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Look into the past - 1975


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Thanks @FrenchFan For adding more synopsis. Great to see June up as it is the first month Jon-Michael Reed began his weekly columns. For those following along, I am sure we all know about the tumblr site that has collected JMR's weekly recaps. I actually found the first recap which was a week earlier and covered June 7 - 11 1976, and I found a slightly longer version of the second weeks recap, with an extra line of synopsis for most of the soaps covered. 



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@will81good information, thanks. Do you know when those recaps stopped? The tumblr only goes through 1983. It's nice having a weekly breakdown cause it helps with dating clips.


@FrenchFan thanks as always, for your considerable efforts. This one a good one for Y&R. I can see the rape storyline playing out today with minimal updating. As for that scene where Ralph says that Kay drinks, he will too, years later she uses the same tactic on Phillip III to get him to stop because he doesn't want to drag her down with him.

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55 minutes ago, BoldRestless said:

@will81good information, thanks. Do you know when those recaps stopped? The tumblr only goes through 1983. It's nice having a weekly breakdown cause it helps with dating clips.

Jon Michael Reed published until his death in the mid 80s I think and Nancy Reichardt took over. She recently retired, 2019 or early 2020 and the column was discontinued.


Lynda Hirsch also started the same kind of column at the same time I think.

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1 hour ago, FrenchFan said:

Jon Michael Reed published until his death in the mid 80s I think and Nancy Reichardt took over. She recently retired, 2019 or early 2020 and the column was discontinued.


Lynda Hirsch also started the same kind of column at the same time I think.

Yeah JMR passed in May 86 and Nancy took over until recently


Lynda was part of the magazine Soap Bubble (which also did recaps) it folded in summer 76 and she began her syndicated column in October 76.


Both also did editorial/info/Q&A columns too. Lynda did one and JMR two every week. I will post a couple here if you don't mind

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8 hours ago, BoldRestless said:

Thanks. Hopefully that tumblr will continue to post weekly summaries at least through 1986 when the Y&R German episode guide starts up.

Oh there is a German Y&R site? I never knew YR was in Germany. I know B&B (Reich und Schon) was huge in Germany and that GL (Springfield Story) at one point was popular..

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6 hours ago, Manny said:

Oh there is a German Y&R site? I never knew YR was in Germany. I know B&B (Reich und Schon) was huge in Germany and that GL (Springfield Story) at one point was popular..

January to Aug 1986 in German can be found here




It aired episodes to 1988 I think. I saw the 1987 eps online many years ago, but haven't been able to find them since



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9 minutes ago, Manny said:

Oh cool! Thanks @will81 ! I had no idea it aired in Germany.


Ca. 500 episodes from the late 80s were shown from 1993-1994 on Sat.1. Then some now defunct pay tv station showed another 500 episodes from 1996/1997 between 2000 and 2002.
In spring 2008, ZDF started airing episodes from 2005/2006 right after B&B, but almost nobody wanted to watch Y&R, so the remaining episodes were burned off during the night.
As far as I know, there was a different set of voice actors each time.

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1 hour ago, Huntress said:


Ca. 500 episodes from the late 80s were shown from 1993-1994 on Sat.1. Then some now defunct pay tv station showed another 500 episodes from 1996/1997 between 2000 and 2002.
In spring 2008, ZDF started airing episodes from 2005/2006 right after B&B, but almost nobody wanted to watch Y&R, so the remaining episodes were burned off during the night.
As far as I know, there was a different set of voice actors each time.


I am surprised that YR never grabbed Germany attention while BB did. I understand why 2005/2006 episodes didnt catch anyone, but the 80/90s stuff was good. I guess since BB aired from the 1st episode, people got into it more easily..


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JULY 1976


New schedule beginning on Monday, July 26th.






11 :30 – 12 :00 am



Love Of Life



12 :00 – 12 :30 pm



The Young And The Restless



12 :30 – 1 :00 pm


All My Children

Search For Tomorrow



1 :00 – 1 :30 pm


Ryan’s Hope




1 :30 – 2 :00 pm



As The World Turns

Days Of Our Lives


2 :00 – 2 :30 pm




2 :30 – 3 :00 pm


One Life To Live

The Guiding Light

The Doctors


3 :00 – 3 :30 pm



Another World


General Hospital


3 :30 – 4 :00 pm




4 :00 – 4 :30 pm


The Edge of Night




All My Children


Written by: Agnes Nixon

Produced by: Bud Kloss


Dr. Chuck Tyler had driven through a rainstorm to Center City in an effort to locate Donna Beck after he learned that she had slipped out of the hospital with Ty's assistance to return to a life of prostitution. When he returned to Pine Valley and told Frank Grant that he was unable to find Donna, Frank told him that from his description of one of the girls he spoke with, he was sure it was Estelle, Donna's best friend. Frank promised to go with Chuck to Center City to help take up the search again but Chuck once more set out alone.


Chuck finally learned  from Letty Jean, "Number One" in Ty's "stable" the location of the room Donna, unable to return to "the stroll" because of a swollen leg - the last remanent of a near fatal beating she suffered at Ty's hands - , was working out of. After Chuck left, Ty threatened to have Letty Jean worked over and hurried to find Donna.


When Ty did come in and invited Chuck to check out Donna's leg and leave, Chuck maintained he wouldn’t leave Donna "here in this pig sty." Trying to ease her way out, Donna accused Ty of bluffing when he told her he had made her his new "Number One." She told Chuck: "If he can prove it, I'll stay, but I know he can't." Ty called in a bruised Estelle to verify that Letty Jean was packing.


After locating Chuck’s car, Frank called Dr. Charles Tyler and told him that he was determined to find Chuck. When he returned to the car he saw Chuck, who had managed to find his way back after being grabbed from behind and beaten by two of Ty's henchmen as he left Donna's building.


Upon his return from Arizona, Philip learned, from Erica, of Chuck's involvement with Donna Beck and, from his mother, Ruth, that Chuck had been checked out at the hospital and taken to Phoebe Tyler's home to recuperate. Over Phoebe's strenuous objections, Dr. Tyler gave Philip permission to visit Chuck. - Dr. Tyler and Dr. Joe Martin had urged Chuck to accept Donna's choice to stay with Ty but Chuck had insisted that to do so would condemn Donna to a "living death." –


Philip returned to the apartment he was sharing with Ruth during her separation from Dr. Joe Martin and was disturbed to learn that while he was gone, Tara, who'd had a premonition of trouble, had called and asked about Philip and Chuck, insisting, upon hearing the hesitation in Ruth's voice, on knowing what was wrong. Philip, having told his mother that Chuck would go on playing the Good Samaritan 'til he got killed, shouted at Ruth that she should not have told Tara the whole story knowing how guilty Tara felt about Chuck. - On the eve of Philip's leaving for Vietnam, he and Tara, unable to find a minister or a J.P. to marry them, exchanged vows privately. Philip was mistakenly reported killed and Tara, pregnant with Phil's son, accepted Chuck Tyler's offer to marry her and raise her son as his own. –


The following morning, Tara was obviously anxious at not having heard from Philip through the night, and when she said that Chuck's involvement was due to the fact that his life was very empty, Philip told her that she had a crazy hang-up in that she would take anything in the world and make herself feel guilty about it. Reminding him that he, too, felt guilty over their situation, she seemed to accept Phil's assurances that Chuck was well enough to return to work within a few days, but when she hung up the phone, she immediately calls her son's doctor, asking for a conference as she intended to return to Pine Valley right away.


On a visit to her mother-in-law, Kate Martin, Ruth learned that Tad, the boy she and Joe had cared for as their own, was spending too much time alone reading since Ruth had left the Martin home. Kate pleaded with Ruth to come back and give her marriage another chance, asking "if you have mixed feelings, aren't your stronger feelings for Joe?" Ruth replied that she couldn’t deny her feelings for David, prompting Kate to say that she resented the trouble David had caused between Ruth and Joe. - Kate had been one of the first people in Pine Valley to make David, at first a sullen newcomer, feel welcome in her home. At a backyard supper, David performed an emergency tracheotomy upon Kate when she began to choke on a piece of steak. After witnessing his exceptionally fine performance, Ruth, a nurse, realized that David was a skilled surgeon. –


On first setting eyes on her niece Brooke's houseguest, Benny Sago, and his unconventional manner of dress for dinner, Phoebe Tyler breathed soto voce, "What rock did that crawl out from under?" poured herself a refill and proceeded to get drunk. But when Benny awoke to hear Phoebe's end of a telephone conversation with Mrs. Lum, the woman Phoebe set up to impersonate Mrs. Carpenter, her former daughter-in-law's long lost mother, her manner toward the young man changed radically for the remainder of his visit, puzzling both Brooke and Chuck Tyler. Brooke read a portion of a letter from Benny aloud to Phoebe with a message to the effect that Brooke's aunt "doesn't have to worry, because he knows how to keep his mouth shut."


Meanwhile, Mrs. Lum was becoming fond of Kitty who was roughly the age of her daughter who died. When Linc, after a conversation with his sister Anne, was determined to keep Kitty from getting further involved with a woman who was obviously determined to insinuate herself between him and Kitty, called and learned that Kitty planned to stay on because her mother had suffered a "heart attack," he flew out to Minneapolis. He told Kitty of his suspicions that Mrs. Lum was an imposter. Kitty told him angrily that she didn’t care what he believed anymore and that she would stay as long as her mother needed her.


Worried that his wife's illness in St. Croix, which the doctor attributed to flu, might in fact have been an acute stage oftToxoplasmosis, putting the date of the onset of Anne's illness with the disease back to an earlier stage of her pregnancy than was at first believed, with the attendant risk of damage to Anne's unborn child, Paul Martin convinced Dr. Charles Tyler to speak to his daughter who agreed that it was better to acknowledge that she was taking a chance carrying the child. Paul accepted his wife's decision not to consider an abortion and extracted a promise from Dr. Joe Martin, who was convinced that her choice was wrong, not to make Anne uneasy about her decision.


As David and Ruth were both in Dr. Joe Martin's office on separate business, Joe walked in and dismissed David, rudely. When Ruth commented on his manner, he accused her of using his private office as a meeting place with her lover; he reminded Ruth that she had promised to be discrete. She answered that she had been, and if he thought otherwise, he was imagining things. Joe tried to back off, but in his usual left-handed manner, he told Ruth if her real reason for being the one to leave was to accommodate him, he was sorry that he implied otherwise, and told her if she wanted to come back she was welcome. Ruth countered that she wouldn't dream of coming back and added she didn't marry an unfair and suspicious-minded man, but that was what he was turning into.


The following day, Joe apologized to Ruth for his high-handed manner, but was continually interrupted by phone calls. The last one was from Tara who told him that she was returning to Pine Valley with little Philip because she knew about Chuck's involvement with Donna Beck and knew she, herself, was responsible for the whole thing. When Joe asked how she heard all the details, she told him Ruth told her. When Joe told Ruth that Tara was upset and had worked herself up to assuming the guilt for Chuck's present situation, Ruth maintained that it never occurred to her that Tara would react that way.


Ruth told David that Joe did overreact, but that their personal conversation was disturbing to him and he would, in all probability, react the same way in the future because that was the way he was. David suggested, in that case, that they make a new start someplace else. He insisted that she was clinging to the habits of a lifetime and responsibilities no longer hers. He asked her to think about a move in terms of their need and their love, and she promised that she would.


Dr. Hildebrand told Tara her son had progressed in that he was able to articulate his fears and guilts, but warned her that he might never fully accept the absence of his father in the home. The doctor cautioned Tara, saying her own behavior might complicate things more for the boy because she acted out of her own desires by assuming blame that was not rightfully hers. Tara tried repeatedly to get Dr. Hildebrand to tell her what she should or should not do, but the doctor reminded her that the choice was hers. She did remind Tara that she and Philip had a right to establish their family unit, if that was what they both wished.


Erica went to visit Chuck who rose to Donna's defense, saying that she was a sensitive intelligent human being who had led a horrible life from the very day she was born; but did concede there was some danger involved in his intention to try again to get her away from Ty. In annoyance, he told Erica to quit hinting that there was any sexual interest involved, saying that Donna was just of high school age and he was not a dirty old man yet.


Ty had told Donna that she had to go back on the "stroll" in two days. Donna called Mona Kane at Dr. Tyler's office to inquire about Chuck, and Mona told her that Chuck was not seriously injured. Mona tried to get Donna to return to the hospital when she learned that Donna's leg is still very painful, and failing that, she suggested that Donna call Chuck and tell him that she was concerned about him. Donna fantasized about graduating with honors, with Chuck escorting her to the ceremonies.


Another World


Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch


Mac and Rachel Cory’s marriage headed for rocky shoals as they began to develop real communication problems. Mac had to go to New York on business. He sent his new assistant, Pat Randolph, ahead to make appointments, and put her up in his townhouse there to make things more convenient. Rachel was upset when she learned of the arrangements from Ada. She still felt some of the old fears and resentments towards Pat. Rachel asked Mac why he didn't tell her about Pat. He replied that it just slipped his mind, and it was hard to remember what they had discussed when she was away so much.


When Rachel again brought up Pat's going to New York, Mac finally told Rachel he was jealous of Ken, too. Rachel was incensed, unfairly accusing Mac of not understanding her creativity. Mac resented the time she spent away from the house, even though, as Rachel pointed out, she was usually gone the same hours he was. The fight continued. Mac left for the airport without Rachel, neither wanting to say goodbye in this angry state.


Rachel went to the studio, where Ken noticed her agitated manner. She told him of Mac's resentment of the time she spent on her sculpting. She asked why she couldn’t have her art and her life as Mac's wife. Ken urged her not to let the problem go on too long.


Iris appeared at Mac's townhouse and made nasty insinuations about Pat's being with him while Rachel was at home with Ken. Mac walked out. Iris continued with Pat, but Pat left, too. Iris manipulated herself in to see Keith Morrison, an old friend, whom Iris wanted to take over her legal affairs. Keith didn’t want any more clients, but finally gave in. She told Keith she wanted a separation, not a divorce, so she could protect Robert from unscrupulous people who could take advantage of him - Iris and Robert were seeing each other casually, until Iris found out Clarice Hobson, once Robert's mistress, was carrying Robert's child. Iris rushed Robert into marrying her to protect him. Robert finally found out about Clarice, and when he learned Iris had married him deliberately, he left her. Iris wanted revenge on Clarice. - Iris found out from Keith that Mac was giving a party. She let on that she had been invited, too, and asked Keith to be her escort. He agreed. Iris exposed her hatred of Rachel to Keith, insinuating Rachel was a fortune-hunting tramp. Keith took Iris's rantings with a grain of salt.


Mac and Rachel had missed calls from each other all day. Rachel reached the townhouse just after Iris had arrived with Keith and driven Mac off. Iris answered the phone and told Rachel that Mac invited her. Iris refused to get Mac.


Pat returned to Bay City ahead of Mac, who had to go to Chadwell for the dedication of the Frame Memorial Library. He was a chief contributor, and at Alice Frame's request, arranged for the dedication. Pat explained about Iris' being at the party. Mac returned home immediately after the ceremonies, and went to the studio. Rachel was ecstatic, and they had a good reunion until Mac asked her to leave with him immediately, and she refused, caught up in a sculpture problem. The following day, Mac received word from Keith that a merger they had been working on was about to fall through and Mac was needed back in New York immediately. Mac was stunned when Rachel refuses to rush off with him. Ken had arranged a showing of her work in conjunction with his, and she had work to finish. She was also upset that she wasn't consulted before he made plans. Mac retorted that Iris was right: that Rachel's'work was more important than he was. Rachel was devastated that Mac would use Iris as a weapon against her. Mac went to New York.


Upset, Rachel called Dr. Dave Gilchrist to talk it out with someone. Dave did tell her she was investing a lot of emotional energy she could be spending on Mac and Jamie. Dave suggested she call Mac and work it out. Rachel went to talk to her mother, Ada McGowan. Ada repeated much of what Dave said, and brought up Mac's jealous nature. Rachel insisted there was nothing between Ken and her but friendship. Ada wasn't sure that was all Ken felt, and pointed out how bad it looked that Rachel spent so much time with Ken, in and out of the studio. Rachel replied that she needed more than being somebody's wife. The sculpture was a means of finding self-identity. "I can't go through life being no-body to myself."


Iris brought Therese Lamonte home with her. Iris then went out to the Complex to see Mac. He was still in New York. Before Pat could get rid of her, Clarice came in. Iris told Clarice she had seen a lawyer and would get back at Clarice for spreading "vicious gossip" about Robert's being her baby's father. As Iris continued to harrass Clarice, Pat threw her out.


Therese was architect Carol Lamonte's mother. The two women had been estranged for years. Carol blamed her mother for destroying her father and leading a completely dissolute life. Therese had just been released from a sanitarium. Therese feared for Iris' and Dennis' relationship, watching Iris behave as she did with Carol. Iris tried to pass off Therese's warnings by saying that their children loved them, no matter what they did. Therese told her not to count on it. Iris was taken back. She tried to change the subject. They were interrupted by an irate Dave Gilchrist, who had learned from Pat what happened with Clarice. He said Iris had already caused Rachel to lose her baby, and if anything happened to Clarice's baby, he would see she was held responsible. Iris refused to enlighten Therese - Rachel suffered a premature separation of the placenta. She tried to reach Mac at Iris'. Iris, who had other plans for Mac for the evening, refused to give Mac a message. Rachel lay unconscious for quite a while before Mac found her. The baby died. - Therese and Carol effected a tentative reconciliation.


Jamie returned from the dedication of the library named for his father. He was full of stories, but Rachel insisted on going to the studio, promising to take him to dinner later. She forgot. She did call Pat to learn when Mac was expected back, since he hadn't called her from New York. Pat informed Rachel Mac was returning the following morning with Keith Morrison in tow. Rachel observed to Ken that it would be nice to not have any responsibilities. He pointed out her life had compensations, asking if she had forgotten already. Rachel was miffed. Jamie spent the night with the McGowans, then went to Dennis' the following morning. He let drop that he was unhappy with the time Rachel spent sculpting. Iris stored it for future use.


Rachel decided to spend the day at home, expecting Mac. Keith arrived with the news that Mac went straight to the complex, and he was there to stay for a while. Iris, at the Complex to see Mac, overheard Pat making plans with Rachel for a cocktail party/buffet in Keith's honor. She later conned Keith into taking her. Rachel planned a wonderful party, but resented the time it took. Later, Mac and Rachel tried to talk. She told him the New York trip wasn't less important than the sculpting, but she had work to finish. He replied that the sculpting was causing her to neglect Jamie and him, which was why Jamie was spending so much time at Dennis'. He also told her it was difficult and embarrassing to explain to his friends why she was at the studio so much. Furious, she left for the studio. Only Ada was able to persuade her to return to be hostess, pointing out that Rachel could lose Mac. Ada pointed out that Mac was being "unreasonable" because he feared he was losing her.


Iris and Keith arrived. Iris made a snide remark about Mac's not being able to depend on Rachel as his hostess. Rachel asked why Iris came where she was not wanted. Rachel asked Mac to get rid of Iris. He refused, saying it would embarrass Keith. Rachel stomped off. Mac ignored Iris, so she confronted Rachel and him, asking how he could humiliate her. He said she was not welcome and asked her to leave. She refused, so Mac went to get Keith to explain why Iris wasn't welcome and had him take her home. Clarice arrived.


Iris threatened Clarice with a slander trial which could cause her to lose her baby, if she didn’t leave town. Having won something, anyway, Iris left. Clarice was devas-tated. She allowed herself to be taken home, where she began to pack her suitcase.


Willis Frame’s drive to take over his late brother's business, Frame Enterprises, was threatened by the advent of Raymond Gordon. Ray, uncle to Alice Frame's adopted daughter Sally, had been seeing a lot of Alice, and they found themselves attracted to each other. To forestall any interference from Ray, Willis brought Ray's estranged wife Olive to Bay City to win Ray back. Ray wasn't taken in by Olive, realizing she just saw him as a meal ticket, which Olive eventually admitted.


Willis asked his confederate Carol Lamonte to make hotel reservations for Olive, who was using her maiden name on the registration. Carol was jealous when she found O. Springer was a woman, and Willis eventually explained his plan to Carol. Alice had been depending heavily on Ray's good business sense to help her figure out Willis' somewhat devious business ways. Therefore, Ray was a threat. Olive was to drive a wedge between Ray and Alice. Olive's first maneuver was to keep Ray from accompanying Alice to the library dedication. Olive accomplished her purpose by threatening to pester Alice in Chadwell, causing people to wonder what she was doing there with a married man. Ray, not wanting to hurt Alice in any way, capitulated, making excuses Alice feelt were untrue. When Ray was supposed to accompany his boss Mac Cory to New York on the merger crisis, Olive threatened to go to Mac with her accusations about Ray and Alice and intimations he was not a good businessman. Ray stayed in Bay City. On the night Alice returned from Chadwell, Ray was supposed to have dinner with Alice and others, Olive forced him to cancel again, with threats of spreading gossip and pestering Alice. Olive forced Ray to take her to dinner at the Tall Boys. They ran into Alice et al., and Olive forced an introduction. Alice left soon after. Later that night, Ray went to see Alice. He apologized, saying he was just trying to protect her. Alice said she was once married to a man who tried to protect her and all those kinds of efforts brought were pain. As they moved closer, the phone rang. Olive warned Ray to leave or she would keep calling. He hung up, but her persistence forced him to leave. He told Alice he loved her. Sadly, Alice replied that he wasn't free to love her.


Ray told Olive he wanted a divorce, stating he had grounds because she took their sons and left him for another man. Olive warned he'd never see his sons again. He doubted it. Olive threatened to scandalize Alice with gossip about an affair if he tried it. Ray backed down. As he left for Mac's party, Olive insisted he was taking her. He refused. She let drop things about Willis in the ensuing argument that he never told her. She backed down.


Willis faced opposition to his plans from another front: his sister Sharlene and his ex-girlfriend Angie Perrini. Willis had been keeping Sharlene in line by threatening to destroy her new marriage to Russ by telling him she used to be a B-girl. Russ noticed that Sharlene became upset by and around Willis, but Sharlene was afraid to tell him why. Russ determined to find out from Willis. Angie, on the other hand, felt Willis had to be exposed to protect him from himself. Angie tried to get Sharlene's help in proving Willis brought Olive to Bay City to cause trouble between Ray and her. Sharlene started to help but was scared off again. Angie was proceeding on her own, insisting Willis couldn’t hurt her. Willis suggested that Mac send Ray to Chadwell to finish up library details. When Olive told him she might have pushed Ray to the limit, Willis suggested Olive go to work on Ray's mother, Beatrice Gordon, the Cory housekeeper, using Beatrice's grandsons as leverage.


Marianne Randolph, still upset about the demise of her parents' marriage, let her grades drop, even failing an art course. Ken Palmer suggested she repeat the course. She refused, saying she was thinking of quitting college to help her father. Ken told her she had lost all perspective, that she should let John handle his own problems. He urged Marianne to make friends, but she was afraid of being hurt. Ken suggested Marianne had the capacity to do more than she allowed herself to.


Since her marriage to John disintegrated, Pat had been seeing Dave Gilchrist steadily, and they were falling in love. Pat's aunt, Liz Matthews, insisted Dave was standing in the way of a reconciliation, refusing to believe Pat had made a happy new life without John, and would have without Dave's help. Liz, finding Marianne sympathetic, tried to use her to reunite Pat and John. Marianne blamed herself for her parents' split. She encouraged Pat to keep her pregnancy and subsequent abortion a secret from John. Pat's son Mike, resentful of his father over an affair he had with his law associate, sided with Pat, applauding her new life and happiness.


The family breathed a sigh of relief when Liz decided to visit an old friend, Helen Moore, in Italy. They were hoping Marianne's hostility towards Dave would dissipate without Liz's prodding. But, after Liz left, Marianne went to see Dave to demand he get out of her mother's life. Dave reminded Marianne that Pat didn’t need her permission to lead her own life. Marianne accused Dave of taking advantage of Pat, when he wouldn't tell her he loved Pat. Dave reported the conversation to Pat, who was exasperated.


Pat’s father, Jim Matthews, explained Liz's interference to John and also asked John to consider that he might somehow be encouraging Marianne to think she could take Pat's place in his life. John was astounded, then admitted it might be possible. Marianne, meanwhile, had been shunning the attentions of Daryll Stevens, using the excuse that she had to take care of her father. John was finding himself more and more dependent on Marianne.


With Jim Matthews’ encouragement, Alice told Ray she was ready to fight for him and the love they shared.


As The World Turns


Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Willmore


Dr. Susan Stewart had decided to go to a medical conference so that she could get away from Oakdale for awhile. She was afraid that Dan Stewart, her ex-husband, would find out that she kept Dan and Kim Dixon apart, even though her friend, Kevin Thompson, was sure that the only way she would ever feel better was to make a clean breast of it with Dan. Kevin couldn't understand why Susan didn't tell him she was leaving. The day she got back to town, John Dixon, the other person who knew what she had done, insisted on taking her to lunch. When she saw Kevin lunching with Sandy Garrison, she left without ordering. Sandy assured Susan that there was nothing between her and Kevin. They had used each other to sound out their problems. Kevin was concerned about Susan and Sandy was unsure of her future. She felt very attracted to her ex-husband, Bob Hughes, but he gave her no encouragement since he was dating Valerie Conway. Sandy had decided to bring her father and her son Jimmy from Sacramento to stay with her in Oakdale.


Susan happened to go to Kevin's cabin when he had taken Sandy there for a picnic and her ego was shattered. Sandy had almost convinced Susan that she hadn't seen Kevin in some time when he walked into the bookstore that Sandy managed.


John Dixon lived in the same building as Mary Ellison and they had become friends through Mary's son, Teddy. John performed small odd jobs for Mary and she was someone for John to talk to as he had alienated all his friends.


Susan was still afraid of John and when he left a message wanting to see her, Susan sent Pat Holland, a nurse who had stuck by John, to be sure he wassn't depressed enough to harm himself.


Kim Dixon had been seeing Dr. Jim Strausfield since her divorce from John. One day John and Jim both stopped by the law office where she worked as a receptionist, to see Kim and John became belligerent. He accused Strausfield of stealing his wife and his job. Jim calmly reminded John that John had been let go as chief of medicine before he came to town and that Kim was divorced. Kim wondered if she should leave town so that John could forget the past.


Doctors Dan Stewart and Bob Hughes were both dating Valerie Conway, a beautiful young divorcee who used to be Kim's sister-in-law. Dan's niece asked Kim's advice when she felt she couldn't do anything to please Mrs. Conway. She would prefer that Dan date Kim and was afraid Mrs. Conway had seen this. Against her better judgment, Kim paid Valerie a visit and asked that she consider Betsy's feelings a little. She suggested that Valerie try harder to please Betsy. Valerie said that it was Dan Kim was concerned about and would like her to stop dating him. Valerie took Betsy to her farm for the day and told her she knew Betsy didn't want her to see Dan and so she wouldn't. Betsy became upset when Dan called Valerie, but she was always busy. She felt she had made him unhappy. This worried Betsy so much that she became physically ill. She felt she didn't try hard enough to please Mrs. Conway. After Kim considered this carefully, she was certain that Valerie was using two innocent people, Dan and Betsy, to get revenge on her. Valerie was mad because she felt Kim urged her husband, Jason Reynolds, to pay off Valerie's one true love, getting him to leave town. Kim won't dis-cuss the details, having made a promise to her dead husband. Kim tries one more time, but couldn’t get through to Valerie.


Valerie told Dan why Betsy had been so unhappy and that Kim had suggested she see Betsy. Kim tried to tell Dan, but found that Dan already knew. Kim was miserable because Valerie told Dan that she interfered and doubted that Valerie mentioned her need for revenge.


Jay Stallings and Tom Hughes were concerned about the calls Natalie, Tom's estranged wife, was making to Jay for fear Carol would find out that Jay wasn't the faithful husband she thought he was. Natalie called Grant Colman from Kilborne, Pennsylvania, asking for a loan to pay her motel bill. She didn’t want to bother Tom because she felt he would rather she stay out of his life.


After Jay returned from a job in the Pacific Islands, he got a call from Natalie, who was in town and demanded he meet her. Jay told Tom, but he said it was up to Jay whether or not he met her. Natalie wanted money from Jay not to tell Carol. Jay refused, but had to reconsider when Natalie went to the bookstore to see Carol. She wanted a payment every week equal to what a top secretary would get. Jay gave in, but said it wouldn’t be a secret after the first of the year because Tom was his lawyer and Carol did his books. Natalie decided that if Jay got her a good job, he might be off the hook. After thinking about this Jay decided to stand up against her; after all, it was against the law to blackmail, but Natalie didn’t take orders. There were lots of people in town who would like to know what made Natalie leave Tom.


Jay called Gar Kramer, owner of a real estate agency that dealt in commercial property, and asked for a job for Natalie. Jay had to threaten to take his business elsewhere if Gar didn't see fit to take her on as a secretary at top pay. He told Natalie she was to call Kramer and he told him she was a friend of a friend. Natalie called Tom to say she had found a job and would be staying in town.


After Carol and Natalie accidentally met, Jay demanded that Natalie stay away from Carol. Tom visited Natalie and asked her to see Dick Martin or a lawyer of her choice about a divorce.


Dr. Bob Hughes helped Joyce Colman when she had no will to live after attempting suicide over the loss of her son to the Ellisons in a custody battle. She asked Bob for advice on all the little things she used to take to Grant. She found out that Bob was dating Valerie Conway and asked him to dinner. When he couldn't come, she accused her of leading him on.


Nancy Hughes was certain the letter from her son Don, a lawyer in Los Angeles, meant that he was coming back to stay, although it only said he was going to vacation in Oakdale. The family tried to calm her down so she wasn't disappointed when this turned out to be a visit. Nancy wore herself out preparing for a homecoming dinner.


Don confided in his brother Bob that if he could find a good job in Oakdale he would stay. Don broke the news to the rest of the family, telling them that he was interviewing with Dick Martin. Chris asked Don if he would come in and talk things over. It would be nice if he came into the family firm, but Grant was a partner and headed the department Don would be involved in. After much consideration, Don told Dick Martin that he had decided to join the family firm, but worried about working under Grant. Don met with Grant who said there was plenty of work because he had had to work nights to keep up. Don accepted.


Dee Stewart moped around the house since she was stood up by a boy she really cared for. He left for Alaska without even telling her. Dee also felt intimidated by her older sister Annie, who announced that she wanted to enter medical school and become a doctor. Rather than follow in her sister's footsteps, she had decided not to enter college in the fall, but couldn’t bring herself to tell her parents. During an argument with Annie, she said she was not going to college and was hounded by Annie until she finally told her parents. They were disappointed, but were more concerned with her overall attitude towards life. She seemed to have no interest in participating in anything. Annie tried to help by getting her dates, but was humiliated when Dee treated them badly. David asked Dan, Dee's older brother, to speak to her. He got about as much out of her as everyone else.


One afternoon, Dee overheard her mother mention her name to Nancy Hughes and assumed that Ellen was talking about her problems. Ellen assured Dee that she hadn't been, but was concerned that she had made no plans for her future. She suggested that Dee get a job or start some training. Dee got very angry and left the house. When a bad storm came up, Annie and Ellen were concerned because Dee had not returned with the car. They called all Dee's friends, but none of them knew where she was.


Meanwhile, Dee had driven out of town and couldn't get home before the storm hit. She stopped at a diner to call home, but the line continued to ring busy. A young man came in to call the automobile club because his car broke down four blocks from the diner. He went back to wait in his car.


Dee decided to go home so that her mother wouldn’t worry. They were so glad to see her that there was only a slight reprimand. Dee explained that she tried to call. Later she told Annie that she was afraid she dented the fender when she hit a saw horse to avoid a dog in the road.


The following morning, Annie saw in the paper that Beau Graham Spencer III was in an accident. It looked like a saw horse hit his car door as he was getting into the car. Dee told her parents that she was sure she caused the accident. They called Dan who treated Beau in emergency. He had a concussion, a fractured ankle and a lacerated liver. Dee waited at the hospital to see Beau. Everyone assured her that it was a freak accident.


Dan called Beau’s parents who were in Vienna and Dee was upset to hear that his parents weren't coming right home. Beau was staying at the Spencer Hotel because it was more convenient since the servants were on vacation also.


Dee was still concerned about Beau and made daily trips to the hospital to visit him. After Beau was very rude to her, Dan explained that he was only reacting to the pain. Later Beau asked Dee to return, grateful for the company.


Days Of Our Lives


Written by: Pat Falken Smith

Produced by: Betty Corday


The romance between Doug Williams and Julie Anderson, always rocky, although their love endured, faced another test from Doug's former wife, Kim Douglas. Kim had just informed Doug she never completed divorce proceedings many years ago, and they were still married. Doug, of course, insisted on an immediate divorce, but Kim told him her late mother left her a Polynesian island, which she would lose, if she and Doug weren't still married when the will was probated. Julie, upon hearing Doug was married, broke their engagement because Doug didn't trust their love enough to tell her when they first became involved.


