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RIP John Callahan


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This is very sad. 

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 My heart goes out to Eva, his lovely daughter Kaya (especially since she's still young) and his family, friends, former co-workers and fans.  He really did seem like a nice guy and I really liked Edmund on All My Children. Especially with Brooke. I enjoyed them together and wish they would have gotten a happier ending as a couple on the show. It seemed like John touched a lot of people's lives and I definitely hope they can get through this difficult time of losing him. 

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I grew up watching Edmund and Maria - at their peak they were so warm, comforting and romantic, and John Callahan so dashing and steady at the same time. I was so upset by how Edmund was brutally discarded by the network, even if his stories since Maria's first exit had been increasingly pathetic along with the character. Callahan, Edmund and Maria all deserved better. My heart goes out to Eva LaRue and those who knew and loved him.

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1 hour ago, yrfan1983 said:

His first soap role was sexy naughty masseuse Leo on GH from ‘84-85

Someone tweeted this in response to the above Carlivati tweet.


A scene from SaBa:


Edmund and Maria make love for the first time on AMC:



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By the time I started watching AMC, Edmund was already in self-righteous arm-grabbing mode. I was surprised when I eventually got to go back several years and see how much more likeable and charming he'd once been. Callahan played that with ease, and a combination of wit, intelligence, vulnerability and edge that is very difficult for most men on daytime to capture. I'm sorry to hear he's passed, especially with everything going on at the moment in terms of funerals. 

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Like Vee, I grew up on that era of AMC. He was so charming and I loved him with both Maria and Brooke. The second go around with both couples, especially when Maria returned, wasn't the same but at their height, Edmund and Maria were magic together. I even loved him in the sillier stories like the Eduardo story with Phoebe and Brooke that Ron Carlivati mentioned. I still hate the way he was just killed off like it was nothing and in such a crass and unceremonious way. I'm sad for Eva, their daughter, their AMC cast mates, and anyone who loved him. 

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