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Laurence Caso, CBS, P&G, ATWT, AW, GL,

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Laurence Caso Wiki 2 Quote/unquote, handwrritten

Larry was noted for being the ATWT EP from 1988-1995. He won an Editor's Award. During the 1988 WGA Strike he acted as HW for the show. It is widely believed that CBS - with the assistance of P&G - engineered the infamous 3 show producer shuffle. Fans call that nightmare a fruit basket turnover. In 1996 someone from ABCD offered the Creative Consultant to Caso for The City. He declined. After he left Lucy Johnson was brought on to take his job. - As if -!

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3 hours ago, slick jones said:

Is there a point to creating a thread for this? Asking for a friend.

Asking for a friend? Hmm. Well, I thought there was a  point. Mebbe not. I could've been wrong.

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