Doug was devastated to learn he was still married to Kim because that meant his marriage to Julie's late mother, Addie Horton Olsen, was invalid, and their daughter Hope was illegitimate. Don reassured Doug that since he married Addie in good faith, a divorce then could be predated to protect Hope. Kim taunted Julie, telling her she bribed the private eye sent by Addie to check Doug's background to say they were divorced. Kim then generously decided to get a quick divorce, for Hope's sake. In a meeting with her lawyer, Don Craig, Don informed Kim he knew she didn't stand to inherit an island, only a little grass shack. He threatened to tell Doug. Kim told him he couldn’t because of the lawyer-client relationship. She sashayed out. Furious, Don called Julie in. He asked Julie to take a letter — to Doug Williams — and spilled it all to her. Julie was ecstatic as she left to tell Doug.


Meanwhile, Kim played on Doug's sympathies. She told him she couldn’t stand to see him without the woman he loved, so she would give up her inheritance and get a quick divorce. Nobly, Kim told Doug she didn’t want anything from him. She only came back to re-win his love. When Doug made it clear he loved Julie, Kim replied that she was glad she came to see the real situation, rather than going through life loving him. Doug was impressed.


Julie asked Doug for a chance to accept and understand, as her mother did. Doug was indignant that Julie was questioning his past, not accepting him for what he was. He asked Julie if she could accept the responsibility of mothering Hope, a sore point with Julie, who had had a singular lack of success with the babies in her life. Doug insisted he "owed" Kim for standing beside him while he went to prison, framed for another man's crime. Doug continued that some of Julie's uncertainty had rubbed off on him; he loved her but he couldn’t handle her suspicions. Julie was stricken. She had come for reconciliation and met rejection.


To compound Julie’s gloom, Kim and Hope came into the room, playing, and Hope refused to have anything to do with Julie. Julie was devastated. Kim told Doug she hoped she hadn't wrecked things for Julie and him. Doug replied that he learned with Addie that "real marriage is giving each other freedom," and he was not sure Julie was ready for that. When Doug rejected another overture from her later that evening, Julie was certain they had lost it all. When Don realized what kinds of games Kim was playing, he told Doug about the non-existent island. However, Doug continued to insist he appreciated Kim's loyalty and distrusted Julie's insecurity. But Doug did ask Kim what other lies she had told, suspecting they might be divorced after all. When Kim remained elusive, he determined to go to Chicago to see for himself.


The following day, Julie confronted Doug, saying either Kim got out of their lives for good or they were through. Doug replied that Julie wouldn’t run his life or his business then or after they were married. He told her of his planned trip to Chicago, and promised that, if he found what he expected, they would be married in 24 hours. Nettled, Julie stormed out. Doug observed it would be an interesting life. Kim wasted no time telling Julie she – Kim - and Doug were going to Chicago together, hinting it could be a second honeymoon. Doug tried to get off the plane when Kim sat beside him, but it was too late. She admitted their divorce was final years ago, but committed to the trip, Doug insisted on seeing the papers. He was upset when he couldn’t reach Julie from Chicago.


Don tried to establish a relationship with Dr. Marlena Evans, but she told him he had unfinished business with Julie, and until that was settled, there could be nothing for them. She urged Don to "go for broke." Meanwhile, Julie kept a portrait sitting appointment with Salem socialite Sharon Duval. When the sitting boged down, Sharon guessed Julie was having man trouble again. Julie explained she had to make a choice between Don and Doug or lose both. She characterized her choice as being between a man who would give her freedom and a man who would want a housewife and mother. Sharon opted for freedom. Don arrived. Don gave Julie a gardenia "to wear behind whichever ear means you're no longer available to anyone but me." After dinner and dancing, they returned to Julie's apartment where Don proposed, placing a ring on her finger, and kissing Julie into accepting. When he left, Julie swore to make him a good wife, "if it kills me." Julie immediately called her grandmother. Alice Horton, with the news. Alice was surprised, but asked to give them a wedding. Julie agreed.


Doug arrived to tell Julie that his divorce had been final for years. Julie told him she was engaged to Don. Doug felt she was doing it out of revenge. When he couldn’t get either fiance to back down, Doug staged a big romantic scene with Kim that convinced his friend Robert LeClair that he was serious about Kim. Doug then went into a tirade about Julie for the benefit of his housekeeper. Robert went to talk to the Hortons and Julie to try to get Doug and Julie together, to no avail. Kim then went to congratulate Don, asking him to keep Julie interested so she would have a clear field with Doug. Don asked her to do likewise with Doug. Kim then went to see Julie, flaunting her obvious charms. Julie threw her out, then called Doug to express her displeasure with Kim, slamming down the phone when she was done. Doug was delighted, sure his plan was working.


Kim approached Don for money for "operating expenses." He not only threw her out, he gave her an exhorbitant bill, which Doug used to stage a scene with Julie. Alice and Julie planned a lovely church wedding. Julie's son, David Banning, learned of her change of wedding plans from Alice and commented that his mother "changes men like I change my shirts." David had just accepted Julie's involvement with Doug.


Rebecca North was left at the altar by her fiance, Johnny Collins, after Rebecca told him the child she was carrying was conceived  through artificial insemination. Although he loved Rebecca, Johnny couldn't handle the news, and left town. Robert, long in love with Rebecca, asked her to marry him, in name only, to give the baby a name. Rebecca agreed. They were married by a Justice of the Peace, with Doug and Julie as witnesses. On their wedding night, Rebecca went to bed, but Robert took a walk. He wouldn’t touch Rebecca until the time was right. Rebecca accidentally saw Johnny in a coffee shop with Linda Phillips, Don's secretary. She fainted. Doctors agreed she was all right. Robert was beside himself with concern. Rebecca, who had been taking natural childbirth classes, had ceased because she had nobody to be her "coach." Julie suggested Robert, who accepted with alacrity, grateful to share the birth of "their" child with the woman he loved.


Brooke Hamilton asked Dr. Neil Curtis if her mother, Adele, an alcoholic, had been keeping her appointments. Unbeknownst to Brooke, Adele had changed doctors and was then seeing Dr. Tom Horton. Neil told Brooke about the switch. Brooke went to Tom to ask him not to give Adele any bad news, fearful Adele would return to the bottle, having been clean for some weeks. Adele, meanwhile, had asked Tom not to tell Brooke any bad news.


Tom told Brooke that Adele had suffered irreversible liver damage from the alcohol. Adele should quit work, rest, eat well, but ... Brooke asked if there was no hope. Tom told her about a liver shunt operation that was sometimes successful. The operation was risky and expensive. Brooke said she would get the money, even though Tom assured her things could be worked out. Brooke refused to accept charity. She reminded Tom that bad news could drive Adele over the edge. Tom was circumspect and as optimistic as he could be with Adele.


Not knowing where else to turn, Brooke went to David Banning, her ex-lover, ex-fiance. During this visit to the Grant home, Brooke admitted to Valerie that she was jealous of her because David obviously respected and idolized her. Getting no help from David, Brooke went looking for her mother at her job as a janitress at Anderson Manufacturing - Unbeknownst to him, Bob Anderson was Brooke's father, the result of an idyllic summer Bob spent with Adele after grad school. - While looking for Adele, Brooke wandered into the accounting office, and idly went through Paul Grant's desk. On a whim, feeling it might be a way out of the money trap, Brooke stole three checks. Given another opportunity, Brooke stole more such checks. But she didn't know how to cash them. Bob's daughter Mary gave her a clue. Brooke had a "for deposit only" stamp made, almost caught by Mary. Brooke later speculated that she would have to open several phoney bank accounts to process the checks. She felt her father owed it to them.

Amanda Howard, recovering from the aftereffects of serious brain surgery to remove a tumor, wondered if she would ever be able to speak again. Neil Curtis, once her lover, then just her doctor and friend, helped her with her therapy. Amanda had no memory of her life before the surgery, and began to "ask" questions as best she could. She had been reintroduced to most of her friends, but wondered why there was no one man in her life. Neil covered, then went to Tom. Tom told Neil it was time for him to back off. Neil didn’t want to, expressing concern about what would happen when Amanda began to remember their relationship. Neil felt Amanda might get the wrong idea about the kind of decent person she was. Tom said they would face it when it happened. Greg told Amanda about them. The day Amanda was released from the hospital, Phyllis went to see Tom for a check up. He thought she might be pregnant.


Phyllis was upset by Neil's continued interest in Amanda, but kept her concern to herself. She felt Neil out about having children, when her pregnancy was confirmed. He was very negative. Meanwhile, Greg took Amanda to see the mural the neighborhood children painted in the waitingroom of the surgical wing she donated to the clinic before her surgery. There Amanda began to have memory flashes. She was puzzled that her memories seemed only to be about Neil, not Greg!


Phyllis told her daughter Mary she was pregnant and the results of her conversation with Neil. Mary tried to reassure her, saying Neil, who was younger than Phyl, might have been negative because he felt there was no chance for children and didn't want to hurt her. Mary took some papers to Amanda and was furious to find Neil visiting. She read him out, almost dropping the news of Phyl's pregnancy. Greg and Amanda ran into Neil and Phyl at Doug's Place. Amanda suggested they dine together. Phyl and Greg were unhappy with the suggestion. Later, Amanda asked Phyl about their past relationship. Phyl didn’t explain much.


Trish Clayton and Mike Horton had broken up their platonic housekeeping arrangement, following an unsuccessful attempt at lovemaking. Mike moved out, to camp on Linda Phillips' couch, feeling she was the only one he could turn to. The Hortons were all incensed at this arrangement, castigating Linda for tempting Mike, accusing her of using Mike to get at Mickey. Laura, meanwhile, had taken her son's rejection so hard that she seldom left her room or allowed Bill near her.


Trish Clayton and James Stanhope finally acknowledged their father-daughter relationship, but the true test came when Jeri moved back with husband Jack. Jack was jealous, and had a penchant for beating Jeri up. Trish feared that he might attack Jeri because she was away without telling him her whereabouts. So, when Stanhope arrived to see her, she asked him to go to Jack's apartment and get Jeri away. Stanhope succeeded. Jeri was staying with Jack because he took her and Trish in, allowing them to stay together, and, simply, because they were married. Jeri and Mike feared for Trish's safety, however, when Jack showed up at Doug's Place drunk. Trish told Mike she might have misjudged Jack's intentions/attentions, considering she was pretty young. Stanhope insisted on getting Jeri a hotel room for the night. He told her the following day that he would finance an apartment and anything else she needed, to make up for running out on her. Jack begged Jeri to return to him. She accepted Stanhope's offer, infuriating Trish, who had told Stanhope she didn't want anything from him but a little love.


Trish tied to reestablish her friendship with Mike, but his humiliation, due to his lack of performance, stood between them. Mike asked Linda what she'd tell a date about him, saying he hoped his staying with her wouldn't cramp her style. She said she could never explain him as her brother. Mike's eyes lit up. Later, he went to the office to take her to lunch, and was disap-pointed to find she was having lunch with a man - Johnny Collins, who wanted to clear up unfinished legal matters in Rebecca's favor -. Mike and David met, and while commiserating about their "shabby treatment" from their mothers, they decided to get drunk at Doug's Place. Finally, Doug called Linda at work, and she, Don, and Julie rushed over to help the boys. Once they were separated, Linda got Mike to go home with her, even though he had an apartment of his own. Don and Julie tried to get David to stop. When David and Julie reached an impasse, due to David's insulting remarks about Julie's morals, Don called Paul Grant, who was a recovered alcoholic, to come help. Paul told David he used Julie as a cop-out to keep from facing the responsibilities of being a man. Paul started to take a drink, which David knocked from his hand, spilling it all over his clothes. David sobered up on coffee, then returned home with Paul. Helen, Paul's wife was frightened by the alcohol smell, but with some effort, Paul explained what happened. Paul warned David that if he took another drink, he was out on his ear because it was too hard on his family.


Meanwhile, Mike made drunken, clumsy passes at Linda, who easily fent them off. Mike kept falling off the couch, so Linda put him in her bed and took the couch. When Trish called Bill, he rushed over, also making remarks about Linda's taking advantage of Mike, to take revenge on Laura. Linda finally convinced him he was wrong. Bill, who already knew about Mike's problem with Trish, tried to get Mike to talk, to no avail. Bill decided to let well enough alone. He finally went to Mickey, asking him to help Mike, pointing out only Mickey could help since Mike rejected Laura and him. Bill told Mickey about Linda's involvement. Mickey had Mike visit and told him the measure of a man was his reaching and helping people. Linda went to Mickey, afraid of what Bill had told him. She assured him she had no designs on Mike, but was hurt by a hint of disbelief on Mickey's part.


Dr. Marlena Evans began to put Mickey Horton in touch with the real world, aware, as was he, that the sanitarium was becoming a refuge. Marlena asked Linda if Mickey could have dinner with her on his first out-patient trip. Linda agreed, suggesting Mike be part of it. Marlena agreed. Mickey was afraid at first, but Marlena overcame his objections. She found she had to reassure Linda and others, too, that Mickey was ready. After dinner, Mickey asked to go to Doug's Place. Marlena had given prior consent when Mickey had asked about it to test her. Unfortunately, when Linda, Mike and Mickey arrived, Marlena was there with Don on a date. As she feared, Mickey suspected she was spying on him, so Marlena made a big spectacle of a romance with Don. Mickey was still upset and returned to the sanitarium almost immediately. He challenged Marlena to take a walk with him in the rain that night, trying to frighten her with references to the two blonde women he tried to strangle - he saw them as Laura -. She wasn't bluffed, and the walk brought them closer.


Maggie, Mickey’s wife, was naturally upset he didn't choose to spend his first night out with her. She found comfort in Janice, the orphan she had just adopted. Janice had thought she couldn't walk, but with Bill's help - the problem was psychological -, she was then on her feet. Dr. Powell told Mickey his first foray was so successful, he might go out again. Mickey agreed, provided he didn't have to see his parents or his wife. Maggie overheard. She was deeply hurt, but told Mickey she understood. He immediately said he would take her dancing next time he got out. Maggie replied that it was fine with her, but maybe he should think about it. As Marlena and Mickey discussed his next outing, he said he wanted to take Maggie dancing. He promised her when they were back on the farm, and he felt guilty about the other day. Marlena fels it was a healthy sign, and arranged it with Maggie, urging Maggie not to pressure Mickey during the evening. Maggie wanted to hear it from Mickey. She told him that he gave her something nobody else ever did —love. She pointed out that he sacrificed to help her walk, and then she wanted to do the same for him — help him walk out of the sanitarium. It was a date.


When Mickey learned the truth about Mike, he wanted to kill his brother Bill and wounded him in the arm. The wound wasn't healing properly, and Bill, a surgeon, had been taken off the surgical schedule. Bill hadn't told Laura, not wanting to burden her further. Rosie, their housekeeper, urged him to share it, feeling it might help bring Laura out of herself. Greg Peters had suggested that Bill come to the clinic and assist, then take on minor operations, under supervision. Bill was insulted, at first, but finally admitted it might be the only way. Marlena, upon finding out about Laura's condition from Bill, offered her help when Bill felt Laura was ready.


Brooke opened a phony bank account, but was very nervous. She was then determined that Bob Anderson would pay for abandoning her mother before she was born. However, her nervousness got to her when she overheard Bob say Paul Grant, from whose desk Brooke stole the checks, was doing a good job, but the proof would come out when the auditors arrive. Brooke dropped a coffee pot.


Amanda met Susan Peters, Greg's ex-wife. She then overheard Bill telling Neil to let go. Amanda, troubled about what kind of woman she had to be to take men away from their wives, finally asked Bill, who explained the Peters' marriage was over - later confirmed by Greg - and her relationship with Neil was over before he married Phyl - which Amanda didn’t quite believe -. Greg assured her she was a decent woman.


The Doctors


Written by: Margaret DePriest

Produced by: Jeff Young


Jerry Dancy stood with his fists clenched by the bedside of his sister Joan as Penny Davis entered Joan's room. - A few moments before, Jerry had reached for the plug of the respirator keeping his sister alive, although she was not functioning at all on her own. - Jerry looked up to Penny and said he couldn't do it. Penny called him a dumb jerk and told him she could kick him: that he could have gone to jail. She then took Jerry to Matt and Maggie's house looking for help for him.


Dr. Maggie Powers asked angrily how dare Jerry even be tempted to take another person's life in his hands. Penny was surprised to find Maggie so hard on Jerry, but Maggie asked him how his mother would feel if one of her children had murdered the other. Jerry maintained that what he wanted to do was right but that he didn't have the guts. He told Matt and Maggie that if they cared for his mother, they would help to convince her to take Joanie's case to court to get a legal decision. Both Matt and Maggie maintained that they couldn't live with themselves if they pushed somebody one way or another. Maggie told Jerry that from then on, his sister's room was off limits to him and Matt told her to leave him alone. He told Jerry that there was torment in his own house over the Dancy case. Jerry replied that they were on safe ground: that his mother was not going to change her mind without a lot of persuasion. Matt told Jerry that Maggie was right about the respirator room: “You can't go back there”.-


Paul Summers had stage-managed an incident in the corrider outside Joan Dancy's room whereby he stopped a reporter he had called anonymously and, in the confrontation, Matt made a remark in answer to the reporter's baiting to the effect that he believed everyone should be allowed to die with dignity. When the incident was played up in the papers, Mrs. Dancy became frightened that Matt might have doubts about his stated policy as the head of Hope Memorial.


Nola Dancy, Jerry and Joan’s sister, stormed into Matt's house as he was at home with Maggie, Mike, Toni and Martha, and said that her mother felt betrayed. She told the assembled Powers firmly she agreed that Joan should be allowed to go but the trouble wasn't what Matt said, it was what he said publicly. Matt apologized, but rejected Mike's suggestion of a press conference to set the record straight.


Nick Bellini moved in with Althea. After a series of near quarrels, Nick asked Althea to marry her. Althea accepted his proposal and told him she wanted to try for a baby right away. Nick said yeah. sure, they would make a hell of a kid, but when he saw that Althea was serious, he told her she was putting the cart before the horse. Althea insisted that a child would keep them young. Nick told her he wanted to be with her without obligations, to be free to travel with her. He said he felt it was wrong to talk about a baby at this stage of their lives. Nick said he felt used and asked if she wanted a husband or a father for her child. Althea stopped him from leaving and told him that she really wanted a child for him. He wondered if she was scared their remarriage wouldn't work out without a child to keep them together. Althea insisted that she would never do that to a child. She went on to say, tight-mouthed, that she didn't think any man was worth doing such a thing and if that was what he thought, he could get out.


Nick met Matt in a bar near the hospital. Matt told him he'd just quarreled with Maggie because he'd been caught by another reporter and went home and chewed her out.


After some time, Maggie and Althea arrived to see Matt and Nick with Nola Dancy. Althea and Maggie joined Nick at the table as Nola and Matt were dancing. Maggie commented “Who would think that handsome smiling man is the grouch who stormed out of the house not two hours ago?” When Matt returned to the table, Maggie ordered a Scotch straight up and a glass of hemlock “for my friend here”.- Nola sang “Mean To Me” with the piano player, and Andre, the owner, hurried to her and asked who she thought she was. Matt performed a fast introduction and Nola was even faster to nail down Andre to the promise of a singing job.


When Matt and Maggie got home, they sent Greta up to bed and Billy packing, and Maggie told Matt that there was nobody around to save him from having a fight with his wife. She said she had enormous respect for Virginia Dancy but Matt's interest in Nola was another thing; that he never took his eyes off her for one minute.


Matt, amused, asked if she was really jealous and Maggie said "Yes, I am." When he told her she had nothing to worry about, she exploded that she had given him whatever help she could for the past months and how did he repay her? He walked out on her, didn’t call, and she found him dancing with another woman. "Nothing to worry about? Think about it."


The following day, Penny called at Althea's apartment expecting to hear that Althea and Nick planned to be married and heard that Nick was leaving. She said wonderingly, "You've blown it already even before you got married?" She insisted, when they smiled, that it was not funny. Nick insisted that Penny was grown up and Althea said "I want to have a baby and he doesn't want that." Penny said to Althea with a trace of old bitterness, "You really don't know when you have a good thing, do you?". Althea did not rise to the bait.


As Althea was helping Nick pack, he asked if they were really going to let it end this way. Althea told him yes, because it was right. Nick agreed that they were not ever going to see things the same way or want the same things. As Nick's cab waited, Althea said : "Well, you know I don't love you” and Nick replies: "Yeah, and you know I don't love you, either but you sure bring a hell of a lot to a party.- Nick went.


Paul Summers had made love to Stacy Wells, continued giving her the "Speed" he had been supplying and had told her about his son Jonathan and his wife's death. He asked her to volunteer to Hope Memorial so they could spend some time there together. After she became a volunteer, Dr. Summers told her that he loved her and got her to promise to help him free Joan Dancy as his retarded son Jonathan could never be free. He told her that if she would help him with a plan to take Joan off the respirator and make Matt Powers pay for interfering so many years ago when he tried to assist his infant son to die, she and he would be married. She would be the "new Mary.-


Following Paul’s orders, and under the influence of the drugs he had given her. Stacey prepared herself to follow through on Paul's plan. She called Matt’s office anonymously and told him to check on Joan Dancy. Stacy wandered out into the corridor outside Joan's room, keeping her hands with the surgical gloves out of sight, and Matt rushed past, asking if she was the one who called. Stacy told him she wasn't. Matt checked Joan, finding that there had been no change whatsoever and touched the plug of the respirator. Hank Iverson and a respirator technician arrived and checked both Joan and the life support apparatus and were puzzled also, finding everything in order, and Matt sent them off.


Matt heard the commotion as Paul made a show of protesting the fact that a reporter, in the uniform of a hospital security guard, was taking pictures. He continued to take them as Matt bore down on him, and Stacy, standing behind Matt, slipped into Joan's room. When she came out, Stacy, following Paul's scenerio, faked a faint but when Paul asked her if she was all right, expecting a yes or no  - their prearranged code -, she said only that she wanted to get out of there. Paul took Matt for a calming drink. Hank Iverson, returning to check on Joan, found her dead and the respirator disconnected. Just then Virginia Dancy and Jerry arrived to see Joanie. Seeing that her daughter was dead, Mrs. Dancy gave way to grief, but Jerry noticed the plug was out of the wall. Jerry questioned Hank out of his mother's hearing and Hank told him that he had no answers at this time. When Matt was told of Joan's death by Hank, he was furious almost to the point of hysteria. Hank and Matt returned to the hospital and decided that the only thing they could do was to call in the police, and the first to arrive was Mike Powers. Paul Summers found Stacey and took her to his apartment. He asked her if she pulled the plug. She replied: "No, I didn't. My hand did it." At a summons from Scott Conrad, Paul gave Stacy a tranquilizer and went to the Conrads’ apartment to follow through on Scott's scheme to have Eleanor committed.


Eleanor was appreciative of the fact that Paul had obtained some literature on volunteer work at Hope Memorial and took the pamphlet from Paul's medical bag. As she was preparing a drink for Paul, Scott dropped a pill Paul had given him into his drink, collapsed when it took effect, and was rushed to the hospital. When Wendy told Dr. McIntyre that her mother was "at it again," McIntyre reminded her that her mother's behavior was not in keeping with the pattern that her previous distructiveness took. Eleanor chronicled the three major incidents that had taken place: the pearls in her guests drinks; the destruction of Scott's wardrobe: and then a poisoning attempt. She asked Kevin McIntyre to have her committed to the psychiatric ward at Hope.


The Edge Of Night


Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson


Van Rydell had returned again to the New Moon Café against co-owner Danny Micelli's wishes. When Danny and his wife Tracy left after closing the restaurant, they were met outside the cafe by Van. He antagonized Danny enough to cause Danny to hit him in the face. The following day, Van called Tracy and threatened to press charges against Danny unless she gave him information about the Drakes. She agreed to meet him in a bar, fearing the charges, but did not have an abundance of information to tell him. - When Nicole was reported missing and possibly dead after an explosion on the yacht she and Adam were honeymooning on, Adam returned to the United States certain he was a widower. He later became involved with Brandy Henderson. Unknown to Adam, Nicole was alive and recovering from amnesia in Paris. She was under the care of Dr. Clay Jordan who upon Nicole's complete recovery, accompanied her back to the States. As she was experiencing painful headaches and recurring nightmares of a man attacking her with a machete in a jungle environment, Clay was determined to help Nicole. He was adamant in his attempts to convince both Adam and Nicole that she try narcosynthesis as a means of therapy to reach the depth of her problems. In conversation with Nicole he named the native with the machete, "Billy," startling Nicole. He explained she had cried out during nightmares in Paris, and used the name "Billy" then also. –


Nicole Drake’s life was becoming more endangered each day. Unknown to Nicole, a rifle was aimed through bushes at her while she was alone outside the barn where she and her husband Adam Drake live. Fate was with her when a friend from town, Abby Walcott, came to visit causing the would-be assassin to retract the rifle. While conversing with Nicole, Abby mentioned Brandy Henderson had been in town, this was also confirmed by Brandy's secretary who told Adam Brandy was off work shopping for antiques. - Brandy was Adam's fiance until Nicole returned to Monticello. Adam took time, but finally faced the fact that he was still in love with Nicole and once reconciled to her, he told Brandy his relationship with her was ended. Brandy had become embittered by this and verbalized sarcastically her wishes to see Nicole dead. –


Meanwhile, Van, the man who Danny Micelli - co-owner of the New Moon Restaurant - suspected as a hood and troublemaker, had managed to meet Nicole. He had prepared a frame against Brandy by breaking into her apartment and cutting a button from her coat. At the barn, he disguised himself as a handyman looking for jobs. Nicole had no jobs for him and sent him away. She then went upstairs to the bedroom to rest. Van - still in disguise - reentered the house and taking a butcher's knife from the kitchen drawer sneaked upstairs to the bedroom. He planted Brandy's button in a conspicuous place then prepared for the attack. Nicole then asleep, woke from the horror of her machete nightmare — she saw a flash of her dream attacker, then a flash of Van's knife and screaming all the way, ran from the killer.


After trying to reach Nicole for several hours by phone, Adam returned home to the barn. He was worried about her then and called the police. The sheriff had found her unconscious by the stream with a badly bruised skull. Foul play was suspected as Adam reported he found the knife on their bedroom floor.


Fortunately, again Nicole recovered from injuries. She told Adam of the man named Tom, but could only recall running from fear of her hallucinator, not from Tom. Adam feared that the explosion that caused Nicole's head injuries on their honeymoon was affecting her then.


While preparing the bedroom for their weekend stay at the barn, Nancy found the mysterious button and assured Adam it was not Nicole's, she searched her wardrobe to find the match and couldn't. Meanwhile, Van canceled a flight to Cleveland upon reading that Nicole had regained consciousness, and was angered by his failure.


Clay visited Nicole in the hospital. When she explained the Billy nightmare he pointed out she needed to exorcise the devil from her system before it was too late.


Adam took the knife and button to Police Chief Bill Marceau. Bill felt Nicole probably took the knife upstairs herself for protection but gave both articles to Lt. Luke Chandler for lab analysis. Adam informed them that Abby had confirmed no one in the area knew a handyman named Tom.


Home from the hospital Nicole admitted to Adam, Tom made her nervous. When she could not recall taking the knife upstairs, Adam theorized that she might have been running away from something very real — waking suddenly, she could have mistaken a kitchen knife in Tom's hand for a machete in Billy's. But Nicole said no, she didn't see Tom. When Adam admitted he thought narcosynthesis would be a good idea, Nicole agreed to try it. Quentin set up the appointment.


Van Rydell received a special delivery cassette tape from "The Secretary." "Orders from The Employer. Your request for direct action is denied. Accidental death of the subject is still mandatory."


Draper Scott was overjoyed to discover Brandy at the office, she had cut her vacation short realizing Quentin was right — she was trying to run away from herself. On a hunch, Luke dropped by and after informing them of Nicole's mysterious accident, he produced the button. Draper was horrified as Brandy quietly said, "It's mine."


Brandy later explained to Draper the button could easily be proven hers so there was no point in denying it. Sure she never wore the coat at the barn she sensed she was being framed but could think of only one person who would benefit from this — Nicole. She suggested to Draper than having won Adam from her Nicole could be clinching her position by making Adam believe she, Brandy, was a monster. Draper was very worried about the effect all this inuendo would have on Brandy's job — if the rumors became too widely circulated, D.A. Ira Paulson might have to let her go.


Luke, meanwhile, had filled Bill in and Bill reminded him that Brandy was a respected attorney who wouldn't endanger her reputation or her career over a lost love affair. Luke retorted "wonderful woman that she is, Brandy Henderson may have gone bonkers !" Brandy visited her brother Quentin and informed him she was leaving Monticello. She couldn’t stay here and have herself or him subjected to this humiliation any longer.


Convinced that Dr. Clay Jordan had been the crucial factor in her recent strides in recovery — she could stand — Geraldine Whitney, impressed with Clay's unselfish generosity in continuing to help Nicole despite her love for another man - her husband Adam -, was making plans to establish Clay in practice in Monticello. But Mike had discovered that Clay, who claimed he was licensed abroad, was not licensed in London or Paris, the cities in which he had previously had patients, and indeed there was no evidence he had ever attended Medical School. Adam confronted Clay with this in front of Geraldine, labeling Clay a charlatin. Clay denied nothing but stormed out saying he wouldn’t stay and listen to any more of this. Geraldine insisted there had to be an explanation, claiming Clay had helped her immeasurably. But when she tried to stand to show Adam, she couldn’t, she hadn't the strength. Adam gently told her Clay only eased her loneliness, her own will saved her.


Draper Scott was surprised when Raven Alexander - his father Ansel's future step-daughter -, arrived in Monticello to see him. Raven's mother, Nadine, was determined to get Draper to move to New York City and continue his law practice under his father's wing, in his father's prestigious law firm. Draper had already refused the offer, preferring a less elegant career as Assistant DA in Monticello.


Brandy told Draper she had offered the D.A. her resignation, he was taking it under advisement. Raven dropped by and met Brandy, later called Nadine reporting Brandy could look intellectual and sexy at the same time.


Geraldine told Adam she finally was able to sort her late daughter-in-law Tiffany's clothes and wanted to give some to Nicole who wore Tiffany's things when she arrived in mid-winter without warm clothes. Learning from Geraldine that Nicole customarily wore the beige raincoat Tiffany wore the day she was killed, Adam told Geraldine Tiffany was murdered by mistake — Joe Randy was following a coat!


Adam explained to Bill Joe Randy failed to kill Nicole, so he was murdered and replaced by a new hit man —Tom. Brandy was off the hook.

Concerned about her stepmother Nancy Karr's depression since losing temporary custody of young Timmy Faraday to his Aunt Josephine now in San Francisco, Laurie Dallas suggested reporter Kevin Jamison inquire about a job for Nancy at the Monticello News owned by Nancy's father. With Mike's encouragement an apprehensive Nancy agreed to write the new "Hotline for Consumers" column and was amazed at the favorable response the column publicity had received.


Bill Marceau’s investigation of an explosion and fire at Bellamy Industries had opened up a strange can of worms. The fire appeared to be a cover-up for a safe cracking, but an attempt to destroy company records, not a robbery. Mike and Bill soon found Bellamy borrowed $2 million with non-existent collateral, from Liberty, Inc., a mob controlled money source, to finance a public housing project and the State Housing Commission had okayed the contract. Mike and Bill suspected collusion between all three — Bellamy, Liberty and the Housing Commission, and hoped their recent inquiries hadn't blown the investigation for the crime task force.


Dan Gleason, the governor's aide told Bill and Mike the fire destroyed all chance of indictment but enough survived to indicate Bellamy was a front for the mob; the housing project would be substandard. Dan informed them the man whose involvement was being concealed was probably Tony Saxon, the mayor's brother-in-law and the most influential politician in the city —he could control all political appointments. The agent found shot at the New Moon had seen Saxon at Bellamy late one night.


Nicole’s narcosynthesis began. Clay Jordan barged in but Adam and Quentin ordered him out. Under the drug Nicole recalled the explosion but her next memory was her first day at the hospital in Guadalupe — Bastille Day —July 14th. The explosion was May 30th; more than 40 days in her life were still unexplained.


General Hospital


Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock

Produced by: Tom Donovan


On Monday, July, 26th 1976, the soap expanded to 45 minutes, airing from 3:15 to 4:00


- Lesley Williams had given birth illegitimately thirteen years ago. Her father bribed a nurse, Doris Roach, to tell Lesley her daughter was stillborn and then presented Lesley's child to Barbara and Jason Vining. Recently, Doris confessed this on her deathbed and Lesley found her daughter. For two months she and the Vinings fought for Laura's custody. The result was to allow Laura to live with the parents she knew, but to be allowed to intertwine in Lesley and Cam Faulkner's lives. This arrangement pleased Lesley, and unknown to her, revolted Cam. – Cam’s desire to possess Lesley completely had become so extreme that he had used the influence of his great wealth to maneuver people into a scheme overwrought with lies to remove Laura from his and Lesley's life. A retired nurse and former friend of Doris Roach, Miss Clifford was paid $10,000 to fly from Detroit just to tell Lesley Doris' confession was a lie. Due to the stress of the situation, Miss Clifford's already weakened heart had failed. She was admitted to General Hospital with a coronary seizure. While recuperating, Lesley confronted Miss Clifford. She continued her story - previously prompted by Cam -, with the details of her visit to the Vinings where Barbara Vining did admit she had a lover. She described Barbara Vining as "sarcastic and abusive" which led Lesley to doubt Miss Clifford's authenticity, since Lesley knew Barbara Vining well enough to be sure she was not sarcastic. This near disclosure frightened Miss Clifford. Worse yet, was her mistake under pressure that Laura's bedroom was behind a wooden door — this slip completely reassured Lesley, she knew Laura's bedroom had glass doors.


