's daughter, Marianne, disapproved of her brother's new wife Molly so she convinced Marianne to pretend fondness for Molly, that way Mike and Molly would go on living at John's and Olive would be able to keep an eye on them. This concept worked, even John commended Olive for bringing his family closer together. Molly was completely brainwashed by Olive, susceptible to Olive's generous gifts. She defended Olive to all who condemned her, believing Olive was her sincere friend. Not so impressed by Olive's tactics, Mike asked his sister why her about-face attitude towards Molly. He guessed what Olive was up to and told his father so. Olive was not free herself, still estranged from her husband Ray. Ray was in love with Alice Frame and they planned to wed once the Gordon divorce was finalized. Exploiting her divorce, Olive informed her lawyer, Jeff Stone, she would ruin his career in John's law firm unless he could maneuver Pat to grant John's divorce. She tried it too, tattling to John that Jeff had selfish ulterior motives in taking over consultation of client Clarice Hobson's substantial trust fund. John then questioned the integrity of his employee. Trapped, Jeff reported Olive's intentions to lawyer Scott Bradley, hoping his honesty would give him ammunition against Olive when he needed it. She also refused to pay Jeff his fee from her financial settlement from Ray, until John was a free man. 

Willis Frame felt responsible for troublesome Olive since it was his own idea to bring her to Bay City. He was on the warpath and determined to ruin her. - Olive willingly cooperated in Willis' scheme to break up Ray and Alice so he could take over Frame Enter-prises. The plan backfired, Willis was tired, and has since turned over a new lease on life. Olive remained a menace to all who came in contact with her, including John who was blind to her conniving ways. - Willis exposed himself to John and included Olive's part as a voluntary accomplice. Olive won again as she cried to John that Willis was doing this to get back at her for stopping him from taking over Alice's business. - It was Angie Perrini who divulged the truth. -  

Marianne and Molly followed Olive's instructions and gave John - Molly through Mike -, the okay to divorce Pat. Since he had withheld further action because of his concern for his children's welfare, John was content to let the divorce rest. As his son and daughter approve, John was anxious to break all ties with Pat. He admitted that he had a future then - marriage to Olive - and asked Pat to release him. Mike put two and two together, guessing that Olive had prompted both Marianne and Molly to convince John he was better off without Pat. John would not listen to a word against Olive. With the facts out — Olive was holding up her divorce as leverage for the Randolph divorce — Scott deduced she could be committing coercion. They notified Alice of this, although she already knew this and voiced her opinion to John's deaf ears, and all were eager to tell Ray when he returned to Bay City. He was on his way back from California after helping his mother Beatrice settle down to raise his and Olive's two sons.

Beatrice had chosen to leave Bay City where she worked as the Corys' housekeeper. She had become so obsessed with comparing her granddaughter Sally to her own deceased daughter that she had allowed herself to take Sally away from Alice - Sally's adoptive mother -. Jim Matthews had proposed marriage to Beatrice, promising to take care of her, but she wouldn't agree. He blamed his sister-in-law Liz Matthews for badgering Beatrice to the point where she had little confidence in herself, and he furiously repudiated Liz's friendship for it.

Jeff had put his job on the line, ganging up with Ray, Alice and Pat in defense against Olive. Pat and Olive battled it out verbally. Pat knew Olive was losing, she had made an enemy out of an accomplice – Jeff -. When Olive knew John was near, she went into her crying routine for John's sake and, aggravated by Pat's effect on Olive, John ordered Pat out of the office. Pat left, informing John she would save him from this unscrupulous woman if he couldn’t do it for himself; he again wouldn’t listen to Pat's words verifying Olive's scheming ways to win John's affections. Jeff gave it to Olive straight — her threats were no good any more, he would forfeit his job and disclose everything to John. She was not the only person who had a right to doublecross people, she turned on everyone who helped her. To John, Jeff described Olive as a clever maneuvrer and John had been taken in by her lies. Jeff advised him to look over the situation and came to his senses. To protect his interest in Clarice, Jeff forwarned her of Olive's plan to attack him about her son's trust fund. Clarice was prepared for Olive and gave her no satisfaction about doubting Jeff's intentions.

 Olive had something up her sleeve. With the knowledge John was again filing for divorce, she dramatically said her goodbyes to Ray, Marianne and then to John. John pleaded with Olive to stay in Bay City, she told him he was better off without her and she was tired of defending herself from people who mistrusted her every move. She departed for her plane, kissed John farewell, leaving him very sad. Pat, Ray and Alice, on the other hand, were celebrating their victory against Olive with champagne toasts to a future without her. Marianne blamed her mother for manipulating Olive's move, causing John undue grief. She tried to make friends again with her boyfriend Darryl, although he was suspicious about her motives since she once preferred to keep her friendship with Olive at the risk of losing Darryl.

Seeking her dad miserable, Marianne relayed to him Olive's last words, John meant more to her than anyone in the world. If Olive knew how John felt, she wouldd return to Bay City. With this encouragement, John called Olive at her sister's. Olive's sister, however, informed John Olive wouldn’t take his call.

Sharlene Matthews’ past life as a B-girl was still haunting her marriage to Russ. After hurdling the emotional crisis that befell them when Russ found out about Sharlene's past, they looked forward to sharing the joy of raising a family of their own. Russ' dreams were shattered when the tests proved negative, Sharlene was not and couldn’t become pregnant! The reason being she contracted an infection while living a loose life and went to a "quack" doctor who caused her sterility. Russ rejected Sharlene for this, losing himself in alcohol to help himself forget. He became a recluse, drinking for days on end, rejecting his family's offers to help him. Sharlene returned to her home town, Chadwell, to try and forget her misery also.

Sharlene’s brother, Willis, decided since he exposed Sharlene's past to Russ and thus caused the beginning of their problems, he would devote himself to their complete reconciliation. He brought Sharlene back from Chadwell, promising to stand by her and help her face her problems in saving her marriage. He got through to her pointing out she was not only throwing away her marriage by giving up, but causing Russ to throw away his career. She talked to Dr. Prescott who explained that a minor surgery could repair her physical problem. He added that Dr. Gilchrest warned him that Sharlene's "obsessive concern that she's sterile" might be the underlying major part of her problem. With this new ray of hope, Sharlene and Willis set out to find Russ, who had been missing for four days, to give him the good news. Mike found out by accident that Liz had been stowing Russ away in her apartment, and gave Sharlene his location. Liz in the meantime had been preparing Russ to divorce Sharlene, as Liz thought Sharlene never was good enough for him. She asked Iris to recommend a divorce lawyer for him. Sharlene and Willis realized they had to move fast if they were to get to Russ before Liz had him brainwashed against the Frames.

Willis sobered Russ up, dropping him at home to face the music with Sharlene. With the news that there was hope that Sharlene could conceive, Russ admitted he had overreacted to their situation and promised to try harder in the future to understand. They agreed that they both had to fight against Russ dwelling upon Sharlene's past and Sharlene was letting them influence the present with it. Their romantic amnesty was short-lived. By the following morning, Russ had hit the bottle again lacerating Sharlene's character with slurred comments about her being accustomed to being lustful with drunks. She didn't fight him, submitting to his demands to make love while he was too drunk to remember doing it.

Liz saw Brian Bancroft after the divorce. He let her ramble her prejudices against Sharlene and all the Frames, then cut her short. He refused to continue the interview, sensing Russ had no part in the commencement of the divorce. Pat confirmed Brian's doubts then had Jim reprimand Liz's interference. Jim got nowhere with her — Liz proclaiming she was right every time when it came to her judgement about the Frames.

Sharlene was near her breaking point, however, going to Willis to pour out her prob-lems about Russ. Willis threatened to make Russ a patient in the hospital he worked in if he harmed Sharlene in any way. Unable to shake his self pity, Russ arrived home in a drunken stupor, invisioning himself as Sharlene's "paid customer." He threw her down on the floor but before he succeeded at raping his own wife, Pat barged in.

The Corys’ chauffeur, Brooks had returned from Ireland and was enjoying a courtship with Iris' housekeeper Louise. Louise was attracted to Brooks because they shared a mutual cultural interest, quite the opposite from Rocky who once dated Louise and still cared for her.

Police Lt. Gil McGowan prepared to leave for Bolivia where he would try to track down his son Tim hoping to persuade him to return to Bay City. Tim embezzled from Frame Enterprises when Steven Frame was alive, but since Alice had dropped the charges. Gil would like to have his son with him again. Unfortunately, Tim did not trust his father, who turned him in for his crime, and thought Gil was out to trick him. Ada accepted Gil's desire to locate his son, although she would miss him when he was gone and gone so far.

As The World Turns

Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Willmore

Valerie Conway pondered Susan Stewart's accusation that Kim Dixon knew Susan wouldn't be able to keep from telling Dan Stewart that she had kept Kim and Dan apart months ago. This on top of her old feeling that Kim and Jason, Kim's late husband and Valerie's brother, paid off Cliff Tanner to get him out of town because she didn't want Valerie to have him, made Valerie furious with Kim. Kim's closest friends knew that she wasn’t capable of such deeds, but Dan didn't like to see Kim so unhappy over this. Dan found out that Susan gave Valerie this notion and made a point of telling Susan how wrong she was. Susan thought they had a chance of getting back together and had a hard time facing the fact that Dan stopped loving her a long time ago. Susan had a drink at dinner and then graduated to a bottle at home. She became paranoid, thinking everyone was against her when she actually brought all this on herself. Dr. David Stewart feared that she had gone back to drinking when he saw the same signs she exhibited when she lost custody of her daughter. Thinking she was alone in the world, Susan started drinking in a bar alone.

Grant Colman told Kim that her divorce from John was proceeding as scheduled and she and Dan could be married in the spring. John had been making a pest of himself by showing up unannounced to see his infant son Andy. Kim tolerated it for a long time, but finally John became unpleasant, several times stressing to Dan that he was Andrew's father. John overheard Kim tell Dan that she would ask him to call before coming to visit Andy. John was sure that he was going to be forced out of Andy's life by Dan.

Depressed and slighly drunk, Susan was leaving the restaurant when she saw Kim waiting for Dan. She asked Kim why everyone was so down on her when she wasn't the only one who knew Kim had regained her memory and still loved Dan. She said John not only knew from the beginning, but begged her not to tell Dan. Kim told Dan who said that he thought Susan was telling the truth this time.

Kim asked John to come over and then confronted him with these facts. John was evasive and then said he was only trying to protect Susan and win Kim back. Only a few weeks ago Kim had told him what Susan had done and he had sat quietly while she told him the whole story. Kim said John had to call to see Andy and she would try to see him as little as possible. Shaken, John forgot his dinner date with Pat Holland. When he finally arrived, he told Pat that he was losing his son. Pat related the story of her childhood. Her step-father could find neither the time nor love for her. John decided to see a lawyer to find out about his rights. He was told that the written law meant little. Whoever had the upper hand had control.

Dick Martin had a buyer for the Conway farm, but when Valerie heard that a developer wanted to subdivide it into an industrial park, she turned the offer down. She wanted the person who bought the farm to love it the way she did. Dick found a family who wanted to farm it, but then Valerie had decided that she wouldn't be run out of town. She took the house off the market. Even Bob Hughes couldn’t convince her that Kim didn't try to hurt her and didn't want her to leave town.

Tom Hughes and Carol Stallings were seeing each other occasionally. Tom realized some time ago that he still loved his first wife, but hoped it didn’t show enough to frighten her. Lisa Colman couldn’t resist telling Natalie, Tom's ex-wife, that Tom and Carol were seeing each other. Natalie passed this on to Jay Stallings to show him that he shouldn't count on Carol asking him to come back. Carol promised Dick Martin that she would consider everything before he filed her papers for divorce, but when Jay became belligerent and possessive, Carol asked Dick to go ahead with the divorce. She had thought it over carefully and was sure she could never go back to Jay. Jay was upset when he received his summons in the divorce suit, but Carol was firm.

Joyce Colman and Natalie had become good friends. They both thought they had reasons to dislike some members of the Hughes family, so they consoled each other. Natalie blamed Bob Hughes and Lisa Colman, Tom's parents, for telling Tom that she had lied about her past. Joyce claimed that Bob Hughes led her on while she was recovering from a suicide attempt after she failed to regain custody of her son. She thought he was undermining her then as she was dating his brother, Don. Joyce encouraged Natalie's dislike for Lisa since she felt Lisa took Grant from her.

Lisa saw Joyce and Natalie having lunch and told Nancy, Don's mother. Nancy didn’t approve of Don's relationship with Joyce and disapproved even more of Joyce's friendship with Natalie. She thought it was wise to tell Don, but he became furious at her intervention.

Dee Stewart had many plans for the Christmas vacation with Beau Spencer, but was put to bed with bronchitis. She pleaded with her sister, Annie, to take her place skiing and at the New Year's Eve party. Annie reluctantly agreed so as not to arouse suspicion. Dee had no idea that Annie and Beau were attracted to each other, but Annie refused to acknowledge this to the public. Beau had promised Annie that he would break off with Dee gradually so that her feelings wouldn’t be hurt because he didn’t have the same deep feelings for her. Beau had admitted that he still dated Dee so that he could see Annie. Finally Annie made a decision. She told her parents that she wanted to transfer to the state college because they had a much better pre-med program. She admitted that Dee's active social life made it hard for her to study. She had been accepted for the new semester. Ellen broke the news to Dee saying that Annie was worried about where Dee would live since they wouldn't be sharing an apartment. Dee said she didn't understand because Annie told her that she preferred the small classes here because she felt students got lost at the large colleges. Ellen assured her that it had nothing to do with her.

Dick Martin had heard that Annie was leaving and happened to mention it when Beau was in his office to sign some papers. Beau told Annie that this wouldn’t solve any of their problems. He suggested that they tell Dee how they felt about one another. Annie refused this idea, knowing that it would break Dee's heart. Beau felt that because Dee loved them both she would be able to take it. He told Annie to tell Dee herself or he would and she had to do it soon. Distressed, Annie called Tom Hughes, the only person who knew how she felt about Beau. He had to go to the hospital and would meet her there. Dee came back to the apartment to pick up a forgotten book and found Annie crying, but was unable to find out what was wrong.

Natalie stopped by Jay's office and asked him to come to dinner and was encouraged when he didn’t refuse. Jay was in a hurry to get to the hospital where his construction crew was installing the air conditioning unit which had become fouled in the lines while being raised. Jay had the area sealed off while he and the foreman tried to untangle the lines. Annie was pre-occupied and walked into the construction area. She didn't acknowledge Jay's warning and was knocked down by a falling brick. Jay tried to protect Annie and they were both hurt. Jay and Annie were both unconscious when brought into emergency. Tom called Carol because she was Jay's only family. Natalie was in Joyce's office and rushed to emergency. Tom was unable to locate any of the Stewarts for some time. When Jay woke, stiff and sore, Bob told him that Carol and Natalie were both waiting to see him. Natalie doubted that Bob told Jay she was there when she was refused permission to see him.

