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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

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The national teams from Sweden, Norway and Finland have decided to withdraw from the upcoming competitions in the FIS Cross-country skiing world cup in Davos (Switzerland) and Dresden (Germany) due to the corona pandemic.

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23 hours ago, Faulkner said:


Because we know how we men are focused that. ;)











After 30 minutes of internet fighting (now that I'm actually off work my internet connection NOW wants to not work), that's the memo that has been passing around Southern Cali. As soon as I saw the news on Twitter, I just figured we were heading back to that. I thought maybe we had two weeks top. But once I headed to work and continued to see people STILL not wear masks, wear them improperly, or dared to whine to me about how they cannot breathe for the 2 minutes it would take them to order...yep...figured it would go below that number.


An hour after I got off work...it did. I did like as I went about my work day, people actually appeared to have heard what the Governor said and was mentioning it. I even saw a group of guys in the restroom seriously give someone the 'look' because he did not have on a mask in there. But...too little, too late.



So in a little while I will try to get X-mas errands done since it looks like I'll be bunking down. My other job won't survive on Take Out only. We tried back at the beginning and given how people are here in masks, I expect 3 weeks from now it will be just straight lockdown. So Cali did get another PPP loan for business so hopefully my boss can put that to use if that happens...which he did the last time we were in actual lockdown. 



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