Dr. Peter Taylor visited Miss Clifford to test Lesley's instincts about her and he too felt she was extremely nervous due to the covering up she was doing about the real truth. When Cam put the pressure on and arranged complete transportation for Miss Clifford to leave the hospital, Peter became suspicious as to Cam's motive behind her speedy departure.


Feeling trapped for the first time in his life, Cam became desperate to save his plot against Laura. He felt his best weapon was the elimination of Peter's influence. Taking advantage of an emergency at the hospital, Cam withheld a message to Diana that Peter and Lesley were delayed for dinner at Tern's Place because of a clinic crisis. Instead, he ordered her a bottle of champagne, and when he wa sure she had had plenty to drink, he filled Diana's confused head with accusations that he and Diana shared the same problem. He told her Peter was becoming involved with Lesley, he broke dates with his own wife to be with her. He went on nourishing Diana's anger stating Peter had a physical need to feed his ego with women. With this message added to the encounter Diana had previously with Peter's former psychiatric patient Pat Lambert - she had once tried to break up the Taylor's marriage, but failed -, Diana left the restaurant in a rage of jealousy. Cam remained, smiling at his success with Diana's gullibility. Opening the door to Peter's office, Diana witnessed Peter massaging Lesley's neck, after a tedious confrontation with a patient. Assuming Cam's accusations true then, Diana again threw unfaithfulness at Peter, leading Lesley to believe that Cam was behind this. Diana admitted he gave her no message of Peter's emergency delay. To Audrey, Lesley confessed there was a side to her husband she didn't know existed. She didn't know why he had turned against her.


Cam furthered his attack by tracking down Russ Waverly, the man he hired to come to Port Charles to pose as Laura's father. Finding Lesley had another detective tracing Laura, he sent Mac to make sure the Vinings couldn't be traced. Cam left to fetch Waverly without telling Lesley his whereabouts, causing her to feel she was failing Cam.


Meanwhile, Diana had one session with psychiatrist Dr. Langley, and came out of it fearing the worst, Peter really did think she was beneath him. She did an about turn in personality and promised herself she would fight for the man she loved. She asked Lesley to cancel Peter's post as the clinic psychiatrist, she wanted her husband home with her where he belonged - Peter was appalled by this request, and refused to quit. - When Peter questioned her sessions with Dr. Langley, she finally was forced to admit she cancelled all future sessions, as "there is no hangup to solve, it's a waste of time and money to cure it." Peter claimed there was a hangup, perhaps not only other women in his life - as she believed –, but that she had total mistrust for him. He warned her that this alone would destroy their marriage. She threw back at him what had haunted her all along, that Peter thought she had no breeding, being an ex-waitress wife.


Diana confided to Audrey she was not up to Peter's level while Lesley, being with Peter so much, was "too equal" to compete with. She admitted her fear their professional closeness would not be the only way they were drawn together.


Peter finally told Diana his work was separate from his family and no one could tell him how to run it. The clinic project was on — it was one sacrifice he would not make! Diana began to realize what the work meant to him.


Cameron returned presenting Waverly to Lesley as "the truth." Waverly told Lesley the then Barbara Jackson became pregnant by him and he wasn't interested so she wrote her sailor-boyfriend Vining a "dear Daddy" letter which he bought hook, line and sinker. After telling Lesley he came forward so she wouldn't "go on eating her heart out for my kid," Waverly left. Lesley, in shock, was horrified when Cam coolly told her then she could wipe her hands of it all. She cried, "Yes, yes, I finally believe Laura's not my daughter. Are you happy now, Cam?" When she accused him of possessing her rather than protecting her, and eliminating anything that interfered with his possession, Cam angrily swept a row of crystal glasses to the floor, a violent gesture Lesley realized was actually directed at her. Feeling she couldn’t stay there, Lesley went to Terri's club and told her the story concluding that Cam gave her everything money could buy but tonight she found she didn't know him at all.


Meanwhile, Peter and Diana had gone to Terri's for dinner and dancing celebrating Diana's new understanding of his dedication as a doctor. But the intimate mood was shattered when Peter saw Lesley there and peremptorily announced they were asking her to join them. Diana basked under Peter's praise but when an emergency call for Peter came in and Lesley insisted on going with him – “it's OUR patient”, Diana recalled Cam's warning and went to his penthouse.


Diana told Cam he was right — togetherness fed the attraction between Lesley and Peter, and it frightened her. Cam brilliantly performed the innocent, wronged husband in pain as he told Diana all this was emotional infidelity, as bad as the other kind. He cryptically added if he was found gone over the balcony it wouldn't have been suicide, Lesley would have pushed him, or, on second thought, she would have been less obvious in the method.


After a long night in Emergency, Peter and Lesley's patient survived but the cause of the suicide attempt — the loss of a baby — was too close for Lesley and she broke down in empathy and her own pain. Assuming no answer at home meant Diana was sleeping, Peter took Lesley for a nightcap at Tern's and offered her a shoulder to cry on.


Cam got on the phone and instantly arranged for an offer to be made to Peter the following day. He would be asked to take over as psychiatric consultant in a major associate company of Cam's, in Los Angeles, at a fantastic salary. When Diana insisted Peter wouldn’t give up his current work for ten times the money, Cam replied he doubted that but, in any case, it was up to Diana to have the guts to fight for what was hers, and made sure he did.


Peter tried to convince Lesley to return home with him rather than confront Cam in her emotionally drained condition but she was adamant that she tell Cam it was over that night and then move to a hotel. Cam listened to her statement that hatred of Laura's presence, not protection of his wife, guided his actions and that he was glad it turned out this way; then he quietly told her she was being unfair not listening to his side. Taken aback, Lesley listened to Cam's quiet assurances that he found Waverly not to hurt her but because he loved her, and then she allowed him to convince her that rather than a hotel she should stay in their bedroom, he would sleep in the den. Cam was relieved, he then had time to get rid of Peter and make Lesley see what she stood to lose.


In the morning, when Cam tried to convince Lesley his every action was prompted by concern for her, Lesley retorted she never really knew Cam before, his anger was out of proportion to the situation and everything had to be his way or he walked out. When Cam asked if that was her evaluation or Peter's, Lesley had to admit Peter did point it out. Diana, meanwhile, was dismayed at Peter's encompassing preoccupation with Lesley and his certainty her marriage was over.


Peter and Lesley had made the cover of “MEN AND WOMAN magazine, "A Unique Medical Team." Cam and Diana commiserated over the article — Cam snapped "it makes them sound like they're married!"


Heather, a young girl who went on a weekend cruise to meet a wealthy man was shocked to find Derek, who monopolized her weekend, was an orderly not an intern as he claimed. While waiting for him to loan her $100 - which she wangled into a gift -, she recognized Lesley and Peter from the magazine and overheard Peter tell Lesley her pattern with men was to make excuses for them, a tendency to "please Daddy." Realizing it was Peter Taylor's wife whose babysitter had just quit, Heather decided she'd like to work for Peter Taylor.


- Dr. Rick Webber left his lover Monica Barrett for a medical expedition in Africa. He then wrote Monica a letter denying his love. Rick was imprisoned but presumed dead by authorities. Monica had told Rick's brother Jeff and sister Terri the letter was a proposal, to stay close to them. Monica subsequently married Jeff. When Rick was released and returned Monica prevailed upon Rick to keep her secret. - Rick was constantly trying to make amends with Jeff but to no avail. Since Jeff found out Monica was in New York to meet Rick's plane and not in St. Louis where she had told him she would be, Jeff had ridged a jealous barrier against his brother. Monica finally broke through this barrier and Jeff agreed to "bury the hatchet." Though he knew he and Rick would never be as close as they once were, he wouldn’t hold a grudge against him any longer. He told Rick that he was the lucky one, after all, he had Monica who loved him and he loved her.


Monica was so impressed after standing in on emergency surgery performed by Rick on one of her patients at the clinic, she had decided to go into surgery, and asked Rick if she could be under his service. He was reluctant because of Jeff's response, she told him she had to abide by Lesley Faulkner's philosophy, "a doctor first, woman second."


Jeff’s reaction when he found out that Steve Hardy had accepted her request for surgery service, was hurt more than angry. He again took out his emotional injuries on Rick, accusing him of wanting to shine for Monica and show up Jeff, who had proven unsuccessful as a surgeon candidate. To prove he was still the "winner," Jeff outwardly and frequently showed affection to Monica when in Rick's presence. Monica was embarrassed by this display and told Rick so. He claimed it meant nothing to him, but inwardly he reminisced when it used to be himself giving Monica the kisses.


When Monica’s young patient, Joey Galvin died instantly while she was in his hospital room, Monica broke down and cried her heart out in Rick's arms. Pressured by his hidden love for Monica and having her in his arms, he kissed her passionately. Then out in the open, Rick told Monica that she was the only hope he had for staying alive while in prison. She confessed tearfully to him that she fell in love with Jeff, but never stopped loving him – Rick -. Rick having the strength to try to overlook their emotions for his brother's sake, said that they couldn’t live the "ifs" of the past and hurt the man they both loved. Upon hearing from Terri that Rick planned to move out of the house, Jeff went to Rick and asked if they could once again be as close as they were. Rick was elated that his brother still wanted the closeness they shared—Monica on the other hand was tormented by her love and desire for both men.


Monica was shocked to learn Rick was planning to move out and confronted him at the hospital. He painfully made it clear he couldn’t sleep twenty feet from the bedroom she shared with his brother. She reminded him the pain was the same for her but he made it clear he couldn’t stay under the same roof with her, there was no other choice — "The only way we could be happy is to destroy my brother, and neither of us could do that."


Audrey Hobart had recuperated from her recent marriage breakup and resulting suicide attempt remarkably. However, she was weakened slightly when her son Tommy prefered to stay home from camp to be with she and Steve Hardy - Steve had been the only father Tommy loved even though he had been divorced from Audrey for many years. He seemed to be the strength Tommy needed after his mother's three failures at marriage.


Urged on by her friends, Audrey decided to reach out for happiness. She walked into Steve's office and told him she loved him. Her courage was well rewarded when Steve replied "I've always loved you and never more than at this moment. And this time we're going to live happily ever after."


A few moments later, Steve, on his way to Radiology, found the elevator broken and took the stairs. Later, learning he never arrived, Audrey traced his steps and was horrified to find him lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairwell, bleeding from a head injury. Rick and Audrey rushed him to Emergency; he had an occipital skull fracture and less severe internal injuries. After treatment Audrey sat at his beside holding his hand recalling in her mind all the hurt she had caused him over the years, years when she still loved him but just didn't realize it. Rick gave Audrey an optimistic prognosis but confided to Monica that Steve, who had been like a father to him, might have serious side effects when he woke up — if he woke up.


The horror of Steve's accident had recemented the relationship between the Webber brothers and suddenly Monica felt that Rick's closeness with Jeff was pushing her out of the family. Desperate to maintain the status-quo, she told Terri Rick's moving out was tearing Jeff apart and asked Terri to convince Rick to stay. But Terri assured her that night had brought the brothers so close, Rick's leaving couldn’t hurt Jeff, and it was best for Rick.


Unable to convice Jeff to stop Rick from leaving, Monica appealed to Rick claiming Jeff was suffering over this. But Rick coldly informed Monica he was not a masochist and wouldn’t go on suffering for anybody's sake.


Steve regained consciousness after 24 hours and he and Audrey made plans for their future to begin right after his release. But during routine neurological examination Steve discovered he couldn’t move his legs.


Guiding Light


Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: Allen Potter


Rita Stapleton, RN, recently jilted Dr. Tim Ryan, causing his distraction when in surgery. Tim's supervisor, Dr. Steve Jackson, had threatened to fire Tim from his service and definitely refused to recommend him for the post of senior resident. Tim made one last effort to put Rita in her place. He had sensed she was interested in Dr. Ed Bauer, Chief-of-Staff, and lashed out at Rita for using people as playthings. When she was tired of one toy, she dropped it and went to another. He added he then pitied her.


Realizing the harm she might have done despite the fact she never led Tim to believe they could become serious, Rita went to Ed and asked him to reconsider Tim for senior resident, that he should not harm Tim's career because of her. Ed took Rita's words into consideration, and informed Tim he would postpone his decision until September, giving Tim time to prove himself worthy of the position. In the meantime, Pam Chandler made plans to leave town, but before she left she felt it necessary to tell Rita what she really thought of her as a person. She too showed her anger at Rita and told her that someday people would smarten up and not be taken in by Rita, and she would be left all alone in the world. Pam spoke freely of her feelings for Tim and how she stood by and watched him being hurt. All this criticism in one day had left Rita speechless.


Roger Thorpe was becoming restless living in the small apartment he and Peggy rent. He wanted Peggy to have the house she had always yearned for, and room for her son Billy to play. However, they were financially obligated with a debt to Holly and until it was paid off, they couldn’t consider a house payment. He decided to call Rita Stapleton and claim the inheritance she promised him from her rich employer in Texas - Roger knew Rita when she was private nurse to a wealthy old man in Texas. She promised him half her inheritance. - At this time, Rita did not want to give Roger any money as she felt she had to pay her mother's medical bills which were mounting rapidly, and needed all the money for this. She told her sister to bring her mother to Cedars Hospital and didn’t worry about the expense, she would pay for it all.


Mrs. Stapleton was suffering from frequent fainting spells and Ed suspected a blood sugar problem. Mrs. Stapleton told Ed Rita bought them a house, implying the sacrifice Rita must have made to save this amount. Ed was impressed by the deed and by Rita's modesty in concealing it.


Barbara Thorpe had then, after many months, accepted the fact that Roger Thorpe was the natural father of her granddaughter Christina. and not Ed Bauer, Barbara's daughter Holly's husband at the time of Christina's birth. - Because of this fact, Ed and Holly's marriage broke up. - Barbara swallowed all pride and went to the Metro Restaurant where Roger worked, to apologize for the bitterness she had had towards Roger in the past. She asked him and his new wife Peggy to a barbeque at her home, which Roger accepted immediately. At the barbeque, Barbara cleared the air by telling Peggy and Roger that she was proud of her daughter Holly and how she had matured through this situation, and she would try with all her heart to understand and accept Christina's conception. In doing this, she had endeared her husband Adam to her once again. He is Roger's father, and although also hurt by this, he learned to forgive Roger and tried desperately to convince Barbara to do the same.


Bert Bauer prepared a combination birthday celebration for Ed and Christina. She invited Holly to attend. with the hopes this occasion would bring Ed and Holly closer together. They did begin to talk and just as both Ed and Holly expressed their regrets for their split, he blaming himself for leaving her so lonely and she wishing she'd never become involved with Roger. The telephone rang. Rita was asking Ed to come and help her mother who had just passed out. He agreed to see her reluctantly, but before leaving told Holly he wanted to talk some more. and he was sorry he had to leave, but it was not the party he was sorry he was missing.


Ed and Freddie brought Christina a birthday present and in a moment alone Holly told Ed so much had changed. She had changed. She didn't know what love was before. Ed replied he didn't either, in the beginning, but realized at the end — the time of her pregnancy was the happiest of his life.


Rita, realizing Ed’s divorce was almost final. Invited Ed and Freddie to a swim party. Her glowing good looks and red bikini scored as well with Ed as her hamburgers and beach ball games did with Freddie. Meanwhile, Holly, recalling her recent conversations with Ed, finally admitted to herself she wanted to stop the divorce and try again with Ed and called him. His answering service left the message with Rita but she decided to say nothing to Ed. Barbara, seeing Holly's quiet desperation as no call came from Ed, called Bert and learned Ed was at Rita's.


A call came from Rita’s sister, Evie — their mother had blacked out again. Rita rushed to Cedars as Ed dropped Freddie home. Bert alerted him to Holly's attempt to reach him and he called her immediately. They agreed to talk in his office the following day. When Mike reminded Ed the divorce was final on Friday, Ed remarked the separation had somehow helped him and Holly to understand each other better. Learning that Ed was at Rita's, Holly wondered if Rita intentionally withheld her message from Ed.


Since the death of his beloved wife Leslie, Mike Bauer was determined to track down Spence Jeffers, the man who was guilty of the hit and run fatality outside the Bauer's home. - Spence was married to Mike's client, Ann Jeffers, and together Ann and Mike found Spence in Redding, California. Ann deserted Spence many years ago and then wanted to regain custody of their son, Jimmy. Threatened with bigamy charges from Ann if he did not reveal the truth about Jimmy, Spence went to the Bauer's residence; drunk, and in anger struck Mike unconscious then hit Leslie in the driveway and sped away. - When Mike mentioned a place called Hagen Lane to Ann, she responded then backed down, vowing to not get Mike any more involved in this mess she had created. The following day, Ann borrowed a friend's car and drove to Hagen Lane, not revealing her departure to anyone. Mike became suspicious that this was where she had gone and set out for the place himself.


At a cabin there, Ann found Spence, drinking and in possession of a loaded rifle. He wouldn’t allow her to leave and became more irritable and nervous by the minute. When Mike finally arrived near the cabin, Spence took a shot at him. putting a bullet into his leg. He forced Ann and Mike back to the cabin and began to prepare to escape with Mike and Ann for Canada. During the long wait until dark, Mike tried to break through Spence's sense of morals and in doing so told Spence he knew of the man Spence shot and killed in Juno, Alaska, and he knew it was an accident, not premeditated. Spence wavered between anger and fright, and remorse for his mistakes. Mike realized he was getting through to Spence and continued to talk to him. He described what Spence had ahead of him with a life of running, more mistakes, more regrets. If he could turn himself in to the authorities, his sentence would be minimal with the fact that none of the murders were premeditated. Mike promised Spence would get a fair trial, providing he turned himself in. He reminded Spence of his record as a hard worker, as a good father, and these traits would go far in his final judgement in court. He told him he was a good man with rotten luck. Spence couldn’t believe Mike would do this, afterall he had to be hitter for the deed he had done and how he hurt Mike. Mike did not deny him the bitterness, but he told him for his wife's sake, he had to help Spence pay his debt to society. Mike told him the man he killed was 23 years old, his wife Leslie 27. They were dead, their chance of life gone, but we couldn't help them then. Spence would lose only ten years or so of his life in prison, but he had do it. Spence weakened. This burly man humped over a table and cried – “I'm so tired of running.” He admitted Jimmy was alive and living with relatives, and already showing his great penitence helped an injured Mike to the oar, the futility of his running-scared ended.


Mike Bauer’s daughter, Hope was becoming more involved with Ben McFarren. Since he was released on an exoneration from prison, Ben had been dating Hope while working at the college as an art instructor. Ben valued Hope's honesty and openness with him and his past life as a prisoner. They enjoyed a meal at Hope's home until her grandmother dropped by just in time to interrupt what could have been a very romantic evening. They repeated their idyl on Friday. Ben brought steaks and they enjoyed a candlelight dinner but Ben's increasing ardor frightened Hope. As Hope tried to explain, she needed time, Ben insisted the time was then: they couldn’t have a relationship with limits, that he would take care of her and she didn’t have to worry. When Hope wouldn’t succumb, Ben angrily accused her family of making her into a "Victorian" and insisted the physical part of loving was a fuller dimension of life. He added she was not letting herself be a woman. When Hope insisted she wouldn't be pressured into bed to prove she liked him, Ben retorted she had let them both down and thanking her for dinner, he left. Hope was hurt and upset but let him go.


But on Friday, every time Ed and Holly tried to talk, they were interrupted — ironically by Rita's mother's test. A CCT brain scan found a tumor and Mrs. Viola Stapleton was rushed in for emergency surgery with Ed assisting. Holly was only too aware that it was after one o'clock and the divorce became final at 2. Barbara urged Holly to stop the divorce on her own, but Holly just saw Rita in Ed's arms - he was comforting her about the surgery - and she felt she could do nothing unless Ed agreed.


When Mike later stopped by and told Holly the divorce went through, she maintained her composure until he was gone, but then broke down in tears sobbing "no, no."


When Viola’s colloid cyst was benign and successfully removed, Ed himself excised it when the operating surgeon couldn't — Ed saved Viola's life.

Hope went to Ben's studio to try once more to explain she was torn between her upbringing and her own desires. Ben told her he understood but refused her invitation to drop by later making it clear it was his terms or not at all.


Love Of Life


Written by: Paul & Margaret Schneider

Produced by: Darryl Hickman


Lynn Henderson, teenage alcoholic, had disobeyed the rules of the halfway house once too often, and when she failed to admit that she had a problem, they asked her to leave. Lynn treated Van Sterling very shabbily, pushing her away because she was afraid that, if Van continued to be a friend, she would end up using Van. Although her husband Bruce objected, Van asked Lynn to stay with them after she realized that Lynn was afraid to have a friend. Bruce asked her not to take advantage of Van, but to repay Van's love with love.


Lynn was at the clinic for a check up with Dr. Joe Cusack when Mrs. Potter was bemoaning the fact that Joe had scheduled her at the hospital, but she had no sitter and lived ten miles out of town. Van couldn't deny Lynn permission to babysit at her house since Lynn had been trying so hard. Van had forgotten that she had promised to go to a community dinner with Bruce, mayor of Rosehill. After deliberation she decided that it was time they tested Lynn.


For a time, things went very well, but when the baby would not stop crying, it drove Lynn up the wall. She felt that ONE drink would help her cope. She looked everywhere and finally uncovered a box of hidden liquor in a closet. One drink led to another and another until Bruce and Van arrived home to find the baby crying and Lynn on the floor looking for the doctor's phone number because she was convinced the baby is sick. Mrs. Potter arrived in the middle of all this and vowed to let everyone know what went on in the mayor's house. Bruce told Van that Lynn had to go.


Jamie Rollins had waited for Diana Lamont to recover from her illness and the death of their child, ready to marry her when she was ready. Although she had recovered physically, she was still crippled emotionally and Jamie told her he could no longer live as brother and sister. Diana said they had good memories and taught each other how deep a relationship could be, but then it was time to go their separate ways.


Felicia Lamont was wearing herself out caring for her invalid husband Charles, who refused to let anyone else care for his personal needs except her and his grandson Johnny. Sarah Caldwell insisted that Charles call a doctor when Felicia passed out. Joe Cusack again said that it was imperative that they hire a nurse because Felicia was exhausted. Once Felicia got Johnny off to camp, Charles was sure that things were easier, but when Felicia collapsed while putting him to bed, sprawling them both on the floor, Charles crawled to the phone and called Joe. Felicia had viral pneumonia and had to get complete bed rest while Mrs. McQuery cared for Charles.


Instead of improving, Felicia's condition continued to worsen, according to Joe because Charles helped her to feel guilty and punish herself for causing his paralysis - Felicia accidentally shot Charles when she mistook him for her attacker. –


Eddie Aleata visited Felicia when he heard from Sarah how ill she was, even though they had decided that it was best they not see each other because of the emotional pull between them. Eddie told her that he couldn't leave for Europe because he was needed in Rosehill. Felicia was glad, but she couldn’t bring herself to ask him to stay for her.


In her delirium, when her fever reached 104 degrees, Felicia called out for Eddie. Joe felt that she was reaching a crisis and, after working for over two hours, pronounced that she should be in the hospital instead of at home worrying. Charles was still clinging to her.


Eddie got a call from Lisa Cooper, owner of a New York art gallery, who would like to have a showing of Felicia's paintings. When Charles refused to let Eddie speak to Felicia, he told Charles the good news and Diana was surprised that Charles decided not to tell her because he deserved the attention.

Betsy Crawford visited her obstetrician, Dr. Mary Albertson, upon her return from seeing her parents in England where she learned about a new theory called "birth without violence." Mary said there were some questions about the technique, but she would inquire to find out if it was possible to use this technique at Rosehill General. Mary explained that one of the important elements in this theory is the involvement of the father and with Ben in prison that was impossible. Betsy said she wouldn't need him for this or after the baby was born.


Meg Hart learned from her lawyer that a child of an annulled marriage was legitimate and the father had rights as far as the child was concerned. Meg set up a trust fund to provide medical and educational funds for her grandchild, but Betsy wouldn’t have her child ruined by money. Ben sent a letter to Betsy through Meg and though she told herself she wouldn't, Betsy read it. Jamie commented that Betsy still loved Ben.


Carrie Johnson Lovett knew that her daughter was worried about money and gave Arlene her wedding rings to sell. Doctors Tom Crawford and Joe Cusack told Arlene and Carrie that they were not to worry about Carrie's hospital bill because the only important thing was that she was taken care of.


Arlene’s probation officer, Mrs. Holland, got her a job as a waitress. The work wasn't glamorous, but it would help with the bills. Joe and Tom decided that was the time to operate on Carrie's thoracic aneurysm.


Ray Slater, Rosehill’s loan shark, was pressing Arlene for payment of her bail loan, including interest. When he saw Arlene talking to Tom, he caused a fuss over the service in the restaurant and got Arlene fired. Ray used the key Arlene left for her mother and let himself into her apartment, catching her in the bathtub. She asked to borrow more money to finance her mother's operation and was told that for that kind of money she would have to fall madly in love with him. She said she could try to put it on and was told that NOBODY did favors for Ray Slater like that.


Carrie called the business office and asked to see a representative. She insisted on knowing how much this operation would cost. Fearful of exciting Carrie, Mrs. Leede told her that it would cost upwards of ten thousand dollars. Carrie dressed and checked herself out of the hospital. Everyone was distressed when she went to Arlene's and then didn't stay in bed as promised. Tom was unable to convince Carrie that she had to have this operation, so he set up a program through Joe's free clinic.


Mrs. Holland came by to give Arlene a letter of introduction to the manager of Brookshire's, one of Rosehill's better department stores. She met her when they served on a committee together. Arlene put on airs when interviewed by Miss Lyle, saying that she had served on committees with Mrs. Holland and was caught since Miss Lyle knew about her. Arlene said telling the truth had gotten her nowhere so she decided to lie. Miss Lyle decided to practice what the rehabilitation committee preached. Arlene worked the cosmetic counter and, besides a good salary, she would receive a commission.


Rick Latimer and Cal Aleata decidd to elope and tell Meg afterwards. Rick told Hank and asked him not to tell anyone. Meg put things together when Eddie told her that Cal called to say she wasn't going to Europe, but found her packing and then found that Rick was leaving town also. Meg pumped Hank and learned that Rick and Cal were getting married.


Jamie insisted that Meg sign some papers before he left. Meg caught him and tried to call Cal. Rick tried to stop her so he could tell Cal himself. Cal was concerned when Rick was late and entering Rick's office found Meg with him. Meg blurted out that Cal was not the only one who loved Rick deeply. She and Rick were lovers as recently as one month ago. Rick tried to explain, but Cal was revolted. When she took off in her car, Rick remembered the last time that Meg insisted on telling Cal the truth causing her to drive carelessly, smashing her car and her body. She was a long time recovering.


This time, Cal only ran her car into a rut in a woods. She got out of the car and wandered through the woods, falling down and stumbling, and was finally too tired to walk any farther. She was found by a hunter who called the highway patrol. Rick and Joe rode with them to the woods, but when they arrived, Cal refused to let Rick near her. Van, Sarah and Eddie trie to help Cal, but Meg only fed Cal's hatred by saying Cal only wanted Rick because he was hers. Cal asked Eddie to take her away because she couldn't stand being in Rosehill. Rick told Cal that he was really breaking with Meg, but Cal refused to believe it. Betsy overheard Rick tell Jamie that he wanted out of the partnership with Meg and explained why. Betsy related this to Cal. Jamie called Meg into his office and they told her that Rick wanted out of Skylar Mountain, Beaver Ridge, and their partnership.


Slater had an offer to buy Rick's share for less than fifty cents on the dollar. When Rick refused, Ray offered to spy on Rick for Meg for two percent interest in Beaver Ridge. Meg was only willing to pay five hundred dollars.


Cal was debating whether to leave town when Meg paid her a visit asking her to give up Rick thereby pushing her into leaving town.


One Life To Live


Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Doris Quinlan


On Monday, July, 26th 1976, the soap expanded to 45 minutes, airing from 2:30 to 3:00


Pat Kendall was disturbed upon learning that her son was still having difficulty accepting the fact of Paul Kendall's death. He had told Pat that he dreamt of his father being alive and that they never really knew for sure that he was dead because the police could never positively identify the bodies burned in a police siege during a shoot-out with the revolutionary group of which Paul was a part. He told his mother that he heard a noise once and felt that a man was looking in his window — that he thought "it was him”. Pat assured her son that she too dreamt of Paul: that it was natural for them to do so, but she was determined not to let Brian know that Tony Lord wass his real father, because the boy needed stability in his life and he was having trouble accepting his "friend” Tony’s marriage to Cathy Craig Lord as it was.


Cathy resented the time Tony spent with Brian both out of her own insecurity and because she knew that they were father and son. She remarked to Wanda Wolek that Brian followed Tony around like a puppy dog and wondered to herself about how deep Tony's unconscious feelings were for Brian, thinking it was odd that he spent so much time running around with a ten year old boy.


Pat Kendall learned from an old friend who was Cathy's literary agent, that Cathy had practically grilled him about details of Pat's marriage to Paul Kendall and the date of Brian's birth and even the hospital he was born in. He remarked that Cathy had been behaving oddly lately, not answering calls from her publisher, and, on the occasion of her last visit to his office, was not so much interested in discussing her writing as she was in Pat. He said that Cathy acted like she was collecting material for a story. As he went on speaking Pat, shocked, told herself: “My God, she knows —that must have been why she changed her mind and married him – Tony - so quickly”. –


At dinner, Cathy asked Tony not to ask Pat to their table but Pat was already on her way over and insisted, in Tony's presence, that she needed to see Cathy alone. After trying unsuccessfully to stall, Cathy agreed to see Pat at her apartment later in the day and was on her way out to avoid the visit when she discovered Pat on her threshhold.


Pat told Cathy she believed that when Cathy found out about Brian, the only way she could hang on to Tony was to marry him fast before Pat told him about his son. Cathy insisted that she did not know and did not believe it and accused Pat of trying a cheap, vicious, little trick to ruin her marriage. Pat, taken aback at Cathy's counteraccusation at first, finally said that then both she and Cathy knew the truth and she would discuss it with her when Cathy was ready to deal with it, and left.


Tony came in to ask Cathy if she was ready to attend her father's birthday party and, referring to Pat's visit, asked what was the big deal. Cathy told him that Pat came to ask her advice and that she thought Pat's "sort of involved with a guy."


Jenny Wolek had asked Cathy how she managed to cope with Megan's death as Jenny was still having a very hard time accepting the death of her husband, Tim Siegel. Cathy replied bitterly that it was not quite as easy as it seemed to be, but told Jenny that she was just going through a bad period. Later, at a departrnent store, Cathy asked to see a child's dress giving the saleswoman the impression that it WAS for her – live - daughter. Anna saw her and noted her distracted air but did not know that Cathy was waiting for a saleslady to return, and took her off to help select some shoes. When Anna returned home, Jenny told her that she was concerned about Cathy's remark that she couldn't even help herself.- Anna told Jenny that Cathy, then newly married, surely meant that remark in the past tense but Jenny told her — “I don't think so.”-


Dorian set up a meeting with Peter Janssen and some board members with an eye to recommending Peter for the position of head of the Meredith Lord Wolek wing of Llanview hospital. She told Peter she believed he was the most qualified person for the job: that Larry Wolek, who was in line for the position had no special qualifications for it and she believed that a question of possible implications of nepotism might arise if Larry were to get it.


Peter told a very disturbed Jenny that he cared very much how she felt about his taking the position Dorian was trying to maneuver him into, and that he did not want to do anything to displease her or hurt Larry. Jenny told him that Dorian was using him to get back at Larry and he was letting her do so because he wanted the job.


Viki, when she learned of the machinations, confronted Dorian who insisted that she was only giving the board members a chance to evaluate Peter's ability, if not for this appointment then for a future one. Viki told Dorian that, because it was her late father's wish, she had tried to forget the past, but if Dorian couldn’t keep from interfering, then she was going to stop trying.


Larry himself told Dorian that, as of that moment, he was going to go after the job and that if she tried to get in his way, she was in for one hell of a time.


Dorian called Viki, Jim and Larry to a meeting at Llanfair and told them that when the board met, she intended to absent herself and gave Jim a note authorizing him to vote in her stead. When they left, Dorian told Matt McAllister it was the most humiliating experience in her entire life but she was prepared to lose a battle in order to win a war. Matt advised her to quit while she was ahead.