Annie was found to have a hairline skull fracture and remained unconscious. The family took turns sitting with her day and night. In the morning Dee was sure Annie was coming out of the coma when she heard her speak Beau's name. Although they checked her immediately, her condition was unchanged.

Lisa waited with Kim while she spent the night with Dan's girls. Kim was distressed to hear that Valerie was disturbed about Cliff Tanner again. She told Lisa that Cliff had broken into the house drunk one night and tried to attack her. When Jason found out he paid him to leave town. Kim was afraid Valerie couldn't stand the shock. She made Lisa promise to keep this a secret.

Dick told Carol that the hearing for her divorce had been set. She asked him to postpone it because although Jay would be out of the hospital, he had had a hard time. She assured Dick that as soon as everything was back to normal she wanted to proceed. After Natalie visited Jay at the hospital, she told Joyce that she was giving up for the moment. Jay had hope, but she was sure that he would come back when he found that Carol was still dating Tom.

Dee had just been telling Joyce how good Beau had been to stay with her while they waited for Annie to come out of the coma when she heard Beau telling an unconscious Annie that he loved her and was sorry he pushed her to tell Dee. Annie regained consciousness, but would have to remain in the hospital for some time. Not only would she not be able to change schools, but might not be able to attend school for some time. Beau assured her that he wouldn’t say anything to Dee. All this had changed Dee. She had decided to become a serious student. Annie told Tom that she realized that she wasn’t just attracted to Beau, but had fallen in love with him. Dick told Tom that he was too quick to judge Beau in the beginning. Many of Beau's problems stemmed from the fact that he had never been close enough to his family to have anyone to discuss problems with.

John had decided to take Andy, but Pat showed him that everyone would know it was he and then he would lose the chance to even see his son. John insisted that he would need someone to stay with Andrew in the house that he rent. He was going to take Andrew to this house, just a few miles out of Oakdale, and there his infant son would remain until things cooled down. When that occurred, John would just be able to take Andrew and disappear. Pat told John she couldn’t be that someone but her love for John was becoming stronger and it could overrule her staunch beliefs. Pat finally relented and agreed to help John. They staged a fight at the hospital, witnessed by Nurse Marion Connelly and Bob Hughes. Pat then told Marion she couldn’t stay at Memorial and she was going to ask Dr. Strassfield for a leave of absence.

Days Of Our Lives

Written by: Pat Falken Smith

Produced by: Betty Corday

Trish Clayton’s New Year's Eve was inadvertently ruined. Trish and Mike Horton double dated with David Banning and his fiancée Valerie Grant at Doug's Place. By a little back stage maneuvering, David's mother Julie Williams, grateful to Linda for her assistance in getting Mike to look after Trish and for breaking off with young Mike, arranged for Linda Phillips and Bob Anderson to spend the evening together. Mike was stunned to see Linda with Bob. - Linda took Mike to bed to convince him he wasn't a homosexual. Mike misinterpreted Linda's feelings and had been pursuing her ardently. - The appearance of his "father' Mic-key Horton and Mickey's wife Maggie, also upset Mike. - Mike was the natural son of Bill Horton. Bill raped Laura Horton while she was married to his brother Mickey. The day Laura's pregnancy was confirmed was the day Mickey's sterility was confirmed. Laura let Mickey believe Mike was his son. The truth put Mickey in a sanitarium, from which he had only recently been released. Mike also knew the truth. The two men had allowed a rift to part them, finding it too painful to reconcile their love for each other and their true relationship. - Thus, Mike walked out on Trish, leaving her with David and Val, who unsuccessfully tried to cheer her up.

Trish’s mother, Jeri Clayton, told Trish that she was going through with her divorce from Trish's step-father, Jack Clayton. Don Craig confided to Laura that he was concerned because Trish had not received any more obscene notes. He wondered if Trish could have been writing the notes herself. Since Laura couldn’t approach Trish directly, she agreed to talk to Jeri.- Laura recalled Mike telling her on Christmas that he had accused Jack of writing the notes. Laura had told Mike at the time that it wouldn't matter, unless Jack was writing the notes. –

- Starting the night Trish let David Banning make love to her, Trish had been receiving obscene notes calling her a hooker – and worse. Shaken, Trish took the notes, with David's urging, to Don Craig. Don showed them to Marlena Evans, a psychiatrist he had been dating. Marlena concluded the notes were the work of a psychotic. –

Jeri met Jack for coffee. He told her he then had a steady job and could build a life with her. Jeri refused. Angry, Jack said Jeri was only going through with the divorce because Trish wanted it. He accused Jeri of always letting Trish come between them. Jeri insisted Trish had nothing to do with it. Jeri went to see Laura. She admitted she didn’t love Jack. She recalled that Jack always beat her when he was drunk, but insisted Jack loved Trish. Jeri told Laura that Jack always bought Trish the best of everything, which was why Jack was confused then about Trish's attitude. Laura told Jeri about the notes. Jeri was stunned.

Meanwhile, Jack went to see Trish with his good news about the steady job. Trish was very nervous, as always, around Jack. Jack hoped that if he could prove to Jeri that he could hold a steady job, she wouldn’t pick up the divorce papers. As Jack left, the private investigator hired by Don to watch Trish, stopped Jack outside Trish's door. Embarrassed, Trish identified Jack and the investigator backed off. Trish told Jack about the notes. He was appalled.

In her quest for the truth about the notes, Laura asked Trish's roommate, Brooke Hamilton, if Trish could be writing the notes herself. Brooke replied, "Those notes are real. Trish is scared to death." Trish received another note. She called Don.

Don asked Jack his whereabouts the night before. Jack reluctantly told Don he was with a woman. As Don pushed him, Jack told him that Trish was like Jeri; he could tell just by looking at her, "all that blonde hair." - Trish was illegitimate. Jeri took to the streets when Trish was a baby in order to get money for medical bills. Jack married Jeri and took care of them. - Don was stunned. Jack said Jeri "tricks on the side, always did." Don asked if Jack had been sending Trish the notes, and Jack denied it. Meanwhile, Jeri told Laura she was concerned about what Jack might do regarding the divorce. Laura asks Jeri about her prostitution days. Jeri replied that it was "two months, 18 years ago." Jeri said mostly she didn't take the money, but she refused to answer whether she enjoyed it. Laura insisted Jeri had to be honest in order to help Trish.

Don received a call from his investigator. He had caught the note writer — Trish's janitor. The man was on parole for sexual violations of young girls. He was in jail. Trish was delighted, then felt guilty that she thought Jack was the one. She defended Jack by saying he had only tried to help by warning her about men. Laura told Don she had the feeling that Trish lived in a fragile world that would be shattered very easily.

Meanwhile, Linda told Don she was always a loser. Don suggested she not blame herself for being friends with Mike and having it backfire. Linda retorted that she lost Mickey because of Mike, and she should hate him for that! But she felt like she kicked a "helpless puppy." Linda agreed to have lunch with Bob. Before she left, Mike dropped by. He told Linda he loved her and her daughter Melissa. Linda, to forestall any more protestations of love, waved Bob and his money in Mike's face. She told Mike she had always been a conniving woman, and insisted he get lost and stay lost. While Linda was having lunch with Bob, Mike demanded to see her. Back at the office, Linda said he had no right to act like he owned her. He couldn’t accept that it was over between them. He insisted he was just a friend, a friend who cared a great deal because she taught him to grow up and be a man. He apologized for interfering and left.

Jack dropped by Trish's apartment with champagne, to celebrate the janitor's capture. Trish had the day off and was ironing. Brooke had also invited her to go skiing. Jack told Trish their apartment was crowded before she left. - Trish recalled an incident that caused her to leave. Jack had come into her room while she was in her sleep. He stood and stared at her, embarrassing her. - Insisting she was busy, a nervous Trish showed Jack to the door. He shut and locked it. He asked if she thought he was the one sending the notes. Trish tried to deny it. Jack searched out champagne glasses, scaring Trish further. She had seen what he had done to Jeri while drunk. Jack asked Trish how many boys had there been. He knew about Mike — and David! How many more? - Trish and Mike shared the apartment platonically for some time. Both teenagers had moved out on their families at the same time. Mike moved out of the apartment after an unsuccessful attempt at lovemaking with Trish. David had been the only one. - Trish's fear heightened as Jack observed that maybe he "should get a piece of the action." She was his baby — "bought and paid for with pain and money from the time you were born." The phone rang. Jack refused to let Trish answer it. Jack asked if she hated him so much, based on her evident fear. Trish replied that she couldn’t stand it when he was drunk. Jack told Trish that she was just like Jeri. He explained that Jeri ran around when he was passed out drunk, then would put him off, claiming they'd disturb baby Trish in the next room. Viciously, Jack said, "Somebody has to pay."

Marlena accompanied Don to swear out the complaint against the janitor. She wanted to see a sample of handwriting, to make sure he was the one, for Trish's sake.

Brooke called Trish to check about skiing. Jack answered the phone and said that Trish wasn’t home. Brooke asked Jack to tell Trish she wouldn’t be home until the following evening. After hanging up, Jack propositioned Trish. She slapped him. Surprized and frightened, Trish tried to soften it by saying she was just upset over the notes. Jack replied that he would kill the man. He pulled out a switchblade. Trish begged him to put it away. Jack told her he wouldn’t let any guys around her. He then demanded to know if there had been anyone, because, after all, how could he tell who the enemy was if she didn’t tell him. Jack then revealed that he listened outside the door and looked through the keyhole the night she and David made love! Manic, hoping to drive Jack off, Trish vented her true feelings for him on Jack, telling him right out, for the first time, that she had always hated him. Trish gathered her courage, and headed for the door, ordering Jack out.

Marlena interviewed the janitor, Nick. A rather sympathetic old man, Nick asked Marlena not to hurt him. He told Marlena he didn't write the notes. He explained that he wouldn't do anything to Trish because he only liked little girls. Gently, Marlena held his hand. She got handwriting samples, Marlena told Don she felt Nick wasn't the note writer. Marlena wondered why Jeri stayed with Jack all those years, unless Jed was as sick as Jack. Marlena and Don checked out Jack's apartment and found a scrapbook with pictures of Trish. Across the pictures were scribbled notes about Trish's clothes, particularly on pictures that showed cleavage. Marlena wanted the police to see it.

Back at the apartment, Jack told Trish she couldn’t talk to him like that. He recalled "loving" childhood incidents and cried. Trish begged him to stop. Hysterical, Trish told Jack she thought he wrote the notes. Jack took the phone off the hook. He told Trish everyone thought she was out of town, so they could find out if she was a tramp. He then confessed that he paid the janitor to put the notes under the door, to show her up for what she was. Jack found a bottle of liquor. He then demanded Trish sing for him like she did for "all the Johns at Doug's Place." Trish was almost frozen with fear. He pulled out her red dress and demanded she change clothes in front of him. She refused. He pulled the knife. She insisted she couldn’t sing without music. He put on a record. She took off her skirt at knifepoint, whimpering. She made a break for the door, as Jack drank and licked his lips. Jack caught her and started tearing her blouse off. "Just gonna have a little fun with you, Trish."

Mike went to Doug's Place, where he ran into David. David landed on Mike for his treatment of Trish, especially on New Year's Eve. David told Mike the janitor wasn't the note writer. Brooke left a message with Robert that skiing was great, again inviting Trish to join her. David took the call and Brooke told him Jack told her Trish wasn't going. Mike called Trish, but the line was busy. Jack and Trish were struggling. Mike checked with the operator, who said the line was out of order. Mike left for Trish's.

Nick failed to identify Jack's picture. He told Marlena he didn’t have any problems. Nick told Jack's picture that he didn't want to get him in trouble. Don got a search warrant for Jack's apartment.

Jack had Trish down on the couch. She screamed in terror. Mike knocked at the door. Jack put his hand over her mouth. She wriggled free of the hand and screamed. Mike broke in. As Mike and Jack struggled, Trish grabbed the iron and slugged Jack. As he slowly collapsed, he murmured, "Jeri." Trish, shaking, sobbed, "You shouldn't have done that Jack! You shouldn't have done that!" Mike wrestled the iron from Trish. She was incoherent. He covered her on the couch, where she had collapsed, whimpering. Before Mike could call anyone, the police arrived, alerted by neighbors. Jack was dead!

When questioned, Mike said he hit Jack with the iron. With the policeman's per-mission, Mike called his grandfather, Tom Horton, telling him Jack raped Trish and was dead. Mike signed his statement. Tom found Trish at the hospital. She was in shock and couldn’t speak. Tom examined Trish. Laura and Bill went to Mike at the police station. Laura told Mike that "rape ravages the mind as well as the body." She continued that Trish would never forget; she would have to adjust. The police felt Mike acted in self-defense. But Tom's report that there was no rape started another line of investigation rolling.  

Laura went to see Trish, who didn’t recognize her. Trish asked for her mother. "Mama, you don't love me any more. I've been a bad girl." Laura cataloged those who loved her. Mike's name reached her, but she didn’t want to see Mike. Laura reported to Mike, Tom, and Bill that Trish had shut out the present. After Mike went in to Trish, Laura told Bill and Tom that, "Psychologically and emotionally, it was the worst kind of rape."

Mike tried to tell a near catatonic Trish that he told the police he hit Jack and he wanted Trish to back him up. No response. Don was worried about the police discovering Mike's past poor relationship with Jack. - Mike had been aware of Trish's fear of Jack. Once, in a diner where Trish worked, Jack and Mike had a fistfight, which resulted in Mike's being hospitalized with a concussion. Mike had also been heard to say he'd kill Jack if he found him around Trish again. - The police questioned Bill about Trish and Mike living together. Bill insisted they were just friends. He resented the questions. He told the police Trish feared Jack. The police replied that they were drinking champagne together. Lt. Danton, a friend of Don's, told Don it looked like a clean case, but it would have to go to the DA. Danton wondered, however, why Trish showed no signs of relief or gratitude to Mike for rescuing her. Danton then found a witness to the fight in the diner. Danton decided that Trish was keeping quiet to protect Mike, because Mike held a grudge against Jack. Danton told Don they were going to arrest Mike — premeditated murder. Don asked for time to have Mike turn himself in.

Don and Linda started searching for Mike. Linda found him and told him of his imminent arrest. Mike decided to run, telling Linda there were things she didn’t know. She offered money. He refused, saying he didn’t want to get her involved. 

