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GH to air "classic" episodes

Marco Dane

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GH could certainly do better, especially considering what they did for SOAPNET on their 50th.


I like their idea of airing a week of storylines rather than different episodes everyday in contrast to y&r. But...do it right. Never thought I'd see the day when CBS would do better than abc when it comes to classical content. (In recent years at least).



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On 5/22/2020 at 1:50 PM, SteelCity said:

Why not rerun the Metro Court Crisis, or another disaster? Hotel fire? Train crash?

Amen! Metro court alone is almost a month!!! Even Contagion or Lassa fever would be a cool fit given the times

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IMO the best way to keep the audience engaged during a multi month hiatus is to air classics. Why re show sub par content from 5-6 years ago thats still relatively fresh in the memory? Anything up to 2008-2009ish (to stretch it) would be okay. The only interesting material from the Frank V era I'd care to re watch would perhaps be some stories relating to the 50th anniversary.


The early 2000s forward definitely had quality decline issues but had a few storylines that were at the very least entertaining.


B&B needs to take the hint aswell and stop airing episodes from about the last 12 or so years.


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I was just reading the comments on a post from GH’s Instagram page-  the amount of people asking when there will be new episodes and why are these repeats continuing was kind of ridiculous.  Do any of these people look at the news at all?


They need to be filling all the comments with we want some real classics!


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