Dorian called on Joe Riley at his office. He said he had heard about the proxy and believed she had done the right thing. Dorian said she wondered if it was enough; that she was worried about Viki "at a time like this." When Joe asked her what she meant, she said she just assumed he knew and for his own sake he should forget this conversation. When Joe insisted on knowing what she was talking about, she told him about Megan's congenital heart defect saying that she happened to overhear some doctors discussing it after the baby's second operation - Megan was Cathy Craig and Joe Riley's illegitimate daughter who died in an automobile accident as Viki was rushing her to the hospital. Due to the nature of her deformity she would not have survived past adolescence. - When Joe learned that the condition was hereditary, passed on through the father, he was stunned. Viki was then pregnant with Joe's child. He called the Craig house where a party for Jim was in progress, and Cathy answered and was surprised at his tone when he asked to speak to Victoria. When she answered, he told her to leave the party and meet him at home in 20 minutes.


After Viki left, Jenny’s sister, Karen arrived for a visit, pretending that she had flown into Llanview on a private plane belonging to a fellow jet-setter, when she had, in fact, spent just about her last dollar for the bus trip and declining to call a cab, started to walk from the bus station. She made remarkably good time getting to the Craig house - probably having hitched a ride - and a few minutes after her arrival was feeling faint.


When Joe walked in on a puzzled Viki, he asked if she knew about Megan. He accused her of lying to him every minute and asked what kind of love was it that could live a lie. He found out that Jim and Larry knew but that Cathy, Megan's mother, didn't.


When Viki learned that Joe was told by Dorian, she said that Dorian planned to tell him in order to hurt her. Joe started toward the door and Viki begged him not to go; they had always talked out their differences before. Joe told her that she should have thought about that when she first heard about Megan: that they could have worked it out.


Joe Riley returned home after a night spent at a bar drinking only ginger ale and staring into space and remembering the past months. Viki cried that she was afraid that Joe had left her but he replied whatever happened they would go through it together because that was what happened when people loved and respected each other. He went up to shower and changed and Viki answered a call from Joe's secretary learning Dorian had been trying to get in touch with Joe and told her it was most urgent. Viki left a note telling Joe she was going out and went to Llanfair.


She brushed aside the story Dorian tried to get her to accept and refused to hear any more of Dorian's explanations. She told her to just stay out of her life from then on.


Jenny tried to get Karen to go to the hospital with her to start looking for a job and Karen asked her to drive slowly as she didn't want another ride like that taxi from the airport. As Karen was dressing, Jenny answered the door to find a man, Frank, who was looking for Karen to return an address book she left when she hitched a ride with him from the bus terminal. Frank commented that Karen was very friendly. Jenny got rid of him and told Karen they had to sit down and have a talk. At first Karen accused Jenny of always sitting in judgement of her, but then admitted that she had not been to Europe rather she knocked around the States trying unsuccessfully to make a living singing, an ambiguous reference to "gambling" and told Jenny she lived for some time in a commune.


Joe went to see Larry and mets Cathy who had come to see Dr. Will Vernon as she had finally admitted she couldn't handle her problems relating to Megan's death. She had given Tony her word that she would consult a psychiatrist. As Cathy talked to Joe, she told him she had been fantasizing about Megan's 16th birthday, saying that such things as Sweet Sixteen parties were coming back, and Megan was wearing a red and white dress and white gloves, and Joe was on hand to help celebrate the occasion. Joe cried out to Cathy to stop that it wouldn't have been that way at all. Cathy demanded to know what he was talking about and, though Joe had been told that Jim was planning to tell Cathy about Megan that night, he told her that "they" had been lying to both of them. Cathy demanded to know if it was her father who kept it from her.


As Carla was about to lock up, she saw Cathy back in Jim's office, staring into the gloom. When Carla told her that Jim was going home and not returning to the office, she demanded that Carla call Jim, saying: "I want my father to come here. This is where the lie began and this is where I want it to end."


Ryan’s Hope


Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Claire Labine, Paul Avila Mayer & Robert Costello


After a delay of more than two hours in a church packed with Ryans’ friends, relatives, neighbors and well-wishers, Jack Fenelli appeared in a room off the sacristy to say a weak "Hi" to a worried and humiliated Mary Ryan. She asked if he was O.K. and they went into a small office to talk. Jack explained that he got drunk and panicked after talking with Mary's brother-in-law the previous evening, wanting only to go to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York and ride for days. When Mary said that Jack had to be dragged to the church by force on his wedding day, he replied that he didn't ask to be railroaded into the "shortest engagement in the Western World" but that was water over the dam because he was here, sorry, and ready. Mary told him that she was not; that she had so many warnings of Jack's reluctance to go through with the marriage which she ignored.


Jack told Mary that he knew someone would bring him to the church if he just set foot in Jumbo's social club. - Jack did show up at the club and immediately passed out, to be taken to his apartment by Jumbo, Frank and a furious but determined Johnny Ryan, father of the bride, who walked him around, poured coffee into him, slapped and showered him with a trace of sadistic pleasure, dressed him and delivered him to the church. - Jack asked Mary to "marry me and forgive me." Mary told Jack she would do both and informed Father McShane of her decision, but just before she herself was to begin the long delayed processional, she told her father, who had offered her his arm "in either direction," she was afraid Jack was at the church because he would do anything to keep her right then and she felt that she couldn't put one foot in front of the other. Suddenly she told her father that she was all right, "I love him and he loves me, Da. I have to believe in that." She asked Johnny to take her down the aisle.


Delia Ryan called Roger asking him to behave at the Ryan wedding. - Delia Reed Ryan and Roger Coleridge, who had at one time blackmailed Frank Ryan after learning of Frank's extra marital affair with his sister Jillian Coleridge, were lovers. Roger was then threatening Delia with telling Frank about their involvement. - Roger, who had already planted suspicions in Frank's mind via an anonymous note, promised to make no trouble if Delia would wear a necklace he had given her. Frank witnessed the last moments of a scene between Jillian and Delia when Jill, who knew about the affair, saw her late stepmother's necklace which, in fact, was a legacy to her, on Delia. - Jillian had just come from the jail where she left her client, Seneca Beaulac, who had been sentenced to seven days in prison and a year's probation, having been found guilty of assault in the second degree when he disconnected the life support apparatus of his wife, Nell. –


After the wedding, Delia told Frank that Jillian mistook a cheap second hand imitation bought at a thrift shop for one that had belonged to her because Jill was upset about Seneca and taking her anger out on Delia.


Some days later, Roger set Delia up by not following through on a plan they had had to explain why "Sheila," Dee's non-existent friend they had been using as a cover up for their meetings, couldn’t show up at a dinner Delia promised to cook with Sheila's help. Frank forced Delia to admit before the Ryans that there was no Sheila but she explained that her lying was because she had a religious experience, was spending a lot of time in church and made up Sheila because she was afraid that she would be laughed at by the Ryans.


Maeve told Frank to remember that Delia loved him and to forget the anonymous letter; that it was possible that Frank had been wronged but that Dee had to contend with three years of Frank's affair with Jillian and months of neglect after she and Frank had ostensibly made up. She advised Frank if he wanted his marriage to Delia to go on, he had to go to Delia and tell her so. As Frank entered the room where Delia was waiting, he heard her say on the phone - to Roger - "I'll phone you whenever it's safe."


Frank made up a story about a trip to Albany and told his mother that if Delia asked her to sit with Little John so that she could go out while Frank was away, she should agree to do so. Maeve promised and Frank followed Delia to Roger Coleridge's apartment and found his wife and Roger together. He told Delia not to come home.


Frank went to his office and tried to contact Jill who was enroute to her beach house for a few days of relaxation with Seneca, who, having served his sentence, was faced with the fact that his medical license had been suspended by the Medical Board, chiefly on the adverse testimony of Roger Coleridge.


Delia returned to the Ryans’ house, confessing her affair with Roger to Pat and Maeve and crying hysterically that Frank wouldn't listen to her, that Roger forced his attentions on her at the beginning and when Jill found out, continued to blackmail her into seeing him.


Frank came in and once more ordered Delia to get out, asking Maeve to take charge of little John, and he then walked out. Dee called Bob Reid and begged him to find Frank and talk to him before he tried to return to Jill. Unable to persuade Frank to see Delia again, Bob went to Roger's apartment. Roger threatened to expose Frank's political career to scandal and to bring suit for assault against Lt. Bob Reid if he laid a hand on him. Bob did strike Roger and warned him to stay away from Delia.


Maeve went to Delia's room to apologize to her for a tongue-lashing she had given her only to find that Dee had disappeared and taken Little John away with her in a rainstorm.


While Frank was at Roger's looking for Delia, Mary Ryan, who had had a premonition of trouble, called and learns of the situation from Johnny and promised to return from her honeymoon trip immediately to give the family and Frank in particular, whatever support she could.


When Mary asked an obviously resentful Jack if he could understand, he said he understood that Delia turned the tables on Frank. didn't Delia have the same trouble Frank was experiencing for three years? Jack said that if Frank couldn’t manage without his little sister Mary to comfort him, this was his chance to learn. Jack told her she was supposed to be learning to be a wife and Mary asked if he, in turn, was learning to cherish and sustain her. When she asked if he wanted "forty-eight more hours of this non-sense," Jack smiled ruefully and agreed they couldn’t pretend to go on as if nothing was disturbing Mary and they began preparations to return to Riverside, New York.


Delia called Frank from the hotel where she had taken little John and told him that she couldn’t tell him where she was because he would trick her and try to take little John away from her. Since Frank didn't answer when she asked if he had forgiven her, she said if she couldn't be a Ryan then she was a nobody and better off dead.


Pat blew up when Dee rang off, telling Frank he should not have let her hang up when she was in a suicidal frame of mind. Frank scorned the reality of any threat that Delia would take her own life and Pat reminded him that people sometimes succeeded by mistake; they started off trying to frighten others and end up dead.


Maeve answered Delia’s second call a few hours later and evidenced such obviously one-sided concern for the baby that Delia snapped she didn't give a damn and that she, Dee, might as well not be around. She hung up and told little John at least they still cared for him. The air conditioning in the room had broken down and Delia stared at the open window as she asked : "What do you have to do to make people notice?"


Frank went to see Father McShane and learned that Roger was blackmailing Delia and at Dee's request he visited Roger, telling him that Delia wanted her marriage to Frank. But Roger insisted, despite everything, that Delia didn't know her own mind. When Frank questioned Father McShane about Delia's claim that Roger took her against her will, he was told that although, in this instance, Father McShane was not bound by the seal of the confessional, Delia talked to him in confidence. Frank said that it was clear to him that the whole thing began as an affair and then Roger wouldn't back off. The priest reminded Frank of his own conduct towards Delia for months after they had apparently reconciled, and told him that Dee felt that he might never provide her with the emotional investment she required. Delia might very well have felt trapped in a marriage with no hope.


Once again, Delia called and talked to Frank who turned aside her questions about whether he would forgive her, telling her to tell him where she was. Delia, looking out the window again, said "If that's all you have to say, find room 1007," gave him the name of her hotel, told him he could find little John there and added "I won't be here." Delia crawled out on the ledge and stood flattened against the building saying Frank would have to take her back.


Bob, Frank and Johnny rushed to the hotel, found little John and learned that Delia was out on the ledge. They were unable to talk her into coming in and the rescue squad was having trouble getting to the scene with safety nets. Bob told Frank to promise Delia anything, but got her in off that ledge.


Frank told Delia that he hadn't seen or spoken to Jillian and he didn't intend to. He told her they would go home and try again. He promised to take her to Washington if he got elected. She said he would and if he would let her help him, she would be as good a wife as she could be. She said she knew she could be as important to him as Jill. But she warned him that if he was lying to her, she would try again, quickly, so that she would succeed next time. Frank told her to move carefully toward the window, but when she tried, she panicked and froze.


Bob tried to get her to take one step but she told him not to make her talk. She was afraid and started crying. Bob decided that they had to wait for the nets to get there before anybody tried to go out. Delia cried: "How’d I get myself into this?" She called Frank and told him she was sorry and asked him to forgive her. She stood on the ledge, her panic increasing, crying: "Oh God help me. — Oh somebody please help me!


At tha moment, at the beach house, Seneca carried Jillian to the couch.


Search For Tomorrow


Written by: Peggy O’Shea

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim


Liza Kaslo felt a little more comfortable in front of the camera after several sessions as a model, but turned down a three day modeling job in Hawaii paying fifteen hundred dollars because she didn't want to leave her husband, Steve, alone while he was recuperating from his bone marrow transplant to cure an acute case of leukemia. Steve had been writing songs, but was very discouraged. Finally a letter arrived from a publisher asking him to do a demo of his song. Steve informed Liza that a demonstration recording would cost about a thousand dollars, including musicians and a recording studio. Liza called Woody Reed and arranged to take the Hawaiian job. At first Steve was against it, but Liza was so determined that he gave in. She told him to arrange for the demo while she was gone.


When Woody showed Liza and Steve the photographs from this job, he said she had enough good photos for a composite, a leaflet showing a model in different poses and appearances used to obtain jobs. Steve told her to use five-hundred dollars of the money she earned and he would give up the recording session. Liza refused. Woody argued that Liza was throwing away her career and she should think of herself sometimes rather than always putting Steve first. Liza told her grandfather, Stu Bergman, that modeling meant a lot to her, but Steve needed this help. She refused financial help knowing that Steve wouldn’t take money from any of her family. Several days later Woody arrived with Liza's composite as a gift because he was so rough on her. Steve gave Woody his IOU for five-hundred dollars because he wouldn’t accept charity from anyone. He told Liza that he couldn’t get back the money he spent, but he was calling things off to save the rest of the money. Liza wouldn’t let him, saying Woody could wait a while for his money.


Steve dislkined owing Woody money so much that he asked Wade Collins, Liza's step-father, for the money even though he vowed that he wouldn't. Liza got home from work at Hartford House early and was there when Steve paid him. Liza was mad at Steve for insulting Woody by paying for a gift because he had helped her very much with her career. Steve said not to accept expensive gifts in the future from her "friends."


Eric Leshinksy had put everything together when he read his birth certificate and found that he was the illegitimate son of Ralph Heywood. Eric was so furious with Scott, his step-father and guardian, that he wouldn’t speak to him. Kathy, Scott Phillips' wife, explained that he didn't lie, only omitted some of the truth. Eric was so furious he asked Amy Carson to take him to the wedding of Stu Bergman and Ellie Harper.


Scott had told Eric before that he'd help him find his father, but was afraid and so had made no attempt to do so. The tension became so thick that Kathy told Wade Collins, a psychiatrist, that this was ruining all their relationships because she felt Scott should help Eric.


After another battle, Scott decided that the only thing to do was to help Eric by hiring David Sutton, an investigator for his law firm, to find Ralph Heywood. David assured Eric that if Heywood was to be found he would find him.


David told Scott that he located Heywood in Crescentwood and he was then a model citizen. Scott couldn’t believe that Heywood was no longer the con man who tried to use his own son for blackmail. David didn't talk to Sutton himself, but to people all over town. Scott was going to check on this himself, sure that something was wrong.


Scott told Kathy that he was going to Chicago for the day with his boss and Kathy was confused when Mr. Anderson called looking for Scott. When he continued his charade upon returning home, Kathy dragged out of him that he went to follow up a report from David and Heywood was still the same man he used to be.


Kathy told David that if Heywood was still such a con man, Scott should have no fear of Eric wanting to stay with him. David said any kid would be impressed with the ranch, horses and Mrs. Heywood serving lunch on the beautiful porch. She said evidently Scott didn't trust her with the truth.


Kathy confronted Scott with her knowledge about Heywood, convincing him to set up a meeting for Eric. Mrs. Heywood told Scott that Ralph didn't feel he had the right to see Eric after using him for blackmail.


Stu Bergman and Ellie Harper had their wedding to take place June 30th at Hartford House since Ellie had her heart set on being a June bride. Stu's son, Tom, was the best man, Jo Vincente was the matron of honor and Scott Phillips, Ellie's only relative, would give her away. Stu was very nervous, but the ceremony went beautifully. Jo sang her composition at the wedding, accompanied by Bruce Carson on the guitar. Everyone was touched by the words which meant a lot to anyone in love. Because they refused to go away for a honeymoon, Jo arranged a schedule of fun for them at the Inn, including swimming, tennis, resting and cozy dinners.


Life at the Carson home was much like it would be in the home of any young couple with a baby daughter until Amy decided that she cared too much for Bruce to let things continue. She moved her bed to the couch, sleeping alone at night. She and Bruce argued, but they solved nothing. Amy felt that as long as Bruce couldn't say the three words she longed to hear, "I love you," she loved him too much to share his bed. Bruce contended that he cared for her and that was the only way to solve their problem. In the morning Bruce found that Amy had left during the night taking Tory, their daughter, with her. Bruce called the police and all their friends, but couldn’t locate them anywhere. Gary Walton said it could be that Amy thought it was only Tory Bruce is concerned about, not Amy herself. Bruce called Mike Kaslo, Amy's brother, in West Virginia again and found that Amy was there. She needed this time to think and when she had decided what she was going to do, she would call him.


John Wyatt was living with Jennifer Phillips, but saw Eunice when he took Suzi out for the day. He showed concern over some cigarette butts in the ash tray, especially when she denied knowing who they belong to. Janet Collins wanted to help her friend Eunice who still loved John, but couldn't bring herself to fight a sexy girl like Jennifer for John's affections. Knowing that John would be at Eunice's, Janet sent her roses and a card from "an admirer." John was jealous even though he never saw the card.


Wade brought Allen Stevenson, a friend, home to dinner forgetting they were going to a dance at the club. Janet invited him to join them and things worked out very well since Eunice was also going. Word of this got to John who was very cool during a business meeting with Wade. He then told Wade not to fix "his wife" up with dates. Wade explained that he didn't, but John heard none of this. He told Wade to stay out of "his life." Janet related to Eunice how irritated John was. - Several months ago Jennifer and Stephanie Collins invented a would-be rapist for Jennifer in order to persuade John to move in with her. Stephanie would call occasionally, breathing into the phone to keep John interested. John called the police, but Jennifer's description was vague. - When Stephanie and David Sutton came to dinner, John told him that he was still concerned for Jennifer's safety. He hired David to track down the attacker so that Jennifer would no longer have to worry. This threw Jennifer into a panic. She called Stephanie asking her to call David off, but was told that no one told David what to do. Stephanie suggested that Jennifer plan things out so that everything was straight in her head, but Jennifer had forgotten what she had told the police. Stephanie came up with the idea that "the experience was so horrible that I've blocked it out and can't remember any of the details."


Chris Delon asked his ex-wife to go back to San Francisco because there was no chance of a reconciliation. Gwen Delon, having found out that Jo Vincente was the woman in Chris' life, paid her a visit to plead with Jo to let Chris go. Jo was confused and until she could make up her mind, she removed the chain holding the ring Chris gave her.


Gwen called Chris asking for the name of a doctor because she was too ill to travel. Doctor Walton saw her, but wouldn’t give a diagnosis until she had taken an EEG and some tests. He asked for a consultation to confirm that Mrs. Delon had a disease of the central nervous system that would probably be fatal within two years. Gary asked Chris if he should tell Gwen. Gary had to put Mrs. Delon off until Chris decided that they shouldn't tell her, but had Gary say she should see her family doctor in San Francisco who knew her medical history. Gary tried this, but Gwen was going to stay in Henderson.


Chris told Jo that he would take Gwen to San Francisco and, after she saw her doctor he would return. Gwen was so ecstatic when she thought Chris was returning to her, that Chris had to tell her he was coming back. She then saw this as a trick to get her out of Henderson.


Jo considered all the facts and then told Chris that he had to try to make the time Gwen had left happy for her. There was no knowing how long it would be. She gave him back his ring.


Chris told Jo and then Gwen that he was going back to San Francisco and he and Gwen would be married again. He told Gwen that he was homesick and they could resume the life he left.

Gwen read her medical file while waiting for Gary Walton. She chastized him for not telling her the truth and asked how he, a stranger, could make the decision not to tell her. She learned that Chris had known.




Written by: Russell Kubeck

Produced by: Lyle B. Hill


Somerset found itself in a fight to the death with what appeared to be organized crime. The murder of Register reporter Greg Mercer, while he was covering the story of an arson ring that had set fires in Somerset, had exposed the insidious crime blight. Greg was engaged to fellow reporter Carrie Wheeler, who had courageously carried on Greg's investigation.


Carrie had been put off by the young man hired to replace Greg — Steve Slade. Steve, a kid from the wrong side of the tracks in Chicago, found the innocence of the residents of Somerset refreshing and maddening. It was Steve who began to insist that organized crime had a grip on the town.


In following up Greg's arson story and his murder, Carrie got a deathbed confession from one of the arsonists, who was left for dead by his accomplice. There were three witnesses to the tape: Carrie, Mr. Gammidge's wife, and nurse Ruth Fellows. The police were puzzled by the sudden disappearance of Nurse Fellows, characterized by her colleagues as dependable and caring. They suspected foul play when she vanished. Meanwhile, Carrie and Jill Farmer's apartment had apparently been broken into. Things weren't where they left them, and Jill noted her drawers had been disturbed. They passed it off. Lt. Price interviewed Mrs. Gammidge to see what she rememberEd of the confession. Nothing. She was too distraught.


When Carrie returned from a dinner date with Tom Conway, Jill asked if she left the door open. Carrie was sure she didn't. Jill's brother, David Grant, disturbed by what had been happening in the apartment, insisted on replacing the lock. Carrie felt it was silly, until she returned home to find Steve in the apartment. He used a credit card to jimmy the latch.


The trial of the alleged arsonsists/ murderers was due to begin. Steve had been assigned to the defense and Carrie was to cover the prosecution. Steve, afraid for Carrie's safety, unusual for him, suggested she get off the story. Carrie refused, unable to "let Greg down."


Steve felt Carrie was in danger because she knew or had something that could lead to Mr. Big. Carrie was mystified. Steve suggested Greg's papers could offer a clue. Carrie disagreed, saying she had been through them. Unable to find out from Carrie where Greg's things were, Steve badgered Dr. Jerry Kane, husband of Greg's half-sister, Heather, to learn if Heather had them. Since Heather was pregnant, Jerry resisted Steve's efforts to interview her directly, but agreed to find out what he could. As it turned out, Heather had given the papers to Carrie. In Lt. Price's office, Carrie was subpoenaed to testify for the prosecution. Price told her she was the only prosecution witness left, and for her own protection, she didn’t have to tell anyone she had been subpoenaed.


Jill arrived home from work, surprising someone going through papers on the desk. He hid behind the door, then sneaked out as Jill went into the kitchen. When Carrie found the rifled papers, she was very upset. That night, she received a phone call. The voice revealed "they" knew she had been subpoenaed and she'd better keep her mouth shut. The caller warned her not to tell anyone about the call. The following day, Carrie told Price about all the strange things that had been happening to her, but refrained from mentioning the phone call.


On the phone, Tom Conway reported, "The kid didn't have the shoe box. They looked through everything." He sniped at Jill, his secretary, when she entered without knocking, as usual.


Dan Brisken was called to a secret meeting at the DA's office. The DA was forming a Committee for Public Safety, made up of prominent citizens and police, to try to determine the extent of infiltration by the "criminal element." The DA told Dan that Carrie was to be a witness. Gradually everyone else found out, too.

In Tom Conway’s office, Jill, Tom, and David discussed the possibility of the phone in the apartment's being bugged. Jill mentioned strange clicks and noises while using the phone. David left immediately to check it out and found three bugs. Steve, meanwhile, having gotten no satisfaction from the Kanes, again asked Carrie the whereabouts of Greg's things. She left them at her grandmother's. Steve went for the papers and arranged to meet Carrie at the Register later. Carrie arrived first. Steve stumbled in, having been attacked upon his return. As Carrie helped him clean up, he told her Greg's things were gone. Then, all the prosecution had was Carrie's tape — and Carrie. The tape couldn’t be admitted without Carrie's corroboration. After Steve's attack, Tom, David and Steve urged Carrie to leave town for her own protection. Carrie refused, more angered than frightened by the attempts to silence her.


Avis Ryan asked Carrie for an interview at the office. Steve warned her not to do it, for her sake. Avis was miffed at Steve's interference, but Carrie finally gave in to Steve's warnings. An address was found in the pocket of a sweater Nurse Fellows loaned to a colleague. Price checked on it and found such an address didn’t exist in Somerset or its environs. He started a more extensive search.


Steve arranged a meeting with Jill, Tom, David and Carrie. He tried to enlist the aid of her friends in persuading Carrie to quit the story and get protection. Angry at this affrontery, Carrie ran from the apartment. Outside, Carrie was almost run down. Carrie was fine. Steve and Julian both made urgent pleas to Lt. Price for protection for Carrie. As they harangued Price, there was an explosion in City Hall, across the street. It was in the DA's office. Steve conjectured the tape had been destroyed, which then made Carrie the whole of the DA's case. Having learned earlier that Greg visited Chicago, Steve left for there the following morning.


Julian returned to Price's office to push his case for protection for Carrie. Julian didn’t want the murder of another reporter on his conscience. Price confided that Carrie had been covered since she was subpoenaed, but surveillance had been low-key to avoid publicizing her importance. Price revealed he also had Greg covered, and hoped he would have better luck protecting Carrie.


Over lunch with Tom and David, Carrie conjectured she was no longer of any importance to the DA because, with the destruction of the tape, there was nothing for her to testify to. She found a lead in the bombing of City Hall. After Carrie left the table to follow her lead, Tom made a call to "him." He reported their "man at City Hall was seen." Carrie got a call at work. The voice warned they could get at her any time and suggested she look in a specific desk drawner. Carrie complied — and screamed! Another dead bird!


Avis Ryan, network anchorperson, had done an interview with editor Julian Cannell about crime in small towns. Somerset socialite Vicky Paisley, who had her eye on Julian – they were occasional lovers -, felt threatened by Avis. Avis reported that network execs liked Julian and her as a team and were considering offering him a job. Vicky was upset to learn Julian was going to Detroit with Avis for further testing.


As Vicky and Julian were having lunch shortly thereafter, Avis again interrupted. She revealed she had decided to live in Somerset! Vicky confided her displeasure to Dan Brisken, who assured her Avis was no threat. Julian found it harder and harder to continue with the trial stories and the threats against Carrie. He turned often to Vicky for a respite from his worries. Avis barged into Vicky's home one day with an offer from the network to be her co-anchor. Julian passed it off, but as the pressures mounted, he asked for more time, rather than giving a definite no.


Avis and Vicky discussed the kind of man Julian was. Vicky warned Avis had badly misjudged Julian. Julian found himself seriously considering the job, speculating on the differences between reading the news and getting personally involved with it.


Steve Slade was shot at in broad daylight on a Chicago street. An accountant he was talking to was killed. Upon his return to Somerset, Price put a tail on him. Steve went to see Carrie, to assure her he was o.k., and saw a hit-man in the hallway, despite two undercover policemen outside. He persuaded Carrie to accompany him, and they "disappeared," contacting only Julian to say they were fine.


Pregnant Heather Kane went to Carrie's to visit and talk about Greg, unaware Carrie wasn't home. Jill returned from work and dounf Heather unconscious at the foot of the stairs. Tom Conway was horrified. He contacted "him," protesting he didn't know there would be foul play. He was told that Heather's fall was an accident, the wrong person, and, also that "he" didn’t have Greg's papers! Tom wanted out, but he was threatened with disbarment - "they" would turn over incriminating papers to the bar association - if he didn't locate Carrie for them. Price suspected Heather's fall was no accident.


Heather was rushed into surgery. Despite a Caesarean section, the baby died. The doctors were worried about Heather, who had a subdural hematoma and was in a coma.


The Young And The Restless


Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: William J. Bell  John Conboy


Kay Chancellor had met Ralph Olsen. a plumber, through her cook and housekeeper, Liz Foster, and was surprised to find that she liked him. A member of AA himself, Ralph was trying to help Kay overcome her drinking problem. When Kay expressed her interest in Ralph, Liz told her that Ralph wasn’t the marrying kind and was appalled to find that Kay would think of setting up a "love nest.” Kay stopped up the kitchen sink and then called Ralph to repair it. She was caught when she mentioned the kind of paper stuck in the drain. Ralph gave her a lecture on loneliness.


Jill had looked everywhere for a job as a hair stylist, her former profession. because the bills were piling up at home. Her old boss couldn’t take on anyone, but suggested that she work as a manicurist. She finally located a hotel barbershop in need of a manicurist and was hired. Things went very well until a customer asked her to his room because he was waiting for a phone call. Jill set him straight when he suggested she knew he wanted more than a manicure. She told the barber, Victor, that she would not go to rooms, but was sure she could handle herself.


Snapper finally got Liz to tell him where Jill was working and wanted to see what kind of set up she had gotten herself into. Snapper arrived as Jill was being propositioned by a good-looking young man who was willing to buy her a new dress and give her two hundred dollars for the privilege of taking her to dinner. Snapper almost beat him up and then escorted Jill roughly from the shop.


Jill was so upset over losing her job that she told Brock that two hundred dollars could buy a lot for her baby and father, but Brock was able to set her thinking straight. One of the customers at the Allegro owned a shop and he sent her there. Derek Thurston was impressed with Jill, but told her he had hired other stylists and had to let them go because his customers wanted him to do their hair personally. She asked about doing manicures, shampoos and tints to be told that she would be doing all of the dirty work. Jill said she needed the job. She was so efficient that Derek was satisfied with her work.


Jack Curtis was trying to see Peggy Brooks to tell her that his wife, Joann, had set him free, but was put off by Peggy's father. Jack realized that something was wrong and demanded to know if Peggy was all right. Stuart told him that she had been raped and he was partially to blame because she was going to Chris' apartment to get away from him. Stuart ordered him out of the house and Peggy's life.


Chris Foster, Peggy’s sister, was sure that Ron Becker was responsible and he intended to rape her and not Peggy. He was arrested several weeks ago for rape and then released when his alibi stood up. Chris met the Beckers through Legal Aid where she had helped the family through this. Chris just found out that Ron spent time in prison on a burglary charge that was a rape charge until the woman refused to testify. Chris said that having been raped herself, all her instincts told her that Ron was guilty. Chris confronted Ron, saying she knew that while she was talking to Nancy Becker, Ron had the opportunity and the knowledge to rape Peg. Ron told her that although he was going to deliver the table, he had the address wrong and never found her apartment. Chris kept after Ron until he suggested he call Miss Weston and ask to be in a line-up. Chris was sure that Ron wouldn’t go to the police. Ron had just gotten a new job and didn't want to get fired, but he didn't want Chris to think he was guilty. Nancy suggested that Ron arrange things for after work.


Jennifer, Peggy’s mother, was more sympathetic towards Jack than Stuart and agreed to let him see her feeling that he might be able to help her. Jack told Peggy that she was the same sweet person she always was and he would be there whenever she needed him.


When Chris heard that Ron had volunteered for the lineup she was sure that he was counting on the fact that it was dark and that Peggy was very frightened. Peggy was thinking of backing out, but Chris told her that if she didn't identify Ron Becker, he would rape other women until someone stopped him.


Chris was cautioned that she might influence Peggy, so she and Stuart were to stand at the back of the room, but before things got started, Ron introduces himself to Peggy and told her how sorry he was.


Peggy looked at all four men and asked that they whisper "Don't scream. I won't hurt you." Finally she identified Ron and ran at him, pummeling him with her fists. Miss Weston arrested Ron.


Stuart was a little concerned about Peggy's identification, wondering if Chris' obsession had anything to do with it. Jennifer was surprised that Peggy was able to identify Ron because she had told them it was dark and she kept her eyes closed.


There was a hearing to determine bail, at which Ron said Chris was out to get him and he would lose his job. Since he had a police record, bail was set at one hundred thousand dollars, but if he could post ten thousand dollars they would release him. Nancy pleaded with the Brookses to talk to Peggy, insisting that Chris must have confused her.


When Jennifer and Stuart questioned Peggy, she insisted that she saw and heard Ron. She said she would never be able to forget what he did. Later she told Chris that she was not sure how much was herself and how much was Chris' influence. She wished that Chris hadn't told her about Ron and her contempt for him.


Stuart gave Nancy Becker money to fly to her mother's funeral, but said they had to think of Peggy when Nancy asked if her daughter Karen could stay with them. Nancy told Ron that she had hoped they would take Karen so that Peggy could see what it was doing to Karen to be without her father. Nancy returned feeling badly that she and her parents had been at odds over her marrying Ron and they died without ever seeing their grandchild. One good thing had come of this. Her mother had nine thousand dollars in bonds, just one thousand dollars short of being able to get Ron released on bail. Nancy was able to get the judge to lower the bail one thousand dollars.


Chris located Mrs. Ralston, the woman involved in the original rape charge that sent Ron to prison for burglary. She didn't want to tell Chris anything because she was married then and had two children. Chris explained that Ron Becker had raped her sister and it would help her to know that Ron's story wasn’t true. He said she invited him to her apartment and then screamed that she was being raped. Mrs. Ralston neither admitted or denied it, but said a girl had to have a pure past in order to testify and she was ashamed of some of the things she had done. Chris asked her to call if she changed her mind.