Trish had a dream of notes coming under her door. She heard the words "tramp" and "hooker" and even dreams of herself as a stripper. "Is that how men really see me? Like mother, like daughter..." Laura observed Trish screaming soundlessly. Jeri arrived at the hospital. Don demanded where she had been. - She spent the night with a man. - She told Don she was with a girlfriend. Don told her Jack was dead. Jeri cried. Jeri refused to believe Jack tried to rape Trish.

In with Trish, Jeri said Trish could tell them all later how wrong they were about Jack. She recalled all the nice things Jack did for Trish. Trish spoje coldly, "We can't hide what happened any longer, can we, Mom?" Jeri didn’t understand. Jeri bought Trish a doll like one Jack gave her. Bill took it in. Later, a nurse called Laura in. The doll was shattered, and Trish was still dumbly striking at it. Laura asked Trish about the doll. She replied that she hated dolls, as Jeri knew. Don observed to Laura that Jeri wanted to make a saint of Jack. Laura replied that it happened sometimes when there were a lot of guilts. She also felt Trish hated Jeri as much as she hated Jack.

David prevailed upon Tom to let him see Trish, saying Trish might respond to someone her own age. David reached Trish, promising to be there for her. When it was time to leave, he had to pry her fingers from his hand. 

Danton questioned Alice and, later, Robert about Mike, finding Mike was very protective of Trish. Finally, Danton was allowed to question Trish, who was still in shock. Her rambling, disoriented answers appeared to back up a charge of premeditated murder.

Laura called Mickey at the farm, telling him of Mike's plight. Mickey advised Mike trust Don. Sensing Laura wanted more from him, Mickey asked what it was. Laura backed down. Linda insisted she call Mickey back and demanded he come to Salem, especially after they received a call from Mike, who said he was on his way out of town. Jeri held a service for Jack. Julie arranged for people to attend.

Tom was in with Trish, telling her about the funeral. Trish had piled her hair on top of her head. Trish refused to see Jeri, saying she had only hurt her. At the mention of Jack's name, a hardness came into Trish's features. Alarmed at the change, Tom sent Marlena in. Trish told Marlena her name isn't Trish; it was Cynthia. "Cynthia" denied having a mother. She refused to remember what happened.

Marlena showed Jeri Jack's scrapbook. Marlena asked if Jeri knew Trish hated having to kiss Jack as a child. When Jeri tried to deny it, Marlena told Jeri Trish only hugged and kissed Jack because Jeri forced her. When Jeri visited, Trish told her she had no mother, that her mother died when she was born. Imperiously, Trish demanded Jeri leave the room.

Jeri told Julie she didn’t recognize Trish. She admitted Jack used to do terrible things when drunk, but she tried to hide it. Julie insisted Jeri tell Laura and Marlena so they could help Trish. Julie observed that sometimes kids did see things they shouldn't. Jeri finished, "And hear." Meanwhile, Trish told Brooke that Jeri was to be kept out, that Jeri wasn’t her mother. Trish confided that Jed used to bring men to the apartment — "and not just for money. She en-oyed it. I wish she were dead. I want my mother dead, very dead."

The arrival of a baby swing Neil had ordered before their premature son died sent Phyllis Curtis into shock. She managed to call the Clinic and leave word with Amanda Peters that she wanted Neil to come home and why. Amanda accompanied Neil, feeling Phyl might need a woman near. In the car, Neil told Amanda, his ex-lover, that he still wanted her. Amanda turned him off. At the Lake House, Neil tenderly comforted Phyl, causing Amanda to observe he acted like a man in love with his wife, even if he didn’t realize it. Greg Peters, meanwhile, learning of Amanda's whereabouts, confided to Julie, finally, that he was jealous. Julie begged him not to do it to himself. Neil pressed Amanda to admit it was not over and told her he needed the safety valve of seeing her and talking to keep from exploding. Amanda insisted it was over between them. Greg and Amanda discussed their feelings about the situation later, and Amanda reaffirmed her love for Greg.

Julie talked to David about judging Mike and his relationship with Trish. Learning his father got Susan Peters pregnant after a fight with Julie before he was born, David admitted to Julie he just did the same thing to his fiancée, Val. David swore to Julie he would never be unfaithful to Val again. Meanwhile, having made sure he and Brooke would be able to work together, and that marriage to Val wouldn't stand in his way, David went back to work for Bob Anderson.

Brooke Hamilton and Mary Anderson - half-sisters, a fact which Brooke knew but Mary didn't - began a game of one-upmanship. Bob - their father - gave Brooke a lovely cloth coat. Mary expressed displeasure, so Bob gave her a fur coat. Brooke worked at Bob's plant and had earned a promotion. Mary was sullen because Bob never gave her a chance to work at the plant. Mary was furious when she learned Bob gave Brooke time off to go skiing.

Trish had completely blanked out Jack's death. Bill felt that Mike was doomed without Trish's testimony, and that jail would break Mike. Laura visited Trish. She met "Lisa," a childlike girl who had afraid of "mean" Cynthia. Cynthia knew everything Lisa said and did, and hated everybody. When Laura talked about Jeri, Lisa became Cynthia, who told Laura, "I want Jeri Clayton dead, very dead." Urged by Brooke to talk to Trish, David found she would say anything to help Mike on the stand. Trish remembered a record player and Mike and Jack arguing. When David left, Trish became Lisa, a little girl alone in her room.

Meanwhile, Doug welcomed Jeri to the club, saying it was no good for her to be alone. Jeri said she had only good memories and that she knew Trish would be over it all soon. As they discussed who would replace Trish, Doug told Jeri it was generous of her to give her spot to Trish. Jeri volunteered to fill in. Doug agreed.

Brooke asked Doug how he could let Jeri sing, telling him Trish hated her mother and the last thing Trish would want was Jeri's taking her place, as Jeri knew. Julie told Bob about Trish's multiple personalities: Lisa could totally escape the past; Cynthia was Trish's safety valve. Lisa and Cynthia were opposites.

Hank Fields urged Mickey to go to his son, who needed him at the moment. Mickey felt Mike had given up on him as a father. 

Back at the farm, Mickey was very upset. Maggie observed that Mickey wanted to help Mike but had forgotten how.

Maggie told Hank that until Mickey resolved his feelings with Mike, they could never be a complete family. Mickey wondered if someone could be hiding Mike. Linda came to mind. He confided to Hank that he was trying to sort his feelings about Mike, but Linda's face kept getting in the way. Mickey told Maggie that he hated to think Mike would run away. Maggie replied that Mickey was running away, too, afraid of finding Mike with Linda. Don was worried by the coroner's report which showed Jack was hit on the back of the head. Mike didn't mention Jack turning towards Trish with his back to him. Mickey found Mike in a shed at the farm. Mike said, "Dad, you're not turning me in. You hear me? You're not turning me in!" Mike insisted he was just passing through, that he was not going to jail! Mickey kept Mike from running out the door. Mike asked Mickey to drive him across the state line. Mickey refused, pointing out that Mike could be shot because he was wanted for murder.

Mike’s destermination to run and his hostility towards Laura convinced Mickey that Mike had a lot of growing up to do. Mickey told Mike he wouldn’t tolerate Mike's continuing to make Laura pay for the circumstances of his conception and added the truth would have destroyed Mike and the whole family. Mike admitted he couldn’t accept Laura's marriage to Bill or Bill as his father. Mickey suggested Mike simply accept Bill as his mother's husband. Mickey urged Mike to call Laura. Mike wasn’t ready but called Linda anyway. But Bob Anderson answered, and Mike hung up. Mickey called her back. He asked Linda to find Don and get an extension on turning Mike in, saying Mike was with his father. Mike confessed his love for Linda to Mickey; he couldn’t get her out of his mind and she treated him like a little boy. He felt constant pain when he saw her with another man. Mickey assured him the pain will pass. After they put him to bed, Mickey told Maggie "Nobody's going to lay a charge like that - murder 1 - on my son."

Mickey called Laura, telling her Mike was with him. He admonished her not to come as Mike was not ready to see her. They agreed David might be able to help. Bill went to find him. Laura thanked Mickey. Mickey told Maggie he was afraid their life together would be affected. She admitted she was afraid of his past, but would learn to live with it and encouraged Mickey to accept Mike as his son.

Linda, Bob, Don, and Marlena drove out to the farm. Don had gotten the extension for Mike's surrender to the police. They tried in vain to convince Mike to turn himself in but Mike felt none of them really cared about him. They left. Lt. Danton questioned Trish, who couldn’t remember much. Danton brought up the attempted rape, asking if she really didn’t remember or if she didn’t want to remember. Trish became hysterical and Tom threw Danton out. David went in. He managed to calm Trish down by promising to bring Mike to her. He went to the farm with Doug and Julie.

Meanwhile, Maggie observed that Mickey had become whole again. David told Mike he was there because "Trish is one sick woman. She's crying herself to sleep at night because you're not there." Mike thought it was a con, then admitted he ran to pull the police off Trish. David told Mike about Lisa and Cynthia. Mike decided to go back to Salem because Trish might need him. Mickey urged him not to turn himself in without Don's assistance.

Back in Salem, Mike went into Trish's room. She looked at him, then demanded to know who he was. Stunned, Mike called her "Trish" and said his name. Trish imperiously retorted that she was "Cynthia" and she didn’t know any Mike. She demanded he leave the room, ranting at the hospital for allowing complete strangers into her room. Mike was flabbergasted.

"Cynthia" slathered on lipstick. She told Mike she would clue Trish in. When Mike asked why she kept calling him "Charley," she told him that was what Jeri Clayton called all her Johns. She then claimed to be as "old as the oldest profession" as she moved towards Mike. Appalled, he backed away. Laura told Mike that Cynthia had taken over Trish's fear, guilt and shame and wasn't the real Trish. Mike was angry that Laura hadn't been with Trish constantly. Laura replied that she was home waiting for him to call. She promisesdto help Trish. Cynthis ordered Laura out, saying "no women are allowed in my bedroom." Laura asked about Lisa and Trish. Laura asked how old Lisa was. Cynthia replied, "How old is Peter Pan?" She thought little kids were dumb because they got hurt. When Laura asked about the hurt, Cynthia became hysterical. Laura got Marlena's help and they sedated Cynthia. Trish emerged and asked to see Mike. Fearful, Mike went in. Trish hugged him, saying, "It's been so rough waiting to see the person you really want to see." Mike replied, "I can't tell you how rough."

Don told Mike that he had to make his own decisions about turning himself in. Doug told Mike he met Bill in prison, that both of them knew how it felt to be convicted when you were innocent. Doug warned that it was worse when getting out if one didn’t fight to stay out.

The Doctors

Written by: Douglas Marland

Produced by: Jeff Young

Mona Croft’s holiday party became a battle of wills between her step-granddaughter Stacy Wells and Stacey's secret husband, Paul Summers. - Paul took Stacy at a vulnerable time of her life and with a combination of drugs and love promises, coerced Stacy into pulling the plug on the respirator that was keeping junkie Joan Dancy alive. Stacy began to consider confessing, especially after her step-father, Jason Aldrich, was brought in as Matt Powers' attorney and tried to be affectionate. Paul framed Matt for Joan's murder. To protect himself, Paul married Stacey, aware a wife couldn’t testify against her husband in that state. Stacey discovered she was pregnant, and Paul urged her to have an abortion. She refused, saying she'd already taken one life for him; she wouldn't take another, especially her own child's. - At the party, with Paul close by, Stacy told Jason she had something to discuss with him and asked if they could talk immediately. Mona announced dinner. Paul interrupted to make an announcement. He told those present of his and Stacy's marriage. Stacy then revealed her pregnancy. Stacy apologizes to Jason for keeping the secret. He replied that he understood a lot of things then.

The following morning, Jason went to Paul's apartment to see Stacy, who was out. Jason expressed his surprise to Paul, who launched into a discourse that recounted Jason's long neglect of Stacy. Paul surmised that in addition to being Stacey's husband, he was probably also a father figure. Paul told Jason that Stacy was eager for love — "any kind of love" — and was on drugs when they became involved. Paul suggested that if Jason was unhappy with Stacy's choice of a husband, he had only himself to blame because of his "indifference." Humbled, Jason left.

Matt meanwhile found some happiness in being chosen by Penny Davis to give her away at her impending marriage to Jerry Dancy, Joan's brother, who was also working as Jason's law clerk while he finished law school. Nola Dancy found that Matt was still terribly depressed over his murder indictment. She suggested he write a book to help pass some time.

Stacy had a check up with her uncle Steve, who brought up Paul's resentment of Matt. Stacy said Paul told her about it, and it was all over. - Paul's youngest son by his previous marriage was severely brain-damaged when born. Paul was going to let the boy die, but Matt prevented it. Later Paul's first wife committed suicide, and Paul blamed Matt. He had wanted this revenge a long time. - Ann Larimer, Steve's partner, interrupted, and when Steve left the room, Ann, who knew the whole ugly story from a letter she found that Stacy had written, told Stacy, "Confession is good for the soul." Before leaving for Canada with Paul for their honeymoon, Stacy let drop Paul's "former" resentment of Matt to Jason.

Jason arranged for Jerry to meet with a witness, Rudy Winston, who unknowingly provided a diversion that allowed Stacy to sneak in and pull the plug. Jerry was to approach Winston as Joan's brother, who was only seeking the truth for himself. Jason told Matt there were too many coincidences in this case, one of which was Paul's then acting as Chief of Staff in Matt's place, considering their past feelings. As Matt filled Jason in about Paul's animosity from his own point of view, Jerry returned. Near the end of the tape Jerry took of the conversation, Winston said he was at the scene because someone called him and told him to be outside Joan's room if he wanted a good story. The caller also told Winston how to avoid the security guards.

Widow Eleanor Conrad gave Luke Dancy, the eldest of the Dancy children, $500 for tuition to art school. Luke took the money. Sara Dancy, on her way to Eleanor's fund drive office at the hospital, was stopped by an old man in a wheelchair who called her name. Sara was shocked to see her father. Barney begged her not to tell anyone, but when Sara learned he had hepatitis and might not live, she called Jerry. Jerry was resentful of Barney for walking out years ago, but when Luke learned his father was around, his anger erupted volcanically. When Nola, Jerry, and Sara voted to tell their mother, Virginia, Luke stormed out of the room and disappeared, using Eleanor's gift as get-away money. Barney recovered enough to be allowed to see Virginia. She told him they would take care of him when he was well enough to come home. Everyone avoided telling him about Joan's death, afraid it would have a negative effect on his recovery.

Virginia refused to have Penny and Jerry postpone their wedding for Barney's sake. Jerry lamented to Jason that Luke's disappearance had left him without a best man. Jason volunteered, and Jerry accepted. Barney was moved from intensive care.

