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Y&R to air classic episodes


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Well that brings up a good point - I am honestly baffled that not one of the 3 soaps airing reruns decided to just air a storyline for a week rather than the one-offs. You're not getting the beginning, middle or end - its just the middle (and sometimes the end) of random stories. 


I think the repeats would have done better if they would have selected a story and showed it for a week. Something like the reveal that Nathan got HIV from Keesha or Veronica shooting Nikki. 

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21 minutes ago, Dylan said:

https://t.co/SgLCFp428b?amp=1 what do you guys want for the last classic weeks in a month?


Big soapy reveals.


Nov 25, 1991 is amazing.  Paul arrives in the middle of Dina and John's wedding with info that Jill hired Paul to research, and Paul just found in Switzerland -- info that Dina has been lying.  A lot happens and you don't need prior epis to understand.  Dina has been WAY over the top lying. She was not in a secluded Swiss sanitarium for two years recovering from tuberculosis. She was partying all over Europe with rich playboys and came back to Genoa City for John because she ran out of money.  I watched recently and it's an awesome epi.

Edit to add: It concludes the investigation begun in the classic epi being rebroadcast June 25, 2020.  And it concludes the whole arc Oct-Nov 91 arc of Masquerade Ball, Traci worrying about miscarrying, Traci getting married, and the one airing this week.


Reveals like that.  What soaps are great at.


Danny revealing that he had secret other simultaneous paternity test done and he now knows Phyllis has been lying for three years (that one sounds good on paper but I haven't seen it in decades so I don't remember how it looks).  It follows up on the epi of Olivia/Malcolm wedding where Phyllis was doing something with Brian (they edited it out of the rebroadcast that she was trying to fix the paternity test).

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9 hours ago, Faulkner said:

Danny was such an @sshole to Traci. It’s a very believable response, but wow. This was one of the better performances I’ve seen from Michael Damian, who could be uneven at best.


Beth Maitland was just 26 when she gave this Emmy-winning performance. 

I like Maitland, but I don’t understand an Emmy for that performance. There just wasn’t anything special there, and I’ve seen BM do better dozens of times.


Michael Damian is far from a great actor, but he was A LOT better than Beth Maitland in those scenes.

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Great episode. Beth was fantastic. At least dopey Cricket provided some comic relief and got sent away before the real emotional scenes. I think they cut some of Gina and Lauren's confrontation maybe? It didn't seem as dramatic as it did in the recaps, and I would have rather seen more of that than the Tim/Amy exposition scenes.


Didn't love the Victor/Cora scenes as much as I thought I would, but clearly it meant more in the context of what happened before and after.

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8 hours ago, DaytimeFan said:


Please Y&R producers, pretty please?!

There is many best of jill episodes in the timeline of history, im still waiting to maybe one day see Brenda Dickson first episode and maybe the very first scene she had with Katherine.

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Watching today’s episode: Victoria Rowell was simply phenomenal as Dru. It just needs to be said. She more than secured her place as one of the great actresses of Y&R and the genre as a whole.

Hope is still my favorite Victor pairing. There was such a sweetness between Eric and Signy.

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10 hours ago, YRfan23 said:

Maybe it’s a Paul and Chris week!

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If that's the case, then next Thursday and Friday could be their weddings.


On to today's classic. First half of 1997 was not among Y&R's finest hours. I was happy to see EB's Emmy winning episode though. The clip that was shown on the 1998 Daytime Emmy broadcast was Victor confronting Jack about the Dennison deal.


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Ashley’s 90’s mystery men she got involved with were always so worthless. It didn’t help the character was so poorly miscast at this point in time as well. I was happy to see Hope come back at this point too but was disappointed by the triangle she got put into with Kurt & Ashley. I think Coleman was trying break into prime time for a brief minute there too I remember her doing a couple of X-Files eps and then Chicago Hope before her GL run. 

Nick Scotti



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