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Y&R: January Spoilers

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According to soaps.com day ahead recap (and other spoilers) for tomorrow's episode Devon will tell Ana that he's releasing her version of Fen's song as his single. Ana will be happy about this.  Michael and Lauren spend some time with Fen. He will play his song for them at the club and they will talk about this early taste of success for him and will let him know they are proud. Fen will be touched by their reaction. Later Michael will express his concern to Lauren that Fen's career is not a stable one.  Also, Nick will show up at prison and tell Victor that he believes he is innocent and that he will be getting together a legal team for Victor. He brings in Michael and . Nick will tell Victor he hired Michael for Nikki's sake and Victor will tell Nick he will get out of this situation and he's proud of Nick.


Kerry will send Jack mixed signals. She will make out with him and then present him with a new bottle of fragrance that she named after him: "Jack of Hearts". Jack will go upstairs for a moment to freshen up and when he comes down Kerry will be leaving without telling him. She will say she has to work/doesn't want to upset Dina, but Jack will convince her to stay. She will send him upstairs to wait for her and then take out the fragrance and look at it again.And someone will be watching Nikki/Victoria on a surveillance camera. Victoria will also be upset that Nikki told Nick the truth about JT.


And Ana will get snippy with Fen when he wants to discuss why she won't reveal she's the songwriter. She will tell him to stop talking about the issue and even ask him to leave the penthouse. She will also warn him that things may not end well for his career if he reveals she's the songwriter.


I looked at tomorrow's episode, and I didn't care for the way that Ana was acting towards Fen. The writers ruined Lola for me in a few episodes, I hope they don't go down a similar path with Ana. Granted, the way she was acting wasn't as bad as Lola/the purse, but IMO, it was concerning. Mal has been writing a lot of the women on this show as acting unlikeable/unbearable, don't want to see that happen with Ana. I think she may have a bigger secret regarding why she won't tell she's the songwriter. Maybe she's scared or something and there is a good reason why she won't tell the truth. I don't know. There is also that spoiler about Neil being worried about her, maybe she ends up acting in a way that concerns him.

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