Unable to face another seemingly hopeless love situation, MJ Match made inquiries at her previous hospital about a possible job. - MJ found herself in love with Steve Aldrich, whose wife Carolee had disappeared. Steve had proposed to MJ, but she turned him down, feeling she would have been just a substitute. MJ wanted Steve to love her. - Carolee disappeared after finding Steve in a compromising situation at Ann Larimer's apartment. Since leaving town, Carolee had been in a state of catatonia. Ann found her in a New York hospital. Using the identity papers of Paul's late wife who resembled Carolee, and stolen I.D. from a patient's mother, Ann had Carolee moved to a private hospital on Long Island. There a doctor who dealt with catatonia with some success became interested in Carolee. When Ann discovered Carolee was making brief forays into reality, she dropped all assistance to Carolee. Ann had been able to protect herself so far because the woman whose I.D. she stole was killed in an auto accident. Undeterred, Dr. Brandt took over Carolee's case. He discovered a connection to Madison and sent photos to Paul to publish in the paper. Paul traded the photos to Ann for Stacey's letter. - Steve told MJ he then knew he misinterpreted her feelings, that she was right about his still being in love with Carolee and only seeing her as Carolee. They agreed to be friends.

Bowing to pressure from his mother and brother, and feeling his children needed a mother, and that the search for Carolee was hopeless, Steve initiated divorce proceedings on the grounds of desertion.

Dr. Brandt called Paul again about the photos, but he was on his honeymoon, and Althea Davis, his co-chief of staff, took the call. She encouraged him to send another photo. Carolee recognized Althea's name. In fact, Brandt had established Steve was her husband and that she knew children named Erich, Stephanie and Billy. Brandt also knew the name Anne brought Carolee pain. The new set of photos arrived, just before Paul returned for a few days, leaving Stacy in Canada. Recognizing Brandt's return address, he again pocketed the  photos, then turned them over to Ann, saying he couldn't wait to see her whole scheme fall in on her. Ann reminded him of what she knew about Stacy and him. He haughtily replied that she had no proof.

After a weekend in the snow with Ann, Erich and Stephie, Steve went to the Powers' to invite Billy to join them for dinner. Billy, still resentful that Steve hadn't/wasn't trying harder to find Carolee, refused the invitation. Steve left. Matt, still smarting over his recent split from son Mike because Matt felt Mike didn't have enough faith in him, told Billy, "A man needs to know he can count on his son." Billy changed his mind, encouraging Steve.

While deciding about whether to stay in Madison, MJ decided to move into Nurses' quarters from the apartment she shared with Penny. MJ's brother, Darren, arrived to help her. He knew his sister was upset, but Darren received only cryptic answers about her troubles. After they bumped into Steve in the hall at the hospital, Darren guessed MJ's in love with Steve.

Penny received a check for $5,000 from her father, as a wedding present. She suggested to Jerry that they use the money to get a better apartment. Jerry was stunned. He told her she should have told him that the apartment wasn't satisfactory. He suggested that she think carefully about the lifestyle they would have to have for awhile, hinting that if she couldn't handle it, they shouldn't be married the following day. The following morning, Penny confided to Althea that she didn't always express her true feelings to Jerry, afraid of hurting him or driving him away. Althea warned marriage was harder without honesty. Jerry was late for the wedding, causing Penny to think it was off. He arrived, out of breath, having had to return to the family apartment to get the ring. Penny and Jerry were married, reciting their own vows. They had a one-night honeymoon.

Steve was called to an emergency as he was having coffee with Mona and Ann at home. Stephie came down, complaining she didn’t feel well. Ann sent Steve off, assuring him she could handle Stephie. Ann stayed the night. She was there when Steve returned, having lost his patient. He wondered what the patient's husband and children would do without her. Ann was comforting. Jason announced Steve's divorce papers were ready to sign.

Matt and Maggie were having trouble in the bedroom, causing Maggie to tell Matt that his present pain might be meant as a lesson. When it was all over he would have a better appreciation of those who weren't as perfect as he. Matt ignored Maggie and the challenge.

Steve told Jason he proposed to MJ. He was still interested, but felt MJ didn't love him. MJ, meanwhile, told brother Darren that she did love Steve and was having second thoughts about declining his proposal. Althea asked Paul about the photos from Dr. Brandt. In front of Ann, Paul claimed to have sent the photos to Mona's paper. Althea let it go.

 The Edge Of Night

Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson

The new year started with a bang at the rustic home of the Adam Drakes'. News bulletins flashed throughout Monticello — three gunshot wounds into Nicole Drake's heart had ended her fight for life against the undefeated assassin. The stratagem was a success; with Nicole very much alive, Nicole's paid killer became a setup for his peers as he - substituted by a Miami police officer - met with "the secretary" to collect his fee of $25,000 for task completion. His presence was the decoy needed to catch up with the ominous Claude Revenaut/Gilbert Darcy. - After an explosion on their honeymoon yacht, Nicole was presumed dead. She came in contact with Gilbert Darcy who was living incognito, hiding from Tony Saxon, the syndicate leader from whom he embezzled millions. Darcy believed Nicole knew of his "secret island" where he planned to live untouched by Saxon's goons. When a raid on his limbo island forced Darcy to flee, Nicole escaped but then entered into a state of amnesia. She had since recovered and returned to Adam. Under hypnosis, Nicole revealed she never did see the location of his secret island which he proudly displayed on a wall map marked by a red ruby. Instead, Nicole's mind was preoccupied by her concern for Adam. Darcy, however, did not realize this, thus his attempts to silence Nicole by death. - Darcy's secretary, Loreen Brownell, was caught red-handed in the act of handing over the $25,000. She was then taken into police custody by Lt. Luke Chandler and returned to Monticello. She was promised a reduced sentence for attempted homicide in exchange for Darcy's residence but she revealed nothing even under the pressure of police interrogation.

A ray of hope shone bright as a cassette tape arrived at police headquarters addressed to Adam. It was recorded by Gilbert Darcy himself, and in it he revealed everything "to clear the air." He gave his personal pledge that no more attempts would be made to harm Nicole. He had vowed to "live and let live" as the order of the day and trusted the favor would be returned. Adam and Police Chief Bill Marceau accepted Darcy's peace offering - and complete confession - as sincere, though Luke showed skepticism. He saw it as another move in Darcy's chess game.

Hoping to give Darcy the message that his confession was not in vain, reporter Kevin Jamison and Monticello News Editor Joe Pollock prepared and printed the entire episode of Nicole's historical past splashing it over the front page.

Nicole’s relief in hearing the tape was overwhelming and she fainted in the midst of her cheers for joy. When another fainting spell came over her, she was forced to get medical attention. Nicole and her friend Molly O'Connor agreed that Nicole's symptoms might be an indication of pregnancy. Nicole asked Adam if perhaps having a baby wouldn't be more interesting than a European vacation he was dreaming up. Adam tuned out Nicole's conversation about babies until she bluntly asked if he did not want children. His answer — a definite no.

While undergoing hypnosis to cure a headache, Nicole unraveled out loud the remaining mystery of her escape from Revenault/Darcy's limbo island. She remembered her concussion came when she hit her head against a wall as Billy - the native ordered to kill her - faked hitting her with his machete. - This event was relived by Nicole many times in vivid nightmares -. Revenant/Darcy escaped only after he believed his shooting of Billy was fatal. Instead, Billy survived and took Nicole by boat to Guadalupe where she awoke under hospitalization. The bonus to Nicole's recall was in Billy's statement to her that he would then return to his home in St. Anthony. Adam and Nicole deduced from this that since Billy was indeed alive, he was their link to Darcy's location.

What a surprise to Nicole — already high after sharing the excitement of her confirmed pregnancy with Nancy, Lt. Chandler walked into the New Moon, where Nicole worked, accompanied by none other than Billy himself!

Attorney Mike Karr found it exceedingly more difficult to keep his findings about the impending indictment against Tony Saxon a secret. Tony gave him the name of a corrupt accountant, Mr. Nivens, who was to be a surprise witness in the upcoming trial. Unbeknown to Mike, Tony Saxon was the reason why Nancy Karr had chosen to live apart from Mike. While Mike performed as leader of the task force in-tiated to indict Saxon, Nancy's protests could not stop him. Nancy grew distant towards Mike giving him no definite reasons, skimming his questions with vague responses. She became trapped by Tony's right-hand man Beau Richardson, forced to sneak Mike's vital information into Tony's eager possession via Beau. The trap — strengthened by Nancy's weakness — her love for young Timmy Faraday. - Under the pretense of "Aunt Josephine," with full credentials, a woman took Tim from Nancy and Mike's custody only days before the adoption of Tim by the Karrs was to be processed. The threat of Tim's safety was Tony's insurance that Nancy would cooperate as his pipeline to Mike's every move. - Nancy had built up a protective barrier for herself convincing Beau she and Mike were separated, therefore, she could no longer get access to Mike's reports. Nancy's insistence had allowed her to meet with Tony. Disgusted with his tactics, she coldly imparted she had hoped he would be more reasonable than the monster – Beau - who worked for him. She tearfully begged him to set Timmy free as she could help Tony no longer. With no hesitation, Tony offered Nancy Tim's freedom in exchange for one more piece of information. He wanted to know why or when Mike thought he could prove income tax fraud against him. She agreed.

Mike’s doubts about the relationship between his wife and Beau were then falling into place. Rather than having an affair with him, which was what Mike had suspected because of Nancy's irrational behavior and many confrontations with Beau at her own apartment, he conveyed to his law partner Adam Drake, Nancy was feeding Beau directly from Mike's mouth. He painfully decided he had to confirm his dilemma and set Nancy up. He arranged to have dinner with Nancy, then let the bomb drop. He informed her - as if in confidence - a new angle had been introduced in the case, a major witness "Horace McAllister" would be called to corroborate evidence against Tony Saxon's tax evasion! With the plan intact, Mike and Bill Marceau awaited the feedback and the dreaded answer to their question, "Is Nancy the leak to Tony?" Having "Horace" dropped in her lap, Nancy relayed her lead to Beau. He picked up on it, assured by Nancy her information was genuine, visiting "Horace" at the hotel he was supposedly registered in. At the hotel, however, Lt. Chandler posed as "Horace" awaiting his intruder. The victim of a snare, Beau took his antagonisms out on Nancy. She was sickened by the realization that Mike knew of her deceit, as proven by the trap she fell into. Equally afflicted was Mike who listened to Luke's detailed report of his confrontation with Beau, the proof of Nancy's participation.

Tony Saxon agreed reluctantly to meet with Nancy. He admitted that the impression that Beau was her lover was a necessity for the success of his endeavor to fool his enemies. Nancy labeled Tony as inhuman but he defended his actions because Governor Jeffries was, he felt, pursuing a personal vendetta against Tony. He promised Nancy Timmy would not be hurt and he would make no more requests of her, but she knew the damage had already been done. Later Bill Marceau talked to Nancy confirming what she already knew, Mike was responsible for entrapping Nancy, forcing her to admit her part in the leak. She kept her promise to Saxon that she would not go to Mike or the police with the truth as protection to her defenseless Tim.

In the meantime, the Karrs’ married daughter Laurie couldn’t be happy until her parents were reconciled. She had convinced her husband Johnny that a vacation would help. She wanted to go to San Francisco and see Timmy, hoping if he returned with them, his presence and the joy he once gave to Nancy, would reunite Nancy and Mike. This news reignited Nancy's fears for Tim. She pleaded with Laurie to not pursue Tim, giving her no reasons, confusing Laurie all the more.

Ansel Scott, Tony Saxon's lawyer had tried pumping his son, Draper, who was the prosecuting attorney on the Saxon case. With knowledge of Draper's trip to Washington, Ansel was probing him for the whys and wherefores of the trip. Onto his father's motives, Draper revealed nothing.

Draper’s concentration on the case was frequently interrupted by Raven Alexander, his new step-sister. She played at romance with Draper, but at the same time, taunted it in front of Ansel. She walked out of Draper's bedroom clad in a slip only, teasing Ansel to no end. Draper was as astonished as his father, not knowing Raven's association with Ansel before he married her mother, was other than platonic. She pulled another surprise out of her bag of tricks and arrived in time to accompany Draper to Washington. Forced to stay with Draper in his hotel suite - Inaugeration cram - Raven called Mrs. Whitney to tell her where she was. Ansel and Nadine accepted the news bitterly, their hostility caused by Ansel and Raven's past relationship which they both knew - Nadine only suspected - but did not mention. Raven was not as successful with Draper as the Scotts might have thought, she spent the night on the couch — solo.

Dissatisfied with Raven’s morals, Ansel used his case with Tony as an excuse to seek out Draper in Washington. Nadine confided to Geraldine that Ansel's real reason for the trip was to check up on Raven.

General Hospital

Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock

Produced by: Tom Donovan

Intern Jeff Webber was unconscious with a bullet in his brain resulting from his playing with a gun while high on alcohol and pills. Neurosurgeon Mark Dante informed Jeff's wife Monica and Jeff's siblings, Rick Webber and Terri Arnett, that the bullet was no problem, but a fragment lodged near the brain stem could kill Jeff, if it shifted. As a clot began to form around the fragment, Jeff’s life was seriously threatened. Mark requested Monica's permission for surgery — in case. She refused. - Monica feared Jeff would die on the table and never told Rick, her lover, that Jeff had planned to kill them, not himself, thus frustrating her plans for a future with Rick. - She demanded a consultation with Mark's predecessor, Otto Marriner, with whom Mark was on bad terms. As Monica hoped, Marriner opposed surgery, calling Mark impetuous and knife-happy. Steve Hardy, chief of staff, backed Mark. Monica still refused permission.

Terri Arnett, assessing her brother's mortal danger, requested Steve accompany her to open a letter Helene Webber, her mother, left with her for Steve before Helene died. - Helene and husband Lars were separated. Helene and Steve, once high school sweethearts, became close. Before Helene received her final divorce papers, Steve was shipped off to Korea and subsequently captured. After his escape and return he found Helene and Lars reconciled, and they had Jeff. - Steve's letter from Helene revealed he was Jeff’s father; however, she asked Steve not to tell Jeff, and thus destroy his image of his parents. Steve immediately signed surgical permission papers, saying simply that, as chief of staff, he would take the responsibility.

Mark was forced to operate — with Rick assisting! - The discovery of Rick and Monica's affair led to Jeff's binge and subsequent tragedy. Rick had broken with Monica, taking responsibility for his brother's condition. - Assisting Mark was Rick's way of doing penance. The surgery was touch and go, and they almost lost Jeff. Jeff survived, although he remained unconscious longer than expected.

Heather Grant, pregnant by Jeff, had finally told her employer, Diana Taylor, of her condition. Adam Streeter, head of OB/Gyn tried hard to persuade Heather to tell her lover of her condition. Heather, assuring him she would, said she couldn’t at the moment because he was out of town on a family emergency. Psychiatrist Peter Taylor felt Heather should return to her mother, saying Heather might not be able to look after Martha properly. Diana disagreed.

