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victoria foxton

Days: May 20-24 weekly preview

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  • Maggie comes in on Kate and Victor in a close moment and demands an explanation
  • Will lashes out at Marlena
  • John offers to help Marlena find Rolf’s diary
  • After Holly’s funeral, Nicole lashes out at Eric, Sarah, and Maggie
  • Gabi recruits Kate to help her destroy Stefan’s relationship with Chloe
  • Doug and Julie celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary
  • Chloe discovers Gabi and Stefan in bed
  • Brady finds Maggie passed out
  • Xander is caught red-handed
  • A major secret is revealed                                                                                                                                                                                                       D6qqfrqXkAAGtVv.jpgD6PUBogW0AEAxZo.jpgD6PUCNYX4AgGkdn.jpgD6x3_IgXYAMcUwm.jpgD6NKQ_0WsAIH7NY.jpgD6zrR-rW4AA9szF.jpg
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Such an epic disaster DAYS is turning into. And not epic in a good way.


Eve as commish is laughable. So bizarre. But she's going to set up Ben so at least she's finally getting her revenge on him, lol. Took long enough ... (but of course Eve is villified and evil and poor poor serial killer Ben was framed. Woe is him .... spare me ... lol)


At least Kassie doesn't spend all day on set thinking about pizza. I appreciate when actors show up for work despite the insane ridiculousness of what they have to portray. She's clearly enjoying how ridiculous this all is, lol (Matt Ashford also looks like he's having fun, despite the terrible writing for Jack)

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