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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread


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45 minutes ago, AlexElizabeth said:


I work at a hospital in Michigan. We desperately need PPE. Each employee gets one surgical mask - not one mask per patient or per day - just one mask. We wear it into every patient's room for days or weeks until it gets soaked with bodily fluids. Under normal circumstances, we'd get a new mask every time we enter a patient's room. We're out of our normal hand sanitizer and have started using sanitizer that Amway made this week for the sole purpose of donating it to hospitals. We're also almost out of cleaning wipes. The numbers keep growing, so the shortages are only going to get worse in the coming weeks.


I live in SE Michigan. Not a hospital, but I know some people that do. I've been hearing stories like that. I do fear it'll get worse before it gets better. 

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Never one to miss an opportunity to spread disinformation and propaganda, China and Russia have once again taken to social media to float conspiracy theories on the origins of the novel coronavirus.




The only thing that I've seen is a tweet mocking Trump's handling by bringing up the lack of toilet paper, which only reminded me of that Golden Girls episode where Rose dreams that she is in Moscow with Dorothy and Blanche (and Sophia who complains that they left her at home and she had to hitch a ride with a nice East German kid to get to Moscow) and Dorothy jokes that she knows the reason why everybody in Russia looks so grumpy all the time--it's their toilet paper!

I definitely thought that the origin of that tweet was probably from one of those disinformation sites.


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This is why I have no time for the easy narratives pushed everywhere about how smart and efficient China is and how China is trying to save the world. Too many people are so eager to share their disgust for America (Americans in particular being happy to do this) they don't care that they are enabling a very dangerous regime. You can dislike and distrust both. It's not hard.

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3 hours ago, JaneAusten said:

Thanks for posting. She is a national treasure.


IA.  Julie Andrews is another celebrity -- along with Dame Angela Lansbury, Dolly Parton and Betty White -- I want kept in an underground bunker until this mess passes.  If any of these women pass away from the coronavirus, there's gonna be hell to pay from a lot of fans.  Count on it.

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