Heather tried to see Jeff, but Mark had posted a "no visitors" sign. Jeff finally roused. He told Mark he was having hallucinations, seeing Rick and Monica in bed. It was they he wanted to shoot, not himself. Mark was very concerned about Jeffs depression, so he sent Terri and Rick in to see him, hoping they would improve his mood. Jeff was nice to Terri, but he refused to acknowledge Rick's presence, finally stating, "I have no brother." Mark continued to bar Monica from the room. She was determined to gain access to gain Jeffs forgiveness so Rick would then forgive her.

Monica went to Rick's apartment to plead for a reconciliation. Rick let her in, reluctantly. Monica insisted that she postponed telling Jeff about them to protect Jeff from the pain of discovering their affair. Rick responded that her love was really "obsession," asking, "What kind of love destroys humanity?" Monica asked how Rick could reject her when he wanted to marry her as soon as she was free. Rick reminded her that she wasn't free — and hadn't been free! Rick observed that he, on the other hand, could never be free of his guilt. He hoped Jeff would divorce Monica and get her out of his system. Reiterating that they were through, Rick sent Monica away, refusing her request for a goodbye kiss. They met Dr. Lesley Faulkner at the door. Rick ushered Lesley in as he showed Monica out. Lesley sympathized with Rick about his assisting in surgery. He invited her to stay and talk.

Knowing Heather had been trying to see Jeff, and realizing he needed cheering following Terri and Rick's visit, Mark allowed Heather a brief visit. Just as Heather was about to tell him her "wonderful news," Monica barged in. Heather left. Jeff demanded Monica leave the room, becoming increasingly agitated. Mark arrived and threw Monica out. Following another rejection from Rick, Monica told him, "Jeff did kill us!"

Mark’s wife, Mary Ellen – Mellie - was in Lake Cliff sanitarium, recovering from a severe depression. Sensing there was more between Mark and Terri than friendship, Mellie was deter-mined to re-establish connubial relations with Mark. In fact, Mellie was "progressing" so well, she was allowed to spend Christmas with Mark at their apartment in town, accompanied by her nurse. While shopping, though, Mellie discovered the music box Mark gave her to welcome her home was actually chosen and purchased by Terri. Mellie said nothing. Following Jeff’s surgery, Mark went to visit. Mellie was completely solicitous, even asking about the surgery. Mark observed she had never done that before. He was pleased by her continuing recovery and suggested, provided her doctors agree, he would like to take her home soon. Delighted, Mellie assured Mark she could wait 'til he was ready, as she wanted everything to be perfect. He thought he was ready. As he left, Mellie kissed him passionately, befuddling him. - Mark intended to divorce Mellie and marry Terri, as soon as Mellie could stand on her own two feet. –

Mellie discussed brakes and the Cliff Road with Lenny, the sanitarium driver, hinting she'd like a chauffeur-mechanic when sh was released. Lenny assured her she'd have no worries with him. As he left, Mellie opened the music box and heard the sound of brakes screeching and a crash. She smiled. Having noted a sense of resentment towards Terri in Monica, Mellie tried to pursue the line with her, to no avail.

Gina Dante, Mark’s younger sister, had joined the staff of General Hospital. She was going to be Dr. Adam Streeter’s assistant. Gina was a straightforward, hot-tempered Italian. She was very perceptive and got Mellie’s number a long time ago. She was not happy that Mark was still married to her.

Diana and Peter Taylor invited Mike, an orphan they were interested in adopting, to spend the holidays. Their love for Mike grew, and Diana told him they'd like to keep him. After the holidays, Mike had to return to the Center. Heather called Diana home from work. Mike ran away from school and was at the house. Diana reaffirmed her love for Mike, but told him he had to stay at the Center until all the legalities were completed. While she was called to the phone, Mike disappeared. Diana decided to take the car and search the neighborhood. Accidentally, Diana backed over Mike, who was hiding in the garage!

After many anxious hours, Mike regained consciousness. He forgave Diana. The day Mike was to be released from the hospital, the Taylors met with Mrs. Endecott to restate their desire to adopt Mike. She told Peter it was up to Mike. As the four of them discussed it, Mike decided he wanted the loving home the Taylors could provide. Mrs. Endecott agreed to the placement. Everyone was delighted, but Peter's smile stiffened when Mrs. Endecott mentioned a routine investigation of them.

Dr. Lesley Faulkner, pregnant following a rape by her evil husband Cam the night he died in a car accident, had been having trouble with her blood pressure. It elevated when she was under stress. Lesley received a call from Mac McLaughlin, Cam's ex-right hand man, requesting she come to Detroit, if she'd like news about Laura Vining. - Lesley had an il-legitimate daughter at 18. An unscrupulous nurse switched Lesley's baby for a stillborn baby born to Barbara Vining. Lesley found Laura, but when Les neglected Cam for Laura, he went to great lengths, with Mac's help, to prove Laura didn't belong to Lesley. Cam then gave the Vinings money to disappear. - Rick, as Lesley's doctor, forbade her to go, until he realized not going would have a detrimental effect on her. Mac's price was a letter Cam left with his lawyer. Lawyer Lindquist, fearful of Mac's using Les, refused to relinquish the letter. Rick, informed of the situation, negotiated a compromise. He would accompany Les and the letter to Detroit. Les hugged him, saying she didn't know what she'd do without him. Rick replied, "You won't have to — from now on."

Lee Baldwin had returned to Port Charles – without his wife Caroline. Lee told his brother Tom that he and Caroline were having problems. She seemed to care more about her son Bobby than she did about it. They bouth thought it best that they separated for a while. She would be remaining in Florida with her son son and his wife Samantha. Called back by Tom to handle the legalities of dissolving Tom's marriage to Audrey Hobart, Lee sensed something in Tom's continuous praise of Audrey and his avowed solicitude in not telling Audrey he was alive. - Tom felt Audrey would not have divorced him and gone on with her life, so he felt it best to let her believe he was dead. Although he knew of Steve and Audrey's wedding plans from Florence Andrews, who had to testify about the phony death certificate she bought, Tom didn't stop it for fear of not being released from prison in Mexico. - Lee had lunch with Audrey and warned her not to let her gratitude to Tom for his recent cooperation go so far that Tom, in his present vulnerability, could misinterpret it as something else.

Rick and Lesley went to Detroit without the letter. Mac told Lesley that Laura was really hers, explaining how Cam paid people to convince her otherwise. His price for Laura's whereabouts was the letter, which Lesley promised to get somehow.

Steve told Monica that General Hospital was not big enough for both Jeff and her. Since her presence seemed to be having a detrimental effect on Jeff, Steve told Monica he would not renew her contract; in fact, he would give her the recommendation she deserved only if she applied to a hospital outside Port Charles. Devastated, Monica asked Dr. Gail Adamson, from St. Louis to visit. Gail was the woman who headed the foundling home in wich Monica was reared. Monica then suggested to Steve that since Jeff still loved her, she was willing to try to make their marriage work and forget all about Rick. Monica told Gail she'd stick with Jeff long enough to get him well, then resume her pursuit of Rick. She felt she had to stay in the picture somehow so that Rick wouldn’t turn to someone else, like Lesley. Gail tried to no avail to persuade Monica that her thinking was faulty.

A father-son hockey game at school, in which only real fathers were allowed to play, sent Tommy to Steve, begging to be adopted that afternoon. Audrey explained the situation to Tom, asking that the three of them tell Tommy the truth. Tom demured, saying it was none of Steve's business; that he and Audrey would tell Tommy. Tommy was delighted to have a father to play hockey with. He began to turn all his attention to Tom. Audrey told Steve what happened and insisted Tom was as devious as ever. Steve said that Tommy's happiness was all tha was im-portant.

Mellie invited Terri to tea. She then asked Lenny to tamper with the brakes of Terri's car, offering her emerald ring as payment. When Terri arrived, Mellie boasted of all the lovely things Mark used to shower her with. Uncomfortable, Terri asked for the tea. Mark arrived as Terri was on the verge of tears. He told Mellie he was taking her home the following day. She was delighted. Mark explained that he drove out with Terri because his car was being fixed. Mellie sent them ahead to tea, and tried to locate Lenny.

Mellie found Lenny had already fixed the brakes on Terri's car, She ordered him to repair them again, explaining Mark came with Terri. Lenny agreed, then made it clear she had a chauffeur whether she wanted one or not.

Dr. Adam Streeter was very impressed with Gina Dante – both as a doctor and as a woman! He asked her out for dinner. Gina was Adam’s first serious involvement since his wife died five years ago. Adam might be overwhelmed by Gina’s presence, but a certain member of his family – mainly his 17 year-old daughter Jill – would like nothing better than for Gina to leave town! Jill considered herself daddy’s woman and she didn’t like anybody messing about in her territory. She emphasiez this point by the cold way she treated Gina every time she had the misfortune to run into her. Gina sensed the depth of Jill’s jealousy, but Adam seemed to think it was just a phase.

Jeff agreed to see Rick. Rick apologized and asked how he could make it up to Jeff. Jeff had nothing to say to him.

Guiding Light

Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: Allen Potter

Since she broke her engagement to Ben McFarren, Hope Bauer had lost her spirit. She still loved Ben, and that was what hurt. - Ben's brother came through Springfield, and stayed in town long enough to commit a burglary. Ben returned the stolen money but would not betray his brother. Therefore, Ben was suspected of the theft because he would not explain why his car was at the scene of the robbery yet proclaiming his own innocence. He had thus lost Hope's trust and he and Hope were both miserable. - Hope dropped by Ben's apartment to give him his share of the money from their joint bank account. Ben lamented that his love for Hope would never be over, she was the only one he would ever love. She stood there plainly ready to accept any explanation for the theft charges, but he gave none. She noticed her favorite paintings that Ben had done were gone. He sold them to repay the money he took from their bank account to make restitution for his brother's theft. Hope was somber yet couldn’t yield to Ben's dishonesty. She left discontented; Ben released his torment by smashing his books across the room.

Peggy and Roger Thorpe were anxious to have a child of their own, but so far, in their many months of marriage, Peggy had not become pregnant. They both took the necessary fertility tests, the prognosis was not good. Roger found it hard to believe that he couldn’t father a child. - Christina Bauer, one year old, was Roger's natural daughter. She was conceived while her mother Holly was married to Dr. Ed Bauer. Then, when he wanted it so badly, he and Peggy couldn’t conceive. - Roger was very disillusioned as he broke the news to Peggy. She offered him the strength and consolation he needed, reassuring him their problem was not completely hopeless — fertility drugs could help. One day at the hospital, Roger unexpectantly met Holly with Christina. Peggy silently watched Roger doting over Christina remembering the strife her birth brought to them during their courtship. Yet, Peggy's compassion went out to Roger knowing how great his disappointment in himself had been.

Dr. Sara McIntyre had thrown herself fully into her work as therapy to combat the grief she felt since her beloved husband died shortly before Christmas. Her close friend Bert Bauer was concerned because Sara was holding her emotions in "tight as a drum." Sara assured her she was coping well. Dr. Justin Marler had involved Sara in many research projects at the hospital and had consulted with her on the case of Dr. Emmet Scott. Dr. Scott's case was a touchy situation for Sara however, because he was the father of Justin's former wife Jaqueline. Jackie had accompanied her father who was being treated for cardiac problems by Justin, to Springfield. Her presence had reopened a wound for Sara. Justin broke his engagement to Sara when they were in med school together to marry Jackie for the betterment of his career as Dr. Scott's son-in-law. Dr. Scott commented to Sara that she was familiar to him. She evaded his questions, offering him no explanations. Jackie repeatedly tried to endear Justin to her, but he remained cool and uninterested, giving his attentions to his patient's care only. Jackie, driven by a pang of jealousy, insideously observed Sara's activities at the hospital.

The death of patient Malcolm Granger at Cedars Hospital had brought discord to many of the hospital's staff. Malcolm's lawyer Raymond Schaefer initiated charges of murder against registered nurse, Rita Stapleton. - Rita and Roger Thorpe were employed by a wealthy Texan years ago in Abilene, Texas. They both prefered to conceal their former relationship and the lives they lead there from mutual acquaintances in Springfield, although it was becoming exceedingly harder to do. Malcolm Granger Jr. arrived, however, tracking down Rita and threatening to expose her for her part in his father's death. Before he could pursue her, he suffered a stroke and later died at Cedars. He had scribbled “RITA’S” on paper beforehand. Since Rita was the last person to see Malcolm alive, a medical board hearing was held. Their verdict - Rita and other nurses on his case not negligent for Malcolm's death. Schaefer had been hired by Mrs. Granger to investigate the circumstances of Malcolm's death. He took his case to the District Attorney, Rita was arrested and a trial was pending. –

Chief-of-Staff, Dr. Ed Bauer and Rita had fallen in love but Rita turned down Ed's proposal of marriage realizing the dissension that she had to face. Ed had defended Rita to Schaefer, not knowing of her past involvement with the Grangers. The time had come for Rita to make her confession to Ed, he wouldn't let her talk about it. Roger, in the meantime, pleaded with Rita to keep his name out of his disclosure. He explained how he would lose Peggy if she knew, and he couldn't bear that. His final attempt to silence Rita was successful, when he unveiled his parentage of Christina whom many believe was Ed's daughter. If his part in Rita's past was exposed, there would be no forgiveness for Roger. He would lose all the trust he had regained from Peggy, not to mention Ed's added hostility toward him which was still smoldering.

Rita had been forced to take a leave of absence from the hospital, her presence causing unwanted publicity. She waited out the days until the trial began tortured by her need to be honest to Ed. Her lawyer Mike Bauer advised her to tell his brother as soon as possible, Ed deserved to know. Ed's first reaction was shock and confusion but eventually he returned to Rita's side offering the strength and belief in her innocence she needed so desperately to have at the moment. She regretted that she hadn't been honest with Ed from the beginning, but she explained her reasons for concealing the truth because she was in love with him. From there, Rita gave her story to her mother and sister Evie. They accepted it wholly giving Rita the faith and love she needed from her family.

Mike prepared his client for what was to come, taking her to the courtroom beforehand. They were met by the D.A. who badgered Rita about her guilt almost bullying her to plead second degree murder rather than be convicted for first degree by a trial by jury. The confrontation with this man and the sight of the courtroom extremely upset Rita and she ran out in tears unable to take any more.

The dreaded first day of the trial began. Rita was distraught over the prejudice displayed in potential jury members. She expressed her emotions to Ed. He consoled her that it would all be over soon, she would be happy once again and they would have their whole future together to share.

