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Jimmy Kimmel Presents Norman Lear's "The Jeffersons" and "All in the Family" Live on ABC

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I missed both shows. This was the only thing I saw and honestly, I'm fine with that. 



Regarding the dearth of young black women in television at that time and in terms of an uplifting representation of young black womanhood, I don't think most people on this board would understand how important Thelma was.  Also, it's a mistake to cast for looks.  Fine, a good shortcut is sometimes to try to cast actors who bear a resemblance to the original portrayer but, as a general rule of thumb, this shouldn't be the first criteria.  Marisa Tomei, in reality, looks nothing like Jean Stapleton, yet, from what I've heard she captured the essence of Edith Bunker fairly well. 

BerNadette Stanis obviously had a dance background and it showed in her movement. Personally, I would've cast an actress who had a dance background as well as some acting experience, or at least someone more fluid in her movement.  From the few clips I've seen, this actress seems fairly stiff in her movements. 


Speaking of original recipe Thelma.


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I wish they hadn't tried to make Andre Braugher look like John Amos. Just wasn't going to work. 


I'm so glad John was there - his work on Good Times was some of the finest on any sitcom and is too often ignored because of all the backstage drama. 


From that clip, they seemed to just think Wilona made sassy quips. She had more layers, which unfortunately I don't think Tiffany Haddish could have conveyed.

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Bernadette and Ja'net looks amazing in that picture.


Tiffany probably was not the right person to play Willona as I think someone who is not a comic would have worked better. I think Jennifer Hudson could have pulled it off, because when she sang Movin' On Up she was giving those 70s vibes that would have fit with Willona.

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