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Drake cements his record as the Canadian artist with most #1s on the Billboard Hot 100.


Drake is also the 8th artist not from the United States to reach 7 #1s on the Billboard Hot 100. He and Phil Collins each have 7 #1s, and the artists not from the United States with 8 or more #1s are The Beatles (20), Rihanna (14), The Bee Gees (9), Elton John (9), The Rolling Stones (8), and George Michael (8).

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With "Say So" going to number 1, it's the first time Dr. Luke went to #1 since 2014.  I had no idea that Dr. Luke was back until today , and he's been back for over a year now.  He used to be one of my favourite writer-producer of pop music before the whole Kesha thing blew up.   He also co-wrote/co-produced all the songs off Kim Petras' "Clarity" album, which I absolutely loved.   He's been using "Tyson Trax" and "Made In China" as pseudonyms. 


Hiding in Plain Sight: Dr. Luke Is Back With Doja Cat’s Smash ‘Say So,’ But Did He Ever Really Go Away?


Dr. Luke earns first No. 1 hit since Kesha allegations with Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’



Surprised that one of Nicki's smash pop songs didn't go #1.  It's a bit sad that she had to be a featured performer to get her first #1, and it wasn't even an original feature (that's on an album).  Instead it was an added feature, a ploy to get "Say So" to chart higher.   I wonder if it was Dr. Luke's idea to add Nicki since they worked together before.


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Another TikTok-afied song goes to #1!  I'll be happy when the TikTok trend dies down but I don't think it will happen for at least another 1-2 years.   And it's another song that need a remix boost to get the #1 - not a fan of this strategy either. 


Also not a fan of the 2-1 deals.  If I have this correct, and please correct me I'm wrong, if you purchase a CD or vinyl that comes with a digital download, that can count as 2 sales (if the person uses the digital download code)? 

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