Before she entered the courtroom of her greatly publicized trial, Rita was plagued by Raymond Schaefer. He claimed she would've been better off to plea bargain for second degree murder. Rita was about to crack under the pressure when Mike intervened and stopped Schaefer's harassment. He warned his client, she had to not give in to her emotions in front of the jury. The opening statements were made. The DA set the atmosphere of the seriousness of the crime, stating "Rita Stapleton did willfully and with malice of thought kill a terrified, helpless man." Mike's commencement contradicted the DA, commending Rita as a meritorious person. He would prove she was not capable of and did not commit a murder of any degree.

The first two witnesses were called to the stand. Both Cedars’ pathologist and nurse Peggy Thorpe had to answer questions that Mike objected to as implications of innuendo. Peggy was very upset because the DA turned her answers into damaging testimony against Rita. Ed was beside himself since he had been summoned to testify for the prosecution. The DA was cleverly turning Rita's friends into her betrayers.

Jackie again tried to spark an interest from Justin, toying with her intentions to go after — and get — Mike Bauer. Justin wouldn't put it past her, although he said Mike outclassed Jackie. This made her more determined to achieve her goal.

Love Of Life

Written by: Paul & Margaret Schneider / Gabrielle Upton

Produced by: Darryl Hickman

During Meg’s New Year Party, Tom Crawford had a conversation with Ian who said Arlene was merely playing with him. Arlene was a lady whose acquaitrance he made for a price at at Key Club run by Ray Slater, a “front man” for many activities. Tom was sickened by these disclosures and he couldn’t make himself confront Arlene, so he coldly drove her home and never called. Knowing that something was wrong, Arlene called Tom and reminded him he was the one who wanted to level with each other. The complications mounted when he decided to go see her, for Ray Slater had just dropped by to see Arlene, too. Tom’s face turned to stone and he left, accepting Ray’s presence as proof positive of Ian’s assessment of the girl he loved. Arlene was stunned when Rick called to offer her the job of hostess at Beaver Ridge, at the suggestion of “a great admirer of hers.” In the matter of Tom, Arlene made one more effort. She tracked him down in the hospital cafeteria. He was with Joe and a couple of nurses, and ignores her unspiken plea that they sit alone. When the others finally left, Tom stonily listened to her reminder of his “honesty” theory, but he couldn’t bring himself to say what was really on his mind. He would call her sometime, and they could talk. Arlene was then sure that their attachement was too good to be true.

On his way to pick up Betsy for their idyllic weekend, a cyclist hit Ben’s car. The young man was dead. Ben called out for help, but his cries went unheard. He drove off, not to run away, but to find a police call box. As he picked up the receiver, he remembered being beaten by Duke in prison, he remembered that he had a record, and convinced himself that he would automatically be accused, arrested and imprisoned – again. Panicked, he hung up. He drove back to the scene, but a squad car had already arrived and the police told him to move on. For hours, he sat in a bar trying to figure out what to do, where to go, how to dispose of the victim’s shoe that he thoughtlessly picked up out of the snow. He knew that it was too late to tell the police. Finally, he got enough courage to call Betsy, but not to tell her what happened. Hearing the sounds of the bar in the backfround when Ben told her he couldn’t make it after all for their weekend, Betsy was sure she had been betrayed again.

After several days of torture, where every word, every glance was an accusation, a threat, Lynn Henderson capsulated his problem when she understood his reluctance to give explanations. Ben went to Betsy’ apartment. He tried lying but Ben promised Betsy “no more lies”. The best he could do was explain that he couldn’t explain. Betsy realized that loving Ben was very difficult. Positive that he had lost Betsy forever, Ben was in turmoil over what to do about the accident. He was on the verge of giving himself up, but chance conspires with fear, and he was approached and pursued by someone named Woodman. In a state of panic, Ben feared that he knew what the man wanted – blackmail. When the two finally confronted each other, Ben was relieved to learn that his foe was not a blackmailer but the mechanic who fixed his car. Woodman knew nothing, except that Ben’s check bounced. Once again, Ben refrained from stepping forward to do something that could, if nothing else end those horrible nightmares; when he relived the prison beatings, when he relived the accident...

Felicia began experiencing morning sickness. Joe told her that the tests had to confirm it, but she was sure she was pregnant. The only answer she could come up with – to hide the truth from Charles and her friends – was abortion. Van did her best to dissuade Felicia. When Felicia left the Sterlings, in tears, Van told Bruce that the problems between the Lamonts and Eddie were not over.

Arlene’s new job at Beaver Ridge – at the high salary demanded for her by Ian – could bring her no joy. Just when she felt she would die because he hadn’t called, Tom unexpectedly came to her apartment. He asked her about Ian, he asked her about that designer dress. When he did not believe that the store sent her the wrong dress, when she tried to get Carrie on the phone to have her verify it, their proximity was too much for them. Their terrible argument ended in a hungry kiss. Just as they approached greater intimacy, Carrie came home. Embarrassed, Tom rushed out. Arlene soon followed him. She did not heed her mother’s warning that “wanting” was not enough, there had to also be love and respect. All Arlene knew was that she and Tom had to be together.

Meg’s advice to Betsy was: “don’t lose him”. It scared Betsy, so she went to tell Ben she would accept his ultimatum – no questions. His joy was short-lived when a policeman entered the store. Ben’s blood ran cold and he told Betsy a hurried goodbye. The policeman merely wanted to buy a baseball mitt. Betsy went home, hurt by Ben’s seeming coldness, confused by his nervousness.

Ben took flowers that night, to Jim Marriott’s grave. It was a cold, lonely night that opened Ben to more torture in his soul. He met Dr. Andrew Marriott, the young man’s father, at the gravesite. The day would have been his birthday. The doctor’s car was stalled and Ben gave him a push to the nearest phone, which happened to be in a bar. Waiting for the tow truck, the doctor ordered a drink, then another. Soon he was quite drunk and telling Ben of his son, of the aching void in his heart as his son was dead. More than anything, Ben wanted to run away but he couldn’t. He had to stay to help this man in some way. He ended up taking him home and helping Mrs. Marriott put him to bed. That task accomplished, Mia Marriott turned on Ben and asked him, point blank, if he got her husband drunk. “Was it your fault or not?” Ben could only reply, “some of it, maybe all.”

Ben went home crying. Van tried to comfort him, but there was no comfort for Ben anymore. He was filled with the dread of returning to prison, but there was no one to whom he could turn for help.

The tests confirmed what Felicia had known for weeks. When she broached the subject of abortion to Joe, he begged her to consult first with Eddie, but she was afraid of that. Van also tried again. She told Felicia that Eddie had a right to know about the baby. At that moment, Eddie told Betsy that a baby was the expression of love between two people. He still wanted to believe that love could surmount anything.

Tom and Arlene had love aplenty, but he left on special assignment in Tanzania, without asking those vital questions that could remove the doubts he had of Arlene. When he said, “Watch out for snakes”, she did not understand. She thought he loved her without reservations.

Mia Marriott pursued Ben, pleading that he come to talk to her husband. Andrew had been despondent since his son’s death. He wouldn’t talk to her or anyone else, and she was dreadfully afraid he might attempt suicide. She, for reasons undisclosed, was the last person her husband would turn to.

Ben went to see Eddie, hinting obliquely at an “irreversible situation” and his need to have someone tell him what to do. Just as he was about to confide in Eddie, the bell rang. It was Felicia. Torn between duty and desire. Eddie asked Ben if their discussion could be resumed later. Ben’s chance for help disappeared because he knew he would not be able again to come so close to telling about the accident.

Felicia had every intention of telling Eddie about her pregnancy but found that she couldn’t. She knew Eddie would, no matter how she might plead, tell Charles. She had to keep that vow she made while Charles was lying comatose. When she admitted to Van that she did not let Eddie know, Van pleased once more for the life of the unborn baby. She posed a difficult question for Felicia: if Eddie did somehow find out, would he ever be able to forgive her? Joe also tried to dissuade Felicia from aborting. Someday, he said, she might regret it deeply. Felicia cried out that she had to look the other way from what she was planning to do. Time was of the essence, she couldn’t bear this torture no longer, and there was only a week left to abort safely.

 Lovers And Friends

Created by: Harding Lemay & Paul Rauch

Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch

The show premiered on Monday, January 3rd, airing on NBC from 3:00 to 3:30 

When her daughter Megan announced that Laurie, her absent friend and neighbor, planned to be at the Cushing house in time for Megan's engagement party, Edith Cushing inquired if Laurie had mentioned any plans of her mother's to return, herself as from the appearance of activities in the adjacent house, some renovation seemed to be in progress. When Mrs. Cushing sent her son Austin over to inquire, she learnt that the house had been sold to a family obviously living above their means and social status. The evening of Megan's engagement party began with a rented truck blocking her guests' access, her son Austin drinking in his room - Austin was discouraged over the refusal of Laurie, with whom he had been and was in love, to see him -, and her daugher Megan's disappearance after a short time, leaving Edith, her husband Richard, and Megan's fiancee, Desmond Hamilton, to cope with the reception line. - Megan had left to drop in on the people next door out of a need to be with some "real people," incidently including the eldest son of the neighboring Saxton family, Rhett, whom she had earlier taken for a workman. –

Among the guests at the party was Richard Cushing's considerably younger, attractive and competent secretary, Barbara, the "other woman" in an apparently long-standing relationship. - Edith had come upon a cozy scene in Richard's office, and rather than have them see her, retired to the outer office and called out, pretending that she had just arrived with a painful but practiced finesse. After Edith left, Richard again urged Barbara to attend the party, saying no one knew of their relationship. When Barbara replied that Edith did, Richard assured her that Edith wouldn’t object because she knew how much his daughter Megan liked her. –

Further on in the evening Megan returned and coaxed Austin into making an appearance but he, in turn, wandered next door to fall into a drunken stupor on the neighbors' couch. At one point in the evening Edith entered the kitchen looking for her son and came upon her mother, Sophia Slocum, entertaining their new neighbor, Josie Saxton, who had taken Sophia at her word to drop by if she needed any small thing when settling in.

Josie Saxton had told her husband Lester that she was having second thoughts about the wisdom of letting their daughter Eleanor talk them into moving in. - When her father Lester, an admitted alcoholic who had been "dry" for years, lost his job some months before and went on a tear, Ellie talked her husband George into advancing him $20,000 for a down payment on the house in a wealthy suburb of Chicago. - Josie and Lester were aware that Eleanor was determined to advance her own social position but Lester's feelings of guilt toward his daughter, the oldest and only one who remembered fully his coming home drunk night after night, made him want to do what he could to make things up to her.

Eleanor told her husband, a labor lawyer, when he arrived home the following night that she was humiliated by the way her mother barged in on the Cushing party and told him that her father had already lectured Austin Cushing about his drinking. When she told her husband she had made a mistake, he replied that if she had, she would just have to live with it. When she wailed that "they" were jeopardizing her social position, George told her that she didn’t have one.  

Austin, in an effort to win back Laurie, stopped drinking and reported to his father's office for work. Barbara promised to take him in hand and help him through lunch at the brokerage firm by keeping track of the cocktails going past the table. Barbara assured him she would be with him after cancelling another luncheon engagement, telling him it was only tentative. - Her date for lunch was with Austin's father. –

Some days later, Josie and Lester’s son, Jason Saxton appeared at Austin's office and asked if he can show his resume to someone in the firm in hopes of finding an entrance into the brokerage business. Austin promised to speak to his father and invited Jason to drop by at his home later in the evening. When Laurie came in, Jason asked her, in Austin's presence, if she would have dinner with him sometime and she agreed. When Laurie left, Austin asked Jason what he was trying to pull but Jason told him to calm down and suggested they make a foursome. If Austin would ask his (Jason's) cousin Amy out, they would make sure that Austin and Laurie have a chance to be alone and Laurie wouldn’t catch on 'till it's too late. - Amy has decided, after previously declining, to stay with the Saxton family after seeing Austin. Jason was an opportunist socially as well as in business. He made a play for Megan and also his brother Rhett's girl, Connie. –

Rhett Saxton, who had been resisting his girlfriend's suggestion that they, too, announce their engagement at least to the family, pleaded that he needed to better establish himself in the photography field. He added that his studio apartment was too small to set up housekeeping and that he wanted to wait till they could afford a second apartment. Megan had asked Rhett to take her wedding pictures though her fiancee had made other arrangements. Desmond wanted to advance the date of the wedding; Megan to postpone it so she could get her degree in journalism and take a summer job as a reporter in Santa Barbara. Her mother and father advised Desmond not to press for advancing the date though they both favored the marriage in June as scheduled. Her father's admonition to Megan was: "Being a wife can be much more exciting than working as a reporter in a newspaper office." 

Edith Cushing called on Lester Saxton and asked him to refrain from discussing her son Austin with her mother, Sophia. Lester asked Mrs. Cushing if she didn’t care about her son saying that young people slide into alcholism so easily. When Eleanor, who was present, told Edith that she promised that her father would not interfere in Edith's son's life, Lester told his daughter he would not be bound by any promises she made, and left the room. Remarking that Eleanor seemed to possess a social awareness not shared by the rest of her family, Mrs. Cushing also prevailed on Eleanore to speak to her brother Rhett who, in her opinion, was showing an inordinate amount of attention to Megan. Eleanor assures Mrs. Cushing that Rhett was himself engaged to a fine girl prompting the rejoinder that apparently that didn’t mean as much to him as it did to the Cushings.

Edith entered her husband's office as Richard was giving Jason the names of some contacts in other brokerage houses and giving his permission for his name to be used as a reference. She objected to his doing favors for the young man and when Richard told her she was making too much of her list of grievances against the Saxtons she was hurt, saying that she might have known that he never took anything she said seriously. Edith remarked that she had an ally in the eldest Saxton daughter and was determined to rely on her help "before that family takes over our lives entirely."

At dinner, Austin realized that he was being thrown in with Amy and got drunk watching Jason move in on Laurie. The following day, Laurie told him she couldn’t stand to watch him do that to himself, "even if other girls can." She insisted that Amy brought out the worst in Austin but he told her that it was not Amy's encouragement but seeing her in Jason's arms. When Laurie said the date was his idea he told her it was Jason's.

Megan and Rhett arranged to work together on her thesis on children's games and songs in a photo series. When Desmond learned that she planned to look for location spots in the Inner City, he insisted she chose another subject, and Megan walked out on him. She called at Barbara Manners' apartment to talk to her about her terrible argument with Desmond but Barbara asked if she could call her in the morning. As Megan was apologizing for coming at a bad time, Richard, unaware that there was anyone at the door, called out to Barbara as he emerged from the bedroom. Megan told Barbara and her father not to apologize: "I understand this a lot better than what's going on in my life."

George Kimball reminded his wife Eleanor of her promise that they'd have a baby as soon as her family was comfortable in their new house. Eleanor replied that the Saxtons were not settled yet and she couldn’t take on anything more at the moment. She implied that her husband loaned her father the money in order to bribe her into having a baby. She said she didn’t want a child 'til they were in a position to give it advantages as the Cushings did for their children.  

