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So sad. I loved Georgette. She was so sweet and kind, and unlike most sitcoms today that would have thought it was so funny and "edgy" to have her become a harridan, she remained sweet and kind to the end. Georgia just had a radiance to her. 


I guess it must have been sudden, as she had a brief role on One Day At a Time last year and looked about the same as she has for a while. 


I hope she knew how many fans she had.

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She was so effortlessly lovable. Variety mentioned she was a Christian Scientist, so that probably had something to do with the suddenness of her death. Good to know she was working as long as she could.

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Not only was she wonderful as Georgette, she was hilarious as Shirley Burleigh on Coach. I loved the episode where Howard and Shirley are driving Hayden and Christine insane, trying to be their best friends. "Pardon me for yelling!" she chirped in that famous baby voice. It still cracks me up all these years later. Hard to believe that she's the second Coach performer we've lost in recent weeks, after Katherine Helmond.


It's also hard to believe that she was in reality young enough to play Ted Knight's daughter and instead played his wife (they were nearly 25 years apart in age). The age gap didn't seem noticeable at all when watching them onscreen together. 


May she rest in peace. She was one of a kind.

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2 hours ago, Faulkner said:

Meanwhile, Betty White and Ed Asner are still kickin’ at 97 and 89 respectively. And Valerie Harper after serious cancer...


Don't forget Gavin MacLeod at 88!

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ONE LIFE TO LIVE       Miss Bubbles     1993

PASSIONS                      Esmerelda  the  witch    2007





THE MARY TYLER MOORE       Georgette Franklin Baxter     1972-77

RHODA                                 Georgette Franklin      1974

THE BETTY WHITE SHOW    Mitzi Mahoney       1977-78

GOODTIME GIRL        Loretta Smoot     1980     

JENNIFER SLEPT HERE      Susan Elliot     1983-84

COACH            Shirley Burleigh       1991-97

EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND         Pat MacDougall    2003-05

HOT IN CLEVELAND   Mamie              2012-15

final role.......

ONE DAY AT A TIME          Sister Barbara        2018




The world just seems a little smaller knowing she's gone. I loved watching her after school with the MTM gang.


RIP Georgia

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1 hour ago, Faulkner said:

And I forgot about freakin’ Cloris Leachman at 92.


So did I!!! Shame on us. Though to be fair, Cloris wasn't on much during the time Georgia became a regular and left altogether not too long afterwards (and had the Phyllis spinoff). 

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