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God, I love this show, but hate the lead character/actor!!!!!

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I always think about shows where the lead made me seethe.  


House - I'm sure there was some appeal somewhere which is why Lowry was chosen, but I feel because the character was so disgusting, Lowry couldn't do anything to salvage House.  The cases were wonderful but the character was so disgusting and not funny.  Then they put this stunning, intelligent, well educated prestigious hospital administrator with that despicable pill popping cripple?  Set women back hundreds of years!  


Scandal - Why would anyone choose Washington to lead any show.  Her stank walk alone is a major turn off.  Kerry simply does not possess enough talent to lead a show.  Shonda is no good for anything that requires more than one season, so deficient Kerry didn't help matters!


Greenleaf - Grace played by that god awful Merle Dandridge.  Nuff said!

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Many people will say Eric McCormack on W&G. I like him fine, but he’s by far the weak link in the cast.


Sex and the City and SJP/Carrie. Nuff said.


I hated House and came to hate Scandal, but I do think Kerry (who did great on SNL) and especially Hugh are very talented.

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The lead characters on any show I watch are usually not favourites of mine. 


One currently for me is Franky Doyle on Wentworth. I'm only on season 5, but I very much hate that they brought her back into prison life. I was glad to be rid of her.

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As mentioned above, Carrie on SATC.


Anything with Buffy after season 3. SMG became cold and dead, and, along with the show running out of ideas (beyond Whedon beating heavy-handed arcs into the ground before leaving to do other projects), she weighed the material down heavily. 


McMurphy on China Beach. I don't care how pretty Dana Delaney was, it became ludicrous for every man on the canvas (bar I think one) to fall madly in love with her, with, in some cases, this love lasting for decades, complete with marrying nurses who had the same name as her just to drive the point. The character was cold and hard, and ruined through overexposure. Episode after episode about how she was drinking, about how she didn't want to remember, all while some other characters got the barest of scraps. 


Abby on ER. So sour and bitter I quit watching the show and never looked back.


The woeful, woeful Fred on Angel, one of Whedon's most precious Mary Sues. She took over the show wholesale,  ruining and downgrading established characters, and was never, ever worth the time. I also quit watching thanks to her, with zero regret.

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Oh I have a good one. Torchwood and Gwen/Eve Myles. God I hated Gwen. 


This scene was a big reason why.



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2 hours ago, DRW50 said:

Abby on ER. So sour and bitter I quit watching the show and never looked back.


OMG, this. However, unlike a poster above, I loved Susan 1.0. Version 2.0, she became a vapid party girl - probably because Abby had Susan's old family issues schtick.

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Fiona Gallagher on Shameless. Horrible mother figure for her siblings and queen of self-destructive decisions, all hidden behind some bizarre pride in the low-class customs of her neighborhood.

Casey Cartwright on Greek. Spoiled sorority bitch who hates it when people do to her what she's most likely already done to them.

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8 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

Alice...the last two or so seasons with Linda Lavin.  




It's taken me over 35 years to realize that she gets on my nerves.

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