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Developing: 90210 Reboot with Original Cast!

Chris B

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On 9/4/2019 at 7:24 PM, detroitpiston said:

Tonight's episode has been hilarious so far. Shannen was definitely the missing piece of the puzzle and I'm loving them trying to figure out who the stalker is.


She was definitely the highlight. Her comments had me chuckling out loud. It's a shame she's only used as filler.


Tori, on the other hand. Absolutely cringeworthy. She's like a cartoon with her expressions and you can see an animated lightbulb going up over her head when a thought crosses her mind.


I've enjoyed watching it. It's a trip down memory lane. It won't be winning any Emmy awards, but I appreciate the dose of nostalgia and the common ground that was found to make it all come together.

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4 hours ago, katie_9918 said:

And how were the last episode or two? I haven’t gotten around to them on my DVR (currently doing the MCU on TV).


Very underwhelming I felt. It didn't seem to go anywhere. You did get to see more of them filming the show and also the last three episodes worked better because Shannen was featured more and you got to see the ensemble together. Overall it was a decent experiment, but forgettable. I still think they should've done a proper continuation.

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30 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

Officially one and done. Not that anyone expected more.




Not a surprise at all. I think it's interesting some unnamed snob in that article sniffed at their $70,000.00 an episode salaries - $420,000.00 for basically 6 week's work is nothing to sneeze at in this day. 

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Well now that that's over, time to give Melrose Place a proper reboot. Heather Locklear needs something to pull her from her stupor!  (Or, it could make matters worse. Poor Heather is one of those celebrities who cannot grasp the reality of getting older when you're so well known for being the young sex kitten wearing mini skirts) 

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39 minutes ago, te. said:



It would've done the same regardless -  high debut, then fizzling out through the run. It should've always been on streaming, proper continuation, reboot or otherwise.

Yes If this were on netflix or the like it probably woulda have had a few seasons

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