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3 hours ago, KMan101 said:

I wish it were on fire. It's just not exciting. We should have picked up with lots of drama and things happening that have us asking "WTF did we miss". I'm not hating the flashbacks but I'm more wishing we actually saw the stuff play out instead. Probably not the intent they were hoping for. 


They also easily could have just done six months ahead and dropped us into drama playing out. It's completely lackluster. I guess some of the folks who aren't spoiled or don't have a good imagination to figure things out are shocked by some things. But they're looking for juicy lines and MEMEable moments.


You know what the TJ and the accompanying flashbacks are REALLY like?  They're like what happens when someone uploads a bunch of old VHS-taped episodes of their soap, but they are gaps, because some tapes are missing/deteriorating/taped over with "Mama's Family" reruns.


The difference, of course, is that no one's really missing what's missing (if that makes any sense, lol).


The TJ and flashbacks should provide us with jaw-dropping twists galore: "Will killed Sonny!  Ben's Andre's long-lost son!  'Hope' has kidnapped Marlena & hooked up with John!  MAGGIE SWITCHED THE BABIES!".  Instead, the most shocking thing is that Justin and Kayla are now a couple -- which, as I've said before, only proves that DAYS learned nothing from "Shayla."

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