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Y&R to air classic episodes


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Bryton richly deserved that Emmy. Devon read Carmen the house down.

If only the show allowed him to be that passionate and committed more often... We’ve seen good actors tripped up by boring characters all the time on soaps. 

I know people didn’t love Prof. Korbel, but Eyal Podell was smoking hot and he and AL had chemistry IMO.

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4 hours ago, soapfan770 said:

Someone mentioned they may have also used the episode where Victor tore into Jack, Jill, and Keith for acquiring an unprofitable company for Nick to run without realizing just how deep in the hole the company was. That episode aired a month earlier in Feb 1997.

That was the clip shown in the 1998 Daytime Emmy broadcast. 1998 Lead Actor race was Peter Bergman, Eric Braeden, David Canary, Anthony Geary, Kin Shriner. The episode for PB that was shown on the broadcast was Jack confronting Diane about being involved with Victor; I don't know what the second episode was.

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I have loved the classics, being able to see Drucilla and Mamie and Gina and Nina, and to see Victor actually having different storylines than he's had in the past few years. Today was extra special - my favorite Lily and my favorite Colleen. And Dru!

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21 hours ago, kalbir said:

I remember when Y&R all of a sudden starting showing male backsides. I only remember Paul and Brad having those scenes though.

Was this before, after, or right around the time Jill daydreamed about Ryan without his clothes on?

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I gotta say, the fact that we're getting episodes from as far back as the early 80s shows that SOMEONE behind the scenes give a shite about the longtime fans of the show. Do I wish they put some of that care into the actual program? Absolutely but I have to give props when they're deserved.


It's such a stark contrast GH and much of what B&B is doing. If this were GH we would have a best of Kyle and Lola week. 

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On 6/24/2020 at 9:53 AM, kalbir said:

Global update. Wednesday July 1 Global/Tuesday July 2 CBS - 5929, original air date August 7, 1996. I think this is Paul and Christine's first wedding.



Recap for August 7, 1996
The episode of Christine and Paul's wedding


Context to the Christine/Paul wedding reception, to understand why Paul leaves:
Nathan Hastings, Sr. is/was Paul's partner at their private investigation firm. The married couple Nathan and Olivia are split. Nathan and Olivia have been in an ongoing contentious argument over little Nate.

*The recaps and comments of the prior days/weeks indicate that Olivia had been very upset and crying a lot about this situation. Paul had been trying to help Nathan and Olivia come to some sort of truce. Olivia was continually relying on Paul for support, and crying to him.


The main recap:

Nicknames for anyone unfamiliar:  "Liv" = Olivia.  "Chris" = Christine.

rec.arts.tv.soaps.cbs ›
Y & R SPOILER Wed 8/7
(Posted day-ahead on 8/6/96)

Today is *wedding day*!
Most of the show is either scenes getting ready for the wedding, the wedding, the reception.

Gina visits Danny to *help* him on this bad day.  Phyllis and Daniel show up.  Fur flies with Phyllis and Gina.  Gina leaves.  Danny yells at Phyllis.  All of this is her fault anyway.  Phyllis--would you believe me if I said I was sorry?  Danny--would you believe me if I said I don't give a damn?!

Nathan calls Liv. She answers the phone right away.  He says the he and Nate will come home if there are no cops and she agrees to let Nate see Nathan on a regular basis.  He will call back to see if she agrees.  If she doesn't, she may never see Nate again.  Liv calls Paul (at the reception of course) and asks him to come over, she needs him *now* because every time she hears Nathan's voice she goes crazy (her own words and the truth even!).  Of course, being the wonderful person she is, Chris says Paul, no problem if you go.


Supplemental info on another thread.
Here is the info, with personal opinions removed:
Before the wedding, Christine is standing in front of a full length mirror, in a plain white bathrobe. Nina walks up behind her and says "I've never seen a more beautiful bride."

And more info from yet another thread

Victor gives Christine away.


Supplemental recap to same episode:

The other twist in today's story is that while Chris was getting dressed for the wedding, she checked her 'phone messages (yeah right!) and one of the lawyers for Newman Enterprises told her she was needed IMMEDIATELY because one of the deals she was working on was going sour and only she (of course) could get it back on track (pardon the mixed metaphor).  She told him that it wasn't possible - she was busy getting married in 15 minutes.

SO when Paul tells her about Liv and Nathan, Chris tells him about the legal problems; and they decide that being the responsible people they are, they should postpone the honeymoon and go off separately to save the world.  It appears that Chris has to go to Denver to do whatever.  But Paul and Chris decide they won't tell anyone what they're doing to avoid any speculation.

info from spoilers: Wedding guests and wedding venue, and more:
posted 7/26/96
Spoiler: Miles and Margaret Dugan (Parley Baer & Maxine Stuart), remember Rainbow Gardens? return for Paul and Christine's wedding on August 7.
Posted 8/4/96
Red letter day: Wednesday August 7, Chris will happily marry Paul in a country chapel on Y&R.





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11 hours ago, asafi said:

Any chance someone have episodes from early December 1994, featuring the whole story of Rex Sterling's being shot and killed, 

Katherine and his kids saying goodbye to him at the hospital and his really-sad-funeral? I really want to see this, as I remember this story was very touching and sad. I really loved the Rex-Katherine's relationship! 


Here's December 2, 1994 the after Rex is Killed.


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10 hours ago, janea4old said:

Friday July 3, 2020: Episode #7696
Original US airdate Aug. 15, 2003.

This episode immediately follows #7695 which was rebroadcast on 5/26/2020. 


recap (from 8/14/2003 CDN or 8/15/2003 US)




Better late than never I suppose! 



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I wasn't riveted by the Jack scenes in today's show. Like I said before, PB's first two Emmy wins were the result of IMO weak competition in the Lead Actor races. 


Dina later gets exposed for lying about an illness when she was really broke but she would return in 1996 as we saw during the Nick/Sharon wedding repeat. I remember her 1996 return there was a rewrite that she left because John's secretary made Dina believe John was cheating on Dina with the secretary.


I wonder if the 1994 episodes will cut scenes from the Vietnam story. That also went against previously established history. From what I remember of the Vietnam story, Jack mentioned he was 20 years old in 1972 when he left Vietnam. When Dina arrived in 1983, it was mentioned she abandoned the family 12 years earlier. Putting together the established history and rewrite, Jack would've have been in Vietnam when Dina abandoned the family.

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11 minutes ago, kalbir said:


I wasn't riveted by the Jack scenes in today's show. Like I said before, PB's first two Emmy wins were the result of IMO weak competition in the Lead Actor races.


It’s funny: with all the dismissals Bryton has received as a performer over the years, his scenes were the only ones thus far that have stood out as an Emmy showcase IMO.

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