One Life To Live

Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Doris Quinlan

Joe Riley went to see Cathy once more, telling her he knew a Kitty Mainwaring - the name Cathy Craig Lord insisted was hers though she had no clear recollection of events prior to her being arrested for kidnapping the Riley baby and being detained in a psychiatric security section at Llanview Hospital -. He asked her to tell him about herself and she went through a list of jobs Kitty Mainwaring held in the novel she, Cathy, had written. In a moment of confidence, Kitty told Joe that when she was a child she didn't think the people she lived with were her real parents, that they had left her with others. She got agitated and asked what kind of mother would dump a kid on total strangers. She said that people like that didn’t deserve to have children. Joe tried to calm her telling her that some people might not be able to afford the care of the child; there might be only one parent who had to work or was not well. Kitty insisted that she'd never do anything like that. When Joe pressed her, she said maybe she was not sure she wouldn't ever have to and he jumped in with "Exactly! You did that probably because you loved it. Who'd you give the baby to?" Cathy backed off and, yelling, cradling an imaginary infant and then, despairing, broke down crying: "I don't have a baby. There's no baby here."  

Will Vernon brought young Dr. Bennett in on the case and together they prevailed upon Cathy to take some drawing materials and make some sketches to pass the time. On the anniversary of Cathy and Joe's daughter Megan's death, she drew a sketch of a cabin - where Megan was born - and a grave. When Will Vernon tried to get her to put a name on the gravestone she led him on and then wrote in the word "Doc." Cathy repeatedly led Will on, mocking him and telling him she could see she was not gonna get rid of him "unless she tells him some stories;" one of which was that she applied for a job in a plant. But Will told her that they knew for a fact that she did apply for a job in a factory. When the woman who was her landlady in Tucson, Arizona, came to see her, Cathy accused her of lying for money.

Dorian Cramer Lord was aware that Joe had begun lying to Viki about working on negotiations for the newspaper. She found him in his old office and, as they left, offered to buy him a drink - on top of many others - although she knew Viki did not know of his whereabouts. The following day she contrived to have Joe come to Llanfair when he was again expected home, asking his help on a scholarship fund the late Victor Lord had set up. Dorian told him when he left to go home "such as it is," that if he fekt the need for a meeting of the outsiders' club he was welcome to see her at Llanfair.

Joe and Viki had a fight when Joe told Viki he was sick to death of her being so protective of him, blurting out that if she had told Cathy that Megan's death was inevitable due to the heriditary heart ailment, Cathy would have been able to handle it and their own baby would be asleep upstairs. Viki angrily cried out that the whole thing started with Joe and if he was so anxious to place blame, he could look to himself.

Viki tried to get Joe to talk over their resentments but he kept putting her off, coming in late and drinking and rushing off to work the following morning, particularly when Viki tried to get Joe to consider the possibility of her going back to work at the paper.

Karen had been seeing Dr. Bennett, being overloud and conspicuous when Larry was present. Her friend Lana had been seeing Brad again and, when she visited Karen, took the opportunity to tell Jenny that she and Brad spent the night together.

At home, Brad talked to his sister Samantha, who had just been the subject of another disagreement between his father and mother. - Will accepted Samantha's claim of feeling unwell and gave her permission to stay home a half-day, though Naomi pointed out that she had no symptoms and did have a Spanish test and a history of avoiding school on such occasions. - Brad told Samantha he saw her out late after she had sneaked out to go to a Disco and warned her about the crowd she was seeing, but did not carry through on his threat to tell Naomi.

Tony Lord and Pat Kendall had been the subject of increasing gossip because of the amount of time Tony had been spending with Pat during her son Brian's illness, while his wife Cathy was in custody. When another crisis approached, a young doctor told Pat that Brian was crying out for his father and if it was at all possible for his father to be with him, it might help. Tony told the young man that Brian's father was dead and he apologized saying that he really thought it might have helped. Pat finally told Tony that Brian was his son. Tony was overjoyed and determined that Brian would get well and they would be together as a family as soon as he could manage it. Later Brian opened his eyes and Tony was bursting to speak to him again, almost telling Peter so that he could insist on his right to see the boy. Pat had not told Tony that Viki knew and warned him that he couldn’t tell anyone.

Cathy, deeply disturbed by a dream of the woman she left Kevin with - though she didn’t recognize her as such - sent for Will Vernon. She insisted that she couldn’t describe the woman or draw her as she had no face but later, after Will left, she was upset when she looked at a picture in the small photo album she had had with her. It was a photo of the woman holding a baby – Kevin -. When Dr. Vernon returned she became very agitated and insisted that he take the album away. Dr. Vernon tumed the album over to Ed to give to Tony, with the picture concealed where Cathy had kept it —behind another photo of Megan.

Brad asked Jenny to talk to Samantha but Jenny quickly realized that nothing she could say would get through. She was touched by his concern for his sister. When Will and Naomi arrived, Will stayed downstairs and got a call that the second publisher he submitted his book to had accepted it. Brad and Samantha went into the kitchen to cut up a pizza in celebration and Naomi came downstairs to overhear Will telling Jenny that a whole new chapter in his life had opened up and that she was so good for him. Naomi was told what had happened when she entered and tried to cover up with nervous talk about finding a place of honor for a bound copy in the living room.

When Jenny and Will headed for the kitchen, Brad came in to find his mother crying.

When Dr. Alan Bennett took Karen home from a date he told her he had watched her grieve over the greatest love of the twentieth century "and it's getting to be a drag." When he left, Karen speculated that maybe Dr. Bennett had a rich family, prompting Jenny to ask why she didn’t call Dun & Bradstreet if she was more interested in finances than friendship. Karen mused that when he got into private practice as a psychiatrist, Dr. Bennett would make a fortune and "what have I got to lose?"

Cathy sent for Will Vernon again in a panic but when he came, she was at first snide with him and then told him that initially she thought she was being framed as the whole thing sounded like a plot in the movies but then she was seriously worried. If she really was a waitress, how was it that she couldn’t remember places she worked, kitchens she must have been in or friends she had. Will prompted her with "all of Cathy Lord's friends have been here" and her voice became Cathy's saying "I have no memory; thoughts and images flash across my mind but they're so elusive." As Kitty again she recognized the literary quality in the phrase and asked to read Cathy's book.

Jim Craig went to see Tony and told him he was aware of how Tony felt about Pat. He told him he didn’t want to pass judgement but Cathy was still his wife. Jim acknowledged Tony's difficulties with Cathy during their marriage and her failure to let anyone help her. Tony promised he would do everything he could to be supportive of Cathy's recovery. Thinking over his conversation with Jim, Tony called Pat and told her he had to see her. He told her that he remembered how puzzled he was that Cathy at first refused to marry him and then turned around after her trip to New York. He remarked that Pat and Cathy were the best of friends until the day of her return from that trip and his and Cathy's marriage. He insisted that Pat had to know the reason and had no right to keep it from him.

Ryan’s Hope

Beginning on Monday, January 17th, the show aired from 12:30 to 1:00

Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Claire Labine, Paul Avila Mayer & Robert Costello

Jillian Coleridge and Frank Ryan were lunching in a restaurant when she again experienced pain after being on the road to recovery following a threatened miscarriage. Delia learned of Jill's hospitalization and, posing as Seneca's secretary, gave orders over the phone that Jillian was to have no visitors or calls from anyone, particularly the staff. She then telephoned Faith at the Coleridge beach house and told her that Jillian was in the hospital and no one was able to contact her. When Faith was unable to get any information, she and Pat left the beach house and returned to Riverside.

Frank Ryan warned Bob Reid that he had hired a very tough divorce lawyer, known as a "bomber" to secure his freedom from Delia, "not a nice guy; but he gets results." Bob tried once more to talk to Delia who became furious at his suggestion that if she was pregnant with Pat Ryan's child, as she believed she was, to get an abortion.  

On the day Jillian was scheduled to be released from Riverside hospital, Frank called and offered to pick her up but Jillian insisted that she had only a few blocks to walk and would get a cab if need be but she felt the need of a sense of freedom. Frank, with work to catch up on, agreed to call her at her apartment later. Seneca came into the room and when he learned that Jill was planning to leave by herself, insisted that as it was snowing heavily, he would take her home. He left for a moment and Jillian, who had not replied, walked out of the hospital on her own. A short distance away, Jillian rushed to hail a cab, slipped and fell to the ground unable to rise. A few minutes later Seneca joined the policeman who had found Jill and had her returned to the hospital. It was again touch and go concerning the life of the baby.

Frank had witnessed many disturbing scenes between Seneca and Jillian and talked with Maeve, who agreed that Jill's acceptance of Seneca's manner with regard to her health and conduct was strange. When Frank questioned Dr. Clem Moultrie about Seneca, he was told that Clem did not wish to discuss Seneca but he would say that he had never seen him interfere where he had no authority.

Bucky Carter visited Jill and told her that he knew she was carrying Seneca's child as he was with Seneca when Seneca realized the truth. He told Jillian that he, too, believed, as her sister Faith did, that to tell Frank would be borrowing trouble if she was going to lose the baby. Faith visited Jillian and told her that Pat had asked her to marry him and she has accepted.

Mary Fenelli, after another fight with Jack, left for a drive with Alex McLean to look at a farm he had bought in the country. The snow they were driving through became a blizzard and they were unable to start the car for the trip back or to get through the roads until the snowplows cleared the roads. Mary called home and Jack raged that she had to start back immediately, insisting that he wanted her home that night. Finally Alex took the phone and told him one auto accident in the family was enough and there was no way that he would consider starting back till he thought it was safe. Maeve was in the room listening to Jack raving and told him he was talking about her daughter and his wife. She insisted he knew better and Jack admitted that he did but he was becoming obsessive in his need for Mary. Maeve told him that he needed to tell Mary that for both their sakes and urged him to call her back right away. When she put it as a return favor for all she had done for him, Jack recognized that she was "calling in all the markers" and placed the call. But the line was dead.

When Alex and Mary returned, Johnny Ryan walked in on Jack and Mary as Jack was shouting at her and told him if he had any decency he'd give Mary back her freedom and have the marriage annulled. He told Mary that Jack was trying to break her spirit and would break her child's spirit. She sent her father out telling him that he was making things a million times worse than they had to be and then turned to Jack, accusing him of egging Johnny on. Jack insisted he was just listening to what might have been the most intelligent remark he'd ever heard Johnny Ryan make.

Delia ran into Nick Szabo as she was waiting for an appointment with her doctor. Nick was just back from Europe after enrolling his daughter Renee in a school in London and told Delia that he had heard of her separation from Frank. He asked her out to dinner but she replied that it was not the proper time to consider being seen with him. Nick remarked that Frank might have trouble supporting two households and she might need a friend. When Delia said she considered that they already were friends, Nick said there was always room for improvement.

Dr. Wolfe confirmed the fact that Delia was pregnant and she contacted Frank to tell him that if he would make a $25,000 settlement, she would give him a quick divorce so that he could marry Jill by the time Jill's baby was born. Frank secured a loan of $15,000 and Delia signed some papers giving authority to represent her in the proceeding to an attorney Frank would hire on her behalf in the Dominican Republic.

Both Frank and Faith were turned down when they request that Seneca lifted the strict visiting restrictions. Frank accepted with the better grace when Seneca told him that if left undisturbed, Jillian might turn the corner and be able to carry the child to term.

Bob Reid was unsuccessful in trying to see Frank before he left for the airport. He was sickened to hear Delia telling Pat and Faith that she gave Frank his divorce because she was thinking about Jillian and came to understand how a pregnant mother felt without a father for her baby. Dee was momentarily panicked at the thought that Faith and Pat might elope, but in a later conversation with Mary Faith entertained the idea of being married on St. Patrick's day.

Jack and Mary saw Father McShane separately and it became clear to Mary that Jack was laying the ground for manufacturing a case for annulment. Maeve, with fire in her eye, took Jack on, telling him that he was behaving like a fearful child. When he told her to butt out, she retorted she was not in the habit of turning her back on the people she loved and that she loved him. She managed to convince him that Mary would not be free if he secured an annulment or a divorce; she made her commitment to him, not primarily at the altar but from the first moment she gave herself to him. When little John cried, Maeve left to attend to him and Jack started down the stairs to the kitchen where Mary was being consoled by Alex McLean.

Search For Tomorrow

Written by: Irving & Tex Elman

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim

When the Heywoods returned from Arizona where Ralph had accepted the position as manager of Mr. Jennings' ranch, they put Spring Valley, their horse ranch, up for sale. Ralph used the excuse of poor health - a lie - to try to raise Mr. Peterson's offer for Spring Valley. Ralph accepted the offer, but told his family that after paying their debts they only had enough money to get them to Arizona. Eric called his guardian, Scott Phillips, to tell him that the ranch had been sold and Ralph said he had to stay there to help pack. Scott promised that he and Kathy would come to see him before he left. Mr. Peterson asks the Heywoods if they can move in a few days from now because one of the conditions on selling his house was that he had to be out sooner than the Heywoods were planning on leaving. When Ralph agreed, Eric called, asking Scott to come to Spring Valley. Ralph refused Scott's proposition to keep Eric in Henderson until the end of the school term while they got settled in Arizona. The day they were to leave, Mr. Jennings told Ralph that he had bought another ranch and wanted him to come in as a partner. Ralph had no money to invest and Mr. Jennings needed a partner with working capital, not a manager. Ralph wanted to keep the ranch, but Mr. Peterson said he signed the contract. Mr. Peterson tried to give the Heywoods a few days, but it was impossible. Ralph was still trying to locate a job when the Petersons' furniture arrived. Mrs. Peterson, seeing what a spot they were in, suggested they stay on in the house with them for a while.

Hearing about Melissa Manchester's offer to take Steve on tour as her guitarist, Liza Kaslo told her husband that she thought this was the opportunity that he had been waiting for. Liza suggested that she take a leave of absence so that she could go with him. Steve wanted to turn it down because he wouldn't ask Liza to give up her modeling career and was sure that a separation would be bad for their marriage. Liza and Melissa worked together on Steve until he agreed to go on the tour. Liza's manager, Woody Reed, was sure that Steve talked Liza into this even though they assured him that this was Liza's idea. He told her that when she came back in a couple of months she’d be a has-been with no career, but Liza refused to listen.

