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Well, I admit to being interested since some of the threads here really got some traction this month. So...how was May Sweeps?


From where I'm standing it seems like the main stories were...


Y&R: Adam's Return


GH: The Nurse Ball


B&B: Wyatt's triangle, the Baby Switch


DAYS: 'Nicole''s return.



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YR - A-

Josh and Tony are harkening back to the classic Y&R senses and I couldn’t love it more. Adam recast is terrific. Can’t wait for the Staff to return. Just speed it up a bit. Update the opening credits.


GH - B-

Shelly’s character driven, modern writing is mismatched with Frank’s terrible and uninspired production values.


Days - F-



B&B - B+

Loving the new additions to the Logan fam. Love the stellar production values. Acting is wonderful.

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The only show I watched with much consistency was DAYS. I'd have to give it a C. Much of May was quite boring. It only picked up the last week of the month. All the big "reveals" should have been moved up a couple of weeks to gain traction for the month. The highlight for me was Suzanne Rogers. She took what they gave her and ran with it! Her scenes with Xander where unexpectedly touching.

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