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The Hits Keep Coming for the Retail Sector

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Interesting how I noticed this today.


Metropolitan Diary: Perfect fit


Dear Diary:

I was browsing in the men’s department at Neiman Marcus when a knitted black designer blazer caught my eye.

Although the tag said it was on sale for a fraction of its original price, it still cost more than I would normally care to spend on such an item of clothing.

Tempting fate, I tried it on. It fit me perfectly, of course.

Just then, a saleswoman appeared in the aisle where I was standing.

“It fits you perfectly,” she said.

Possibly trying to talk myself out of buying it and probably in hopes of dissuading her from trying to sell it to me, I responded.

“Yes,” I said, “but I really don’t need it.”

“We don’t sell things that people need,” she replied without missing a beat.

— Joe Caputo

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I can remember shopping at Century 21. Honestly, after September 11th, 2001 I don't think I ever shopped there again. The store closed for awhile and I avoided that entire area for a couple of years and I guess I just never returned.

Funny how one can fall out of a habit as I once used to frequently visit that entire area.

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I have lived in New York State - upstate - my entire life but I have never heard of that store. Still, any retail store going under is sad, if just for the loss of jobs.


I only associate Century 21 with real estate.

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I still used to shop at C21 downtown up until very recently. It used to be very, very crowded at times, but you could get great deals. There is another location right across the street from

the Apple Store near Lincoln Center.

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It grieved me a lot more when Daffy's closed because you could find some designer made gems at steals (the kind of bargains you'd find at those secret sales at an "undisclosed" location, i.e. warehouse). My sole issue with Daffy's was that even on a "quiet" day, the store often looked like a whirlwind had hit the racks. On a busier day...well, let's not get into that.

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Looks like just about every other retailer's loss is Amazon's gain (although the e-commerce units of Target and Walmart also benefited this year).


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