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Bon Appetit Test Kitchen Videos

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I've grown to adore the Test Kitchen videos on their Roku and Youtube channels.  Claire Saffitz is an entire soap opera's worth of drama in each "Gourmet Makes" video.  When she made Lucky Charms from scratch I thought it may break her (including multi-shaped marshmallows).  I am amused that it is a cooking challenge that they admit nobody would actually try at home by including the very precise method and ridiculous recipes at the end.  My only criticism is that some recipes, (like reese's cups), already have multiple recipes online, but I guess her discussion of tempering chocolate elevated that episode.   Finally, I get a kick that her interactions with Brad have inspired fan video edits of just their laughing. 


I also enjoy Molly, she had very charming content on Friday about making pancake art.   Carla and Andy's videos make me hungry for different reasons.  My jaw is still on the floor that Chris Morocco is straight, as we discovered in his lunch prep videos.  The extended crew reminds me that there are still a lucky few in publishing that make a living just from being charming.


The series on the perfect pizza and the baking series really pushed the genre of cooking videos forward.  I completely appreciate the editing, because it grosses me out to hear people eat on cooking shows, I like that they show the food going in their mouths, and then overlay the voiceover of their reaction, rather than listening to chewing.  The jazzy underscore is also really part of the joy of watching.


Let me know if you've watched it and who is your favorite?

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