Chris told her family and Peg that she was sure Mrs. Ralston was raped. Jennifer told Chris that Peggy was unsure and wanted this evidence to convince herself that she was right. Peggy told them she had to be right or she couldn't have reacted so violently when she identified him.


Brad Elliot had told his doctor and brother-in-law, Snapper Foster, that for Leslie's own good he was leaving after her benefit concert tonight. He was almost blind and was having a hard time keeping it from Leslie. He had called on Leslie to trust him many times in the past few months. She always had, but the strain was beginning to tell on their relationship.


Leslie was singing ''As Long As He Needs Me" when Brad arrived home. He wanted to remember this moment. Leslie had invited her sister, Lorie Brooks, and Lance Prentiss to dine with them at the Allegro before the concert. Lorie knew that Brad was going blind and had begged him to tell Leslie, but only got a hint that he might be leaving town when her father mentioned that Brad had put all his confidential files on Stuart's desk at the newspaper - like the man wasn't coming back." Hoping to influence Brad, she had Lance sing "If Ever I Should Leave You."


As the concert closed, Lorie discovered that Brad had slipped out. He had gone back to the apartment to pack and write Leslie a letter telling her to continue her concert work and to trust him when he said that this was the way things had to be, but it had nothing to do with her. Brad opened the door to leave and ran into Lorie. She had a hunch that she'd find him here. They argued and Brad fell. Frightened, Laurie agreed to let him go if she could help him. She took him to her apartment for the night and said she would help him get anywhere he was going if he wouldn't go alone. She put Lance off when he called and then tried to reassure Leslie when she asked for help. Leslie decided to tell everyone, including her parents, that Brad had gone to be with his sick mother. Leslie moped around reading Brad's letter over and over, not taking proper care of herself. Feeling that she had to get out of the apartment, Leslie went to the Allegro, where Lance found her. She suggested that they ride out to see the house he had rented on Lake Geneva for the summer. Lance called his mother to ask if she would meet Leslie, but she said that she didn’t want to meet anyone because of her disfigured face. She retreated to her bedroom where she could look through the two-way mirror she had installed so that she could see into the living room.


Leslie’s colors’ wasn’t very good and she fainted after seeing the house. Lance insisted that she see Snapper tonight instead of waiting for her doctor to return from his vacation. Snapper told her that he would let her know the test results the following day. He strongly suspected that she was pregnant.


Leslie found herself responding to Lance's kiss out of loneliness. After Snapper told her she was pregnant, she called Lance to tell him she was leaving town and asked that he not try to see her.

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I wish some footage of Ron Becker would surface. He sounds creepy and sad at the same time. Dick DeCoit who played Ron still acts and looks pretty much like he did back then, only a bit older. I think Carolyn Conwell who played Mary Williams also played his mother.


The scenes of Jill being propositioned by a handsome young man sound seedy. She even toys with idea of taking him up on his offer about the money and new dress. What if Jill had turned to prostitution after what Kay had done to her ? That would have been interesting. Jill was self destructive in may ways. 

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All My Children


Written by: Agnes Nixon

Produced by: Bud Kloss


Dr. Joe Martin had left Pine Valley tor a vacation visit with his son Jeff in Wisconsin. Prevailed upon by David, Ruth told her son Philip about her relationship with David Thornton and Philip told her that he understood. He encouraged her to marry David if that was what she really wanted.


Kate Martin told Ruth she had told Tara there was another person involved in her father's and Ruth's separation. Kate insisted that she did her best by keeping David Thornton's name out of it but she couldn't lie to Tara.


Ruth told David she thought that they should be married. She went on to say that her son Philip felt she had to do what she thought was the right thing and, she added, Joe didn’t need her as he had his career and the rest of the family. When David told her that he loved and needed her, she replied that was a big factor her decision. As they talked, Ruth added that she didn't think they should stay in Pine Valley after their marriage, David should look elsewhere for a residency. And since the divorce would take some time they should make no public announcement for the time being for Joe's sake.


Anne Martin had been experiencing bouts of shortness of breath and dizzyness. Voicing doubts about the idea of the baby shower Ruth Martin and Mona had proposed, Anne told her husband Paul that she didn’t want them to do it out of pity. Becoming worked up she said, none of them wanted her to have this child. She insisted that she believed in the goodness of God and added - actually shouting - that she had complete peace of mind.


After a fall following a fainting spell, Anne was admitted to Pine Valley hospital and told Paul her doctor recommended that she stay for some tests. She told her husband that she felt so much safer and more secure there than at home and would like to stay in the hospital until the baby was born. - A matter of a month, yet. - When Paul, bewildered, told her he didn't think she should turn herself into an invalid, Anne shouted at him that he didn’t really care if she fainted or not; that she might fall and lose the baby. She said she believed he was hoping she would lose it by having a miscarriage. She insisted that she was not going to take any chances and told him that the baby would be born "whether you like it or not."


Paul talked with Dr. Charles Tyler about his wife's attitude and Dr. Tyler, Anne's father, assured him that the symptoms Anne had been showing did not seem to have any connection with the disease she contracted some months before, but rather were a manifestation of her own doubts about her ability to carry the child to full term and the wisdom of her decision to chance that the baby would be normal. He suggested that Paul pampered his wife for a bit and let her stay, suggesting that after a time in the hospital she might get bored.


When Ruth offered to do anything she could to help Anne, telling Paul she hoped he still considered her a friend, he told her that after the way she had treated his brother, Joe, he had doubts. When Paul guessed Ruth planned to marry David Thornton and she did not deny it, he told her not to expect him to offer his best wishes.


The following day, Kate came to see Ruth at the hospital and told her that Paul had told her of their conversation. Kate accused Ruth of handling the matter in a manner totally unfair to Joe. She said that Ruth had no right to tell Paul, and as for Ruth's intention to tell Joe as soon as he returned, although there would be some months of the three working together at Pine Valley hospital before Ruth and David could leave, Kate said Ruth would salve her conscience by telling Joe but leave him to bear the burden of the secret and maintain a front before the rest of the hospital staff. Ruth insisted that she only wanted to tell Joe as soon as possible so that she wouldn't risk raising false hopes for a reconcilliation, but agreed not to say anything for the time being. Kate added her wish that when Ruth and David's plans were made, they carried them out as soon as possible, saying that though it might seem cruel to say so, the sooner Ruth and David left Pine Valley the better for everyone concerned.


Erica Kane Brent’s plans to dine with Chuck Tyler had suffered a number of reverses and the following day Chuck had had to cut short an evening at the Chateau, Erica tppl Nick to task for the nasty cracks he had been making in Chuck's presence. She told him he made her feel miserable all evening and accused him of gloating over her unhappiness. She slapped him and Nick, at first fighting her off, kissed her and she responded. After they made love, Nick went to his desk to write out some checks for the staff. Erica accused Nick of using her. Nick told her to be a good girl and go on home so he could get some work done and offered to call her a cab. When Erica told Nick he was acting as though she was some kind of a call girl, Nick insisted that Erica was making a big deal out of nothing and asked if she expected that they would write out some kind of a contract next time. Erica told Nick he was never to touch her again and took her leave telling him that he would "regret this."


Ty had moved Donna Beck up to Estelle's room and concocted a story for Estelle to tell Chuck and Frank Grant. He warned her that if she messed up the story, she wouldn’t live to tell another. Estelle convinced Chuck that Donna had been thrown out by Ty because he overheard her talking to Chuck on the phone and that Donna had left for New York. Later Estelle confessed what she had done to Donna and after a few days Donna was desperate enough to leave with Estelle's help, giving up on recovering her "savings" from Ty and headed back to Pine Valley to get her badly hurt leg attended to.


A furious Ty called Chuck at Pine Valley Hospital and demanded to know what he had done with Donna. When Ty said that she "lit out of here a couple of hours ago," Chuck learned the truth. However, Ty told him to forget he even called. He warned Chuck not to try to play the hero again or his buddies would just have to do another "little job" on him.


Linc had sent, by special delivery, three first class plane tickets to Pine Valley for Kitty, her mother Lucy Carpenter - Mrs. Lum - and Mrs. Carpenter's doctor, in an effort to call the bluff of the woman who claimed to be Kitty's mother, or, if he succeeded in getting her to Pine Valley, to have Kate Martin, a contemporary of the real Lucy Carpenter, look her over. When the actor Mrs. Lum had hired made it clear that his “patient” was in no condition to travel, Linc asked if he might then fly out to Minneapolis to consult with the doctor at his office. In order to carry off the role he had played so well, Nigel Fargate, the actor portraying Mrs. Carpenter's doctor had no choice but to confer with his patient.


When Kitty left, Mrs. Lum explained that she was not Kitty's mother but that the act she, herself, had been carrying on had come back hard on her. She insisted that she had come to love Kitty "like she really is my daughter." She assured Mr. Fargate that, though she was indeed drawing a "star's salary" from Mrs. Tyler for her impersonation, she needed Kitty to share the love she had in her, and had been unable to give for years. She asked Nigel if he couldn’t understand, being himself alone in the world. Mrs. Lum prevailed upon Nigel to get started planning to hire office space, telling him that Mrs. Tyler would come through with any cash they might need. Nigel left, and when Kitty returned, Mrs. Lum told her that the doctor, being a busy man, couldn't stay, but they had agreed that if Lincoln wanted to spend the time and the money, he could come and the doctor would meet with him.


Brooke English was furious when Benny Sago showed up at Phoebe Tyler's house to say he couldn’t attend a pool party and buffet supper Brooke had planned. She accepted Phoebe's suggestion and invited Dan Kennicott. While Dan and Brooke were in the pool awaiting the arrival of another couple, the doorbell rang and Phoebe answered it. Donna Beck, attired in a brief purple sunsuit, stood on the Tyler threshold asking for Chuck. When she heard her name, Phoebe indignantly tried to turn her away, but Donna fainted.


When Chuck was summoned, he administered a pain killing shot to Donna promising to take care of her, and told his grandmother to shut up when she began a tirade against the girl.


Dr. Charles Tyles, too, insisted that the girl be allowed to stay at the Tyler mansion at least overnight as there were, at present, no available hospital beds for her. When Phoebe accused Charles of condoning Chuck's involvement with the girl, Charles insisted that he was merely permitting Chuck to live his own life. Phoebe, fighting angry tears, stormed : "This time those words of yours are going to come home to roost, mark my words."


Later, that same day, Phoebe learned from Linc that he planned to leave in the morning for Minneapolis to see Mrs. Carpenter's doctor. She called Mrs. Lum to warn her - her first attempt to reach her failed when Kitty answered. - Mrs. Lum told her that the actor she had engaged was prepared to go on and had hired offices for the occasion. However, it was not until she rang off that Phoebe learned Linc was plan-ning to take color pictures of Mrs. Carpenter to bring back to show Kate Martin.


Anne told Ruth Martin she promised Kate she wouldn't mention she knew about Ruth's decision to marry David. Anne told Ruth she felt Ruth had made a decision she was not sure of and then she had to go through with it. She said such a decision should be based on love and not need, and the need was David's rather than Ruth's.


Another World


Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch


A friction remained constant between Mac and Rachel Cory due to Rachel's intensive sculpting time. Rachel was torn by her desire to fulfill her needs as a person with her own accomplishments as an artist, and her life as a wife to Mac. Mac respected her talents but begrudged the time she spent on her work. He took his complaints to Rachel's tutor, Ken Palmer. Ken offered Mac no consolation and refused to intrude into Rachel's personal life by honoring Mac's request to persuade Rachel to lessen her time at his studio. They departed in pique.


Rachel offered to finance a scholarship which would enable Ken's student, Darryl Stevens, to continue with his art studies. She relayed this to Mac who agreed to her suggestion but when Rachel asked him to furnish another scholarship in his own name, he refused. Again they disagreed on Rachel's time away from her family and home life.


The Corys’ houseguest, New York lawyer Keith Morrison, told Rachel that Mac feared his security with Rachel because he had so very much that he couldn’t assure himself that Rachel's love was for him and not for what he had. This led Rachel to believe that Mac's daughter Iris had unleashed her destructive diatribe against Rachel to Keith. Keith was emphatic in telling Rachel he found no truth to Iris' petty gossip. Rachel thanked him for his wise advice about Mac and helping her to understand her husband more.


Rachel was ecstatic with Ken's news that reknowned art exhibitor Lyle Sasone had suggested she show her work in New York — in her own exhibit. Her excitement was severed, however, by Mac's reaction to this. They disputed once more. Rachel felt Mac should go with her to New York and he couldn’t see why he should alter his schedule to meet hers. She reminded him that he had expected her to disrupt her time for his business trips, yet he gave her no consideration for her work.


Rachel’s mother, Ada, couldn’t overlook the harm she saw that Rachel was allowing to happen. She warned Rachel that she would lose Mac if she didn't consider what he wanted - a hostess and wife at home -. Rachel retorted. "I want to be what I can be — not what Mac or anyone else thinks I should be” Thus unable to reach Rachel, Ada talked to Mac. She recommended he express his desire to have another baby with Rachel - Mac and Rachel lost their expected baby which caused a great emotional setback to Rachel. Her sculpting had helped her forget the loss, although she admitted to her teenage son, Jamie, it still hurt to think about it. –


Unknown to Rachel, Keith Morrison and Ken were planning to have New York exhibitor Howard Chandler view Rachel's work. Iris tried to be a part of their discussion but was quickly omitted. She was anxious to promote Rachel's work in New York and had both men convinced she was sincere in her appreciation of Rachel's talent.


Iris Carrington Delaney added Keith Morrison to her list of targets to whom she threw her daggers about Rachel. He didn't fall for her malicious gossip and bluntly let her know. She shrugged off Keith's discontentment with her and turned her attentions to Carol Lamonte. She was at Iris' visiting her mother, Therese Lamonte, Iris' houseguest. Carol had just made a cutting remark to her mother. Iris astonished Carol with her comment "children have to make allowances for their parents and not demand all their attention." Carol knew Iris too well to believe Iris practiced what she preached where Mac was concerned.


Lawyer Scott Bradley had planned an elegant dinner at the Tall Boys in Keith Morrison's honor. The evening passed with great strain because of Iris' presence. She took advantage of Rachel's tardy appearance to harp on her neglect to Mac - Rachel did not want to attend because of Iris, but agreed to go because of Mac's insistence -. She couldn’t upset Ada who put Iris in her place by telling her Clarice Hobson was coming back to Bay City. - Iris drove Clarice out of town with threats to take away Clarice's illigitimate baby soon to be born and fathered by Robert Delaney. When Robert found out that Iris had rushed him into marriage to her because of Clarice's pregnancy, he left Iris and their marriage for good. Iris then claimed Clarice was lying about the baby's true father. - Iris then pumped Pam Sloan for information about Robert's whereabouts in Washington, Pam did not appease her. She continued her torment on Pat Randolph. Pat had recently separated from her husband John and was now Dr. Dave Gilchrist seriously. She made a snide remark about Dave's wandering interests to women in distress. - Dave had saved Iris' life from an overdose of sleeping pills, they then had a very short-lived romance. – Pat also took no nonsense from Iris. The party broke up with everyone sighing relief that it had ended at last.


Iris returned home to find her teenage son Dennis kissing Molly Ordway. Infuriated by this scene, Iris embarrassed Molly into leaving. Dennis was so hurt by his mother's rudeness, he left home to stay at the Corys'. She argued with her housekeeper Louise about Dennis' welfare. Iris claimed she would send Dennis east to school, she would be the one to choose his friends. Louise protested and stood up to Iris. She told her she – Louise - gave Dennis the sympathy and understanding he got from no one else. Iris went to the Corys' to bring Dennis home, but he refused to leave. He told her she made everyone's life miserable. Defeated, she turned to Rachel and coldly remarked, "Well Rachel, you have taken my son away from me too!"


Clarice Hobson had left Bay City to escape Iris' clutches. Iris' threats to take away Clarice's unborn baby had finally driven her away despite her friends' many promises that Iris couldn’t do it. When Mac confronted Iris about these threats, Iris coolly denied ever talking to Clarice. She used the opportunity with Mac to accuse Rachel of an affair with Ken. Mac did not fall into Iris' trap, and walked out leaving Iris shaken.


While planning a luncheon at Iris', Therese had a fainting spell and Dr. Gilchrist was called to the house. While there, Dave's secretary phoned him with a message of Clarice's whereabouts. He took the information, unknowingly with Iris listening in. Iris then ordered Louise to keep silent about her absence and rushed off to the boarding house in Ogden. She sneaked into Clarice's room, shocking her. Iris told Clarice that Gil McGowan was on his way to arrest Clarice because Iris' lawyers were bringing suit against her for slander. She left her an envelope with money, prompting her to take it and leave town before the police arrived. When she left, Clarice, in a weakened state physically, lifted her suitcase and fainted. Ada arrived shortly thereafter, having been alerted from Dave. She found Clarice unconscious, and managed to bring her to. Clarice kept mumbling Iris' name, not registering to Ada that the woman who had visited Clarice earlier - as told to Ada by the landlady -, was Iris. Clarice was rushed to Bay City General Hospital and after one full night in premature labor, delivered a healthy baby boy. Dave was still concerned with Clarice's emotional state, she repeated Iris' name constantly.


Under sedation, Clarice calmed down and began to believe her friends' reassurances that Iris couldn’t steal her baby. She touched Mac's heart in naming her son "Cory" after him in appreciation for all he had done for her.


Gil was planning a trip to Ogden to investigate Clarice's visitor. Rachel putt pieces of the puzzle together, telling Gil the mysterious visitor could be Iris.


Therese Lamonte told Iris she had watched Mac struggle to free himself from her for years, she should just let him go. Iris refused to heed Therese's advice. She said Mac would come back to her when he saw Rachel for what she really was and then Dennis would come back too. She would then have the two people she loved most in the world.


Iris thought all was well as Keith had convinced Dennis to return home. Believing she had gained her revenge on Clarice, she tearfully promised Dennis that she would change her ways for him. This promise might be shortlived as Gil had returned from Ogden with a statement from Clarice's landlady that it was indeed Iris who came to see Clarice, and evidence of this was proven by the envelope containing a large amount of money found on Clarice's dresser. Gil took this news to Iris, who denied every bit of it. As he left, he warned her that she was at the end of the rope with Clarice and could no longer harass her, if she did, he would take the matter to Mac and he, Gil, would deal with Iris.


Willis Frame and Olive Gordon were becoming ace con artists in their attempts to break up the deepening relationship between Ray Gordon - Olive's estranged husband - and Alice Frame - Willis' sister-in-law and adopted mother of Ray's niece Sally -. Willis saw Ray as an obstacle in his takeover of Frame Enterprises. Ray had proven to be an excellent ad-visor to Alice in the company business which she had taken over since her husband's death.


Willis had hired Olive and was paying for her keep in Bay City so she would break up Ray and Alice's romance and, Willis hoped, take Ray away from Bay City. She made up a letter from her sons at camp, writing of their unhappiness with their parents' separation. She showed the letter to Ray's mother, Beatrice, knowing it would upset her enough to tell Ray. Meanwhile, Willis dropped a hint to Ray that a business meeting was needed. He then had Olive detain Ray, giving the appearance to those at the meeting of Ray's irresponsibility. At the meeting, Willis jumped in with criticisms of Ray, but Alice wouldn't allow him to cut Ray down. Later, Alice and Ray vowed to each other they would fight Olive together. With this bond between them, Ray was no longer deluded by Willis and Olive. He answered to Willis' calling him a "pushy nobody" with an emphatic "give up Willis — you're fighting a losing battle." He saw Olive and told her his plans to file for divorce. He called her bluff when she threatened to call Alice, winning his first battle with Olive. Olive was then threatened since Willis was in San Diego and would not release any more money to her.


Carol suggested to Ray and Alice that they give Willis the title of General Manager and Executive Vice-President of Frame Enterprises. With this position accepted, Willis planted the idea that Alice stay home with Sally. - This way he could get Alice away from the office and out of view of his maneuvres. - He put all forces into action having Beatrice's support of Alice's return home. He had Carol promote Molly Ordway and Darryl Stevens' romance. They confirmed his predictions and neglected Sally's care to favor their own interests in Alice's home. Beatrice witnessed Sally's neglect and reported it to Alice. Alice then agreed to stay home as Molly had fallen in her responsibilities as a sitter for Sally. Unknown to Willis, however, Alice had asked Ray to work for Frame Enterprises full-time and got Mac to release him from the Cory Complex, where he was employed. Willis' well-engineered scheme had backfired.


Although Willis was able to hold back his sister Sharlene from exposing him - he continued to needle her of her past as a B-girl in San Diego; fearing he would tell her husband Russ Mathews, she remained silent -, his ex-girlfriend Angie was gaining more evidence against Willis daily. She promised herself and Carol that she would watch out for Willis, because no one else would. Carol, on the other hand, helped Willis to gain his success because, for once in her life, she cared for someone. Her love for Willis had given Carol an awareness of family feelings and she had become sensitive to her mother's well-being because of it. Willis cautioned Carol to not let her emotions keep them from what they both wanted. Her mother, however, tried to persuade Carol to pressure Willis into marriage, although Carol admitted it was not what Willis wanted.


Angie broke through Willis' plot to split up Ray and Alice. She had gone to Olive's hotel room and badgered Olive about tracing the bill for flowers Willis sent to her. Olive denied everything, Angie quietly persisted. Pushed to her limit by Angie's insistence, Olive blew her cool and yelled back to Angie, "Why don't you take the matter up with Willis when he gets back from San Diego!" Having received the information she came for, Angie left, Olive was unnerved by what she had done.


Making the difficult decision to protect the innocent and yet knowing she had betrayed Willis, Angie warned Alice of Willis. Then she and Ray would know what a fight they would have ahead. Sharlene overheared this while resting at Alice's. 


Seeing how her life was being ruined because of her past, Sharlene would not tolerate the behavior her niece was similarly showing. Despite being caught in the bedroom with Darryl by Sharlene, Molly continued to play the game of love, her captors then including Dennis - she was impressed by his wealth -, and Mike Randolph. Sharlene was desperate to hold on to her marriage and believed by leaving Bay City with Russ and getting out of Willis' reach, she could do this. Russ would not leave his medical practice and family. This caused hostile arguments between them yet Sharlene would not tell Russ of her past life for fear she would lose him forever.


Mike Randolph had befriended his father after a long and bitter separation, since Mike found out John's marriage failed because of his affair with a law associate. He couldn’t convince his sister Marianne to accept the marriage as over. She insisted on taking her mother's place in John's life and spent all her spare time helping him at the office or caring for him at home. When her Aunt Liz returned from a European vacation and surprised the family by her speedy return, she wasted no time in influencing Marianne to promote her parents' marriage once again.


John had hired a new lawyer, Jeff Stone, and with this relief at the office he could concentrate on Marianne's social welfare which he realized she had neglected because of him.


As The World Turns


Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Willmore


John Dixon was trying very hard to make a life for himself outside the hospital since his breakdown and dismissal as Chief of Medicine. He had decided to write a medical book on his specialty, cardiac care. Pat Holland, a nurse from Memorial, had stood by John through all of this. Pat felt that she was the only person who cared about John other than Dr. Susan Stewart. Pat was leery when John brought a bottle of wine to dinner, knowing that he had a drinking problem, but John showed her that he could have just one glass of wine. Several days later, John felt that he had his problem licked, but his first drink led to a second, a third and on until he was late for their date. At first Pat didn't realize that he had been drinking. She mentioned his friend Susan and John blew up saying Susan wasn't his friend. He told her that Susan was afraid he would tell Dan Stewart, Susan's ex-husband, or Kim Dixon, John's wife, that Susan destroyed a tape on Dan's answering machine where Kim told Dan that she had recovered her memory and remembered how much they had loved each other. Susan accomplished her goal in keeping Dan and Kim apart, but had been living in fear that John would use this against her, Pat implied that he was either lying or totally drunk.


The following day, Susan found Pat very aloof. Although Pat found the story very hard to believe, she couldn't put it out of her mind. Susan asked to see her, and when she was confronted directly, Pat couldn’t deny that John was speaking against Susan. Susan's defensiveness convinced Pat that John was telling the truth. Susan told John how furious she was that he told Pat, but John denied that he mentioned anything. John asked Pat and later had to tell Susan that he was wrong. He must have drunk enough that he couldn't remember anything. Pat's supervisor, Marian Connelly, disapproved of her relationship with Dr. Dixon. Pat confided in Marian and then Susan found Mrs. Connelly very cool also.


When John felt the need to talk to someone, he made up an excuse to see his neighbor, Mary Ellison. Mary told him that she was willing to listen to his problems anytime. Although the outline for John's book had been accepted by the publisher, John was finding the actual writing very difficult.


Kim Dixon had quit her job as receptionist at the Hughes' law firm and gone to her home town, Centerville, to sell some property. Dr. Jim Strausfield went to Centerville to bring her home. She said the next few weeks before her baby was born would be very important.


Drs. Dan Stewart and Bob Hughes were both dating Mrs. Valerie Conway, an attractive divorcee new in Oakdale. When Bob again confirmed that he was seriously wooing Valerie, Dan decided to step aside because he and Bob were very good friends. When Dan had to admit this to Valerie, because she wondered why he hadn't called, she asked Bob to the farm. Valerie told Bob that she was not ready to settle down yet and they seemed to be getting very serious. She suggested they see other people.


That evening, she went to Dan's to tell him she didn't like being passed between the two men and would like to be consulted on decisions they made concerning her. Dan said he and Bob did not consult each other; he made this decision on his own. Bob had to find out why Valerie wanted to cool things between them and was told that she actually found herself missing Dan. Valerie told Kevin Thompson, an old friend, that although she started out to attract Dan to get revenge on Kim, then things had changed. She was not sure whether she wanted to run or to stay in Oakdale. Dan and Valerie decided that they wanted to see each other, but weren't sure where they wanted the relationship to go.


Valerie asked around to find out when Kim was coming home from Centerville. She finally learned that Dr. Strausfield was picking her up. Upon her return, Kim agreed to see Valerie. Valerie told her that, to her amazement, she actually found herself missing Dan after she had decided not to see Dan, to avoid hurting Dan's niece, Betsy.


Natalie Hughes went to see Dick Martin because her estranged husband, Tom, had asked that she get a divorce. Dick told her that most couples see a marriage counselor to find out if there was any chance of a reconciliation. Natalie said she would agree, but she would like Dick to suggest this to Tom. Dick did, but Tom said their differences were too great.


Don Hughes, Tom’s uncle, was impressed with Natalie when she asked if Tom was happy in his work at the family law firm. Natalie told Tom she would give him the divorce he wanted. Natalie found that Oakdale held nothing for her; she had almost no one to talk to, and would not even have a job, if she had not threatened to blackmail Jay Stallings.


Carol and Jay Stallings attended a meeting to find out about becoming adoptive parents. Carol was disappointed that it could take up to two years for them to get a baby. Jay was very cool and told Carol how much their life would change if they had to plan around a baby. They had very full lives and wouldn't miss a baby as much as most people. They should travel then while they had the chance. Carol became very angry and accused Jay of not wanting a baby. Jay didn't mention that he only became concerned when he learned they thoroughly investigated the parents-to-be and he was not sure his relationship with Natalie could stand up to much investigation. Tom sympathized with Carol, but said the adoption agency was only trying to protect the children they placed. Carol also discussed her own and Jay's feelings with Mary Ellison the new secretary in Jay's office, because Mary had an adopted son. Mary said she and Brian felt the same way. After a lot of hard thinking, Carol told Jay she then realized that she had to reconcile herself to the fact that she had to be patient.


Bob Hughes had tried several times to make Joyce Colman realize that, although he helped her through the rough period after she tried to commit suicide, he had not promised to become involved. Rejected, Joyce found a new target in Bob's brother, Don. She wangled a ride home and then asked if he would stay with her until the thunderstorm was over. Don's mother, Nancy, was concerned that Don might become involved with Joyce. Before she left for a visit with her sister Pearl, Nancy put Bob and her husband, Chris, in charge of seeing that Joyce didn’t overwhelm Don.


Bob warned Don that Joyce had problems and seemed to be a very confused girl. There was one other person who was very concerned about Don and Joyce and that was Lisa Colman. She asked her husband, Grant, to warn Don about his ex-wife, but Grant refused. There were several areas of contention between Don and Grant already. Don and Lisa were involved before he left three years ago and Don set up the law department that Grant then ran — Grant wouldn't put any more of a strain on their relationship. Grant and Lisa had several fights over this. Lisa finally visited Don herself. She didn't get a chance to tell Don before Joyce arrived. Joyce was sure Lisa is talking against her. Even after Don assured her that Lisa had not, Joyce asked Bob to call Lisa off. Lisa denied this and Bob pointed out to Don how unstable Joyce was. Don asked Joyce why she told Bob that Lisa was talking about her. Joyce replied that this was probably the first time that Lisa had missed the opportunity. Since Grant had arrived three years before her, everyone in Oakdale seemed to be on his side. Don said that having just arrived himself, he was willing to see her side of it.


Sandy Garrison had decided to move her father and her son Jimmy to Oakdale from Sacramento, California. She had decided to wait until Fall so that Jimmy could finish out his summer plans. Sandy had been looking for a small house to rent. As Jimmy seemed adverse to the idea, so Lisa suggested that Sandy fly to California to discuss it face to face with him.


Although Dee Stewart was not respon-ible for the freak accident which injured Beau Spencer, she visited him every day at the hospital. She found him argumentative and rude, but her brother Dan, Beau's doctor, attributed this to his plan. Bo demanded to know what Dee was going to do with her life since she had ruled out college. This made Dee take stock of her life and enroll at Oakdale College. Her parents tried to thank Beau for influencing her decision. Dee had been upset that Beau's parents had not seen fit to return from Europe during Beau's hospitalization. Beau received a message through attorney Dick Martin that he was to call the servants home from vacation to open the house after his release. Beau decided this was too much trouble and he would stay at the Spencer Hotel instead. Beau got a call from his mother in London, who was sorry that she couldn’t come home, but his father insisted that she stay to entertain his business contacts. Dee asked her parents if Bo couldn't stay with them, rather than go to the hotel. Ellen, David, and Annie, her sister, felt that this wasn't a good idea.


Beau wanted to repay Dee's kindness by getting her a turquoise bracelet to match the small ring she wore and asked Annie to do his shopping for him. Annie said that this was too expensive and a briefcase would be more practical. Reluctantly, Beau agreed. Dee was thrilled with Annie's choice. Beau received another call from his mother saying she had decided to come home on her own. Beau will have the house open after all.


Upon Dee’s request, Annie visited Beau at the hospital before his release to settle their differences. Dee told Beau how much she appreciated the briefcase he had given her as a gift, when she picked him up to drive him home. Beau replied that it was not a home, only a house in Oakdale.


John dropped in on Kim unexpectedly when he heard that Jim Strausfield had driven her home from Centerville. Kim decided that, although John tried to get to her mentally, she would not let him upset her. Mary Ellison called upon John to babysit for Teddy when her sitter became ill. This did not upset John's plans because he could not work on his book after his visit with Kim.


Natalie confided in Carol about how lonely she had been since arriving in Oakdale again. Hearing about this visit, Jay warned Natalie that she would be in trouble if she came near his office again. Natalie commented rashly that although he told her to stay away from the office, she did not agree to it.


Days Of Our Lives


Written by: Pat Falken Smith

Produced by: Betty Corday


Mickey Horton’s second outpatient experience is a date to take his wife Maggie dancing, to fulfill a promise made while Maggie was recovering from surgery that enabled her to walk again. Mickey's father Tom sent money through Mickey's therapist, Dr. Marlena Evans. Mickey mused that perhaps there were people outside the sanitarium who loved him. - Mickey was committed to Bayview following an attempt to kill his brother Bill and vicariously kill his ex-wife Laura upon learning Mike Horton wasn't his son but Bill's. - Mickey even entered into a little subterfuge about a corsage Mike bought for Maggie, saying it was from Mickey. Mickey's other brother, Tommy, warned Maggie she might have to accept a different kind of relationship with Mickey.


At the Horton house, where Maggie was then staying, Mickey again met Janice, an orphan Maggie had adopted. Mickey allowed Janice to call him "daddy." Mickey and Maggie went to Doug's Place, where Julie Anderson, Mickey's niece, and Mike were dining, to keep an eye on Mickey. Julie apologized to Mickey for her testimony that helped put him away. He said he knew he needed help. Mickey asked if it was true Laura was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. With a shock, Julie realized she hadn't seen Laura lately.


Maggie and Mickey danced. As a test later, Mickey asked Mike for the keys to the car so he could drive Maggie home. Not wanting to endanger their new-found relationship or create a scene, Mike consented, then panicked. Julie and her fiance, Don Craig, decided to follow them. In front of the Horton house, Mickey stopped the car to talk to Maggie. He was upset when Maggie told him she still loved him, pointing out the vow said in sickness and in health. Mickey drifted in and out of memories. He mused that at first he didn't want to go to Bayview; then he didn't want to leave. Meanwhile, Mike went to Linda Phillips, who once had an affair with Mickey and still loved him. Linda called to alert Tom Horton, who kept an eye on the car from the window.


