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Selena Gomez Thread


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I think she has a flawless discography and run of singles. I made a list earlier of my top 5 favourite singles by her:


1 - It Ain't Me (with Kygo)
2 - Lose You to Love Me
3 - The Heart Wants What it Wants
4 - Look at Her Now
5 - I Want You to Know (with Zedd)

But I also love Naturally, A Year Without Rain, Love You Like a Love Song, Come and Get It, Slow Down, Good For You, Same Old Love, Kill Em With Kindness, Wolves, Fetish, Back to You, Rare and Dance Again. Also a lot of her album tracks. 


She's a modern day Britney IMO.


1 hour ago, Toups said:

My three  favourite songs are "Cologne," "Sober" and "Nobody."  I also like "Lose You To Love Me."


I really like Nobody too. The other album tracks I like are Survivors, Revival, Love Will Remember and Nobody Does it Like You. Forget Forever is pretty good too. Oh and from her new album 'People You Know' and 'Vulnerable' are great, check them out if you haven't heard them!

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Oh, I forgot about "Back To You" - that's another one I really like.  


I've listen to her new album - it's decent. 


Songs I really liked: Lose You To Love Me; Rare


Songs I like: Dance Again; Vulnerable; People You Know; Kinda Crazy, A Sweeter Place. 

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