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Given their hiring of loathsome Elizabeth Bruenig, I can't exactly recommend an Atlantic article, but this is an interesting piece on media darling Nancy Mace, not for what it is, but what it was intended to be. The Atlantic tries very hard to be Creditable and Reasonable in showing multiple points of view, many of them unworthy of the spotlight and clearly just there for the sake of backbreaking 'moderation.'

This is the end result of putting your eggs in the basket of a Republican who is billed as the umpteenth "future of the GOP" but who turns out to be a dime a dozen and also clearly uninterested in even doing the bare minimum of going along with a profile. Sections that in other moments would have gotten hundreds and hundreds of words devoted to them, like the alleged vandalizing of her home, are sprinted through, because there's nothing to say (that this was laughed off Twitter and still did not get Mace a higher profile than someone like Lauren Boebert, who barely seems to know how to wipe her own ass, speaks volumes). The profile barely even seems to end as much as just stop.


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So the new deadend left talking point is that things were better for progressives when Obama was President because they knew they were the enemy? 

Nate Silver is one of the worst at pseudo-intellectual sludge and being so trapped in his own straitjacket. He's just a wretched, thin-skinned waste. I am glad someone remembered this moment:

Meanwhile, Dave Weigel, after spending yesterday humping Chapo's leg because the New Yorker was mean to them, is trying another of his "edgy" jokes he promptly deleted and whined about. No amount of attempting to go back to college will hide that he's 40 years old and his brand is increasingly irrelevant to the culture.


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In the latest adventures of Matthew Yglesias: Contrarian, Matthew throws around a homophobic slur, encourages support of politicians who are still homophobic, then makes sure everyone knows he has no regrets for the slur, just the reaction of people who dared to be put off by it.


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