Julie and Don broke it up by inviting Maggie and Mickey in to discuss wedding plans. Maggie felt awful because Mickey deliberately scared her. Mickey wasn't fooled, and later accused all of them of not trusting him. Mike took Mickey back to Bayview. Outside, Mickey asked, "You aren't afraid of me, Mike, are you?" Mike confessed he was afraid. He hoped he didn't mess things up for Mickey and Maggie. Mickey replied that he had no love to give, that Maggie was just a stranger. Mike asked if Mickey had any love for him. Mickey hugged him.


As the conversation continued, Mickey told Mike he could be more objective about Laura, and asked Mike to be objective, too. Mickey said Laura was guilty of nothing the night Mike was conceived. - Bill, drunk, raped Laura. - Mickey warned that if Mike continued in his hostile attitude towards Laura, he would miss out on "the one thing that a man can count on all his life — a mother's love." Mickey told Mike his behavior had taught him he was not completely well yet.


Meanwhile, Dr. Powell, concerned when Mickey's late, went to Linda's apartment looking for Mike. Linda accused him of believing the slanders the Hortons had been repeating about Mike and her. She swore she would never take advantage of the son of the man she loved. When Powell explained he didn't know Mike had moved, Linda apologized, saying, if Mickey had been there, she and Mike would have needed his help - At the beginning of his breakdown, Mickey had tried to strangle Linda and a blonde nurse, mistaking them for Laura. - Mike arrived, upset Mickey had forgiven Laura. He asked Linda, Laura's enemy, what he should do. She pointed out she couldn't be objective. Mike asked to spend the night, but Linda refused.


Maggie went out to the sanitarium that night to explain to Mickey. She told him the hardest thing an incapacitated person could have was hope. He told Maggie he couldn’t make any promises. She promised no pressure, and left. Mickey was furious Marlena wasn't there to talk to. – she was with a suicide case, one of Laura's former patients. - Powell asked why Mickey asked Mike for the car keys. A test. Powell suggested that Mickey wanted his family to fail so he could return to the safety of the sanitarium.


Linda and Mike arrived for a visit the following morning. Powell warned them Mickey was in a foul mood and not to take everything seriously. When Mike entered, Mickey burst into a tirade about Laura — she wanted to be his therapist to keep him quiet about Mike; she was always a tramp who'd destroy anyone to protect Bill. Mike left and Linda went in. Mike was devastated, confused. Linda let Mickey have it, saying she was glad her daughter wasn't Mickey's after all, so she didn't have to see her destroyed like Mike just was. Linda challenged Mickey to face his past and his fears and look to the future, "Unless you're not man enough."


Powell asked Maggie to visit. Mickey conjectured that maybe he ought to try suicide to get Marlena's attention. He relented, asking Maggie why he lashed out? She replied that many people had hurt him. When she tried to relate to him as his wife, as a woman, he rejected her, hurting her deeply.


Marlena had observed that Bill's having trouble with the arm Mickey wounded. He told her he would manage. Guessing Laura might be in trouble, Marlena asked what Laura thought about it. Bill confessed he hadn't told Laura, and admitted Laura might need help, which Marlena offered. Bill's mother Alice went to visit Bill and Laura's daughter, Jennifer Rose. The housekeeper told Alice that Laura hadn't been near Jennifer in two days. Bill agreed with Alice that things couldn't continue, and admitted he had asked Marlena to drop by later.


At the sanitarium, Mickey greeted Marlena with a lot of hostility. She told him simply that she was with someone who needed her more. He asked if the suicide made it. No. Mickey told Marlena he was failing in love with her. Marlena played it cool. Mickey asked Marlena to help Laura.


Bill asked Laura to see Marlena, pointing out she was turning away from all those who loved her. Bill asked her to agree out of love for him. She did. From the first visit, Marlena learned that Laura was afraid of turning catatonic, like her mother, a fear she had carried all her life.


Mike and Trish Clayton had an unsuccessful attempt at lovemaking, which caused Mike to move out and away from Trish, unsure of his manhood. Trish's step-father, Jack Clayton, came by her apartment looking for her mother, Jeri. Jeri, encouraged by Trish's natural father, had moved out on Jack and planned to file for divorce, Jack followed Trish to the new apartment. Jeri told Trish she was not letting Stanhope pay for the apartment, that she had a great engagement at an inn outside of town, neglecting to mention she was a waitress. After Trish warned Jeri about Jack and left, Jack forced past Jeri and made lewd remarks about how she would pay for such a nice apartment. Jeri remained adamant about the divorce, despite Jack's insistence that she owed him for taking Trish and her in to keep Jeri off the streets. Jeri told him she paid her debt long ago.


Mike went to Trish to apologize for his recent treatment of her. He promised he would always be her friend. He noted he just saw himself through his father's eyes, as his father, despising Laura. Trish urged Mike to reconcile with Laura. Instead, Mike went to Linda. He exposed his deepest fear. Considering the disgust he felt for Trish while trying to make love, and the fact that he had never even tried before, he felt he might be ... Linda wouldn't let him say the word. She pointed out that some men matured faster than others sexually. She again reminded him that he and Trish were under great emotional strain and inexperienced. Mike didn’t buy it. When words failed to reach him, Linda took Mike's hand and gently led him to the bedroom.


The following morning, Mike was elated at his success. He asked if "a man thanks a woman at a time like this?" Linda put off talking about it, but Mike kept at it. She insisted to Mike that what happened last night shouldn't stand between Trish and him, and asked him not to blow it all out of proportion. He exhibited such a proprietary air about her, that Linda began to wonder about what she did. In order to discourage Mike, Linda deliberately accepted another lunch date, with Johnny Collins, the man who left Rebecca North LeClair at the altar.


Meanwhile, Jack Clayton found Trish's door unlocked and walked in. Trish was asleep after having been up all night with Brooke Hamilton. Jack didn't disturb her, but creeped back out and knocked. Jack talked about David Banning as her new boyfriend. Trish denied it. Jack said he never could abide the thought of any man near her. To get rid of him, Trish promised to sing a special song for him that night. Outside, Jack mused on the foolishness of young people who didn't keep their doors locked.


Marlena, after her visit to Laura, asked Bill why he kept Laura locked upstairs. He denied any conscious attempt to do so, and immediately went to Laura, explaining he wouldn't let her shut him out any more. Laura emerged a bit more, and asked for her baby. Marlena felt Laura needed her family around her. She hunted up Julie and sent her to Laura. The two women had a loving chat. Marlena then went to Mike, to persuade him to visit his mother. After Marlena explained that Laura was afraid of becoming like her mother and only Mike could help her, he went, reluctantly. The visit was cordial, but Mike couldn't tell Laura what she wanted —needed — to hear, that he loved her.


Marlena went to Linda and told her that she didn't want Linda to see Mickey because it was obvious Mike was in love with her. Linda's hurt turned to anger against Mike when he returned. He made some passes, but Linda rejected them. When he persisted, she slapped him.


Julie Anderson was engaged to Don Craig. Doug Williams was using a trumped up romance with his ex-wife Kim Douglas to make Julie jealous enough to drop Don and finally marry him. To taunt Julie, Doug told her, “People in love should never marry, only people who love each other.” She asked if there was a difference. He said one was comfortable: the other was "painful."


The following day, Julie went to the family quarters of Doug's Place to invite Doug's housekeeper, Rebecca LeClair to be in her wedding party. Rebecca was in labor. - Nine months ago, wanting a sibling for his daughter Hope, Doug arranged for artificial insemination of a host mother. Needing a child to replace one she had lost and money to send her lover Johnny Collins to Paris to study art, Rebecca, unbeknownst to anyone but Dr. Neil Curtis, became that host mother. Johnny came back from Paris when Robert LeClair, long in love with Rebecca, cabled him about Rebecca's pregnancy. On the eve of the wedding, Rebecca, at Neil's suggestion, told Johnny the truth about the baby, confident of his love. Unable to face it, Johnny left Rebecca at the altar. Robert offered marriage on a platonic basis until Rebecca felt ready. He was even adopting the baby, which he thought was Johnny's.) Through natural childbirth techniques, with Robert at her side, Rebecca bore a son. Johnny, still in love with Rebecca, had returned to Salem to persist in making Rebecca his beneficiary. When he heard of the birth, he went to the hospital to see the baby. By accident, the two of them met. Rebecca told Johnny Robert was twice the man he was. Neil happened by and sent Johnny packing. Rebecca decided not to tell Robert about Johnny's visit.


Meanwhile, ironically, Robert decided to name the baby for his best friend, Doug Williams. Rebecca agreed.


Brooke Hamilton was very proud of her mother Adele, an alcoholic with cirrhosis of the liver, because Adele hadn't taken a drink in weeks. Brooke knew, as informed by Dr. Tom Horton, that the next drink could kill Adele. Tom had agreed not to tell Adele. Knowing Adele had to get away for a rest, Brooke had been stealing checks from Anderson Manufacturing. Brooke felt owner Bob Anderson owed it to Adele and her - Bob was Brooke's father. Adele and Bob spent a lovely summer together 27 years ago. When Adele learned she was pregnant, she found Bob was engaged to Phyllis, presently his ex-wife, and never told Bob about Brooke. - Adele accidentally discovered liquor in the cabinet in Bob's office, where she was employed as assistant night janitorial supervisor. She took a bottle, just to prove she could have it around without touching it. Brooke, meanwhile, refused all offers of help. As she wondered if she had enough money one night at work as a cocktail waitress at Doug's Place, Adele wandered in — drunk. When Brooke saw Adele, she went into shock — sure Adele would die. When nobody could budge Adele without a scene, Mary Anderson, Bob's legitimate daughter, called Paul Grant, a reformed alcoholic, who had been very helpful to Adele in the past.


Paul’s wife, Helen, overheard him say he would be right over. When she found out where and why he was going, Helen demanded he not go. Helen was frightened Paul might find the temptation too great. She had had a recent scare. Paul went to pull David Banning, Julie Anderson's son, who had been living with them since a falling out with Julie some months ago, out of Doug's Place and Paul came home with liquor on his clothes from a drink David knocked from his hand while Paul was trying to shock David into sobering up. Helen told Paul, "Our lives are not going to be ruined by the drinking of other people." David had overheard and he took it upon himself to go help Brooke, his former fiance/lover.


As David was leaving, Valerie, the Grants' daughter arrived home from a date. When she found out what was going on, she was startled that her parents could refuse help to anyone on any grounds. Helen insisted she didn't understand. Paul went to get dressed; Helen followed. Paul, dressed, explained Helen's deep fear to Val, who then apologized. Her date, Jerry Davis, was confused by Val's concern that her parents would let David go alone. He asked if she had just been dating him to try to forget David?


Bill Horton was at the restaurant and called Tom. David arrived. He reached Brooke briefly, but she again lapsed into incoherency, chanting, "I want my father." Bill and David finally persuaded Adele to go home. David promised Brooke he and Bob would help. At the apartment, Adele began to hemorrhage. Tom and Bill rushed her to the hospital by ambulance. Brooke remained at the apartment in shock. Mary Anderson told Bob what had happened. They went to the apartment. At the sound of Bob's voice, Brooke's chant stopped, and she threw herself into Bob's arms. He took her to the hospital.


Adele was rushed into surgery for a liver by-pass operation. Bob assured Tom he would handle all expenses. David noted how Brooke was perked up. She said it was because her father was with her. Alice interpreted it to mean God was with her. David was surprised at Brooke's vulnerability. Adele made it, and Brooke resumed some of her old personality, telling Bob she would handle expenses. But she did indicate she'd like to change, asking where to start. He suggested she try to regain some of her stolen youth. She asked about the people she had stolen from. He replied that they would forgive her.


David had breakfast with Valerie. She told him of Jerry's increasing possessiveness. David indicated he thought Val would give any man a bad time, until she fell in love with him, then it would have to be marriage first. David refused to discuss his mother, saying the only thing that concerned him was Val. Brooke came up, with Bob. Bob and Val left for work. Brooke told David she thought he was in love with Val. David admitted it!


Adele, feeling she was going to die, asked Bob to be Brooke's father. Brooke fought the idea of Adele's dying, stopped only when Bob revealed Adele's request.


When Julie, at Doug's Place with Don, feigned a loss of memory about a song Doug sang, Doug confided to Kim that he was sure he had lost Julie. He asked Kim to join him on a night on the town, away from his place, saying he didn’t remember the life they shared as being so bad. Don and Julie accidentally ended up at the same restaurant. Doug, in an effort to put Julie out of his system, proposed to Kim, who accepted. Julie was very hurt at the news.


Neil Curtis told his wife Phyllis Anderson Curtis that he was going to spend more time at the free clinic, to make a contribution. Phyl believed it was really because Amanda Howard, recovering from brain surgery that affected her memory and speech, was also returning to work at the clinic. Neil and Amanda were once lovers, and just before her surgery, they spent many loving, platonic days together. Amanda, told Dr. Greg Peters was the man in her life, was confused by the memories of Neil that came floating back.


When Neil couldn’t make love to her, Phyl brought up Amanda, and Neil walked out and went to the poker club. Neil was unaware that Phyl was carrying his child, and had made all the wrong comments about fatherhood to her.


Julie took Amanda for coffee to ask her to be her matron of honor. Amanda asked about Neil, indirectly. Julie told Amanda that she – Amanda - almost married Neil, but on the wedding eve there was a mix-up about another woman. Neil ended up with Phyl. Julie told her, "Phyl has never been the woman in Neil's life."


Neil apologized to Phyl, saying he blew because she crowded him. She admitted she had been uptight herself lately, blurting out she was two months' pregnant. Neil was shocked, and when he made no reply, Phyl ran out.


Neil, suspecting Amanda’s memory might be returning, took her to lunch at Doug's Place. Just as Amanda was about to tell Neil she remembered their love, Mary arrived, saying Phyl needed him. Mary told Amanda Phyl was pre-gnant. As soon as feasible, Amanda went to the powder room. Neil sent Julie in, concerned. Amanda told Julie she was on the verge of telling Neil of her memories, but then she knew there was no future for them. When Amanda asked about the time before surgery, Julie replied it was "a time out of time." Amanda determined to turn away from Neil to Greg and have Greg's children. Julie told her she was doing the same thing, but Julie was sure a woman could learn to love the right man.


Neil stood Phyllis up to talk to Amanda when he saw her with his poker buddy, J.R. Neil answered Amanda's questions about the time before surgery, assuring her they weren't lovers then. She thanked him for helping, saying she wouldd remember it all anyway, eventually.


Phyllis contemplated an abortion. Tom and Alice talked her out of it. Bob took her home when Neil was late. Neil was furious. He threw Bob out, telling him to stay out of his marriage before he ruined it like he did his own to Julie by always running to Phyl's side. Bob warned Neil not to hurt Phyl. After he left, Phyl asked Neil if there was any hope. Neither knew.


The Doctors


Written by: Margaret DePriest

Produced by: Jeff Young


Dr. Paul Summers’ web of intrigue to destroy Matt Powers and take Matt's job began to come to fruition with the murder of Joan Dancy. Joan, a junkie, was sustaining life only with the help of a respirator. Having gotten Stacy Wells, granddaughter of wealthy, influential Mona Croft, hooked on drugs, Paul manipulated Stacy into pulling the plug on the respirator, while he caused a diversion in the hall outside Joan's door, involving Matt and reporter Rudy Winston. Dr. Ann Larimer, in a blackmail stand-off with Paul - she knew he had been doing unnecessary surgery; he knew she kidnapped Carolee Aldrich from a New York hospital and placed her in a sanitarium using false identity -, confronted Paul, calling him a swine and a murderer. She threatened to tell what she knew to Mona, newly appointed to the board of directors of the hospital. Paul reminded Ann of what he knew, and Ann stomped off in frustration, swearing to expose him somehow. - Paul blamed Matt for his late wife's suicide because Matt refused to let one of their sons die at childbirth, even though it was evident the baby was hopelessly brain damaged. Mary couldn't handle it.-


Matt had allowed himself to become personally involved with the Dancy family, headed by Joan's mother Virginia. Joan's brother, Jerry, and her sister, Nola, were convinced Joan's death was good. Said Nola: "Joan's death was easy, compared to the life she led." Mrs. Dancy held Matt responsible for Joan's death because he had sworn he wouldn't let anything happen to Joan. But the facts, as they appeared, were that Matt was the last one in Joan's room before she died. - Nobody saw Stacy enter in all the commotion! –


Stacy, highly unstable before her addiction and dependence on Paul, who swore love and promised marriage, felt unable to cope with impending police questioning. - After pulling the plug, she came out into the hall and faked a faint. - Paul assured her that what she did was a brave and heroic act. "That girl was already dead. You allowed her family to grieve and then go on." Paul began to rehearse Stacy in her story to the police, assuring her all she needed tell them was of the comings and goings of Matt Powers. Paul next sent Ann to Mona with rumors about Matt.


When the autopsy confirmed Joan didn't die of natural causes, a complete police investigation was ordered. Matt's son, Mike, was assigned to the case. When the investigation reveals that Matt's were the only clear fingerprints, and fresh, too, Mike thought about quitting his job. His step-mother, Maggie, and his wife Toni pointed out the foolishness of the idea. First of all, he couldn’t afford it, in terms of either time or money, and secondly, Matt would need someone to look after his interests. Mike agreed.


As Mrs. Dancy made funeral plans, Maggie dropped by with condolences and food. Mrs. Dancy refused both, continuing to hold Matt responsible. She relented only when Maggie impressed upon her how Matt worried about Joan. Maggie also pointed out: "All the children are ours ... When one child dies, every parent loses." Nola, a night club singer, asked Mrs. Dancy the cost of the funeral. Virginia pointed out it would be $1500. Nola, despite her feelings about Joan and her abhorrence of funerals, gave her mother the money, saying they weren’t going to owe anyone. Nola later told Mrs. Dancy that the person who got Joan hooked on drugs was responsible for her death, not the person who pulled the plug. Mrs. Dancy countered that the person who pulled the plug, unlike the other, could be made to pay.


Jerry Dancy became a prime suspect in the minds of some, as he had tried to pull the plug once before. He pointed out to his girlfriend Penny Davis that he was with her, then his mother, at the time.


In order to help Stacy stave off her guilt, Paul gave her a cameo, telling her she needed only touch it to know her bravery and his love. He then forced her to accompany him on a condolence call to the Dancys'. There, he forced her to tell her version of what she saw to Virginia. However, Mike Powers was also there. He told Virginia he and his father were estranged, but one thing he knew, despite the "facts," his father was not responsible for Joan's death. Mike also caught on the information that Stacy fainted — a moment when everyone was attending to Stacy. Could someone have slipped into the room then ?


The morning of the funeral, Virginia affirmed her love and genuine respect for her children, including Sara, who had recently arrived. - Sara, touted as the brains of the family, had just arrived from volunteer work in Africa. She was most like Virginia. Nola upbraided Sara for wasting herself in volunteer work, when she could be making lots of money. - After the funeral, the Powers' dropped by to offer sympathy. Unfortunately, Virginia had just seen a newspaper story by Winston that contained nasty implications about Matt. After again castigating Matt for Joan's death, Virginia threw them out. Matt was devastated. Ironically, the funeral gave Stacy peace and strength. Citing the hymn "Amazing Grace," Stacy observed she was the grace that freed Joan. Stacy felt powerful. Lew Dancy, the last of the children, a purported gigolo, arrived just after the funeral. He and Nola were at odds.

Nola later confronted Matt, asking if he was aware people were after his blood, and he couldn't go on with life as usual. Mike arrived. In front of Nola, he asked Matt if he pulled the plug. Matt said, truthfully, no. Matt asked why Mike took the chance of asking the question publicly? Mike knew the answer. Father and son reconciled. Mike began to probe on his own.


Dr. Steve ALdrich suggested to Maggie that Matt hire a lawyer. Matt refused, insisting he was not guilty of anything. As they recounted his behavior and statements over the past months - fatigue from worry about Joan made him snappish, losing cool with Winston twice, constantly checking the respirator, emotional involvement with Mrs. Dancy's pain, statement about "death with dignity" -, Matt asked who she would suggest. Jason Aldrich, Steve's brother. When Jerry Dancy thanked him for pulling the plug - Matt set him straight -, Matt relented. The following morning, Maggie told Matt it was time he took the offense in the matter. Ernie Cadman told Matt a lawyer was a good idea.


Paul Summers’ svengali act to Stacy's Trilby almost went up in smoke. Stacy overheard Steve calling her step-father Jason - for Matt - and assumed they knew she did it. She prepared to leave town. It took a great deal of persuasion by Paul to make her stay. He showed her that their running away would prove their guilt and that his plan necessitated their staying and playing it all through. In her interrogation by Ernie Cadman, attended by Mike Powers, everything Stacy said implicated Matt.


Wendy Conrad was buckling under the strain of her mother Eleanor's recommitting her-self to the psychiatric ward at Hope. After 15 years of therapy, Eleanor was finally well and prospering in her own home again. Unbeknownst to Wendy and Eleanor, Scott Conrad plotted Eleanor's recommitment so he could divorce Eleanor and marry Althea Davis. Dr. McIntyre, Eleanor's psychiatrist, continued to insist there was nothing wrong with her, but Eleanor was afraid of hurting her loved ones. Scott secured the necessary papers to file, then told Wendy of his plans. Wendy was upset. When he revealed he was leaving to give Althea the good news, Wendy accused Scott of never giving Eleanor a chance. He admitted he had been in love with Althea from the first. Althea, meanwhile, had rediscovered her love for her ex-husband Nick Bellini. Their remarriage plans fell through when Nick refused to have children at their age. He had just returned to Arizona, but their love remained. Scott was aware Nick was living with Althea, but barged into her apartment anyway. Scott told Althea he hadn't gone through it all for nothing, then proceeded to search the apartment for Nick. Althea was bewildered. He offered her Eleanor's pearls - originally bought for, but rejected by, Althea, then appropriated by Eleanor -, as an engagement present. Althea told Scott she didn't love him and wouldn't marry him. He didn't hear her and almost choked her putting the pearls around her neck. Althea continued to insist she didn't love him and wouldn't marry him. Penny and Jerry arrived and threw Scott out. Scott went home to Wendy. He told her he was going for a walk while she went to visit Eleanor, and not to wait up for him.


The following morning, Wendy found a note from Scott. When she found he was gone, she called the police, then started for the hospital. Althea arrived. Scott drove his car off an embankment into a river in a remote area. He was dead. Wendy showed Althea the letter, and they began to realize what he did to Eleanor. They left for the hospital to tell Eleanor together.


Billy Aldrich, Steve’s ward, refused to move into the new house Mona Croft, Steve's mother, had bought to drag the family away from memories of Steve's missing wife Carolee. Billy went to his half-sister Toni Powers for help. Toni made Billy call Steve, then offered him the couch for the night. Steve took Billy home, with Toni's consent. Billy sneaked out, and went to girlfriend Greta Powers. While there, he took the film from the camera Matt took from Winston outside Joan's room. Billy holed up at the "Y", where he was located by almost-relative M.J. Match. M.J. counseled Steve to let Billy alone for a while. Ann Larimer chided M.J. for her involvement, surprising M.J.


Billy Aldrich ran out of money and went to M.J. She let him camp on her sofa while they arranged to have him stay in Mike's old room over the garage at the Powers'. Mona, upon hearing of the arrangement from Ann, was urged by Ann to let Billy stay there — until after she and Steve were married.


The Edge Of Night


Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson


Psychiatrist, Dr. Quentin Henderson had prepared Nicole Drake for treatment under narcosynthesis. Her husband, lawyer Adam Drake was determined to find out about the potential murder of Nicole during her 45-day comatose state after the yacht explosion. - During their honeymoon, the yacht the Drakes were on exploded. Nicole was missing and assumed dead. She was alive and suffered amnesia thereafter in Paris, treated by Dr. Clay Jordan. - Under narcosynthesis, Nicole visualized and spoke about fireworks upon entering a hospital in Guadalupe. Quentin suggested this was Bastille Day, July 14th, but since the explosion was on May 30th, the mystery laid in the 45 days between, all of which were a blank in Nicole's memory. The only hint of memory recall occurred as Nicole was coming out of the narcosynthesis. She became hysterical in a living dream that a man was forcing her wedding rings off — she yelled out "No — they're all I have left!"


Since obvious and definite attempts had been made on Nicole's life, Adam wanted to hire a bodyguard for a 24-hour watch over Nicole. He took police Lt. Luke Chandler's suggestion to hire rookie cop, Steve Guthrie. He had been temporarily suspended from the force for insubordination.


Only hours after Steve Guthrie was hired, Clay visited Nicole at the barn - the Drakes’ home outside Monticello city limits -. With Nicole's permission, Guthrie allowed Clay in. He informed her that Dr. Henderson had been killed. This news disturbed Nicole deeply. He pumped her for an account of what she told while under narcosynthesis. When she couldn’t tell him, he lost all composure and shook her in uncontrollable anger. Hearing her screams, Guthrie entered at gunpoint. Adam fired Guthrie for this overreaction to this incident. Minutes later, Van Rydell - the mystery man who had frequented the New Moon Cafe where Nicole worked as hostess - aimed his rifle through the bushes outside the barn. He shot. His shot skimed Nicole who was inside only because Guthrie distracted the shot by yelling and jumping at Van. Van escaped, Guthrie was rehired.


With Van Rydell suspected as Nicole's assassin, Adam had gone to his former fiance Brandy Henderson and told her she was no longer a suspect to Nicole's murder attempt. She could then withdraw her resignation as Assistant District Attorney. - Brandy became so depressed as a result of Adam and Nicole's reconciliation, she had been heard voicing her wishes to see Nicole dead. - Brandy's only consolation was her brother Quentin's companionship. When Lt. Chandler brought her the tragic news of Quentin's death, she entered a paralyzed state of mind. Adam saw her and offered her compassion, she could only think of herself without Quentin's stable crutch to lean on. To Adam she cried "being alive is so hard — there's no one that loves me — who is left?" Adam was speechless to Brandy's sorrow. - Clay Jordan broke into Quentin's office searching for Nicole's file. When Quentin walked in and refused to release it, the two doctors fought. Clay knocked Quentin down and out. He completed the act slugging Quentin in the head with a heavy paperweight. Quentin was found the following morning by his secretary, Phoebe Jamison. The police assumed a drug addict killing as an aftermath to robbery. –


Adam connected Nicole’s missing 45 days with the murder attempt on her life. Back in his hotel room, Van received a special delivery tape, he played it. "From the employer. Seventy-two hours to accomplish mission or your immediate replacement. Last notice."


Returning to the restaurant owned by the Drakes’ friend, Abby Walcott, Van disguised himself as a hunter. Abby had already been suspicious of this stranger, when he returned she notified Adam. Mike Karr had just called Adam to alert him that Van had been at the New Moon Cafe showing interest in Nicole. He fit the "cherubic" description Abby gave also. Adam had Abby stall Van until he could get to the restaurant. As Adam met Van at the door, holding Van's rifle which he took from his car, he demanded Van tell him who hired him to kill his wife. Van grabbed the rifle, it discharged — Van fled. Adam had been shot in the leg and was rushed to the hospital. A severed artery in the leg had placed him in critical condition.


Mike and Nancy Karr were seeing less of each other each day. Nancy had taken a job as columnist for the Monticello News. Her job kept her away from home; she seemed to be taking on mysterious errands and phonecalls connected with her "Consumer Hotline" reports for the paper. Mike was totally involved as head of the governor's crime task force. The chairman of the Civil Planning Commission, Tony Saxon had heard the leak that there was an indictment impending against him. He arranged for reporter Kevin Jamison to be delivered to his office to secure this rumor. Kevin could offer no statement to satisfy Saxon's curiosity. He released Kevin – unharmed - and Kevin reported this unforeseen meeting to Mike and the police. An envelope had been "dropped" at the New Moon Cafe. The contents had correspondence that revealed incriminating statements proving Saxon was part in the Bellamy Industries and Liberty Corporation conspiracy. He had helped them borrow two million dollars for a substandard housing project. Mike had to tread on thin ice to indict Saxon. He was on trial ten years ago for the same corruption, but was released a free man. Surprising to all, he was defended by New York attorney Ansel Scott. - Ansel was Assistant District Attorney Draper Scott's father. Draper was Mike's assistant on this task force. –


Tony Saxon had a meeting with Mike Karr. He told him that he then knew of the pending indictment and that he was clean, just as he was ten years ago when all this corruption was pinned on him. Mike listened to him, but did not go along with his tale of innocence. Tony gave him the information of the misdealings with Liberty Corporation and Bellamy Industries and told him he would help Mike take Bellamy in if Mike promised Saxon immunity. Mike said no, he would have to take that to the District Attorney. Later that evening, Saxon and his two hired "assistants" went to the New Moon Cafe. Saxon appeared polite, said very little. Johnny Dallas, the owner and son-in-law of Mike Karr kept silent also. When Saxon left, his two men told Johnny that they knew everything about him. They knew his family, his kid. They knew that envelopes had been left in his custody from other sources. They threatened to "visit" his wife and his son if Johnny let another envelope go by without notifying Mr. Saxon first.


Millionairess Geraldine Whitney had suffered a slight setback in her convalescence since the accident when she was pushed down the stairs. She was determined to undermine Kevin Jamison - her chosen heir - and his acceptance of his wife Phoebe's career. Kevin tolerated Geraldine's insinuations but the last straw was drawn when Geraldine conveyed to Kevin that "Phoebe walks all over you and crushes you underfoot" He angrily left her alone. She prepared to stand from her wheelchair but collapsed on the floor. This event had Kevin running back to Geraldine's side apologizing for his sport of anger. She seemed pleased by his response.


After Adam told Geraldine that "Dr." Clay Jordan had no medical credentials despite her claims that he practiced medicine in Europe, Geraldine greeted Clay coldly. She had trusted his treatment with her. Clay told her Adam had lied because his jealousy prevailed due to Clay's closeness with Nicole. He promised that he would get his papers from Paris and verify his authenticity to Geraldine.


Draper Scott had confessed that he loved Brandy Henderson. He had to convince Raven Alexander that he had no interest in her or in any future with her. - Raven was the daughter of Draper's soon-to-be step-mother. Honoring her mother's request, Raven arrived in Monticello to court Draper and persuade him to return to New York to practice law in his father's firm. - He dated her, but reluctantly. While enjoying a drink in his apartment, they shared a kiss. At that instant, Brandy rang Draper's doorbell. She had decided to bring a bottle of wine and share his company, but was jolted by Raven's presence. She pushed the wine bottle into Draper's arms then turned to Raven and laughingly commented, "what a wonderful shade of lipstick, it looks good on both of you!" Raven decided to leave Monticello, mission UNaccomplished.


Back in New York, Raven reported her adventures with Draper to her mother and Draper's father Ansel Scott. Nadine was most disappointed but would not accept defeat yet. When Ansel told her that the "mountain can go to Mohammed," she was delightfully intrigued. He told her that Tony Saxon had requested him to again defend his case in Monticello, the fee being very abundant. Nadine thought it would be a great opportunity for Ansel's career, publicity and all, and it would give Ansel first-hand experience working with his son, as Draper being in the D.A.'s office would be the prosecuting attorney. Ansel did not share his fiance Nadine's enthusiasm on this matter.


Kevin and Phoebe Jamison had decided to move out of the Whitney mansion and get an apartment of their own. They expressed their plans to Geraldine but she did not accept the news happily. She wanted them to remain under her wing for her loneliness and for their convenience. They refused.


General Hospital


Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock

Produced by: Tom Donovan


Three recent events had convinced Dr. Lesley Faulkner that there was no future for her with her husband, millionaire Cameron Faulkner: Cam's evident delight, devoid of compassion, when he produced the purported father of Lesley's daughter, Laura Vining; Cam's blatant attempt to get Dr. Peter Taylor out of Lesley's life by having Peter offered a job in California; the discovery of a cancelled check for $25,000 given to Barbara Vining by Cam. Cam was in New York to find out who had been embezzling from him. Peter persuaded Lesley to leave before Cam returned, somewhat apprehensive for Lesley if she didn't, citing Cam's almost pathological possessiveness.


Cam had returned early from New York to confront the embezzler, Mac, his trusted associate. Cam demanded his money back, saying he always kept what belonged to him. Mac had gambled it away. Cam fired him, without sever-once pay, saying Mac had had that and more. Mac warned that one day Cam would get what he deserved for running roughshod over people. Lesley packed her suitcase, made a hotel reservation, and prepared to leave the apartment. As she opened the door, Cam walked in.


Cam refused to allow Lesley to leave. She insisted their marriage was over. Cruelly Cam pointed out that a marriage meant a husband and wife sharing a bed and told Lesley she had never been a wife to him, always putting others - Laura, the clinic project, patients - ahead of him. Lesley pointed out that he was admitting the marriage was over. Cam suggested that Lesley wasn't the type to respond to patience and gentleness. He raped her. Meanwhile, Peter discussed Lesley's plight with Dr. Steve Hardy. Steve didn’t want to believe ill of Cam, but Peter convinced him Cam was not a generous man. He noted Cam didn't give people what they wanted but what he thought they should have. Peter was glad Lesley was safe.


