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need some help (INFO)


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idont find were to put the post,so i post it here...

im a new viewer and ineed to get caight up quickly,there is any site with the backround of the major stories ?

i starting to watch this two soap :

"Guiding Light" & "as the world turns"

but istart to see only at the 07 mar 2006,and idont know alot of the stories.

there is any page like this : http://abc.go.com/daytime/onelifetolive/divein.html (OLTL)

but for Guiding Light & as the world turns ?

sorry about my english

& plz help me

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thx,someone send me this site allready on PM

but idont find there where isee the backround of the major stories ?

the new stories,all isee is about all the episode or the story

but i looking for the last stories like in OLTL site

and thx again

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Soap Central as far as I know have recaps for all ther shows going back quite a ways... you can either read them in weekly summary format or daily format...

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This has nothing to do with this topic, but there is no where on any of the pages that I have viewed, where I can "POST A NEW TOPIC." I've looked everywhere and all I can do is reply to other posts. Can someone in charge email me and let me know why I can't post a new topic?



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