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Y&R to air classic episodes


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2 minutes ago, YRBB said:


They really could. Even that 2006 episode.

It was a giver - and I can live with it. The 2019 one however... better than Jack & NuDiane or Genevieve as part of the Abbott week. Those choices continue to be either great surprises, really through through and overall highly watchable.

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Wow that CBS press release has Tracy/Brad wedding January 11, 1991.  That's way off,  We know it's Nov 7, 1991.

Any recent date errors they made in their classics/repeats press releases over past two months - were because they used a taping date instead of the airdate, or they were simply off by a day or two. How did they manage to be off by 10 months for this one?

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6 hours ago, janea4old said:

re: the Dec 27, 2019 episode, I just rewatched it and I noticed that it opens with Ashley commenting that it's great that the kids are throwing the holiday parties now. It's just a single line that would easily be missed.


I guess they're saying that Abby owns Society and closed it for the family party and they made a point to show that Abby set the table and ordered the flowers. Lola being Society's chef cooked dinner. And they implied the Kyle helped both Abby and Lola.


I suppose the idea is that Abby and Kyle hosting Christmas is supposed to reference passing the baton to the next generation of Abbotts. But I didn't even think of that the first time I watched it, probably because it's at a restaurant. And I caught this time only because I was trying to find a rationale for them choosing this episode.


Passing the baton to a new generation is usually done in on TV or film by showing a big family crowded into a young couple's small home, with everyone commenting on this is the first time the young hosts have cooked the traditional holiday meal.


It was sad that Dina wasn't at the restaurant, but it was believable that an Alzheimer's patient would be overwhelmed by the noise.


I'm glad that they said that Theo had been invited but declined. I didn't want to see him there.


I did like Jack's speech at dinner about the joys and sorrows of the past year.


Probably the most significant part of the episode was when Jack has Dina brought home for the evening after dinner and they sit in the Abbott living room for a family Christmas Eve. It may have been Dina's last Christmas. It was nice to see her start singing along with the Christmas carol.


Why am I posting this? I guess I'm trying to rationalize why they picked this episode. Not really succeeding.


I guess they open with Dina on Monday and they wanted to have some closure for both parents with John's funeral and what may be Dina's last Christmas. It's still a puzzling choice. If they had to show something recent, which is not my preference, at least they could have chosen the 2017 episodes where Dina admits Brent Davis is Ashley's father. At least that's a reference to real Y&R history, unlike the fake history they created around Theo. 


I do worry we won't see Marla Adams again. She's 81 so probably isn't coming back to the set anytime soon. We just might get a mention that she passed offscreen. It would be better if they just said she went back into care but they are going to be hurting for storylines when they came back because absolutely nothing was going on except the silly Adam/Victor murder thing, and this would be an easy story to get people reeled in emotionally. 


I also have to laugh about how the episode centers around Kyle and Lola, who six months later are divorced anyway.


It doesn't even make sense financially, if someone wanted to see this episode for some reason they could just pay for CBS All Access.

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I think there was a scene in the Abbott living room where Gloria and Jack had a huge fight, I think it was actually before John dying (he was already hospitalized though). The scene was so intense it had me tear up a bit. I used to have it back then, then I lost all my DVDs and I never managed to find the scene again on Youtube. Does it ring familiar to anyone?


Come to think of it, I'd love to see all those episodes again. It all began with John not being able to see from one eye. It was an eerie premise, I thought.

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49 minutes ago, kalbir said:

One of the worst things Y&R did was fire Jerry Douglas and kill off John Abbott. He really was the heart of the family.

The bad thing was how praised it was to kill off John and how nice it was to say goodbye while the actor was still alive or some weird BS like that. Then we got ghost John and Alistair Wallingford for the next five years. 

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I'm in the distinct minority in that I never really liked John (I had quit watching by the time they killed him off). Most of my fondness for the Abbots was Traci, Mamie, Brenda's Ashley, and Peter's Jack (at the time I hadn't heard all the unpleasant stories on here about him and his acting had not become so grotesquely and bizarrely mannered).

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