While Cam was mixing a drink and taunting her, Lesley ran out the door, but the private elevator wasn't there. Cam grabbed her and told her that if she wanted to get away, he would take her. He put her in the car and headed for the mountain lodge he purchased recently. Lesley pleaded with him to let her go. Cam retorted that he never gave up what was his. He informed Lesley that he was going to teach her to be a proper wife to him, that he would teach her ways to respond to him she never knew existed. Incredulous, Lesley asked if he intended to rape her again. If necessary. Lesley told him that if he laid a hand on her, she would kill him. She grabbed for the steering wheel, and Cam tried to wrestle it away from her. They crashed. Lesley was found wandering in the woods by the state police. After being taken to General Hospital, suffering from shock and exposure, Lesley remembered a bridge, enabling the police to find Cam, dead in the car wreckage.


Singer Terri Arnett, Lesley's best friend, rushed to her side. Lesley poured out the awful story to Terri, ending in tears. Terri, who had often acted as peacemaker between the Faulkners, wondered how she could have been so wrong about Cam, but put it together. It fell to Peter to break the news of Cam's death to Lesley. When he was finished, she cried that she killed Cam. Peter pointed out how foolish that was. He asked Les to consider that she was in the clutches of a truly evil man.


Upon hearing of Cam's death, Kimberly Hughes, a writer for Men-Women magazine, sneaked into Lesley's room, demanding a story about Cam, asking details of life with this "giant of a man." Lesley asked her to leave, but it took the intervention of Dr. Rick Webber to get rid of Hughes.


The Men-Women article told how Peter and Lesley saved a man from committing suicide. It was the inspiration for another person in Port Charles. Upon overhearing the Taylors' babysitter mention she had leave her job on short notice, Heather Grant, fascinated by the lifestyle portrayed in the article, contacted Diana Taylor to apply for the job. Heather heaped praise on Diana, winning her over with flattery and feigned sincerity. Diana asked for references, which Heather and her mother forged, saying it was the only way she could find to better herself, to meet the kind of people she wanted to be like. Diana accepted the references. No sooner did Heather start work than she began a campaign to move in with the Taylors, culminating with a fake phone call with her mother. Heather told Diana she had to quit and return home because her mother didn’t want her living alone in a strange town. Diana had broached the subject of Heather's moving in to Peter. He refused. However, after meeting Heather, and realizing the conveniences of a live-in babysitter, he consented.


Heather had met orderly Derek on a cruise and mistaken him for a doctor. She learned the truth back in Port Charles and turned cool. She had her sights set on the likes of Dr. Jeff Webber.


Diana Taylor had been having grave doubts about her ability to hold onto Peter, feeling totally inadequate when compared to beautiful Dr. Lesley Faulkner. A psychiatrist recommended to her by Peter guessed the problem immediately. Unable to handle it, Diana stopped therapy. Diana feared Lesley and Peter were falling in love, drawn by the common bond of their work. Neither Audrey nor Terri was able to dissuade Diana. When Peter and Lesley were invited to address a symposium in Chicago, Diana was very upset. Her mother suggested she would stay with Martha and Heather, and Diana persuaded Peter to take her along. Lesley's accident and Cam's death caused Peter to postpone the trip. Diana didn't understand why Peter couldn’t still go. He pointed out it was a joint project. Besides, postponing would give Lesley a chance to get away later. Finally, unable to hold it in any more, Diana blurted out all her feelings of jealousy and inadequacy, saying she feared losing Peter to Lesley, especially as Cam was dead. Peter lovingly reassured Diana, but she wass not totally convinced sh was wrong.


When Lesley asked Terri about Diana's not visiting her, Terri explained Diana's feelings. Lesley had Diana come to her room, where she explained that the "romance" between Peter and her was trumped up by Cam, who hoped to use Diana's jealousy to keep Peter away from Lesley. After Lesley explained Cam's aberrant thinking before his death, Diana felt more secure in Peter's love.


Following a fall down hospital stairs, Dr. Steve Hardy was paralyzed from the waist down by a fracture of the 7th thoracic vertebra. Dr. Otto Marriner, head of neurosurgery, said surgery was contraindicated since the bone sliver that was pressing against the cord was in an almost unreachable position on the internal side of the spine. He recommended that Steve let nature take its course, and perhaps he would heal himself in less than a year. Meanwhile, Steve had to wear a brace and function from a wheelchair.


Steve couldn’t stand the idea of being an invalid, especially since he and Audrey Hobart had just found their love for each other again. Audrey insisted she would marry him anyway, and outlines plans for how they could get around. Steve pointed out that the paralysis was total, meaning he wasn't able to perform sexually. He told Audrey their marriage was off.


Rick Webber told Steve that when he was in Lamonda, Africa, he met a man who had performed surgery in a case very similar to Steve's. Steve invited Dr. Mark Dante for a consultation, over the strenuous objections of Dr. Marriner. It seemed that Dante had served under Marriner at another hospital as an intern. Marriner classified Dante as a hot-shot. Dante insisted Marriner was angry because he won an honor post Marriner had earmarked for a protege.


After examining Steve’s x-rays, Mark told Steve the fragment could be reached through an antrolateral approach — cutting through the chest and going in from the side. Mark agreed to spend the night in Port Charles and consult with Marriner and Steve in the morning. Audrey begged Steve not to consider surgery. Rick invited Dante to stay at the Webber house. Dante found Terri Webber Arnett good company.


In the morning, Dante and Marriner met before seeing Steve. Marriner revealed that Dante is an ex-con, who persuaded a member of the parole board, Judge Lowell, to take an interest in him. Dante pointed out he had paid back Lowell - Dante had revealed he was married to Lowell's daughter, who had been in a sanitarium for two years, refusing to speak to him.- Steve opted for surgery. Dante pulled Audrey aside and explained that her lack of support might give Steve too much to handle during the dangerous operation. Realizing Dante was right, Audrey went to Steve with her blessing, to find him wondering if he had made the right decision. She pointed out that Marriner was often too conservative and might well be afraid of being shown up. Marriner had refused to operate, so Steve arranged for Dante to do it. Dante asked Rick to assist, and Rick asked his brother Jeff to assist with the thoracic surgery. Steve gave his consent to the team, calling Jeff in to give added moral support. - Steve was very close to the Webbers, having known their father, Lars. Steve felt Lars gave Rick the lion's share of attention, and wanted to make some of it up to Jeff. –


The long surgery began. Jeff assisted well in his part of the surgery. Dante got most of the fragment using a high-speed drill. He had to use a curette to scrape away the last bit of bone. Steve started both epidural and bone bleeding. It took an hour to stop the hemorrhaging! Dante finished, and they closed. The prognosis was good.


Mark Dante, aware of Steve's great impatience to be well, asked Audrey to recommend a tough physiotherapist. After he listed all the qualifications, mainly having to do with not letting Steve get away with anything, Audrey, as he had hoped, volunteered. Otto Marriner, angry that Steve rejected his opinion and feeling a lack of confidence, resigned as head of neurosurgery. Steve offered the job to Dante, who explained that he was an ex-con. At 17, he beat to death the man who killed his father. His hands were lethal weapons — he had been a Golden Gloves champ. Steve still wanted him. Dante had to go to Boston, but promised an answer when he returned.


The Webber home contained several unhappy people. Terri turned off to men after her husband's death some five years ago. Rick and Jeff's wife, Monica, were once in love. Monica married Jeff after Rick went to Africa and wrote her that it was all over. Rick was captured by rebels and held captive for many months. Since his return, Monica had been plotting to be with him again. Unable to stay in the same house with Monica, whom he still loved, knowing she shared his brother's bed, Rick had decided to move out. Monica finally decided it was best —for her, and set about persuading Terri to help her find and furnish the apartment, which Monica envisioned as a love nest. Monica had also chosen surgery, Rick's service, as her specialty. But she had to stay on clinic duty until Lesley recovered. Monica went to see Lesley, demanding to know how long she would have to wait. Acceding to Monica's demand for an early release so she could do what she wanted, Lesley promised to return soon. But Lesley was upset with the pressure, and blurted it out to Peter. He reprimanded Monica for her lack of tact and feeling, saying it looked like she was not very good medical material after all. Jeff also let her have it, to which Monica replied that he had what he wanted. When Rick confronted her, Monica turned it all around, saying Lesley misunderstood.


Dr. Rex Pearson, Monica and Jeff's head resident, thought Terri needed a man and set out to be the one. He put her off guard by keeping her apprised of Steve's condition after the fall, then hid in the men's room after she closed her supper club and attacked her. Rick happened by, letting himself in with his key, and pulled Rex off. Rick beat Rex, who wanted to strike back insidiously. Learning from another intern that Monica never noted a previous leg injury that threw an embolism which killed little Joey Galvin following surgery to correct a subsequent injury, Rex wondered if Rick might not be covering for Monica, and contacted Mrs. Galvin, suggesting she look into the possibility of a malpractice suit against Rick and Monica. The lawyer, Mr. Bannister, wondered at Pearson's interest in the case, but told Mrs. Galvin he would look into it and let her know if there was a case.


Guiding Light


Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: Allen Potter


The divorce of Ed and Holly Bauer was final. Holly had tried unsuccessfully to talk to Ed prior to the finalization. He was just too distracted by Viola Stapleton's medical case to take time to listen to Holly. - Viola was the mother of RN, Rita Stapleton who had been dating Ed. - Before taking Rita out for dinner celebrating the success of her mother's surgery, Ed recalled a phone call while at Rita's the night before. He asked Rita if it was Holly's call. She confessed it was and apologized for "forgetting" to tell him. He remembered Holly's attempts to talk to him but when he told her of Rita's "oversight" she didn’t tell him why she called. - The reason being she wanted to stop the divorce. - Holly wanted to return her weddings rings to Ed, he flatly refused. It seemed whenever Holly found the opportunity to invite Ed to see her daughter Christina, Rita and he had already made a date. On one such date, Rita bought a special dress and it apparently did the trick. Ed was enticed by her overall appearance, calling her "alluring" and showing his approval with a kiss.


Rita offered to help Ed study for the medical board examination in neurology. Her experience with neurology impressed Ed and he found her knowledge due to her job working for a neurosurgeon in Texas beneficial to his studies. When Holly offered to watch Freddie - Ed's young son - and allow Ed more free study time, Freddy openly told Holly how much Rita helped his dad study. During a study period with Rita, Ed received a call from Holly who put Christina on the phone. Ed was delighted by this gesture. When he hung up, he snapped at Rita who had distracted him from his studies with her smalltalk. This caused Rita disappointing concern.


To Bert Bauer, Holly admitted she had changed, and more so just in the past month. One month ago she wouldn't have made the phone call to Ed from Christina. Bert was pleased by this, she still had hopes of Holly and Ed reconciling.


Rita met Holly in the hospital cafeteria one work day. As Rita went on and on about how much Ed had meant to her, changing her life and all, Holly cut the conversation short excusing herself and leaving abruptly.


Reknowned heart surgeon, Dr. Justin Marler had disrupted the staff at Cedars Hospital. He gave an interview to the Evening Gazette and was quoted as saying the hospital needed much improvement. Since his arrival at Cedars recently, Dr. Sara McIntyre Werner had avoided Dr. Marler intentionally. When he did see her, she was distant to him, refusing to talk about their past relationship during medical school. She rebuked Dr. Marler for hurting some of the staff members by his comments to the Gazette.


Sara saw a side of Dr. Marler she didn't know existed. Contrasted from his harsh personality was a soft-hearted man who gave a lonely child the compassion and attention he needed desperately while awaiting his mother's medical report in the hospital corridor. Sara was silently impressed.


Sara’s husband, Dr. Joe Werner had picked up more hours again despite his angina heart ailment. He had done this because Dr. Marler had critized Joe for causing his patients to suffer from the absence of their doctor. Sara expressed her concern but Joe continued the longer hours. After performing emergency surgery, Joe had exhausted himself. In the scrub room he fell down, the victim of a cardiac arrest. Dr. Marler found him moments after the collapse. His fast reactions to Joe's condition saved Joe's life. Sara was called in to Joe's bedside, she tearfully expressed her love to Joe. Her appreciation was unlimited to Dr. Marler — he stayed with Joe all night during his critical time. When Joe regained some strength, he was hesitant to accept Marler as his doctor. Dr. Ray Pitman had moved out of town and Joe and Sara, grateful to Dr. Marler for saving Joe's life, overlooked his rough personality traits and accepted him as Joe's doctor.


Despite his gradual improvement, Joe still worried about his future. He had Mike Bauer called in and they prepared to revise his will. They planned to keep this from Sara, but when she entered at the time of their discussion, Joe was forced to reveal his intentions to her. She was frightened by this, but Joe insisted on doing it. She asked Dr. Marler to talk to Joe and reassure him that he did have a future ahead of him to look forward to. Joe wouldn't even talk about a vacation in two month's time, and this pessimism upset Sara to no end.


While alone, Joe very painstakingly inched his way to sit up and hung his legs over his bedside. He was extremely exhausted by this and breathing heavily. This alarmed his nurse Peggy Thorpe enough to put a call in to Dr. Marler. Joe requested that she didn’t, she agreed if he would promise to slow down and allow his heart the time it needed to heal properly. He agreed.


Hope Bauer, the daughter of lawyer Mike Bauer, had been dating Ben McFarren frequently. Ben had recently been cool to Hope since she refused to make love to him. He had been her art instructor at College so they still remained friendly, but distant. To help Ben out, Hope had offered to pose nude for one of Ben's art classes, but only after long and strained thoughts about it. When the moment arrived to pose, she couldn’t do it. She asked Ben to forgive her, he offered her understanding, allowing her to wear her bikini. Word spreaded of this, but the gossip columnist in the Gazette exploited the incident by running a piece on Hope's nudity in the Gazette. After this, Ben and Hope were out on a date and, when confronted by a busboy at the Metro where Hope used to work, Ben put a stop to his malicious teasing about Hope's display of nudity with a quick punch in the cheek. Hope had to defend her morality to her father Mike when he asked her what was happening, he received the news via another lawyer who enjoyed reading the article in the Gazette! Mike believed his daughter and defended her when the calls came pouring in with curious inquiries. At Ben's request, Mike dropped by Ben's apartment. He left some papers finalizing the sale of Mike's deceased wife's car to Ben. In the apartment alone, Mike unveiled a sketch Ben had drawn — he was astonished to see it was a nude of Hope! Mike confessed this to his mother, then he didn't know if Hope had been truthful in her denial or not, although he wanted to believe in her so much. When he did question Hope's integrity, she responded defensively. She knew she did nothing wrong, but heatedly asked her father why posing nude for an art class was so acceptable for anyone else, but because she was a Bauer, it was shameful. Hope expressed her concern over her father's disappointment to Ben. He talked to Mike, alone, trying to enlighten Mike that the nude was done for artistic beauty only — but no matter what Ben said, Mike saw further into this act than just cultural appreciation.


Young Dr. Tim Ryan had been officially given the post as chief resident in neurosurgery by the Chief-of-Staff, Dr. Ed Bauer. Tim was ecstatic with the news, since he recently had to prove himself worthy of this post. To celebrate his well-earned victory, Tim took Rita Stapleton's younger sister, Evie, to dinner at the Metro. She was not as chic as her sister Rita, but Tim seemed pleased with her company at dinner. - Tim had been jilted by Rita with whom he was in love. This was what caused Tim's downfall in surgery and the near loss of his promotion in medicine. He shaped up and tried to forget about Rita, his new friendship with her sister has seemed to help. –


Roger Thorpe knew Rita Stapleton years ago in Texas. They were both publicly secretive to this fact. Alone at the hospital, Rita told Roger she wanted to pay him the money he had coming from her, but couldn’t begin to repay him until her mother's recent surgery bills were paid for. He was sympathetic about her mother, but strong-willed to get his money.


Love Of Life


Written by: Paul & Margaret Schneider

Produced by: Darryl Hickman


Betsy Crawford had told everyone that she didn't want to hear from Ben Harper as it had come out that he had married her only to fulfill his mother's wishes and in order to receive five hundred thousand dollars. Ben was already married to Arlene Lovett and thus committed bigamy. Nevertheless, Betsy was feeling neglected when she didn’t hear from him on her birthday. Several people had carried messages to her before from Ben since he had been in prison, but she then realized that she still loved him. Employer and friend, attorney Jamie Rolins, was the one who saw this and tried to help her think it out. Several days later, her best friend, Cal Aleata, was going through her desk at the clinic and found the present Ben had sent with his sister to Betsy. It was a handmade necklace with a large heart inscribed, "REMEMBER ME." Betsy explained to Cal how she had been feeling, but when Cal said they would get back together, Betsy replied that although she loved him, the hurt went much deeper.


Betsy’s obstetrician, DR. Mary Albertson, had arranged things so that she could give birth to her child under the new technique known as "birth without violence." Betsy attended the classes and although she assured Dr. Albertson that she didn’t need Ben and could get along without him, she envied the couples who were involved together with the birth of their babies.


Eddie Aleata had sent some of Felicia Lamont's paintings to a gallery owner in New York and had told Charles that Lisa Cooper wanted to give Felicia an exhibit. Charles had refused to tell her, but his ex-wife, Diana, felt that she had to speak out even though she could lose Charles' friendship. She told him that Felicia couldn't sacrifice her whole life just for him. Charles admitted that he felt he was "owed" the attention since he was confined to a wheelchair, but admitted to no one that since Felicia was a beautiful woman and many years his junior, he feared she might leave him for a younger man.


After Charles finally told her of Lisa Cooper's offer, saying he was only thinking of her health, Felicia asked Eddie if the opportunity was still available. She had recovered from an acute case of viral pneumonia and felt well enough to paint again. Eddie had called Mrs. Cooper to find out if she was still interested.


Felicia was very excited as she started painting again and told Charles how she felt. Jealous of anything or anybody that took attention from him, Charles tried to undermine her confidence. She explained how disappointed she was that he didn't tell her sooner about this offer. Charles got mad, was rude to Mrs. McQuery, his nurse, and wanted to fire her. Felicia apologized to Mrs. McQuery and told Charles that she was staying. - Charles grudgingly hired Mrs. McQuery when Dr. Joe Cusack and neighbor Sarah Caldwell insisted that Felicia was run down from taking care of the house, Charles' grandson, Johnny, and seeing to all of Charles' needs. Charles did this to keep Felicia near him and Felicia tolerated it because she felt guilty after accidentally shooting Charles, causing his paralysis. –


Mrs. Cooper wanted Felicia to come to New York to arrange for the showing. Eddie suggested that since she hadn't been well very long that she take a friend. She thought that he meant himself until he mentioned that he talked with Diana Lamont, who said that she had nothing planned and would be glad to go along. He asked if she could go as soon as this weekend. She had to break the news to Charles first. Eddie again professed his love for her and would be only too happy to step forward, if she was willing to let go of her feelings and admit that they belonged together.


Charles showed his jealousy of Eddie, and Sarah felt she had to tell Felicia that while she was delirious with her fever, she called for Eddie, but Charles didn't hear her. She warned Felicia that she had to be more careful in the future.


Rick Latimer was trying to end his business partnership with Meg Hart to win back her daughter, Cal Aleata. He couldn't wait for it to go through litigation and told his lawyer, Jamie Rollins, that he wanted to buy Meg out. Jamie objected when Rick informed him that he could get private money from small time hood Ray Slater.


Ray Slater had been playing Rick and Meg against each other in hopes of getting a piece of Beaver Ridge and Skylar Mountain the new resort they were building. He told Meg that he had offered Rick money to buy her out. Meg asked Rick if they couldn't start over, but he was already cleaning out his desk. She got mad enough to tell him that if he wasn't careful, she would put Ray Slater in charge of Beaver Ridge. Rick no longer cared. Ray told Meg he had pulled his money out of Rick's reach, so she called his bluff. The price she set was so high, one and a half million dollars, that Rick couldn't begin to touch it, so he suggested that she buy him out. This time she set the price so low that he would have nothing left. When Rick wanted to push Meg, Jamie asked for forty-eight hours from both of them, so that he could settle everything. Meg agreed.


Cal had decided that she could no longer live in the same town with her mother and made plans to go to San Francisco. Eddie took her to the airport and waited with her. Rick told Betsy and Jamie he would just leave it all to Meg because he couldn't lose Cal. Betsy said that it was too late because Cal was at the airport. Jamie called to detain her, but Eddie told him not to interfere. Rick arrived three minutes too late. They wouldn’t let him on the plane and although he knew which plane she was on, they wouldn't tell him what her final destination was.


Meg stalked in to accuse her sister, Van Sterling, of taking over her children again. When she demanded to know where Cal was, Van replied Cal didn't want her to know. After chastizing them both about being enemies from childhood, Sarah gave Meg the address. Meg wrote her a letter and left it lying on her desk. Ray came to collect on Meg's threat to Rick, but was told that she had never put him in charge of Beaver Ridge, Ray noticed where Cal was staying. Ray had tried to use Arlene Lovett to spy on Rick, but didn't realize that she had confessed all to Rick. Ray let Cal's destination slip and Arlene hurried to Rick with the news. Rick rushed off to San Francisco. Meg got impatient waiting for Jamie to settle things and wanted to talk to Rick herself. Jamie tried to stall things but Meg found out that he had gone after Cal. Betsy assured Meg that Jamie didn't know where Cal was, so Meg assumed Betsy was the one who told Rick.


Furious, Meg called her lawyer and asked him not only to tie up all the money in Beaver Ridge and Skylar Mountain, but also to start court proceedings to ruin Rick.


Meg left several messages for Cal, but she didn’t return her calls. When Meg finally got through to her daughter, she warned her that Rick was on his way and said she was only telling her for her own good. Although Cal knew that Rick was coming, his arrival surprised her. He told her that he had broken with Meg and had given up everything to prove Meg meant nothing to him. Cal said she didn't believe him and was learning how not to feel anything. She had him and her mother to thank for that. Later Betsy called Cal and confirmed everything that Rick had said, telling her that Rick really did love her. Cal called the hotel desk and was dejected when she found that Rick had checked out. She was sitting in the park contemplating her future when Rick arrived. He had got as far as the airport, but found he couldn't leave. She confessed she did love him but finding herself in his arms, said it would never work. Rick asked her to spend just one day with him before making up her mind — she agreed. Cal told him she was afraid that she was competing with her mother for men. She agreed to meet Rick at the restaurant for dinner, but then got cold feet and decided to leave town. Rick called the hotel when she was late and found that she was taking no calls.


Carrie Johnson’s hospital bill had been turned over to a collection agency. Arlene tried to keep this from her mother, but Carrie saw the bill. Dr. Tom Crawford told Arlene that Carrie would only live a few months without the operation. They agreed that she could pay five percent of the six thousand dollars on Carrie's former bill.


Tom told Arlene that he had contacted the surgeon and they would perform the operation within a month. He had agreed to do the surgery at a minimal cost. Arlene was laid off from her job as a cosmetics clerk at Brookshires, due to a fall in general sales. Arlene pleaded her case to no avail. She went to Ray Slater at the gambling club and told him that she needed money. Ray gave her no satisfaction. He happened to be at Arlene's when flowers arrived from Rick with a card thanking her for her help. Ray realized that Arlene was spying on him, not Rick. Mr. Ian Russel was a customer at Ray's gambling club and asked where "that girl" was because he would like to meet her. Ray said they had a special relationship and Mr. Russel reminded Ray that he owed him a lot. Ray contacted Carrie saying that he had a job for Arlene.


Meg flew to San Francisco to find Rick in Cal's room. She told him that she was bringing a law suit against him for breaking up their partnership and this would ruin him. When Meg refused to leave, Cal herself departed. Rick informed Meg that she had destroyed herself rather than him because Cal refused to many him, thinking that Meg loved him. Then there was no excuse for Cal to deny her love for him.


Cal and Rick discussed the situation and decided that they should return to Rosehill and tell the family, even though they disapproved of their relationship. Cal called Van and asked that she call a family conference. Van and Bruce decided that to leave Meg out would be cruel.


After Lynn Henderson admitted to Van that she probably had drunk the cooking sherry but couldn't remember, Van called Dr. Joe Cusack, over Lynn's protests, and reported Lynn's black-outs. Joe wanted to institutionalize Lynn, but gave in to Van's pleas that Lynn needed love and attention. Van's mother, Sarah, wanted to visit a sick friend in Springfield and Van insisted on driving her there. Van was sure that Bruce and Lynn could put their differences behind them for the two days she would be gone.


One Life To Live


Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Doris Quinlan


Cathy Craig Lord bitterly asked her father what right he had to decide her baby was going to die. She told Jim that she and Joe might have taken Megan to another doctor and saved her life. When Tony tried to intercede, she shouted at him to stop nagging her. Tony told her not to let her bitterness build a wall between herself and her father but Cathy said she didn't want to see or speak to her father as long as she lived.


Dorian Cramer Lord waited with Dr. Peter Janssen in an outer office as the hospital board was meeting to decide who would head the wing named for Meredith Lord Wolek. Peter told Dorian he was wondering about whether he should have withdrawn his name as Jenny suggested but Dorian told him that he didn’t have to let anyone ever tell him what to do about something he wanted very much. Viki and Jim entered the room and Viki walked over to Peter saying "Congratulations, you've been appointed head of the new wing. Good luck. I'm sure you'll do very well."


At the Craig home, Jim broke the news to Larry saying the vote was 3 to 2 for Janssen. Jim said Dorian got away with it; that she knew all the time the board was going to vote the way she wanted. Jim continued that with Victor Lord gone, it became purely and simply a matter of money as the funds from the foundation would only be forthcoming if Dorian said so. He said that Dorian didn't have to tell them anything. They knew that Peter was her hand-picked candidate.


Karen made a drink for Larry. He told her he was got to stop being "Mr. Nice Guy" and said he made some decisions when Jim told him the news. Though he wanted to have a few drinks and go to Llanfair to tell Dorian she could take her lousy job and stick it in her ear, he decided to take the whole thing as a sign that he should get on his horse. He told Jim he was submitting his resignation, effective as soon as he could find a replacement. Karen cheered Larry on with "Give 'em hell!" and he went on to say that he would continue to be passed over for advancement at the hospital as long as Dorian was in control. He talked about accepting the job out West, reminding them that Anna had said if he did what was right for him, it would turn out to be right for his son Danny, and even mentioned the possibility of going into private practice. He concluded that he held Dorian responsible and if he had to settle accounts, he would do it in his own way and his own time.


Pretending to be on her way to see Dr. Vernon, Cathy went to see Viki and accused her of ruining her life. She said that Viki killed her baby; that Joe and she could have saved Megan because they loved her. Cathy left saying that when she got finished with her, Viki would be sorry she was ever born.


Tony learned from Viki that Cathy had come to see her and, from other sources, including Brad Vernon – Dr. Vernon’s son - and Dorian, that Cathy had not been seeing Dr. Vernon but had been with Joe on a number of occasions. - Joe had told Viki when she questioned him about when and if he would be able to forgive her, that it was not a matter of forgiving but of not being able to forget. Viki said there was nothing they could do about the baby but there was something they could do about themselves. Joe replied he was not making judgements but was just going by the way he felt, and he just didn't feel the same anymore. - However, Joe had told Cathy repeatedly that she had a husband and Tony would be very glad to help her. He reminded Cathy that they had both made their mistakes in the past and who were they to condemn anybody.


After confronting Cathy with a number of deceptions she had practiced and the fact that she was shutting him out of her life, Tony asked what Joe Riley could do for her that he couldn't. Cathy accused Tony of being jealous of Joe and Tony advised her not to be flip or pull a cop-out on him. He told her she was taking their whole relationship and putting it on the line for something she had learned about Megan. Cathy wailed that Megan was their child - Joe's and hers - and Tony added "and she's dead." Cathy screamed that she didn't ask for Tony's help and she didn’t need it. Goaded, hurt and puzzled, Tony asked Cathy repeatedly: "Then why did you marry me?" Cathy, remembering Pat telling her about Tony and Brian, quickly told Tony that she married him because she loved him.


Dorian dined with Peter Janssen and Dr. Will Vernon at Tony Lord's Place prompting Brad, who was there to have a drink with Karen - an obvious second choice since her sister Jenny turned down his not very impromptu invitation - to comment "Good old Dad, out on the town and Mom at home."


Within a few days, Naomi Vernon's – Will’s wife and Brad’s mother - athsmatic attacks became serious enough to cause Larry Wolek, as her physician, to recommend a nurse in attendance. He mentioned that his cousin Jenny might be interested and both Will and Brad Vernon considered the suggestion a good one. Jenny accepted the position. When Brad received an offer to play in a tennis tournament, Naomi told Jenny she was concerned with trying to avoid a fight between Brad and his father. Will had expressed the fear that Brad was becoming a tennis bum. However Will told his son the possibility of Brad's accepting was all right with him, things would be all right at home as Jenny was here. Brad asked Jenny to go out with him when Will was present and when she turned him down, Will went on with his previous conversation saying maybe he was becoming reconciled. After Jenny left, Will told Brad that if he was going to be a tennis pro he should be one, go on the tours and see what he could do, or give the whole thing up completely. Brad professed to be thinking about it and when Will asked about his motivation, Brad, who had been told by his father that Jenny didn’t seem to be his type, asked "How about the love of a good woman?"


Viki, doubling over in pain as she was about to answer the door, called out and Vinnie, hearing her, rushed in. He helped her to the couch and called Larry who ordered an ambulance. Vinnie tried to locate Joe and left a note as he joined Viki for the ride to the hospital. When Joe, who had been on the move, rushed to the hospital, Larry and Jim told him that Viki was having mild uterine contractions and hemorrhaging. After a day or so Viki was released but had to have a housekeeper to take care of her. Dorian, ready to "change her image" sent her housekeeper Felicia to Viki. Unwilling to risk hurting Felicia's feelings, Viki accepted. On her doctor's advice Joe and Viki were to have separate bedrooms for the duration of Viki's pregnancy.

Cathy had been in New York seeing her agent Sidney but ordered him to cancel her appointments and arrived back in Llanfair after being gone only one day. She told Tony that she was going to have a baby and from then on, everything was going to be all right. When Tony asked if Cathy saw a doctor in New York she told him no, but she was having the weirdest feelings, light-headed and sick to her stomach, and didn’t need a doctor to tell her what she already knew. When Tony suggested that she see Dr. Hodges to confirm her pregnancy, she refused to have anything to do with him, saying everyone at the hospital played God with her baby's life. She said that she would call a doctor in the morning.


Brad Vernon had decided to turn down the tennis tour offer and told his father that he intended to seriously seek pupils and begin to settle down in Llanview, perhaps taking up his scholastic pursuits once more. Will wondered at Brad's attributing much of his motivation to Jenny but told his son he believed he was doing the right thing and wished him well. Jenny finally accepted Brad's oft repeated invitation to give her a tennis lesson.


Jenny’s sister, Karen, had sensed Anna Craig's coolness toward her and wondered aloud to Jenny why Anna didn’t seem to like her. Jenny insisted that Karen was reading Anna wrong, that she was upset about Cathy's failure to soften her attitude toward Jim even after Jim had pleaded with her to do so as she was pregnant, and bring the family together at such a time. Jenny also pointed out that Anna was disturbed at the sudden change her brother Larry's life had taken. - Anna sensed Karen's preoccupation with money and success. Tony Lord told her that Karen was disdainful of taking a job she badly needed as a waitress in Tony's place and tried to promote a hostess role for herself instead. She turned down the job but later accepted it after enlisting Larry's sympathy and support. –


Karen made up a grandly unsuitable series of sketches for furnishing Larry's offices suggesting that he take out a loan to finance impressive surroundings in his new venture into private practice. When Larry told her that he had already taken on considerable indebtedness to finance medical equipment and that such surroundings would scare off most of the patients he would have, Karen answered they were not the ones he should have — he should have wealthy patients. She agreed to re-do the sketches and Larry and she spent more and more time together, he waiting for her during the last hours of her stint at Tony's and driving her home afterwards. Finally, one night, as Jenny was working late at the Vernon's, Karen took Larry to her wing of the Craig house for a nightcap and the evening ended with she and Larry making love. The following morning, as Jenny left the room, Larry asked Karen if she was ok, and she said that she was very happy but the fact that everyone in the house was so close was disturbing to her. Larry told her not to worry, no one was going to know.


Cathy told Tony that Dr. Vernon agreed with her when she went back to see him, that she did not need to continue therapy. When Tony checked with Will, he was told that Cathy misled him; that Dr. Vernon, in fact, had made it clear to her he believed that she had a deep underlying disturbance that would not be swept away by her happiness at being pregnant. He told Tony that he had to try in any way, without pushing Cathy, to get her to see she should seek counseling of her own volition.


