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The OLTL references just won't stop. Vivian called Gabi a ho and Dorian called Lola a ho on OLTL (where A. Martinez also portrayed the father of Banus' character). Not sure if that one was intentional, but I definitely remember that scene because it was the only time I recall hearing the word "Ho" used on a soap opera.

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On 9/27/2019 at 6:14 PM, jam6242 said:

I actually think Ron likes writing for Julie too but he likes her acting crazy.  It's like having a doppelganger for her without having to write one in, lol. 


lol so true


Just like Gabi turning bitchy (which I love), and Lani soon "going crazy" (probably thanks to Gabi) he likes his women wacky and insane. It kind of annoys me but it spiced Gabi up so ... I wonder if he keeps tossing Abby off the rails like he did with Jessica on OLTL, but at least with Mansi she adds a bit more camp and Abby can be a mess on her own so she doesn't even need an alter, but Flynn is contract and she's recurring so I know Ron and how he likes to weave people in and out in frustrating ways (remember Robin's tedious comings and goings on GH?)


Julie's been written terribly for a long time, lots of folks seem to dislike her. I love her though but she's been hysterical since Reilly. It's a choice on SSH's part, she even admitted as much and it was because of Reilly (much like Strasser hamming it up in later years). 


They could do a lot better with writing the show, even if I'm often entertained. Doesn't make it 'good' lol.


I kinda buy the rumor


All the soaps are a damn mess. I'm barely hanging on.


I'm rambling ...


Back to the show, I was dead at Rolf calling Kristen 'elderly' ...

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23 hours ago, KMan101 said:



Back to the show, I was dead at Rolf calling Kristen 'elderly' ...


So no joke, I work in a hospital and any time we have a pregnant woman 35 or older, the word "elderly" gets used in their diagnosis. Like "pregnancy in elderly female." It makes me laugh every time.

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