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GH: Actors on a break

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1 hour ago, dio said:



Best of luck with the rest of your real one.


11 minutes ago, Chris B said:

I wonder if Billy Miller might be the new Chance on Y&R. It would be risky firing Jason Thompson who has become popular in the role


I like JT and thought Miller was wildly overrated at Y&R, but I don't think he's anywhere near as successful in the role as Miller was. He has a small fanbase with the GT fans there IMO and that's it.

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Drew's branch of the family tree has withered (aside from Scout).  Once again, it's time to visit other branches of the family tree (Brooke Lynn, Dillon, Jimmy Lee, Celia, Bradley Ward's branch).  The Quartermaine's have plenty of relatives other than Jake Dough-boy to feature. If only Frank could pull his head out of his ass. (House cleaning needs to be done first--from the top......)

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11 hours ago, Khan said:

If a video game voice gig isn't such a big deal these days, then why do "name" actors such as Gary Oldman do 'em?


because THEY in particular are getting paid big bucks. You think Kiefer Sutherland was paid the same as David Hayter when he took over as Snake? LOL 

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If BM is out, then it doesn't surprise me.  Once SBu came back as Jason, I thought the writing was on the wall.  Especially, once they ended Drew/Sam so quickly without providing Drew another viable love interest.


And to be honest, I felt like BM was miscast as Jason, and Drew didn't seem to have much personality.  So I don't think it will be any great loss to the canvas. I just wish he could take Kim with him.


I will be curious to see what BM will do next.  It sounds like he doesn't want to sign a long-term contract with any soap, and I think that is probably a major obstacle for any of the other shows.  I could see him going back to Y&R as Billy.  


In terms of EPs, I have a lot of issues with FV, but I prefer him over JFP.   At least on FV's GH, I see characters like Scott, Bobbie, Kevin, Felicia, Mac, etc., semi-regularly, and that FV doesn't have an issue with KMc and others coming back for visits.

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