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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread


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Through his gross incompetence and unchecked narcissism, Donald Trump will be responsible for the worst crisis ever to hit these United States.  More Americans are projected to die from this virus than did from 9/11 and the Korean and Vietnam wars COMBINED.  So, not only am I not shedding any tears for this man's once-more sinking approval ratings, but I'm also outraged -- OUTRAGED -- that even one person still believes this man has done nothing less than a beautiful job.

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Remember when folks screamed about the robots coming to take 'our' jobs? How do folks feel now? Personally, it would be reassuring to have robots do certain jobs at times like these.


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I really hope my old neighborhood in Harlem stays with that same low infection rate that I'm seeing.



One of the worst things to come out of this is the belief that only elderly would be in danger because it has only encouraged some younger people to be less than fully observant of safeguarding their health. In turn, plenty of them, including asymptomatic have gone around spreading COVID-19 to others.  Yes, it is still true (for now) that up to now, the fatalities have largely happened in the elderly but who's to say that won't change?



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My friends in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn are looking to get out. They feel it's grown dicey there, which is how my nearby, creepily empty glitzy shopping center in LA now feels - it has one essential supermarket, but even without the rising infection point here I'd hesitate to go back and feel safe rn. Too big, too little security. I'm stocked up but trying to master the frenzied Amazon Fresh delivery windows.


My mother has yet to be persuaded to stop her six feet apart neighborhood gardening gatherings, despite my rising fury. My stepbrother and his wife are still in Bushwick, Brooklyn; my ex, a doctor, remains on call in Queens.

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Tonya Pinkins sings a handwashing song.



She did sorta scratch her nose at the very beginning though.

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