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I enjoyed the George Gray version more than this new version. I liked the shorter 30 minute format. 

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54 minutes ago, ~bl~ said:

I enjoyed the George Gray version more than this new version. I liked the shorter 30 minute format. 


So did I. I guess his background as a standup comic probably helped with his one-liners. He was a lot of fun to watch.

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My parents and I enjoyed the daytime Weakest Link back in the day. I wouldn't mind seeing reruns of that pop up on Buzzr. I really am liking the revival, though.

Supermarket Sweep. Lol. A hot ass mess.

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Today's passing of Alex Trebek has me thinking of other game show hosts from the peak years of game shows. Since the CBS Daytime game show block was my introduction to game shows, I listed hosts from game shows that premiered on CBS Daytime from 1972-now.


Hosts still with us: Bob Barker (The Price is Right), Wink Martindale (Gambit, Tic-Tac-Dough), Adam Wade (Musical Chairs), Bob Eubanks (Card Sharks), Bob Goen (Blackout, Wheel of Fortune), Chuck Henry (Now You See It), Drew Carey (The Price is Right), Wayne Brady (Let's Make a Deal).


Hosts no longer with us: Jack Barry (The Joker's Wild), Dick Clark ($10,000 Pyramid; $25,000 Pyramid), Geoff Edwards (Hollywood's Talking), Gene Rayburn (Match Game), Bert Convy (Tattletales), Jack Narz (Now You See It), Jim Lange (Spin-Off, Give-n-Take), Alex Trebek (Double Dare), Bill Cullen (Pass the Buck, Child's Play), Tom Kennedy (Whew!, Body Language), Monty Hall (Beat the Clock), Peter Tomarken (Press Your Luck), Ray Combs (Family Feud). 


It's sad to think this, but I feel the next big game show death is going to be Bob Barker.

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I know this has probably been around before (the clip) but I couldn't find it - it's a bit, in the last moments of this bloopers show from 1988, of Burt Reynolds and the producers playing a prank on Tom Kennedy.



This has a moment between Tom and Burt that, frankly, I'm shocked made the air (if it did).



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Omg...Bob Barker is more over the top than usual and audience is so drab. This is the first episode. Janice looked so young. And a car for 2,000 dollars?



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