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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

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Ruling Exempts San Diego Strip Clubs, Restaurants From Shutdown; County Suspending Enforcement – NBC 7 San Diego (nbcsandiego.com)


Restaurants Trying to Recoup What's Lost With Return of On-Site Dining (msn.com)


I can't...

11 hours ago, amybrickwallace said:

He and his minions will always have blood on their hands.

Which is part of the reason I have no problem with them dragging him out of the WH DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN style. 


Over his mess. 

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On 12/18/2020 at 11:54 AM, victoria foxton said:




This doesn't surprise me. The hospital system I work for has 30,000 employees (at least 75% of which have signed up to get the vaccine). This week only 400 employees were able to get vaccinated because that's all we were given. So now we're waiting to get Moderna vaccines so we can hopefully get more people (myself included) vaccinated.

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2 hours ago, Faulkner said:






1 hour ago, ReddFoxx said:

A few miles away from where I live a grocery store had to call the police because a number of people tried to rush the store without wearing masks.

I cannot.


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10 hours ago, victoria foxton said:




Smart! Now a lot of them might have caught the virus by crowding like that and now they carry it with them wherever they go..... 

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On 12/16/2020 at 11:04 PM, robbwolff said:

A good number of my family are anti-maskers and believe that COVID is a hoax. They've been mocking masks for months despite the fact that we lost our cousin Mike to COVID in April. Mike started showing symptoms and was gone in less than 24 hours. Now, they're finally beginning to take it seriously after it really hit home this week: My aunt's longtime boyfriend and his sister both died from COVID within hours of each other.

What this situation has taught me is that we are very lucky that this virus doesn't have an even higher death rate.  If it did we would really be screwed because people on a large scale lack sense and discipline of any kind. It's shocking and it's not all Trump. He didn't help, but he doesn't account for the people in other nations who are flouting the rules at every opportunity.


On top of that you have the stories of rich nations hoarding the vaccine. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55229894 Some have purchased much more vaccine than their population needs. So I guess the plan is to let the virus rage among the poor and develop mutations, coming back in a form our vaccine doesn't protect against.  Meanwhile, Angela Markle seems like the only real leader with sense, but is anyone with power listening to her? It doesn't seem like it.

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