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HBO Max: Gossip Girl reboot/continuation

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20 hours ago, gtru1981 said:


Since it will be on HBO Max, I bet will be a lot more darker and riskier than on the CW, a network TV channel. Just hope they film in NYC and showcase the fashion and the city. It was a big part of the original.


Those are exactly the things I'm hoping for too. If there's better quality control, lots of real NYC locations, and outrageous costuming, it'll go a long way towards working.


18 hours ago, Taoboi said:

Actually excited at this. 


I liked original, but that concept was too juicy to not be  used again.




Funnily enough, just a couple weeks ago I was thinking how more modern technology would affect/influence the show if it were done today. Guess we're about to find out!


17 hours ago, John said:

Does anyone think that any of the OG's will come back for this?


I don't see why some of them wouldn't.

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