Reporters Bruce Carson and Gail Caldwell ran into a deadend after they offered criminal Ed Minter five thousand dollars for information on the drug ring they were tracking down. Minter was threatened and disappeared. Amy, Bruce's wife, tried to promote romance between Gail and her friend, Dr. Gary Walton, and was surprised when she heard they had broken off after a few dates. Amy questioned Gary when he was cool toward Bruce and Gail. Gary admitted he was jealous when he saw Bruce kissing Gail at the Christmas party at the Inn, but there were many explanations for it. Amy said she had a feeling there was something between them, but she hadn't been able to admit it to herself. She asked Gail to lunch, but Gail canceled, using her job as an excuse. When she returned, telling Bruce that Kirby Austin was picked up at the state prison by two big men in a long black car before she could talk to him, she decided to face Amy to see if she knew of their affair. Over lunch Amy told her that she needed to confide in a woman and ask for some advice. She talked about their agreement when they married for Tory's sake, saying they would each have their own life and ask no questions. She had pulled away from Bruce because she felt he thought of her as a duty and couldn't stand that. She was sure that Bruce was having an affair and she needed some advice on how to hold him because tgeb she really loved him. Gail said she would have to think about it before she could tell her anything.

Wade Collins asked his step-son, Dr. Gary Walton, if he and Dr. Bob Rogers could ask the board to reinstate him at the hospital. Gary finally agreed, but said they had to understand that he had to continue working part-time at the Open Door Clinic. He also got Wade to contribute two afternoons a week for psychiatric consultation.

Jo Vincente received a request for reservations at Hartford House from Greg Hartford, of the Hartford family who owned the Inn when it was a family estate. Stu Bergman suggested they tell him there wasn't room and then said they were running a business and he had to keep his personal differences to himself. He refused to tell Jo or Ellie, his wife, what he had against Greg Hartford.

When Lt. Frank and David Sutton searched Jennifer Phillips' room and found a note written by Jennifer implicating John Wyatt in his wife's murder, they searched John's room at Hartford House and found the gun, cigarette box and lighter that Jennifer put there after he told her he would never marry her. John was brought in for questioning and Kathy Phillips, his law partner, remembered that he had an appointment and lunch at Hartford House. Mr. Nicholson was vacationing in the wilderness, but David arranged for Lt. Frank to talk to him by phone after the Royal Mounted Police located him. He gave John the alibi that he needed. The ballistics report came back on the gun found in John's room and it was the weapon used to kill Eunice. John could be convicted of conspiracy.

Jennifer refused to talk to her father, Walter Pace, or her lawyer, Mr. Strickland, until she talked to John. In his office, Jennifer accused John of planning Eunice's death so that they could be together. John became so infuriated when she admitted killing Eunice that he ordered her out before he harmed her. As she left, Jennifer said that if she had to pay for Eunice's death she would make sure that he did also. John told David and Kathy about Jennifer's visit and he thought she believed everything she had said. She seemed stunned when he said he wouldn't marry her and when he told her she would pay for Eunice's death.

Furious, Jennifer admitted to her father and Mr. Strickland that John told her to follow Eunice and then kill her, making it look like a burglary by leaving the file and the ski mask in the apartment. She told them that John came to see her when Stephanie and Walter were out. Walter objected when Strickland wanted to take her to the District Attorney, but capitulated in hopes of getting her a lighter sentence.

The DA listened to Jennifer's confession and suggested that since John was a respected lawyer and it was attested in court recently that Jennifer had not always abided by the truth, the jury might disbelieve her story. He asked Jennifer to take a polyograph test to show that she was telling the truth.

John asked Kathy to be his lawyer because she believed he was innocent. She tried to convince him that he needed someone very experienced in criminal law like F. Lee Bailey or Percy Foreman, but he refused to listen. Scott suggested that John wanted her to take his case so that he would have a puppet he could control. John would not be dissuaded.

David had done some legwork around town. The doorman at the Pace apartment told him that Jennifer had had many deliveries from Theytor's. He showed them the receipts for a bridal gown, monogramed towels and sheets. He said this showed Jennifer was having delusions. Kathy explained that this could also be used against John.

David told them that Jennifer had turned "state's evidence" and that to give her story credibility she was given a polyograph test. She implicated John and it came out positive. David suggested that since the polyograph was not admissable evidence unless they agreed to it, that they not let it be introduced. Kathy said Jennifer's delusions were so real to her that the test was positive. John said he intended to live in Henderson with his daughter and he wouldn’t have people thinking that he killed Eunice and only got off because he was a smart lawyer and suppressed evidence. Kathy asked John to take a polyograph to show that he was telling the truth. John didn’t favor the idea, but gave in. He was very uptight during the test and was cautioned several times when he objected to the questions. David broke the news that there are several important questions where John's answers seemed doubtful. John explained that when he thought of Eunice lying on the floor suffering, he felt guilty for causing her so much pain. This guilt must have come through on the test. Kathy said that the jury would see he was telling the truth and Jennifer had no remorse for what she had done. He said Jennifer would use tears if she thought it would get her what she wanted.

Ralph asked Scott to break the contract, but he said there were no loopholes. Ralph's only alternative was to hit the road looking for a job. When they were packed and ready to leave, Eric announced that he didn’t want to go, but would like to go back to Scott and Kathy's. Ralph was furious, but had to give in when Betty agreed that it would be best for Eric to be with friends and in school because they weren’t sure how long it would take to find a job and a place to live. Scott was surprised to see Eric at the door and was more than willing to let him stay. Ralph wanted to be sure that they knew that this was only temporary. Scott asked that the Heywoods be firmly settled before they sent for Eric because another move could do a lot of harm.

Gail told Bruce about her talk with Amy. She was sure that Amy knew that she was the other woman in Bruce's life. She was willing to have an affair at first, but then she loved him and he had to choose between her and Amy. When he got home, Amy said she put many things together and realized that he and Gail were lovers and under the terms of their relationship she couldn't blame him, but then she wanted him to give up Gail if their marriage meant as much to him as he said. When he replied he couldn't, she asked him to leave. If he didn’t, she would.

After Jennifer’s fantasy accused her of turning against him, she told her father that she couldn’t testify against John. Walter told her that they had enough evidence to convict her already and she could only help herself by telling the truth. Jennifer wouldn't explain why she had changed her mind.

Stephanie’s husband, Walter, asked her to sign over all her Collins’ Corporation stock to him so he could invest it in a new business was a sham and all he wanted to do was rob her blind! Stephanie might have full belief in her husband but her lawyer, Scott Phillips, didn’t. Scott told David to investigate Walter’s background.

Gary Walton was called to see a baby that he had been treating for colic and discovered that it was beaten to death by Ed Minter. Lt. Frank put out a bulletin on him.

The Young And The Restless 

Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: John Conboy

The Brookses had urged their daughter, Peggy, to seek professional help when she called off her wedding after having nightmares again about Ron Becker raping her. Chris told her that after her rape, Snapper was very patient and loving. Lorie also told her that the love of a good man was what she needed to get over her fear that she would never be able to be a wife to Jack Curtis. Peggy asked Jack if he still felt that there was more to a marriage than sex. She suggested that they get married one step at a time. He said he could never compromise her by asking her to live with him. She wanted to elope and keep their marriage a secret so that she could ease into it without her family and friends peering over her shoulder. She would continue to live at home, but spend time with Jack so they could get to know one another. The following day, Jack and Peggy were married by a justice of the peace, but visions of Ron Becker flashed before her even as they took their vows. They went back to Jack's apartment where they talked about their future. Jack sent Peggy home while she had a warm, contented feeling so that she would associate this with marriage.  

Stuart and Jennifer Brooks again brought up professional help, but Peggy told them she wanted to handle this herself and asked them to trust her judgement. Stuart told Jennifer that Jack was wrong for Peggy because if his love were enough she wouldn't have called off the wedding. Stuart felt Peggy's frustration over finding out that Jack was a married man led her to run to Chris' apartment where she was raped. He commented that actually Peggy was upset before that when Jennifer left home. - Feeling lost when her children left home, Jennifer thought she was in love with an old friend who was sympathetic. Jennifer and Stuart were reconciled but she had had a difficult time living this down. She didn’t know that Stuart found out that this friend was also the father of Lorie, his second oldest daughter. - Jennifer was having some problems and called Dr. Atwater who wanted to see her. He had told Stuart, but not Jennifer, that she had some heart damage which they hadn’t been able to diagnose as yet.

Peggy told her mother she was having dinner with her friend, Sherry, when she went to Jack's apartment. He would like her to spend the night so that he could hold her as they went to sleep, but he wanted her to stay out of love. Peggy called her mother and then Sherry to set up an alibi for the night. Jack noticed how nervous Peggy was, so he told her to just lie down and go to sleep.

Stuart didn’t believe that Peggy was at Sherry's. Jennifer said Peggy would know that he was checking on her if he called. He sent her to bed and then phoned to find Peggy was at the "drug store." Thinking Jack was taking advantage of his baby daughter, Stuart stormed over to the apartment. Peggy waited in the bathroom while Stuart confronted Jack, telling him that he knew Peggy had been with him because her car was out front and how bad he had been for her. Peggy presented herself, saying he didn’t have to protect her because Jack hadn't touched her. Jack finally told Stuart that they were married a week ago and the marriage had not been consumated. Stuart apologized, but Peggy said she would go home then because her father had spoiled the feeling of warmth and intimacy they were trying to achieve.

Chris Foster was trying to locate the birth certificate of her new ward, Karen Becker, so she could put her in nursery school. Since Karen had been deserted by her mother and father, Nancy and Ron, she had asked if she might call Chris "Mommy." Chris' husband, Snapper, cautioned her that she might be hurting herself and Karen.

Stuart Brooks got a call at the newspaper from a nurse at the state hospital, saying that there was a woman there who resembled the sketch published in his paper, but she didn’t respond to the name Nancy Becker. Stuart doubted that this Fran Jackson could be Nancy, but had to see her to be sure. Stuart was stunned when he saw the condition Nancy is in. He told Mrs. Simpson that Nancy had a young daughter and she suggested that Karen might be able to bring Nancy out of her catatonic state.

Stuart told Chris that he had found Nancy and described her condition. He asked her to take Karen to the hospital. Chris insisted on trying to get through to Nancy herself. She was against Karen seeing Nancy like this until Mrs. Simpson said the doctor was going to start shock treatment, but even these might not help her. Chris wrestled with her conscience and was about to take Karen to see Nancy when Mrs. Simpson called to say that she told the doctor and he was afraid it would do too much damage to Karen and might not help her mother. Chris was relieved, but felt guilty. She talked to Brock Reynolds who said she had done everything for Karen's benefit and not just her own. He told her that she should put Karen in nursery school and continue to think of her welfare.

Ron Becker longed to see his daughter, especially since her birthday was drawing near. He felt Chris was the one person who might know where Karen was. When he phoned, Chris was in the shower and Karen answered. He told her that he was coming to see her for her birthday, but she was to keep it a secret.

Lance Prentiss took advantage of the situation when he found they were flying over Nevada. He and Lorie Brooks were married in a small ceremony with a $19.95 wedding ring which Lorie refuses to give up. They told her parents that they were married and were leaving on their honeymoon immediately. Lorie suggests that they ask Vanessa, Lance's mother, to accompany them so that she wouldn’t feel so left out. Lance said that she was thoughtful, but his mother would just have to understand that this was their time. In a private conversation after she heard the news, Vanessa told Lorie that all may be well at the moment, but she would soon tire of being the faithful wife.

Lance refused to tell Lorie where they were going. He left behind the one suitcase he had allowed her to pack. Their first stop was Tahiti. While basking in the sun, he told her not to be impressed with wealth. The jet was not a toy and she would receive an allowance. Lorie was delighted when he said she could become involved in any aspect of his business that interested her.

As Brad and Leslie Elliot were together again, she wanted to cancel some of her piano concerts, but Brad insisted that she promise to continue her career. Leslie was happy with Brad's progress when he got up enough courage to take a walk after having not been out of their apartment since he became blind.

Jill Foster told her mother that Mrs. Chancellor admitted she had known little Phillip was Phillip Chancellor's son because she saw them in the bunkhouse the night he was conceived. She didn’t want her to work for Mrs. Chancellor. Liz confronted Kay, furious because she branded her grandson a bastard out of jealousy. Liz would like to quit, but Kay reminded her that a good name wouldn’t do Phillip any good if he couldn’t eat.

Liz cautioned Joann Curtenzski about Mrs. Chancellor. She said Jill was once her companion, but was hurt even though Mrs. Chancellor couldn’t seem to help herself. Kay couldn’t bear the thought of being alone when Joann told her she was going to register for college classes as well as working as a waitress. Kay suggested she quit and become her companion so she would have more time for her studies as well as Mrs. Chancellor.

Detective Joe Dillon had been called in to investigate the circumstances surrounding Bill Foster's death. The nurse in charge reported that the respirator was unplugged when she found him after attending to another emergency. Mr. Dillon had questioned everyone and could find no reason to believe that anyone was responsible. When he questioned Snapper about his father's death, he said it was the opinion of the staff that he only had twenty-four hours to live.

Liz learned that her son, Greg, blamed his brother, Snapper, for not calling when their father was dying. Snapper cautioned her that she had to not tell Greg or Jill that she unplugged the respirator so that he could die with dignity and because she couldn't stand to see him suffer.

Joe Dillon accidently learned that while Greg and Jill were at home and the nurse had seen Mrs. Foster leave, Doctor Foster could not be located for about fifteen minutes after his father's death.

Dillon was surprised that Snapper had not told his brother about the unplugged respirator. Greg told Snapper that he was going to find out what happened and God help him if he was involved. Jill quieted her mother when Liz had a nightmare. Liz explained that she was only abiding by Bill's wishes. Jill was horrified, but asked that Greg not be told. Greg told Jill about the investigation and said someone murdered their father. Jill agreed that they couldn’t let Dillon question their mother.

The Prentisses’ second stop was Hong Kong where Lorie presents Lance with a Japanese maiden to give him a massage in exchange for a beautiful kimono and pearls. The night before they left, three men with guns broke in, but apologized saying they were looking for another "L. Prentiss." Lance wondered if they could be seeking his brother Lucas.

After a check up where Dr. Atwater told her she could live for years with her heart condition if she avoided stress, Jennifer insisted that he not tell Stuart or their daughters.

Jill asked Snapper how they were going to protect their mother. He said they had to convince her that she could say nothing to Joe Dillon because she could not see that she had done anything wrong. If they were unable to, then they would tell Greg because she would need a good lawyer.

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Thanks so much!!   These "look into the past" posts are some of my favorites!   (I see Kay is heading toward her fixation on JoAnne Curtis on Y&R, and those "now-you-see-them-now-you-don't" characters Nadine, Ansel and Raven are back in full force on Edge of Night.)   

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Thanks for posting the recaps. It's especially fun since TD has been on Retro and being able to see everything that has been recapped. I think Lauren White is one of the great underrated soap performers of all time. Her MJ had chemistry with everybody - love interests, friends, family and colleagues. Her warmth and quirkiness were really missed when she decided to leave the show in 1978. The role was recast three times and none came close to LW. 

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