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The Media/Journalism Thread

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Laughable Politico trolling c/o Ryan Lizza about a very well-received speech. In Politico World, the GOP is always just about to have a big comeback. 




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What about an "Eat The Rich" rally?

Bezos would probably hate that though.

With him stepping down from his position at Amazon, I suppose he will have more time to pronounce edicts to be made into memos like this.

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I mostly avoid CNN but I did watch the clip of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo. So much of CNN is performative and patronizing, which is one of the reasons I hate that network, but Lemon's resigned disgust was all too real. He was also clearly not interested in Cuomo's hollow Beltway babble about how they needed to hear from Santorum because he represents the views of those who don't believe the election results were real and so on - as Lemon said, we already hear plenty from those people!


As much as CNN has remained a hack factory over the years, at least Lemon has seemed to genuinely change for the better over the last decade.





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It crossed my mind, I wonder how far along the Internet Archive has gotten in digitizing that massive collection of VCR cassette recordings from the Marion Stokes estate?

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