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"Halloween Kills" & "Halloween Ends" 2 new upcoming Halloween movies

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I'm pleased the creative team is returning to cap it off. The new film was quite good.

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I'm really excited for these and I'm happy Kyle Richards is back as Lindsay! I know some are upset that they're bringing these characters back, but it makes sense in the context that only the original Halloween and the 2018 sequel exist. Haddonfield is a small town. In the original Halloween not many people actually died and murders happen everywhere and it doesn't cause everybody to leave town. Considering the big gap in the murders it's logical that those kids would've remained in the city and married and raised kids there as well. While Michael didn't necessarily return for Laurie bc of the sister angle, she did put a target on her entire family's back by pursuing him in the last movie, so I could see him showing interest in Lindsay and Tommy as unfinished business since they were at the scenes of his original murders. I'm very curious what story they'll go with!


I also love that they're treating it like an event film after the success of the last one. I love that they're filming two sequels back to back. I feel that will help with quality control. Especially with Halloween, you always have a good sequel followed by a really bad one (4 to 5 or H20 to Resurrection) because the entire creative team is replaced and nobody is on the same page. I hope these two movies are plotted out in a way that makes sense for a trilogy. Now the biggest worry is that I don't want spoilers!! This is so unique since you have such high volume of people that die in slasher films so I don't want actors, etc. slipping up and revealing that they appear in both or only one film.

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This is great. The latest film was very good. If they keep it smartish and inventive like that, it'll be a trip!

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The quality of these new films makes my heart sing as an OG Halloween fan. Now if they can just get a cameo somewhere for Danielle Harris I'll be fully content.


Fun fact: Besides Paul Rudd in 6, Tommy Doyle also cameod in 4 as one of Sasha Jenson's buddies in the department store. I didn't know that til a year ago (though I always thought the "Lindsey" in Rachel's car was Lindsey Wallace). Tommy and Lindsey were also intended to be the protagonists of the more supernatural Part 4 script John Carpenter co-wrote but abandoned - Donald Pleasence only agreed to return because the Akkads had told him Carpenter was still attached. It's not a bad script.

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Yeah I saw a video breakdown about that script

Sounds like it would have been fun

Yeah The Tommy & Lindsay were throw a way roles. That Tommy Doyle had no lines

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