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GH: Actress Returns

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On 5/10/2019 at 9:08 AM, Antoyne said:

Omg that's right. I was totally watching at that time too. Ugh I don't watch GH anymore but I miss Ric so much. He was my favorite. I hated that he could never get a real happy ending with Liz.


I adored Ric!  And to me it's a crime he's not under contract.  He is a great gray character, and RH is so versatile.  Plus he's got a kid and a couple of ex-wives in PC.  I don't really understand why he's not on the canvas.  However, I also don't get why Nikolas is dead or Lucky is MIA (okay Lucky I get as I don't think they'll recast the role, but Nikolas I really don't).


I liked Hayden being Liz's sister, and given that she was pregnant with Finn's kid when she left, I think it makes sense to bring her back.   I'd prefer the return of characters like Nik, Lucky, Ric., etc., though.



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