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Now Apocalypse on STARZ

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Is anyone watching this? I’m thinking about getting a free trial to STARZ just to watch. I love Gregg Araki’s films, and Avan Jogia and Tyler Posey making out is too hot for words.



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I'm not really a big fan of Araki's work (and he was criticized nonstop for queerbaiting in his earlier films), but he has a point there. 

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I go hot and cold on Araki's films, I think some are great or at least very influential and some are a mess, but he is LGBT and he has a different POV. And yes, he's right about those shows. They're run by gay men but play silly games with the str8 leading characters to objectify them for the gay gaze, while the actual gay characters are minstrels for the same gay showrunners to mock or just wallpaper.

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1 hour ago, Faulkner said:

Cancelled for “not bringing in enough female viewers,” as Starz’s premium strategy is xx-chromosome-focused.




I'm surprised as I felt it was pitched to a certain female demo.


I watched a bit and it's pretty much boilerplate Araki. If you saw Kaboom you saw this show.


I laughed out loud at an episode where our gay hero was propositioned by a kooky, ethereal female who is Not Like Other Girls, proceeded to nail her (after we are assured this is the only woman he would want to sleep with), and then said female tells him - and us - that he is so much better than all the other gay men she's fucked, because he went down on her. 


I don't have a problem with this type of stuff, but it's such a specific issue for him...it makes me wonder if he has ever gotten over Kathleen Robertson. 

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