Tony told Cathy he had been to see Dr. Vernon and he wished she would look at herself as the woman of perception and intelligence she was. Tony did not push his wish to be present when she saw a doctor to confirm her pregnancy, but told her he would be waiting patiently. When Cathy went to keep her appointment, she was impatient upon learning the doctor was delayed and would have to see a number of patients before her when he returned. She agreed to stay and wait but fumed to herself, as the time went by, that she couldn’t understand why she should put up with the delay, telling herself she knew how she felt and didn't really need confirmation. When she returned to the apartment, she told a delighted Tony that after a careful examination using all the latest scientific methods, the doctor confirmed the fact that she was pregnant.


The previous day, she sardonically confronted Pat Kendall saying that she believed Pat was using ploys to force Brian on Tony. Pat countered that, as far as she was concemed, if there was any way to break up Tony and Brian's relationship without hurting her son, she would be glad of it. Cathy told her that Tony's time would soon be taken up in any case, because she was pregnant.


Both Anna and Matt McAllister noticed that Pat seemed disturbed, and when Pat and Matt had lunch with Dorian, some remarks McAllister made upon seeing Pat stop at Tony's table to congratulate him, caused Dorian to question Pat about the time she knew Tony in the past, to Pat's evident discomfort. When Pat left, Dorian told Matt to keep his eyes and ears open and keep her informed, saying it could be that Tony had something to hide. Matt said he would, adding "Just like old times, isn't it?"


Tony had told Cathy about an offer he had had to expand and take on new responsibilities in the club management field. When he told her he had had to turn down the opportunity for the moment, flattering as it was, Cathy asked why. He said that he couldn't afford to overextend himself. All he needed to do, he reminded her, was to miss "one lil ol' payment" and Dorian would foreclose on "Tony's Place."


Ryan’s Hope


Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer


As Father McShane arrived in the hotel room, Delia cried out to him that her inability to move in from the ledge, as her legs tired from standing, was God's punishment for trying to trick Frank. Frank overheard and told Maeve he couldn’t stay and listen anymore.


Pat Ryan arrived and went out on the ledge to calm Delia. He asked her if he passed the "I'm Delia's friend" test and they sat on the ledge because Delia's legs were too shaky to support her weight. Pat played make believe games offering her a potato chip — when she moved her hand to accept it he reminded her that she did so although a few moments before she couldn't. He told her to wish on a star. She remembered wishing, as a little girl, for a crown. Pat took her hand and kisses it. Getting to his feet, he told Delia he was bored out there and Delia stood up with him. He coaxed her past some molding and got her to the window where a policeman took her in and he followed. Once inside, Pat told Delia that she had to go to the hospital for observation.


Reporter Martha McKee had, by chance, passed the hotel on her way home, noticed the excitement and soon learned the identity of the young woman on the ledge. After Martha tried to question Maeve and Mary, Jack arrived.


When Frank saw Jack and Mary, he told them that he had got to get away from Delia but he didn’t see how he could leave her without causing pain for everyone, especially little John. Jack told Frank that Martha was determined to question him saying that she was a very smart reporter. He added that she had picked up gossip about Frank and Jill, and when Frank said that he had promised Charlie Ferris and the people from the club he would never give them any more trouble about Delia, Jack recommended that Frank dodge Martha.


When Martha sympathetically said that she had pieced together a very sad story and asked for correction or confirmation, Mary snapped that she didn't like "vultures." When Jack stepped in and told Martha the real story was just not worth it, Martha replied: "Well suppose you let me decide about that." Martha asked if Jack didn’t think the possibility of virtuous Councilman Ryan driving his wife to suicide didn’t affect them all. She assured Jack and Mary that she was not out to win a Pulitzer prize, she only wanted to be able to evaluate the complete picture, but when Mary asked her to promise beforehand not to print a word, Martha refused to promise and Mary refused to give her any details.


Martha left the hallway of the hotel saying that there were lots of people who would talk to her and she would just have to glean what she could from secondary sources. Mary asked Jack if he could stop Martha. Jack telephoned Ed McCullough, editor of the Banner, Martha's paper, and asked him as a friend to kill the story. Ed agreed.


Frank told Delia and Father McShane at the hospital the following day that he would not continue in the marriage. He was advised by Delia's doctor that she was highly unstable at present and needed people around her; that she needed reassurance and was not ready to assume the care of herself and little John. Frank asked Johnny Ryan if it would be all right for Delia to return to Ryan's for the time being while he slept at his office. Johnny and Maeve agreed. John Ryan had reservations though, that by taking Delia in, they were making things too easy for Frank.


Pat Ryan reminded Frank he knew what Delia was like when he married her, but "you allowed her to make you the center of her life."


Faith heard about Delia at the hospital and after talking to Pat she went to Roger's apartment. It was Faith who told Roger about Delia's attempted suicide. When Jillian returned, Roger told her what had happened. Jill asked if the papers knew about it. Roger told Jill apparently the story had not gotten out. Roger told his sister that she was free to be with Frank. He said: "Frank doesn't want his wife, so why not let me take her off his hands?" Jillian replied "some of us refuse to purchase happiness at the expense of others."


Jillian, who had made love with Seneca Beaulac during the weekend at her beach house, went to Ryan's to see Frank. When he refered to the week-end at the beach house with Seneca, Jill told Frank "I like him. He's a good man and he's lonely and I want to help him —That's all." Jill agreed to see Frank later at her apartment.


Seneca visited Jill at her place and told her that Marshall Westheimer and the board of Riverside Hospital had asked him to stay on at Riverside as an administrator. He asked Jillian if she told Frank about them. Jillian replied that she didn't have the opportunity. Then she said she couldn't tell Frank; he would have interpreted it in terms of his relationship. She said their making love had nothing to do with Frank; it was between Seneca and herself.


Roger called Charlie Ferris anonymously and suggested that the party line up a replacement for Frank in view of the terrible scandal that was brewing. Charlie met with Bob, Frank and Delia and was told that Frank considered the trouble strictly a family matter. He said that he and Delia were separated, not formally, but, as far as he was concerned, the marriage was over. Charlie said that he considered Dee a trooper and had come to admire her a lot. He asked if Frank was sure that whatever he was mixed up in wasn't going to blow up in their faces. Delia said that she was sure, and when Charlie asked how she was so positive, she assured him that nobody concerned wanted trouble. She offered to continue to campaign for Frank but he insisted he wanted her out of it.


After Delia left, Charlie offered to make a political compromise. He would excuse Delia from the day to day business but there were two or three rallies where her absence would raise questions. Frank agreed to let Delia appear at those but reiterated that he had no intention of getting himself under obligation to Delia.


At the beach house, Seneca told Jillian he was in love with her. Jill replied that there was not so much love in the world that she could turn it aside when it was offered, but that she was waiting for Frank. Seneca told her that he couldn’t see anything there for her but unhappiness. Frank arrived at that moment and he and Seneca exchanged a few remarks. When Seneca asked Frank if he intended to get a divorce, Frank told him he and Jillian hadn't discussed it but that was what he came out to do. Seneca left, telling Jill he would see her back in the city.


Frank told Jill he thought he could get custody of little John it she was prepared to marry him and take the baby on. Jillian agreed that if Frank would divorce Delia and marry her, she would welcome little John. Frank wanted to sleep with Jillian but she insisted that if they made love, they would never stop, and when they returned to New York they would become careless and Frank would risk losing the election and his chance for custody of little John.


Roger Coleridge called Martha McKee and informed her that Frank Ryan's image couldn't be more different from the person he really was. He asked her to guarantee to protect his identity and promised her facts, not hearsay or gossip. As she agreed, he gave her his address. When she arrived, he presented her with a list of questions to ask Frank at a rally scheduled for the following night. Upon reading them over, she commented they were in very deep water. Roger told her that he had nothing personal against Frank. He insisted this was her opportunity to triumph over a dishonest politician and a reporter who did her a very bad turn, adding "Nobody will cover up this story." After promising to forget his name as soon as she walked out of the door of his apartment, she asked him to come to the rally, saying if she saw him there she would look right through him. Roger declined, saying that the questions could be the death of Frank's career, but could also be a beautiful beginning for Delia Ryan.


After an unconsciously ironic build-up by Charlie Ferris, Frank told the people present at the rally he would save his speech and answer questions. Martha McKee asked if he was elected, would Mrs. Ryan and the baby accompany him to Washington? Frank tried to hedge about a separation of 200 miles but Martha refused to allow him to fence. She asked if it wasn't true that he and a member of his staff had engaged in a long term liaison which was still going on. Delia vehemently denied this, characterizing it as rumor, and stated that she loved her husband and intended to be with him. Frank said that Delia's answer represented her feelings and that his own were otherwise, but went on to say that the question was over the line. Martha asked one final question — was it a fact that his wife attempted to jump from a 10th story window and the story was suppressed ? She said this very evening he represented his marriage as being in good order and asked if these were the actions of an open and honest candidate. Charlie Ferris shouted that "Mr. Ryan isn't gonna answer that question," and Martha said quietly: "I'm not surprised."


After Martha left, Charlie Ferris told Frank that, in his opinion, "your chances of goin' to Congress just walked out that door."


Seneca had told Jill that he intended to vote for Frank, himself, "if only to speed him on his way." He pressed his case, saying that he was sure he didn't misinterpret her feelings for him in the time they spent together. Jillian conceded that she was looking for new beginnings herself and her feelings for him were real "for the moment." Seneca was worried that she was committing herself to Frank without thinking through her true feelings and added he wished he could believe that Frank Ryan was treating her half as well as she was treating Frank.


Mary furiously set upon Delia demanding to know if she or her friend Roger had anything to do with what went on at the rally. Mary made it clear that, whatever the facts, she blamed Delia.


Search For Tomorrow


Written by: Peggy O’Shea

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim


Gwen Delon confronted Chris, her ex-husband, with the fact that she knew she was dying and that he had known since her checkup with Dr. Gary Walton. Chris wanted to stay in San Francisco with her, but he couldn’t convince her of this. Gwen didn’t want his pity and planned to live the time she had left free of pity. She asked Dr. Walton for a prescription for pain so she could go back to San Francisco. Gary convinced her that she would be better off to spend a few days in the hospital, getting her strength built up so that she could travel comfortably.


Chris told Jo Vincente that Gwen found out about her illness and had pushed him away, wanting to return to San Francisco alone. Gary told them he had put her in the hospital.


After much soul-searching, Jo felt she couldn’t let Gwen live out what time she had left by herself. She visited Gwen and told her that Chris hadn't come back because he pitied Gwen, but that he had pitied her, Jo. She realized several weeks ago that Chris felt guilty because the bullet that paralyzed her was meant for him. She took advantage of his guilt because she needed to think someone could love her. She knew then that she never really loved Chris either.


Gary released Gwen when she was strong enough to travel. As Gwen was packing to leave, Chris arrived. She told him about Jo's visit, and Chris said they were only fooling themselves. He called Jo to thank her for her help with Gwen.


Jo retired to her room at Hartford House for all her meals and many lonely evenings. Stu and Ellie Bergman were worried about their friend because she refused to let up on the work at the Inn. She had stopped going to the hospital for therapy and, finally, Gary and Stu insisted that she have another checkup. Gary explained that she made more progress the first month after her surgery than she had in all the time since. He told her that there was an operation they could perform. Since she could move her feet a little, the surgery could do one of three things: it could completely cure her; leave her as she was at the moment with foot movement; or completely paralyze her. He told her not to decide too soon, but to think it over carefully.

Amy Carson decided to come back to Bruce, but couldn’t tell him that it was for good. She said they had to continue sleeping apart because she couldn’t separate sex from love and as long as Bruce didn’t love her, she couldn’t bear to sleep with him.


Liza Kaslo had asked John Wyatt to draw up a letter for Steve to send to the publisher with his demonstration tape to protect him. John wanted no payment. It was a get well present and he could say he knew Steve Kaslo, the song writer, before he was famous.


Everyone was impressed when Liza's photo appeared in a newspaper ad. Steve told Liza she couldn't keep going at the pace she had set for herself. She had been working as a waitress at Hartford House and modeling at the same time to support them since Steve was still recovering from leukemia. As she was making money with her modeling, she had to quit working at the inn. She hated to leave her grandfather in the lurch, but he was too proud of her to mind.


Amy had lunch with her brother, who wanted to know why she ran away from Bruce. Steve told her that if a man couldn’t make love to his wife, he soon began to feel like he was not a man. He lost his self-confidence and battled over little things. Amy protested that he and Liza were different. Steve replied you could have love without sex, but he and Liza would give anything to have the privilege to be free.


Dr. Gary Walton had a patient who came in for a pregnancy test and told him that the father wasn't interested, but to send the bill to Woody Reed anyway. Gary asked his step-father if he knew anything about Liza’s agent, Woody Reed. Wade knew Woody's father, his family had money, and he just loafed around waiting for his inheritance. Janet defended Woody, saying that he worked hard and seemed to be good for Liza.


Woody told Liza that a famous photographer wanted to shoot her. Dick Merton then called Liza asking her to come Friday evening to his apartment. Liza was apprehensive but decided to go. Woody, learning from Steve where Liza was, arrived just in time to hear her pleading with Merton to leave her alone. He broke in and rescued her. Woody took her to his apartment, where she showered and dressed and decided to tell Steve that the bruise on her shoulder happened when she tripped over the lighting cable. Woody told her that she should have had more sense than to go, models worked at a studio during the day. He said from then on he would be her manager and agent and she had to clear all sittings with him so that nothing like this could happen again.


Liza’s shoulder was still sore, so she saw her brother Gary about it. He didn’t believe her story and said it was from finger pressure. He jumped to the conclusion that it was Woody, but she insisted he was the one who saved her.


Woody had had new composites ordered, adding some of her new photos and using her maiden name. Liza Walton, because he had some television work for her, and since they want an “all-american girl,” Kaslo might sound too ethnic. The composites arrived and Liza and Steve fought over Steve's contention that Woody controlled her life from ordering composites to changing her name.


Scott Phillips had told Eric that David Sutton had found Eric's father, Ralph Heywood. Kathy invited them to dinner and Scott wondered why Kathy had to be so nice to them. Ralph and his wife told Eric all about the horses on their ranch and invited him to visit - Eric Leshinsky was the son of Scott's first wife, Laurie. Scott had been made guardian and had always felt very close to him, but Eric called him Scott. - Ralph and Eric discussed what Eric would call Ralph. Scott was very hurt when Eric called Heywood "Dad." Scott gave in and let Eric visit the Heywoods, but was very upset when they were late getting home. Eric was very excited, they went to the fair and then a colt was born on the farm that Ralph had said could be Eric's. The Heywoods told him that he could visit anytime.


When Eric announced he wanted to go to his dad's again, Scott said they had plans. They were going to the lake with his best friend, Wendy, and her mother, Stephanie Collins. Later Kathy confided that she might have to work. Ralph called and Eric said that he couldn’t make it this weekend. Ralph said that anytime was all right. Scott was having trouble facing the fact that Eric was glorying in the fact that he had found his real father; he was afraid that he would lose Eric.


John Wyatt had hired ex-Federal marshall David Sutton, to find the man who attacked Jennifer Phillips. It was the phone calls from her attacker that prompted John to move in with Jennifer. David questioned Bruce Carson and Gary Walton about Jennifer. They both said she would lie to benefit herself, but they were both rejected lovers. Scott Phillips said the same thing, but then he was her ex-husband. Jennifer's story didn’t fit — every time she was questioned by the police, she gave a different description. Her story of how she escaped didn’t seem feasible. David talked to Stephanie about Jennifer. Stephanie said Jennifer was probably scared and confused, but David tricked Stephanie into admitting that she knew Jennifer was lying. Stephanie said that he could stop looking as he knew the truth.


David told John that he had solved the case. There was no rapist. John confronted Jennifer who told him that David took the word of three rejected lovers against hers. When John asked why her best friend would lie, Jennifer replied that Stephanie was jealous because David had been attracted to her and Stephanie probably had found out. She added David had made passes at her. Thinking he might have misjudged her, John went back to David with this. David admitted that he would make passes at any woman, even if she was married, if he was interested in her. John asked how long he would wait to date Jennifer if he walked out. He said it would be about twenty-four hours.


John asked Jennifer to the office where he questioned her until she became so confused that she admitted lying. She would do anything to get him. John was moving out.


Jennifer stormed over to Stephanie's furious because Stephanie told David there was no rapist, but didn't tell him that it was her idea. Jennifer announced David had asked her out, but Stephanie couldn’t believe it.


Eunice Wyatt had asked Janet to give up trying to make John jealous. She felt that it wasn't right. She still felt that she wanted to get a job so she could support herself and Suzi. She visited a friend who ran an advertising agency to see if she could get a job. She agreed to dinner at Hartford House. John saw her there and told her that he had moved back to the Inn. When he asked her to dinner she accepted. She asked Scott to delay the divorce but then hearing about Jennifer's non-existent attacker, she told Scott to proceed with the divorce and canceled her dinner with John. Eunice told John that she then knew that the only reason he left Jennifer was because she lied. John said he had also realized that he didn't love Jennifer. John brought up the fact that he turned to Jennifer because they were having problems.


Jo was still moody and became depressed when she read of Chris' remarriage to his ex-wife Gwen. Eunice tried to help by insisting that Jo keep their luncheon date.


After Bruce was approached by a single nurse at the hospital who knew that he was a married man and said that it made no difference, he asked Amy how she would feel if he dated other women. Amy replied that since she ruled sex out of their marriage, she had no right to object.


Furious, Steve left the house in the pouring rain to return only after Liza had called all their friends looking for him. He refused to be pampered. The following day, he asked Gary for a complete check up in order to prove that his health was good enough for him to get a job and start supporting his wife. Steve felt that he in no way resembled a man.




Written by: Russell Kubeck

Produced by: Lyle B. Hill


The population of Somerset began to feel the grip of organized crime, whose ruthlessness reached into the lives of Dr. Jerry Kane and his pregnant wife, Heather. On her way up to visit Register reporter and friend Carrie Wheeler, Heather was accosted and pushed down the apartment building stairs. Hours later, Jill Farmer, Carrie's roommate, returned from work and found Heather, who was rushed to the hospital. Despite Caesarean surgery, Heather and Jerry lost their baby girl, and attention shifted to saving Heather herself, who also suffered a subdural hematoma. Heather was rushed into neurosurgery.


Meanwhile, Carrie and fellow-reporter Steve Slade were in hiding. Steve whisked Carrie away after discovering a hit-man in the corridor of her apartment building. The hit-man got by police guards outside, dressed as a laundry deliveryman. - The presence of organized crime in Somerset was revealed by Carrie's late fiance, Greg Mercer, also a reporter- Greg’s digging aroused someone enough that he was murdered. Following up on Greg's story, Carrie got a deathbed confession from one of the men involved. The other witness to the confession, Nurse Ruth Fellows, had disappeared; thus, Carrie was the prosecution's key witness in the impending trial of Greg's murderers. - Steve had alerted only editor Julian Cannell that they were safe, not trusting even Julian with the address. In the hideout, Steve took Carrie through the last days with Greg, hoping to find a clue to "Mr. Big."


Tom Conway, prominent young Somerset attorney, and a former friend of Carrie's, was in the pay of Mr. Big. Tom was horrified at what happened to Heather, and reminded his contact there wasn't to be any violence. The contact told Tom that Heather was a mistake. Tom wanted out, but Mr. Big had files that could lead to Tom's disbarment, so he continued to cooperate. His orders were to locate Carrie and also Greg's papers. Tom was later able to pass along the information that the police were concentrating their search in the Claridge Park section of town.


After cardiac arrest in surgery, which she survived, Heather was taken to intensive care. Jerry refused to leave her side when he was not on duty. Heather remained in a coma and the doctors were very concerned. Jerry began to call to her and to tell her of his great love for her. Finally, Heather opened her eyes. Some time later, after being told of the loss of the baby, after being able to notice she was no longer pregnant, Heather came to terms with it, and she and Jerry pledged to have more children.


Meanwhile, after hours of "interrogation" by Steve, Carrie recalled the name Harry Rose. They were interrupted by a strange sound outside the door — a man on a crutch. The following morning, Carrie admitted that the strain of secrecy and hiding was getting to her. A man delivered a phone book. Steve refused to let him in, then checked out the window for the truck, which was a phone company truck. But he didn’t like it. They made plans to leave that evening.


Lt. Price pulled Julian away from dinner. There had been a shooting. They rushed to the apartment. The lock had been shot off the door — of the secret apartment! Price couldn’t decide whether Steve and Carrie were there until Julian discovered a matchbook on the floor. Finding it contained Julian's address, they decided the two reporters were there.


The following morning, as Julian and publisher Dan Brisken speculated about whether Steve and Carrie were safe, Steve arrived — alone! They left the apartment before the shooting, and headed towards Ravenswood Park. A man shouted at them, frightening Carrie, who ran away from Steve. He searched all night, but couldn't find her. Julian demanded to know why Steve didn't call for help. Steve didn’t trust anyone. Lt. Price accused Steve of being part of the organization, implying Steve took Carrie away from police protection in order to turn her over. Steve told Price about the hit-man, but Price couldn’t believe anyone could have got past his guards. Julian fired Steve for being irresponsible.


Steve decided to leave town, but Price had him arrested at the airport as an accessory in Carrie's disappearance. Ironically, Steve retained Tom as his lawyer. Steve was released on bail. The police found Carrie's shoe floating in the lake and began dragging for her body. When Julian heard Steve had been seen talking to a member of the organization from another part of the state, Julian refused all further contact with him, even when Steve insisted he had some leads.


Nurse Fellows was found murdered. That night the police gave up dragging the lake, certain Carrie was not there. The police found Carrie's purse and signs of a struggle in Ravenswood Park, boding ill for Carrie.


The rocky romance between Julian Cannell and Vicky Paisley had been complicated by the arrival of national newswoman Avis Ryan. Avis was covering the story in Somerset. She had interviewed Julian for TV, and had told him the network people were so impressed they wanted him as her co-anchor. Julian pondered the luxury of reading the news versus the pain of finding and reporting it.


Julian passed up a dinner invitation from Vicky to keep an appointment at the Hayloft with Lt. Price. Vicky arrived to see him sitting with Avis, and refused to believe he just bumped into her while waiting for Price. Julian told Vicky he was tired of her jealousy and her tantrums. She decided not to bother him with them any more and made plans for an extended trip.


Dan confronted Avis with the information that the job offer she made Julian was a phony— network execs weren't interested. Avis told Dan she wanted Julian and she had enough power to get what she wanted, namely she had a contract renewal pending and at least two other networks that would like to have her. She pledged Dan to secrecy.


Julian asked Vicky not to leave. She refused. Vicky told Tom she was a spoiled brat with shallow values, so since she was not really needed, she was leaving. Avis offered herself to Julian, to help dispel his mood of guilt over the loss of Carrie and Greg. He told her that if anything was going to start, he wanted it to be on the best of terms and conditions, not as he was then. He wanted it to start out right. Vicky gave up her plans after Steve contacted her and persuaded her he didn't turn Carrie over. He admitted he had been in love with Carrie from the first time he saw her, but felt intimidated by Greg's hero image. Vicky changed her plans and agreed to be his go-between with Julian.


Lena Andrews, Carrie Wheeler's grandmother, returned to town upon learning of Carrie's disappearance. Lena was completely put off by what she heard of Steve's part in the whole thing. When she saw him laughing in the Hayloft, it was too much. She marched over and chastised him soundly. Steve was upset when he learned who she was. Later, he went to her house to tell Lena his side of the story. Lena lost some of her dislike when she saw Carrie meant something to Steve. As they discussed Carrie's involvement in finding Greg's murderer, Lena revealed she still had Greg's papers — in the attic! He persuaded her to let him see them, but they were interrupted. Steve made arrangements to get the papers to Julian, with Vicky's help.


Meanwhile, at dinner with Avis, Dan and local contractor Fred Harrington, Julian swore he would get the man behind all of this. Harrington warned not to say such things in public because he might endanger himself.


The Young And The Restless


Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: John Conboy


- Brad Eliot had left his wife, Leslie, after he found he was losing his sight without confiding in her because he didn’t want to be a burden to her during her career as a concert pianist. Leslie's sister, Lorie, and his brother-in-law, Dr. William – Snapper - Foster, were the only people in town who knew of his plight. Lorie intercepted Brad as he was leaving town and insisted that he go to her apartment. Lonely, Leslie found herself responding to Lance Prentiss, but asked him not to see her after Snapper informed her that she was pregnant with Brad's child. Lorie was the only one Leslie had confided in and had told the rest of the family that Brad was visiting his sick mother. –


Lorie had taken Brad to San Francisco to consult another doctor, but he also could find no reason for Brad's blindness. He thought she was taking him to Chicago, but realized he has been tricked when the stewardess announced that they would be landing in Genoa City. Lorie wouldn’t let him go off on his own in this condition.


Lorie Brooke and Lance Prentiss were fencing with each other again. She wouldn't tell him why she went to San Francisco with a friend and he wouldn’t tell her who was living with him in the house he had rented for the summer on Lake Geneva. Lance called his mother to tell her he was bringing Lorie to the house. Lorie told Lance that the time she spent with her friend had brought all her feelings to the surface and made her very vulnerable. Lance said that she was so different when she was like this, and it made him very vulnerable to her. Vanessa, Lance's mother, was watching all this through the two-way mirror she had installed between her room and the living room and vowed that Lorie would never get Lance.


Vanessa warned Lance about a "woman like Lorie" and said that she was after his money. Lorie wondered about the room Lance wouldn't show her and then found that his roommate was a woman. Lance assured her that she had no competition, but wouldn't say that his mother was staying with him.


Lance and Vanessa discussed the fire which deformed her face many years ago. Lance talked about how she saved him from the burning building and that the fire inspector said it appeared that a child had been playing with matches in the room he shared with his younger brother, Lucas. The first people out of the building found Lucas outside sobbing. Lance stated that Lucas was driven away by guilt, and if he ever returned, she would have to face the reality that Lucas started the fire. Vanessa protested that it was never proven.


Lorie was afraid that Leslie would break under pressure as she did before. She asked Brad what he would do, knowing that he would be responsible if she couldn't perform at her New Orleans concert. Brad was sure that Leslie was strong enough, but if not, he would go to her. Lorie called the Maestro and asked that he leave the phone off the hook so that they could hear the concert. Leslie performed brilliantly. Lorie asked Brad if he wasn't hoping she would fail so that he would have a reason to go to her.


Snapper visited Lorie thinking that she could tell him where Brad was because he had to get in touch with him. He said it was about Leslie, but he couldn't tell her any more than that. Lorie claimed that Brad would tell him before he would tell her. Lorie and Brad both wondered what it was.


The Maestro was concerned about Leslie. He had to go to South America and it was three weeks before Leslie's next concert. She was in pain, but had great determination.


Brock Reynolds had asked that Jill Foster and Derek Thurston help Joann Curtis by giving her a new hairdo to go with her new figure. Joann had a new confidence in herself and her future. Johnny told her he felt he should move out as she was starting to date and had gotten hold of herself. Joann refused to feel sorry for herself and wouldn't let Johnny pity her either. She told him she would get a divorce, but Johnny said he was not sure Peggy wanted him anymore. Joann went to see Peggy telling her she was getting a divorce and asking Peggy to reassure Johnny because he blamed himself for the terrible time she was having. - Peggy was trying to think things through after she found that Jack – Johnny - was married. She went to stay at her sister's only to be raped by an intruder. –


Ron Becker was told by the Public Defender, Mr. Lawrence, that since he was not destitute - they used the nine thousand dollars Nancy just inherited from her mother to pay his bail - he could no longer defend him for nothing. Ron and Nancy persuaded him to take the case and they would pay him as soon as they got the bail money back. Mr. Lawrence listened to Ron's story and caught the part about Peggy seeing him before the line up.


Ross Andrews, the prosecutor, called the Brooks family together and told them Mr. Lawrence had petitioned to have Peggy's identification thrown out of court because of undue influence. Chris admitted that she told Peggy she thought it was Ron, but all said that Ron willingly introduced himself to Peggy at the line-up. Ron was sure that he would win the petition and everything would be all right. He told Nancy to stay home with their daughter, Karen. Nancy said they would leave town after this was all over and get a fresh start. When she got Ron's jacket, she found a slip of paper in the pocket with "516 Summit" written on it – Chris' address -. When she asked Ron about it, he explained he had misunderstood Chris and written "560" and when he couldn't find this address he threw the paper away. When Chris later gave him the correct address, he wrote it down, thinking he would deliver her nightstand later. Nancy dismissed all her doubts.


At the hearing, the judge ruled that although Chris had talked to Peggy she had not described Ron, and since he identified himself willingly he created the situation himself. The petition was denied. Ron told Nancy it was because the Brookses had money and influence that little people couldn't get an even break.


The night before the trial, Ron told Nancy that he wanted her to get a divorce if he was convicted. Nancy was so disturbed she went to the Brookses’ to again plead with Peggy not to take Karen's father from her. While at home by himself, Ron remembered how he waited for Chris in her apartment and found that it was Peggy he raped.

In the morning, Ron asked that Nancy bring Karen to court. Nancy objected, but Ron said he was scared and needed his family around him.


Jennifer asked Peggy why she wasn't dressed to go to court. She said she had been thinking about Nancy's visit, and the man who raped her had no face. Jennifer pleaded with her daughter not to identify Ron if she was not sure he is the man who raped her. The event flashed through her mind again and she saw his face. She was sure then.


Liz Foster was upset because she introduced Ralph Olsen, a friend of hers, a plumber, to her employer, eccentric widow Kay Chancellor, and then Kay planned a swim party for two at which she planned to seduce Ralph. As she unrobed herself at the pool to show a new revealing swimsuit she had sent to the house, Ralph commented, "How beautiful!" Kay thought he was speaking of her daring suit, but turned to see him staring at the pool. She mentioned a sore leg muscle and thought Ralph was going to ask if he could massage it when he inquired if she would join the church choir.


The following morning, Kay tried to make Liz believe that she was intimate with Ralph, but backed down when she thought Liz was going to ask him. Ralph told Kay that he knew what she was up to and asked if they could slow things down. She accepted a dinner invitation and then called to say they would dine at her house. Liz wanted to fix and serve dinner, but Kay was having it catered.


Derek Thurston would like to open a posh beauty salon, but didn't have access to that much money. A customer of his agreed to back it but her husband turned it down. Derek got Jill to talk about her past and he found she knew Mrs. Chancellor very well. He called and told Kay he could change her life if she would have her hair done. Later Kay became so nervous that she canceled. Derek asked if he might do her hair at her home. Kay acceded and agreed that the hairstyle he gave her made her look much younger.


Ralph told Bill Foster that the only thing that stood between Kay and himself was her money. Kay vowed that if he didn't propose, she would. She wanted to show him that with a little polish they could go a long way. Kay did propose but Ralph said it was because she had to change him that they would never be happy together. Brock, her son, told her that she would be just as lovely if he didn't love her. Kay drank almost a bottle of liquor from the time Ralph left until Liz arrived in the morning.


Deciding he had learn how to get along on his own, Brad was going to take braille courses and do some studying. As long as Leslie thought he would come home, he had tied her down so when she returned from South America with the Maestro, he would contact her and ask for a divorce. Lorie said that Leslie would not consider giving him a divorce without seeing him face to face. Brad would go through a lawyer if necessary.


Vanessa told Lance that a wife could only complicate his life. She suggested that Lorie was beneath him because, although she had never met Laurie, she knew what kind of person she was. Lance had to make another business trip to Rome and asked Lorie to accompany him. At first, Lorie said she would not be able to go, but decided that since Brad was learning to fend for himself, there was no reason for her to deny herself the pleasure of Lance's company.


The judge asked Nancy and Karen to leave the courtroom because they were a disruptive force. Mr. Lawrence tried to get Chris to say that she wanted to get Ron and this was why she told Peg, but she told the court that she commented to Peg that she "hoped to God it wasn't him."


Although Peg was sure in her own mind that she could positively identify Ron as her attacker, Mr. Lawrence said that only one week before, Peg wasn't sure if she got a good look at the rapist. He played upon the fact that Peg had admitted she kept her eyes closed during the actual attack in order to block it from her mind.


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Thanks so much for putting up more synopsis, such a treat.


Y&R is so dark and gloomy for the most part. No real fun or romance happening. Even the couples moving toward each other are tentative and have some sort of conflict. I wonder what it was like watching day to day.


Derek would go through a recast during this time and it seems little story occurred. Jill is very quiet this month as a result. 


I find Brad's motivations odd. He is a doctor and a psychiatrist as well. He knows he could be self sufficient if he tried and would not be a burden to Leslie. I mean he has fooled everyone so far, no one questions his sight being an issue, so I am not sure why he thinks he can't get by without being a burden to Leslie. Though I guess Bill Bell might have delved deeper into his foolish ideas through Lorie. He is being stubborn and silly, which is realistic.


No teen stories for the summer yet. When did that become a thing? Seems more so in the 80's


I still can't get over how Ron would eventually ride off into the sunset with Nancy and Karen. He is so evil, especially considering what is to come. 


Would love to see Jeanne in Kay's daring swimsuit trying to seduce Ralph. I am also curious at to what that set would have looked like. The bigger more expansive sets seemed to be more common through the 80's, but maybe the show was already expanding its set design and had a bigger budget to work with. The rape trial would have needed quite a few extras I suppose.

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