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The Media/Journalism Thread

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Ugh, as always Carville giveth and taketh away.


I think/pray this one may finally get Chodd censured.




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Jake Sherman (who was 'excited' to cover 4 years of potential House-Senate gridlock) is pretty clearly whining about the future under Biden here. I won't link the full thread, but this response to part of it and you can click through his rest if you care to. Long story short, his replies are much more excited about a 'boring' Biden admin of 'almond milk' than he seems to be.




It apparently took Michael Steele, of all people, to shut Sherman down during a now-viral appearance on MSNBC, after Sherman (wearing, once again, a sweater vest) tried to bothsides the delayed transition and blame the Biden campaign for not taking the GSA to court or something. Sherman was also recently doing press whining about people criticizing his off-record boozy retreats with John Boehner as an even younger cub. Sherman is part of the new Politico rising class of Halperins, Lizzas, etc. and it behooves us to watch him.

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