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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

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To be honest, wearing face masks has not really been seriously considered here. There's been some talk about it, but not much more than that. Social distancing has been the main focus here, and it seems to have worked. After a rocky start, all the numbers are going in the right direction here. The infection rate is down and the number of people needing intensive care is down. So at least for now the future is looking brighter. As a consequence the restrictions here are being relaxed a little. From October 1st the ban on visiting elderly relatives and /or friends in retirement homes will be lifted. It's been in effect since the start of the pandemic to protect the elderly who are at greater risk from this disease.

Life here has in many ways almost gone back to normal. A few months ago the streets were almost empty. People only went out to do the most necessary things, like going to work or go shopping for food. Many worked from home if possible, but it was all done on a voluntary basis. Theatres and cinemas were closed and while restaurants were allowed to remain open there were limits to how many customers they could serve. Universities and high schools were closed and students had to work from home and have digital lectures.

Now all schools have reopened, and the streets are as crowded as always. Theatres have slowly started to reopen as well, with restrictions regarding admissions, and the same goes for sporting events.


Right now our infection rate has dropped below our neighbours Norway and Denmark since they started to relax their more severe restrictions. Hopefully this positive trend here will continue, but with this virus so much is unknown. All we can do is hope for the best.



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