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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

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17 minutes ago, Aback said:

This type of gloomy ads have literally never worked. 


Sure they have.

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I did say that about Andy Cohen, probably, but not really in this instance. 


It's interesting to see the complaints from people in other countries about young people not caring, or about celeb testing, etc. Sometimes I forget these aren't just problems the US struggles with. 

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1 hour ago, Vee said:


Sure they have.

They worked right here in Nebraska against Republican Lee Terry.  He refused to stop taking a paycheck during the 2013 shutdown. In stead of being diplomatic, he said "I have a nice house and college to pay for". He got his ass handed to him by Matt Ashford (D) because of that.  The ads with that quote were on all the time and you bet it pissed people off.  Next election Matt Ashford lost to the jackass Don Bacon (R).


Refusing to take responsibility when things go to hell isn't something people will forget. His base will follow him into hell, but there aren't enough of them (please God) to save him now.

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Went to the store earlier today and everything was wiped out. Milk, cheese, eggs, butter, etc. This situation is completely out of control and I'm worried about what is going to happen over the next month. My family should be ok for the next couple of weeks, but if the stores haven't replenished by then it's really going to be a problem.

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