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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread


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On 3/24/2020 at 4:23 PM, dragonflies said:
45 minutes ago, wingwalker said:

I know the man is evil but now we know he is so vindictive that he would do that to a state that he won by an extremely narrow margin.  His lack of self-awareness remains unsurpassed.

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1 hour ago, victoria foxton said:




This, from a man who got his jollies from "golden showers."


1 hour ago, dragonflies said:

How I adore Dolly 




We can't let Dolly Parton down.  We HAVE to LEARN something from this experience.  We just have to.

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I just saw Trump is finally going to enact the DPA so GM will now make ventilators for the nation.  That is the thing I was most worried about so I just hope they can ramp up quickly especially since the jerk wasted so much precious time.

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3 hours ago, wingwalker said:


I work at a hospital in Michigan. We desperately need PPE. Each employee gets one surgical mask - not one mask per patient or per day - just one mask. We wear it into every patient's room for days or weeks until it gets soaked with bodily fluids. Under normal circumstances, we'd get a new mask every time we enter a patient's room. We're out of our normal hand sanitizer and have started using sanitizer that Amway made this week for the sole purpose of donating it to hospitals. We're also almost out of cleaning wipes. The numbers keep growing, so the shortages are only going to get worse in the coming weeks.

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After all the years of coldness and emptiness from Katie Couric and Matt Lauer (and boy would he have been a passive-aggressive dick in this instance), it's nice to see Today get back its heart, for a moment anyway. 


Trump never invoked the DPA because big business told him it would be a mistake in the long run (socialism boo, etc.). Then Boy Blunder, Kushner, tried to negotiate a deal with GM, only to pull out because of money. They then invoked the DPA and tried to shame GM...while tweeting to an account that isn't GM's and telling them to get back to work at a plant that GM sold last year.  They only invoked the DPA out of humiliation. Keep an eye on those ventilators because I have a feeling they will be left sitting in a warehouse, or only going to red states. 




The Atlantic has done a series of articles on Erie, PA's attempts to recover from economic rot. The latest is on their new reality following the shutdowns. 



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